The Premier Review of Carol Kittie Reviews!

My deepest thanks to one of my favorite authors and now friend Regina Carlysle. It is my honor and privilege to Spotlight your latest book of the Delight, Texas series on my blog.

Return to Ransom
Author Regina Carlysle
A Romantica Western Erotic Romantic Novel
Published by Ellora’s Cave
This book was a gift from the author in return for a fair and honest review.

Dr. Lynn Halstead was returning to Delight, Texas for one reason. She needed to face the demons of her past, where better than her 15 year high school reunion. A three day affair in her hometown where she doubted anyone remembered her.

She had been quiet in high school, shouldering many responsibilities at a young age. Now a prosperous Pediatrician in Dallas, she was ready to face the past head on and put it in its place, behind her where it belonged. As she settled into her hotel the old memories flooded down on her. “Fuck or Walk,” he had said, she had walked.

I felt her pain and the strength it took for her to ready herself for the first event of the reunion, meet and greet at a place she had passed but never frequented. The joy that some of the girls and men remembered her with a fondness that had not been apparent in school. The sadness of the tragic loss Ransom Dobbs, who had been her hero that night so long ago endured.
The crowded bar the deafening pounding of the music, the accidental first meeting after so many years, Ransom her hero, and the fuel of her dreams.
One of my favorite passages from this book occurs in the parking lot of the first venue of the reunion after the encounter with the jerk who gave her the stupid ultimatum the night of the prom, Dusty Granger:

Cursing and mumbling, Dusty took off and Ransom turned to her.
“I’m sorry you had to see that, Lynn.”
She stared at him, gasping for breath. “Wow, I’m not. Anybody ever tell you that you’re a badass?”
“Not for a day or so.” Ransom seemed to shake himself and Lynn noted even in the bad lighting his face was set in grim lines.

I won’t add more here because it is way more awesome to read it for yourself.
Regina weaves a tale of such erotic hotness that I was gasping for breath much like our heroine and hero. I was thoroughly engaged in this story as if I had lived it myself. His pain, her fear and a connection beyond what either had ever expected. Could this last, was it real, if tested could it withstand a long distance relationship?

I laughed, felt the pain on both sides, and commiserated with all the characters and I cried with happiness, as well as sadness. The best gifts an author can give me.

I cannot wait to go back and read the other two in this series!
Five contented purrs for you Regina and this wonderful book!

6 thoughts on “The Premier Review of Carol Kittie Reviews!”

  1. Interesting review. Sounds hot, if vulgar.
    Small question; “I’m sorry you had to see that Lynn.” – is this how it appears in the book, or did a comma drop out in transcription?

  2. Thank you so very much for the sweet purrs! 🙂 I so loved merging and getting to know you at the Wild Wicked Weekend! Let’s do it again. And many thanks again for the review.

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