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Breaking Boundaries
Seal Team Heartbreakers Book 5
By Teresa J. Reasor
Release Date: September 15,2015



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Corporal Callahan Crowes returns home from Afghanistan missing part of a  leg and haunted by guilt over the loss of his men. He pledges to live every moment of his life to the fullest and works to build a career in the only field he knows besides being a soldier: construction.

Reeling from her fiancé’s infidelity and their broken engagement, Kathleen O’Connor accepts a job far away from Boston and the suffocating pity of friends and family. She puts romance firmly behind her, and, armed with her shiny new architectural degree, launches her career with a commercial construction and design firm.

Her first day on the job, she sees Cal risk his life to rescue a fellow
worker, and is shocked when his act of heroism triggers an unwarranted attack on him from her supervisor. When she learns Cal may lose his job because of his leg, Kathleen urges him to use social media to fight the decision, putting her own job at risk.

The public firestorm pushes Cal into the limelight in ways he least
expects, but shows him a missing limb’s not the barrier to love he’s believed it is. But there’s something besides business politics brewing at work, and when Kathleen’s life is threatened, she discovers there’s more to a man than two good legs—it’s the size of his heart that counts.

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This is the first book I’ve read in this series. I enjoy coming home stories and this one is one of the best I’ve read.

The story begins in Afghanistan where we meet Cal and his team just before an IED changes everything. We are then taken to the present where Cal is working construction. He has a prosthetic leg but he doesn’t announce it to the world, he figures the less folks know about it the less he’ll have to deal with pity.

Kathleen has just started her first job as an architect, at Wiley Design. Eager to prove herself, become part of the team and take her licensing exam. Her first day she is invited to tour the sites in progress with one of the project managers, Paul Warren.  What was supposed to be a routine tour quickly becomes more at the first site.

After the emergency is handled a conversation between Paul and Kathleen is one of my favorite scenes.

Don’t let what he did make him into some kind of hero. Crowes has a prosthetic leg below the knee on the right side. He’s a liability to the company and poses a danger to his coworkers on the site.”

Shock held her still for a second then two. From what she’d seen, he had saved both Julio and Wiley’s Design’s bacon. Anger brought heat to her face. “That liability just saved you from a lawsuit, Mr. Warren.”

Warren’s face reddened. “If he makes a mistake or has an accident, and it’s caused by his disability, the company will be liable.”

Kathleen struggled to keep her voice even and dispassionate. “If you fire him because of his disability, or show any form of prejudice against him because of it, you’ll have every equal rights group out there on your ass, and it will come down on Wiley Construction like a ton of bricks. That may prove more of a liability than having a man with a prosthetic working for the company. I’d tread very carefully.”

Warren glanced in her direction. “I didn’t know you had a law degree to go along with your master’s.” There was a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

Kathleen breathed through the rage threatening to  engulf her. “Employment regulations and rights are part of the curriculum. It’s just good business. If your foreman hired him, he trusts Crowes can do the job. I’d stay away from it.”

Warren remained silent, but his taut jaw and compressed lips gave her pause. If she’d said too much, it could come back on her as well as Cal Crowes. Oh, well, it was too late now.

An exciting beginning to this tale of loves lost, disabilities, self-worth, jealousy, PTSD and much more. A lot is going on and is handled extremely well. I think we pretty much run the entire gambit of emotions. I did laugh and I did cry. Now I have to buy the rest of this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Teresa!

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SummerBlog About the Author

My name is Teresa Reasor. My husband, Danny, and I have been married for thirty-nine years.  We have three grown children and now have a new son-in-law and a new daughter-in-law.

I’m a writer, an artist, a teacher and I also sing. I’ve retired from my full time position as a primary art teacher after 21 and 1/4  years.  And after 10 years, I retired from my position as an adjunct professor for Eastern Kentucky University.

I’ve remade myself several times in the last 40 years. I was a college student when my husband and I met and started dating (Remake 1 COLLEGE STUDENT).We married a year after we started dating. (Remake 2 WIFE)Four years into our marriage I became a  mother and soon followed two more children. (Remake 3 MOTHER!!!).

I got my children into school and went back and finished my degree and became an art teacher (Remake 4 TEACHER).

I worked at teaching, mothering, and being a wife for ten years while I wrote books and dreamed of being a published author. I went on the hunt for a way to make extra money to help pay for expenses and landed a job as an adjunct college instructor (Remake 5 COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR).

But I never gave up my dream of being published. Then in 2007 it happened for me. I submitted two books to a small publisher and both were excepted and released in ebook and print. Those two books were Highland Moonlight and Captive Hearts.(Remake 6 A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!)

Then I wrote Breaking Free (Book 1 of the SEAL TEAM Heartbreakers) and after submitting to numerous publishers and never getting a rejection from any of them. I decided to self publish the book. In 2011 I became a publisher.  (Remake 7 WRITER, AUTHOR, PUBLISHER, MARKETER)

Little did I know how that decision would effect my life. Then in October of 2011 I decided to retire from my teaching position at my primary school and work as a writer full time.  (Remake 8  PART TIME RETIREE. 3/4 TIME WRITER, MULTI-PUBLISHED AUTHOR).

I released Timeless my paranormal romantic suspense set in
Scotland in January of 2012. And in September released Breaking Through (Book 2 of my SEAL TEAM Heartbreakers Series) In the spring of 2012 I continued teaching at EKU until they found someone to take my place. I retired from my position in May 2012. In the meantime, I was busy getting my rights back for Highland Moonlight and Captive Hearts. I did rewrites, sent them to a professional editor and rereleased them myself. I also rereleased a short story To Capture a Highlander’s Heart: The Beginning (A Highland Moonlight Spinoff), released a new novella To Capture a Highlander’s Heart: The Courtship and a Steampunk short story titled An Automated Death. And a contemporary comedic short story Caught In The Act.

By September I had another SEAL book ready to release. Breaking Away (Book 3 of my SEAL TEAM Heartbreakers Series) And I retired from my college position after 10 years.(Remake 9 FULL TIME WRITER AND  MULTI-PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!! Whoot!)

Since then I’ve released Breaking Ties (A SEAL Team Hearbreakers Novella) And Building Ties (Book 4 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers).
And I’m expanding into other genres. Whisper In My Ear and Deep Within The Shadows are both Paranormal/Urban Fantasies.

I’m loving retirement and this full time writing gig. BEST JOB EVER. And I feel blessed every day that I can get up and do my thing. It’s a hard job. I spend 12 hour days from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. doing it. But it’s not a burden. I’m so blessed. And I thank God every day that I’m able to do what I love 24-7 if I want to. And I may yet do another remake.

Maybe grandma will be on my horizon. Or some other wonderful thing. But writer and author will always be in the mix.
You’ll be hearing about a new release soon.

Teresa Reasor

I have a children’s book available for purchase in ebook and print format at Amazon. WILLY C. SPARKS: The Dragon Who Lost His Fire.
And my next Haiku Clue will be out Spring 2016. And I do have other hobbies including  painting, making jewelry, singing, crocheting, quilling, making cards, and traveling.

Please email me anytime for information, or offer me suggestions on my website at

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