Holiday Favorites! Christmas I.C.E. Magic – Cloudburst, Colorado Book 3 By Siobhan Muir


Christmas I.C.E. Magic
Cloudburst, Colorado Book 3
Siobhan Muir


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For Lily Sinclair, Christmas means sorrow and loss since the death of her twin brother. When her friends want to celebrate at the Paradise Lodge on Mt. Rainier, Lily figures she’ll take the chance to see her brother one more time before ending her life.

As an Ice Demon, Zachary Snow is used to rescuing people in winter, but he’d never rescued anyone like Lily. She fights his efforts, claiming the magic has left the world and she has no more adventures left. But to Zach, she embodies everything magical and more.

Zach must convince Lily the magic she wants is in life itself.

This title was previously published in the Happy Holidays from the Crescent Moon Lodge anthology. It has been re-edited.

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Lily has sold most of her belongings and gave wonderful gifts to her friends as part of their holiday at the Paradise Lodge on Mt. Rainier. In the past couple of years she has done increasingly more dangerous expeditions and hobbies. All in attempt to find the magic of living again. The magic that seemed to vanish when her twin brother died.

Her extreme camping on Mt Rainier on Christmas is more than a cry for help, it is her way to join her  brother. Her brother however has something else in mind for her as her speaks to her as she falls into sleep.

Lily didn’t laugh. “They don’t understand. No one does. The magic is gone. You’re gone.”

“Jeez, there are days you’re dumber than a bag of hammers.”

“What?” She blinked up at him as he stood over her with his arms crossed on his chest.

“Lily, I still have a connection to you. You feel it every time you get the thrill of hang gliding or standing at the edge of Niagara Falls. That’s the magic you and I share, even now.”

“But it fades and leaves me more empty than before.”

Linus crouched before her and took her hands. “That’s because you’re trying to hold on to the past too tightly. The past is empty, there’s nothing there. You have to make new memories and experience the magic of the present. What did the old tortoise say?” Linus scrunched up his nose, narrowed his eyes, and made his voice sound old. “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” He grabbed her shoulders. “Take the gift and unwrap the magic, Lily. It’s there for you, you just have to reach for it.”

The tears scalded her cheeks in burning trails. “But it’s not the same without you, Linus. My heart is empty now that you’re gone.”

“Then you’re going to have to fill it with something better, right? Take the gift, Lily. It’s Christmas, after all.” He gave her one more squeeze and stood up again. “All joking aside, it’s not time for you to give up. You have so much more you need to do and so many others who need your adventurous spirit, got me? So, instead of getting busy dying, you need to get busy living.” Linus glanced past her shoulder, a cheeky grin quirked his lips. “There’s more magic in the world than you know and you have to take a chance. You have to hang in there long enough to discover it.” He met her gaze again. “Promise me you’ll take the chance, Lil.”

She shook her head. “I can’t do it alone.”

“Yes, you can.” He glanced past her again and nodded as if in greeting. “But it looks like you won’t have to. Now promise me.”


“Promise.” Linus crossed his arms over his chest.

“I promise.”

“Good. I’m going to hold you to that, you know.” A warm smile filled his features. “I love you, Lil. Remember you promised. I think I know someone who can help you keep it.”
Muir, Siobhan. Christmas I.C.E. Magic (Cloudburst, Colorado) (Kindle Locations 213-233). Three Lakes Books, LLC.. Kindle Edition.

Zachary Snow is an ice demon working search and rescue for the lodge. When Lily doesn’t check in he is sent to find her and bring her in. She is unconscious when he gets to her and the threat of Avalanche has him bringing her to his Ice Cave instead of down the mountain. Now he has to show her the magic and all the reasons she has to live. One of them being him.

While a bit hard to read because of Lily’s intent, this is well written and a reminder that there is always a reason to live.

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siobhan-muir  Siobhan Muir

Siobhan Muir lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with her husband, two daughters, and a vegetarian cat she swears is a shape-shifter, though he’s never shifted when she can see him. When not writing, she can be found looking down a microscope at fossil fox teeth, pursuing her other love, paleontology. An avid reader of science fiction/fantasy, her husband gave her a paranormal romance for Christmas one year, and she was hooked for good.

In previous lives, Siobhan has been an actor at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, a field geologist in the Aleutian Islands, and restored inter-planetary imagery at the USGS. She’s hiked to the top of Mount St. Helens and to the bottom of Meteor Crater.

Siobhan writes kick-ass adventure with hot sex for men and women to enjoy. She’s the recent winner of the Best Paranormal Romance for 2014 Dream Awards. She believes in happily ever after, redemption, and communication, all of which you will find in her paranormal romance stories.

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