Holiday Favorites! A Cowboy’s Christmas Eve – Malloys of Montana #2.5 by R.C. Ryan


A Cowboys Christmas Eve
Malloys of Montana #2.5
R.C. Ryan


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Colin Malloy enjoys spending Christmas with his family at the Malloy ranch. But this holiday, what he really wants to do is to get closer to the alluring Dr. Anita Cross. So when a blizzard conspires to keep her from joining the Malloy family’s festivities, neither snow, sleet, nor spun-out cars will prevent Colin from reaching her side.

As the new doctor in town, Anita is wholeheartedly devoted to her patients. So when a little boy needs her on this snowy night, she doesn’t hesitate to care for him and send him home in time to spend Christmas with his family. An evening with a certain sexy cowboy will have to wait-or so she thinks. When a breathless Colin Malloy shows up at her clinic, Anita finds her cold, lonely night quickly heating up. And no crisis or well-meaning relative will stop them from making this a Christmas to remember . . .

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Grace Malloy the matriarch of the Malloy family had invited Dr. Cross and his Niece Anita to Christmas Eve Supper. An emergency arrives just as the driver from the Ranch is ready to drive them. Anita decides to stay behind until doctor they have covering arrives.

When Colin arrives for Christmas supper he is dispatched to retrieve the Doctor and bring her to supper. This Christmas Eve Storm coupled with a crazy driver, has Colin’s truck spinning off the road. Uninjured but unable to free his truck from the ditch he hitches a ride on a plow and walks the rest of the way into town.

This is a favorite scene.

Colin trudged through drifts that in places were nearly to his waist. His dark Stetson was mounded with a layer of white. His breath plumed in the frigid air.

When he reached the town, it looked otherworldly, until he realized what was wrong. There were no lights. No blinking red and green on the gaudy tree in D and B’s Diner. No sparkly gold lights at Gert and Teddy Gleason’s new fancy spa next to their barbershop. And no winking welcome sign at Clay Olmsted’s saloon.

He made his way to the clinic, which was in total darkness.

His heart dropped. With the power out and the roads too clogged with snow to drive her car, poor Anita would have had to walk in the darkness to her uncle’s place across town, nearly a mile.

He gave a sigh of disgust. He’d come this far. There was no turning back now. Though the other side of town felt like the other side of the moon right now, he had no choice but to see this through.

He was about to turn away when he spotted some movement inside the glass doors of the clinic.

“Hello.” He pounded on the heavy outer door with both fists.

“Who’s there?” He pressed his face to the door and struggled to see through the frosty glass.

There was more movement, closer now. Suddenly the door was opened and Anita seemed as astonished to see him as he was to see her.

“Colin.” Even in the darkness, her relief was evident. Without a thought to what she was doing, she threw her arms around his neck, her fingers curling into the collar of his parka, as though holding on for dear life.

“Anita.” At her embrace, he felt the quick curls of pleasure. Their faces were touching. He breathed her in, and the sweet smell of her perfume went straight to his heart. “I was afraid you might have left for your uncle’s house.” His breath feathered the hair at her temple.

She looked up, her lips brushing his cheek. “I couldn’t leave the clinic without someone here to handle emergencies. Dr. Miller from Rock Creek was supposed to be here, but I guess he couldn’t make it through the storm.”
Ryan, R. C.. A Cowboy’s Christmas Eve (Malloys of Montana) (Kindle Locations 303-319). Grand Central Publishing. Kindle Edition.

An intruder, pregnant woman and respiratory distress are a few of the things that keep these two from getting frisky on this Christmas Eve. There is the promise of so much more though.

Delightful tale of frustration, love, understanding and family.

5 Contented Purrs for R.C.

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ruth-ryan-langan  R.C. Ryan

New York Times best-selling author Ruth Ryan Langan, who also writes under the pseudonym R. C. Ryan, is the author of 97 novels, both contemporary romantic-suspense and historical adventure. Quite an accomplishment for this mother of five who, after her youngest child started school, gave herself the gift of an hour a day to follow her dream to become a published author.

Ruth has given dozens of radio, television and print interviews across the country and Canada, and has been quoted in such diverse publications as THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and COSMOPOLITAN. Ruth has also been interviewed on CNN NEWS, as well as GOOD MORNING AMERICA.

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