Cowboy Justice 12 Pack: Reviewing One Book At a Time: Cowboy’s Best Shot by Lexi Post

Get your TWELVE Cowboy Lawmen who are so hot it’s criminal. The COWBOY JUSTICE 12-Pack includes fresh novellas by twelve New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors!

Cowboy Justice Cover

Cowboy Justice

Twelve Novellas one Book

12 Bestselling Authors


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Today the Seventh Book in the Collection

Cowboy's Best Shot cover

Cowboy’s Best Shot
Poker Flat Series Book 3
Lexi Post

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Cowboy Hunter McKade is former military police who survived two tours overseas, but when he came home, his wife and his life as he knew it, disappeared in an instant. Now a security guard at Poker Flat Nudist Resort, he exists in his dark place, requiring little social interaction – until the night he breaks the barrier that separates him from her. As a former prostitute from a high-end bordello, Adriana Perez loves sex – any kind, anywhere – and her rules are few. Her new bartending job at Poker Flat gives her lots of hospitality opportunities, so why is someone trying to get her fired? Baffled, she gratefully accepts Hunter’s help and protection, and is more than willing to show him her appreciation. But the man has far too much control.

Pushing Hunter beyond his boundaries becomes Adriana’s satisfying distraction. But the evidence against her mounts, and she ignores her gut to take matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, her best shot at fixing this may not be enough to save her job…or her heart.

This is the 3rd book in the Poker Flat series that began with Cowboys Never Fold.


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I love the Poker Flats Series, I love Hunter, he is strong and protective, and Adrianna is funny, sensual and very open in her sexuality.  As this book opens Adrianna finds herself in a bit of a situation. This is one of my favorite scenes.

The impediment brought his rage to the surface. Picking up the stone planter at the edge of the patio, he threw it into the glass, his body coming through after it.

“Hunter!” Adriana’s look of relief was all he needed to see.

He squelched his instinct to put down the enemy first. Holding on to his new reality by a thread, he pulled the switchblade from his back pocket and cut the rope binding Adriana’s hands. Then he faced the two men. “You will leave this resort immediately.”

Keeping his eyes on their surprised faces, he felt Adriana stand up behind him. “Do you want to press charges?”

Before she could answer, the man with the whip raised it and brought it down toward him.

Hunter lunged, grabbing the leather coil at the thong and ripped it out of the Dom’s hands. He wrapped the whip around the man’s neck, cutting off his air supply. “Adriana, do you want to press charges?”

The other man pulled at his arm, trying to loosen his hold as the dominant man struggled to breathe. She stood next to him on his left not saying anything. The need to choke the life from the man took over his brain. He tightened the whip, his gut rejoicing at the gurgling sounds coming from the victim in his hands.

Something soft brushed against his shoulder. He stopped tightening at the movement. Adriana was there, a piece of his new reality. He wasn’t allowed to kill.

“No.” Her emotionless word, spoken softly as she shrugged and moved away, broke through his killing haze.

He released the whip and the man crumpled to the floor. Hunter kept his voice even. “You have one hour to vacate.”
Cowboy Justice 12-Pack (Kindle Locations 12863-12876). Kindle Edition.

This begins a series of incidents all pointing to our lovely bartender. All circumstantial and horribly incriminating. It takes a lot to overcome the things that Adriana has but she has always survived and been better for it. There are things she wants now, but can she have them or is she going to be forced to move on.

Then there is Hunter. Strong, silent and so attracted to Adriana. He doesn’t feel worthy to feel alive, to love again. But he does know Adriana is innocent, he just has to prove it.

I think this book has more tension and unease than any other in this series. A lot going on and so much intrigue, plus lots of that hot sex we’ve come to expect. I can’t wait for the next in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Lexi!
Note: This book is also available on it’s own.

About the Author Spring Blog

Lexi Post Lexi Post

Lexi Post is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of erotic romance. She spent years in higher education taking and teaching courses about the classical literature she loved. From Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Masque of the Red Death” to Tolstoy’s War and Peace, she’s read, studied, and taught wonderful classics.

But Lexi’s first love is romance novels. In an effort to marry her two first loves, she started writing erotic romance inspired by the classics and found she loved it. From hot paranormals to sizzling cowboys to hunks from out of this world, Lexi provides an erotic experience with a “whole lotta story.”

Lexi is living her own happily ever after with her husband and her cat in Florida. She makes her own ice cream every weekend, loves bright colors, and you will never see her without a hat.

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