Love those Wolves – Another Chance by Taryn Kincaid – Black Hills Wolves #41

Another Chance Cover

Another Chance
Black Hills Wolves #41
Taryn Kincaid



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Chance Northridge left Los Lobos more than ten years ago, deserting his family and his young, unclaimed mate. Now he’s back, upsetting their world.

But those he left behind don’t understand that the pack’s former insane Alpha threatened everything Chance cared about in the world. Still, he’s got some big-time groveling ahead of him.

Julie Pembroke has struggled hard to forget her disloyal mate’s desertion and to gain acceptance in the pack as a woman on her own, and making a new life for herself.

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This is the first book after the murders and I really needed some normal. Okay so nothing in this world is really normal, but normal for them.

This book opens with Brick (Wolf’s Song), playing with his children, twins Autumn a cat cub and Clay a wolf pup. They are so adorable, I want to squeal. Then the playing has to stop so Brick can go bail his brother out of jail in Shady Heart – Cat Territory. Even though the Alpha Cal Seven is his wife Summer’s uncle, this was going to cost a lot of money.

Chance Northridge is yet another wolf who 10 years ago,  left his family and mate behind. Hopefully protecting them from Magnum’s wrath. The former Alpha truly destroyed this pack from the inside out.

Dirty, sweaty, and sobering up is not the way Chance wanted to reunite with his family and pack, but that is was what was getting. But even before he makes it to Gee’s Bar to wait on the Alpha Drew and his enforcer Ryker, he feels his mate, in trouble and in pain.

Julie is not a weak woman. Even as her wolf howls mate, she knows she can’t just give in. He owes her at the very least an apology and explanation of why he left without a word.

One of my favorite scenes is with Gee, right before Julie walks in with her batch of cupcakes. It has a phrase that is repeated in various forms and very true with regard to Chance.

“I shouldn’t have listened to Magnum. I knew he was a sick bastard. I didn’t know what to do back then. Hell. I was only twenty myself. I figured my presence wasn’t good for anybody.”
“And now?” The bear leaned forward, as if a lot rested on Chance’s response.
“I guess all I can do is try to be the best wolf I know how to be.”
“Yeah, it’s a start.” Gee offered a satisfied nod. “Good answer. Any leads?”
“No, none yet. Drew doesn’t know anything about them. His father banished him from Los Lobos around the same time I left. Ryker says he doesn’t, either.”
“So why are you hanging around the bar night after night? Expect clues to their disappearance to land in your lap along with a side of fried pickles?”
Chance shook his head. He wanted to see Julie and hoped she’d stop by one night for a burger or cold one. He didn’t think he’d accomplish much else in town unless he got their situation settled. In his heart, he knew he planned his dream cabin for her, even though he recognized the futility of his cause.
Nevertheless, his Wolf clawed at him desperately, the inner whines and howls as intense as the hard, curved nails raking Chance’s skin, urging him to go after her.
He also hoped to catch a glimpse of Julie’s mate so he could size the male up and figure out how Julie was really doing after her tumble into the ravine. He’d muscle in and issue a dominance challenge if she looked battered or troubled. In exchange for his promise to leave Los Lobos and never come back, Magnum had backed down from the threat to mate her to Ozzie, and instead chose a random subservient male for spite. Chance hadn’t stuck around long enough to witness the ceremony.
Everyone avoided the subject with him now, even Gee. The internal pull tore him apart, the compulsion to follow her nearly irresistible. He could sniff her out, follow her scent to her home, and see with his own eyes if she’d fully recovered from the spill in the forest, if all was well with her, but….
“So what’s stopping you?” Gee growled, as if reading his mind.
Jesus. Was his expression so transparent?
The hopelessness of his predicament cycled through him. “I can’t upend her life. It’s been more than a decade. Whatever things were like for her in the beginning, she’s got to be settled by now. She hasn’t missed me much. I can’t go barging in, issuing challenges to her mate. It’s not my place.”

“Her mate?” Gee stared at him, his dark eyes going round as disks on a checkerboard. “You really must be the dumbest wolf on the planet.”

Kincaid, Taryn (2016-01-22). Another Chance (Black Hills Wolves #41) (Kindle Locations 523-544). Decadent Publishing. Kindle Edition.
Of course nothing can be all that easy and I was very surprised by what comes next and how things resolved. A fun read with some added excitement and angst.
5 Contented purrs for Taryn!

Winter Blog About Author

Taryn Kincaid is a multi-published author of sensual and erotic romance. She reads the back of cereal boxes and everything else that stands in her way. She writes HOT and sensual paranormal, historical romance and contemporary romance, sometimes spiced with a little humor or a lot of snark. She enjoys pinching and tickling words until they scream, and writing stories to warm the heart.

Her latest releases include HER CAPTAIN, a contemporary romance for the “Tempting Signs” series, WOLF’S SONG, a Black Hills Wolves story; RAIN, a Beyond Fairytales story; and IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT, a foodie contemporary romance.

And don’t forget to catch up with her SLEEPY HOLLOW series of erotic paranormal 1Night Stand stories for Decadent publishing including:  LIGHTNING, THUNDER, FROST, HEAT WAVE, and IN FROM THE COLD. The first four have been collected, along with BLIZZARD, a short erotic contemporary, for Decadent’s The Edge line, in the SLEEPY HOLLOW anthology: SLEEPY HOLLOW. Also check out HEALING HEARTS, her Regency romance from Carina Press, and SLEEPY HOLLOW DREAMS, an erotic paranormal romance from The Wild Rose Press, available wherever ebooks are sold.

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