A Review of Alpha’s Strength by Rebecca Royce

A Paranormal Erotic Romantic Novel
Published by Fated Desires Publishing, LLC.
This book was a gift from the author in return for a fair and honest review.

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First let me say that werewolves, especially set in the present day are just about my favorite. If you add spicy hot romance and action, it is, for me, a recipe for success.

Cyrus Fennell is the Alpha of New York, he rules with an iron fist to keep control and prevent wars with other packs. He finds himself restless, his temper just under the edge and growling for no particular reason. After a particularly tense board meeting, Cyrus heads out for lunch. He encounters a scent that he wants to follow, that of vanilla, but its New York, how does one find a single scent there? Deciding he wants coffee more than lunch he wanders into the Starbucks across from his office. There the scent is powerful and the owner of the scent familiar yet not, Lilliana the mate of the Philadelphia Alpha, but wrong. An unknown she wolf, possibly latent. His instincts say mate. A complication, on her left ring finger is a ring, an engagement ring. She is engaged to a human, an abusive one, if the way she is summoned away from the table by her fiancé is any indication.

Cyrus follows her and prevents her fiancé from hurting her over their meeting and then things get interesting. Now knowing her name is Betsy and the fiancé is Nathan he proceeds to do what he does best. Protect her first and punish the abuser. Of course things can’t be that simple.

Betsy, in spite of being in denial of being a wolf, is intrigued when Cyrus mentions her twin sister. A sister she has been told is dead and now is assured is definitely alive. Cyrus listens as she explains why he can’t kill Nathan and promises that everything will be worked out. The pack is called in to track Nathan and bring him to the office. Of the wolves that arrive one is his sister Lake, pack healer, and before he can stop her Lake has healed the boundary that keeps Betsy from shifting. Now there is a whole new set of problems to solve.
As the story progresses, Betsy discovers more about herself, the workings of pack, plus her feelings about Cyrus and the mating is just hotter than hot!

This is one of my favorite passages from the beginning of the book:

She ran to him and grabbed his hand. He looked down at their joined fingers for a second before he pressed the elevator button to go up to the offices. She’d chased him, and he hadn’t seen that coming. What did it mean? And was her taking his hand an indication of feelings on her part? Why was this woman so confusing to him? He’d dealt with females his whole life and Betsy made him feel like a dolt. “I had no idea you were so insecure.” She raised her eyebrows. “What?” He wasn’t insecure. He’d taken over a wolf pack when he’d barely been twenty years old. He couldn’t have done that if he was insecure. Humans had neuroses, not Alpha werewolves. “That was a pretty good display of passive-aggressive back there. If it was that important for me to go with you, why didn’t you say so?” “I did.” The elevator dinged when it opened, and they stepped inside. Hadn’t he made that clear? He wanted her to come. He’d told her to, and then he’d relented out of respect to her wishes. How and why had this gotten so complicated? “Not really. No, you said you didn’t want to worry about me. And you didn’t want Nathan to hurt my feelings. That’s not the same as you need me with you.”
He wanted to growl. This infuriating woman was going to make everything complicated. He could already tell, and he really wanted to kiss her for it. “You say that to me while you can’t even look me in the eyes.”

With visiting Alphas, truces, battles and the steamy sex, this book has it all.
The first novel in the series was introduced in an Anthology called Ever After in a short story called Alpha Rising.  I must admit I can’t wait for more in this series.

Five contented purrs for this book.
A half hiss for editing that missed some wrong words in the right places, they were few but a bit distracting.

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