It’s Auction Time!

What a Great Basket of Books for a Great Cause!

Scream! For the Cure

The erotic romance basket is officially up for grabs! And yes, it IS open internationally! Need a refresher on what we’ve got for you?

TheEyesOfVengeance-V1   Resolutions300x450   Lust Demons   The Saint   surfacing

NeedYouTonightFinal   what you need   zanesart-200   timelessdesire   TakingHim300

HavingHer300   Infamous_300   This-Time-Next-Year130   CP_Complete Me_SM   The Pulse

Pulse2   Pulse3   Enslaved1   enslaved2   Enslaved3

tycoon   boundtobeagroom_500x750   Riding Irish   Intergalactic-Heat-box-set-300x450   JES_Another-night-Another-planet_LG

BadLuckWithBesties_small   Calling-Home300x450   TransientHearts_Medium 1NS


Leave your bids in the comments!

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