The Promise Series by Kate Benson – My Review of The Promise – Books 1

The Promise Series by Kate Benson

Just a little note here.  I started this series with the latest one The Commitment and that was a big mistake.  I am rectifying that error now.  I purchased the first three from Amazon for my Kindle and I am reviewing them here and revising my review of that latest installment in the series, based on reading order.

I will be putting these up one at a time because these books flow into one another and I don’t want to spoil one.

The Promise – Book 1 of the Promise Series

the promise cover

December 5, 2013

Blurb from Amazon:

Devastated by circumstances beyond her control, Sophie Ryan’s life rips her from the arms of her first love, Jack. With only memories of their lost love, she’s forced to start over in a new town; surviving on her own for the first time since he left. Trying to begin her new life, fate decides a different direction for her, causing her to make a choice she never thought she’d have to.
Unsure of commitment after his failed engagement, Chase Mitchell finds himself stuck on a path of failed conquests and late nights at the bar. That is until he finds a pair of mesmerizing green eyes sitting in his usual spot. Something about this quiet girl forces him to question everything he has ever thought about love.
As Sophie looks down at the fork that’s presented in her path, will she choose the right direction? Will she be able to move towards the arms of the man who stands in front of her? Or will she choose to keep her promise to the one life forced her to leave behind?

My Review:

Ana and Sophie have reached the decision to leave their hometown and Ana’s childhood home.  This is an attempt at moving on after Ana’s brother and Sophie’s fiancé Jack died in Afghanistan.  That doesn’t mean that saying goodbye is going to be easy. I started sniffling as Sophie visits all the special spots she and Jack had around town and downright sobbed when she reached the cemetery.   When she screams in her sleep, I continued to sob even as I read Ana waking her up.

We learn a lot about Jack through memory & dream sequences from Sophie, throughout the book.

Ana meets Drake Mitchell by bumping into him literally (not with her car) at a gas station, and Chase Mitchell (his cousin) sees the woman of his dreams singing in a pickup truck shortly after this encounter.

When Chase and Drake get off work they head to their favorite bar for a couple of beers before heading home.  Imagine Chase’s surprise when he gets to save the “woman of his dreams” (Sophie)from being hit on by a nasty drunk and Drake’s surprise to find that Ana is the new bartender.

Getting to know Sophie isn’t an easy thing to do. The walls she has erected are hard to penetrate but Chase is determined.  Drake and Ana have hit it off well and since Sophie is Ana’s roommate the possibility of meeting up frequently is definitely in the cards.

Ana and Drake get off to a very steamy start, with panty melting scenes almost from the start.  Chase on the other hand has to go slow with Sophie.

One of my favorite scenes is the morning after Chase and Sophie’s first date which ended with just a kiss.  Drake has spent the night with Ana and the three of them are in the kitchen. Ana and Sophie in robes and Drake in just a towel.

Sophie’s POV

“Knock, knock!”  I hear Chase’s booming voice traveling through the apartment.  “Sorry, the door was open so I just let ,,,” He stops dead in his racks when he sees the three of us in the kitchen, all of us silent and gripping our coffee mugs.  I turn to see his eyes on Drake’s towel.  “Why is everyone naked in your kitchen, Sophie?”

Chase and Sophie have a rough time of becoming a couple, first by her not being open about Jack and then with Lauren ( Chase’s ex )doing as much as she can to break them up.

I laughed a lot and cried a lot. Wanted to smack all the characters at least once during this read. Although it is a cliff-hanger I don’t mind so much since I already have the next three books.

Aside from some editing errors, wrong tense, the occasional letter just hanging out by itself and what may be format conversion issues, really enjoyed this read.

I give this book 5 contented purrs for content and 1 hiss for editing.

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Amazon US
Amazon UK


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