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Bound For You

Men in Blue Book 6

Jayne Rylon


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Ben has lived through hell. He only survived captivity and torture by the brutes who’d been attempting to develop Sex Offender, a potent aphrodisiac used as a date rape drug, because of the guy he met—and fell in lust with—in the drug lord’s dungeons.

Ryan became Ben’s roommate after they escaped. His nearness is constantly tempting Ben to force Ryan to submit to his dark desires. Disgusted by how similar that makes him to their captors, he’s managed to hold off so far. How long can he keep his cravings for Ryan’s sexy body at bay?

On top of that, they both seem to be falling for the same woman. If Ben has reservations about unleashing his sexual appetites on Ryan then that goes double for Shari, who is entirely too sweet and inexperienced for either of them. Or so Ben thinks.

When Shari teams up with Ryan to change Ben’s mind, it seems like Ben might consider turning their three-way fling into something serious. Until a threat to Ben’s niece reminds them that it’s not always possible to keep those you love safe. After losing his sister in the Sex Offender scandal, Ben might never be ready to take that risk again.

None of them could have realized they were bound for something greater than a traditional partner in life, but Shari and Ryan are sure the three of them will benefit from the love of not one, but two, strong, giving soul mates who can help them leave the darkness of their past behind.

Will they be able to convince Ben that living fully is better than living cautiously?

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This book was a gift from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

When people go through any type of trauma, physical or mental doesn’t matter, there is a healing that needs to happen. For Ben this process has stalled and he is hurting everyone around him, but especially Ryan.  Ryan finally pushes and realizes that he has to leave, and the beautiful Shari is his salvation.

Everything comes to a head at Julie’s birthday party when Ben finally gives in, albeit in anger, forcing a kiss on Ryan, that was more than just a kiss. Averting the almost tragedy of Shari leaving, the three of them discuss their issues. Part of this was a description of Ryan and Shari’s night together. This was a favorite scene.

Shari sort of regretted her hastiness as her gaze ping-ponged between the two still-clothed men, though she supposed she’d bared her body while they bared their souls. Certainly a harder task.

“Besides, I kind of liked the vanilla topping Shari gave me last night.” Ryan winked at her.

“You already went for food in bed?” Ben grunted. “I know you’re a chef but—”

“He’s not talking about Cool Whip,” she interrupted before he could put more mouthwatering ideas in her mind. Too late, now she wanted to try that too. Later.

“Although now that I’m horny and thinking about that, it sounds kind of kinky, huh?” Ryan tapped his index finger on his chin. “Possibilities.”

Shari laughed at how alike their thought processes were.

“Tell me what you mean.” The directness of Ben’s request didn’t allow her to consider objecting, not that she would have anyway. Still, he was much better at this domineering thing than she had been.

So good that Ryan answered immediately, beating her to it. “She totally mind-fucked me. Subtly yet really effectively, by getting me to share a fantasy, while sort of acting it out.”

“Was that kind of thing enough of a power exchange to get you off?” Ben asked as he continued where he’d left off, deliberately walking his T-shirt up his torso. As distractions went, it was pretty phenomenal. Shari forgot to be nervous about Ryan’s response, too busy staring at the impressive display of well-muscled man Ben revealed bit by bit.
Bound For You: Men in Blue, Book 6 (Kindle Locations 2041-2053)

When someone snatches up Ben’s daughter Julie, all hell breaks loose and all their friends (Men In Blue) come running to assist.

I laughed and cried and the sex was beyond spectacular.

5 Contented Purrs for Jayne!

About the Author Spring Blog

Jayne Rylon   Jayne Rylon

Jayne Rylon is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She received the 2011 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Indie Erotic Romance.

Her stories used to begin as daydreams in seemingly endless business meetings, but now she is a full time author, who employs the skills she learned from her straight-laced corporate existence in the business of writing.

She lives in Ohio with two cats and her husband, the infamous Mr. Rylon. When she can escape her purple office, she loves to travel the world, avoid speeding tickets in her beloved Sky, and–of course–read.

Jayne is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA), the Central Ohio Fiction Writers (COFW) and Passionate Ink.

You can keep up with what’s new in Jayne’s world by subscribing to the Naughty News. 25 subscribers win prizes in each edition.

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