Holiday Favorites! Christmas Wolf Holiday bundle by JK Harper


Christmas Wolf
Holiday Bundle – 3 Short Stories
Black Mesa Wolves 4.5
JK Harper


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Christmas 2015 Blurbs and Reviews

christmas-wolf   CHRISTMAS WOLF
This is an expanded version of a story previously published as “The Night Before Christmas.” For the most enjoyment, consider reading it after Wild Wolf #4, although that is not strictly necessary in order to enjoy this holiday tale.

Omega wolf Ana Lyall knows she is essential to the Black Mesa Wolf Pack, despite being its lowest-ranking member. She knows her place, and she’s content in it–until she met Mason Pearce and he opened her heart. His seductive touch roused her to possessive heights of ecstasy she’d never before felt, and he believes in her more than anyone ever has. But Mason is human and therefore forbidden. Claiming him as her mate would mean his death. Even though it shredded her heart, she walked away and didn’t look back.

Mason Pearce never felt passionately about anything–until he met Ana. She stirred up his wild side and marked his heart as hers. When she inexplicably dumped him, he knew there was more to it than she was telling him. He’s tried almost everything to get her back, with no luck. But then he runs into her during the holidays, and seeing her again clarifies one truth: He won’t let her go again. No matter what it might cost him.

Christmas 2015 Blog Review - sm

A story that tugs on the heartstrings. Mason is Ana’s mate and since he is human it means death for one or both of them. When her Alpha calls her after she solidifies the mating, she is certain death is around the corner. One thing is certain, she would do anything for her mate including die.

But her Alpha merely requests the two of them at his home for his decision on Christmas morning,

Lots of heat between these two and big surprises in this short tale.

5 Contented Purrs for JK!

solstice-wolf   SOLSTICE WOLF
Once upon a time, wolf shifter Lia Woolsey fell in love. More specifically, she met her mate and settled down with him in a small town far from the bustling big city she’s always known. But she never thought she’d be the kind of woman to give up everything for a man–not even Connor, the mate of her heart, soul, and body. Five years later, she’s been offered a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity she can’t turn down. Not even if it means leaving Connor behind and shattering her own heart.

Connor Lowe has everything a wolf shifter could want. His place in the Black Mesa Wolf Pack is secure, his deeply committed work as a doctor running a low-income medical clinic fills his days, and his mate, Lia, lights up his entire life. He’s the world’s happiest wolf–but his mate isn’t. And he loves her too much to stop her from leaving to follow her own bliss, even though he knows his days will darken into nothingness each moment she is away from him.

As the frozen longest night of the year approaches, Connor and Lia face an impossible choice…the kind only winter solstice magic might be able to fix before it’s too late.

Christmas 2015 Blog Review - sm

The pull of mating versus the pull of making her dreams come true has Lia coming off as cold. She works so hard and her efforts keep Connor’s clinic up and running. Now with her dream job across the country she will be leaving.

Connor on the other hand is truly giving, he will not turn away a patient even though it is bankrupting them. He will support Lia as she follows this dream, knowing if he doesn’t he could lose her forever.

Sometimes you have to look outside the box. This is something these two find out as they separate. Steamy and angst filled but their wolves will help provide the answers.

new-year-wolf    NEW YEAR WOLF
With devoted mate Rielle at his side, disgraced wolf shifter Caleb Bardou is slowly piecing back together his recently shattered life. He’s a fighter at heart–but when he was justifiably stripped of his Pack Guardian status, it about knocked him out cold. Throwing his energy into a successful new business training other shifters to circuit fight with Rielle cheering him on all the way, Caleb has found a new path in life.

Then his arch nemesis unexpectedly threatens to take the shine off their bright new year. Caleb’s answering jab will determine the course of the rest of his life…if only he can overcome a burning anger at his old enemy.

*author’s note: New Year Wolf features Caleb & Rielle, the characters from Hunting Wolf (Black Mesa Wolves #3). It is best read after Wild Wolf (Black Mesa Wolves #4), although that is not strictly necessary in order to enjoy this holiday tale.

Christmas 2015 Blog Review - sm

Caleb is making a name for himself as a fighter and a trainer. Hopefully he can get back his position as a Pack Guardian. Once he proves to his Alpha he has tamed his hot-headedness that is. His mate Rielle is his biggest supporter she will always do what is right for both of them.

Luke is a former Rogue and an Alpha now that he has land for a pack to thrive on. He makes Caleb an offer that could change his and Rielle’s lives.

A story of love, growth and trust. A perfect way to start a New Year

I look forward to the next book in this series. It will be an adventure to watch a new pack grow

5 Contented Purrs for JK!

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jk-harper   J.K. Harper

J.K. Harper writes about paranormal romance because despite a lifetime of wishing, all the cool supernatural book characters of her childhood just don’t seem to be real. Besides, it’s just really fun to make stuff up and play around in her imagination. She lives in the Southwest, which is a great place to let her imagination run wild.

If you are interested in finding out more about J.K. Harper, including news on future books in the Black Mesa Wolves series, please surf around her online homes.

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