Holiday Favorites! Review and Giveaway! Heather Long’s Have Yourself A Marine Christmas


Have Yourself a Marine Christmas
Always a Marine #20
Heather Long


Christmas 2015 Blog blurb

Rebel with a holiday…

Ryan Edward Brun—Rebel to his friends—has always loved Christmas. Whether raising money for Toys for Tots, delivering presents dressed up like Santa Claus or driving his platoon crazy with Christmas ‘surprises,’ he never lacked for Christmas spirit—until he lost his legs to an IED.

Operation Good Cheer…

Noël Torres has watched over Rebel for months, holding his hand when he wanted to give up, and bullying him when he got lazy. But with Christmas right around the corner and decorations filling every room in their wing of Mike’s Place, the barren oasis Rebel surrounds himself with breaks her heart. He won’t call his family, he’s not sending out cards, he won’t pull any pranks—she decides to get this Marine back into the holiday action.

An elf on a mission…

With the help of some kids, a few good Marines, and Santa Claus, Noël is determined to give Rebel a very Marine Christmas…

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Christmas 2015 Blog Review

What happens when you’re avoiding all things Christmas and barricade yourself in your room at the rehab center? You get your feisty take no prisoners case nurse in your face in her unique style to find out why.

Noël is subtle but determined to find out why Rebel is avoiding the holiday everyone said he loved. She is more frustrated with the fact that he skipped his physio and as a result was having cramping and his stumps were raw and irritated. She has her ways however and this is a favorite scene.

“Hell, you’re going to make me talk about it.” Damn it. He didn’t want to get into this.

No response.

“It’s a little childish to hold me hostage in the car.” And she never behaved like a child.

She leaned her head back against the seat and directed her attention to the landscape beyond the windshield.

“Fuck.” He punched his fist at the roof of her car then flexed his sore hand. “I skipped physio because they plastered Christmas everywhere. Music. Decorations. Hell, one of the therapists was dressed like an elf.”

Merry-fucking-shove-it-down-your-throat season! Resentment flash-fired through his system and he barely managed to restrain the urge to punch the roof of her car again. Once made a point, doing it twice meant losing control.

A Marine didn’t lose control.

“Okay.” Noël shut the car off and climbed out, leaving him to stare at the empty space where she’d been. It took her a minute to extract his wheelchair and then she arrived at the door. “Let’s go.” The temperature outside had dipped again, flushing icy air into the heated interior.

Still gaping at her, Rebel didn’t argue as she helped him swing out and into the chair. One pause to grab his prosthetics and then she locked the car with a flick of a button and headed for the main doors.

“That’s it?” He half-turned to keep an eye on her face.

“It’s cold. We need to go to Ortho and you still have physio.” She didn’t slow her pace. The automatic doors opened with a swish and the cold wind chased them inside. Instead of heading to the residential wing where his room was located, she turned right to follow the indoor walkway leading to the gymnasium and physical therapy wing.

Ortho was along the way.

Clamping his teeth shut on his next words before they could escape, he drummed his fingers on the arms of the chair. Noel always had a comment or, at the very least, a comeback. The silence wore away at him. Ortho took fifteen minutes and the tech promised to refit the sockets and they could swing by to try them on the next day.

The tension winding in his gut tightened the closer they got to the gym. Even the long walkways hadn’t escaped the glitter of Christmas. Evergreen garlands with red velvet bows hung every six feet. Any second now, he’d have to endure rocking around the Christmas tree when all he wanted was to run the holiday over with a reindeer.

Further irritated by the musical direction of his thoughts, he almost missed the main doors to the gym as Noel bypassed them.

“Hey, you missed our stop.”

“No I didn’t.” She went another hundred feet and bumped the big metallic button on the wall with her hip to open another set of doors.

“Um, this is the officers’ wing.” Officers and enlisted did mingle, but senior staff had their own workout area and he was a non-com— or at least he had been.

“Really? And since I just started working here yesterday, I guess I missed the memo.” Snappy, insubordinate, and bordering on rude— just the way he liked her.

Decorated in dark wood tones and lit by high windows, the gym was curiously quiet; no one worked out on the machines and no music piped in over the speakers. Better yet, no pine-scented anything waited to burn his nostrils. The hot ball of knots in his gut loosened.

Kara Childs strolled up to meet them, dressed in her familiar scrubs and wearing a friendly, if cautious smile. Of all his physical therapists, she definitely ranked among his favorites. “Well, well, well— look what the Noël dragged in.”

Heat burned the tops of his ears. Like Noël , Kara had been gone for the holiday weekend but, apparently, she’d heard about his mutiny.

“Great, you got my text.” The welcome in Noël’s voice stroked over his ragged nerves.

“What text?” When had she had time to text?

She squeezed his shoulder. “I sent a text to Kara while the ortho looked at your fitting. Told her you needed to make up for some lost time and would prefer the North Pole-free gym.”

His bad mood did a full one-eighty, and relief radiated down his spine until he nearly sagged in the chair. “Thank you.”
Long, Heather. Have Yourself a Marine Christmas (Always a Marine series Book 20) (Kindle Locations 311-349). Decadent Publishing Company, LLC. Kindle Edition.

Even while giving in to his petulance regarding the holiday Noël is plotting a way for him to find his Christmas spirit again.

The revelation that he feels a lot more for her than just his case nurse, a shopping trip and a little girl’s Christmas wish become the catalyst.

Lots of heat between Noël and Rebel, add in some tears both sad and happy. It all combines to make this one of my favorite Christmas stories!

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!


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Christmas 2015 Blog About Author

Heather Long   Heather Long

National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas in the summertime.

From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books.

When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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Release Day! Blog Tour, Giveaway and Review! Absolute Trust – True Heroes Book 3 by Piper Drake


She wasn’t just a childhood friend;
she was his reason for breathing.

Absolute Trust,
the third book in the romantic suspense series,
True Heroes, by Piper J Drake.


Absolute Trust
True Heroes Book 3
Piper Drake


Christmas 2015 Blog blurb


After multiple tours of duty, Brandon Forte returns to his hometown on a personal mission: to open a facility for military service dogs like Haydn, a German shepherd who’s seen his share of combat and loss. It also brings him back to Sophie Kim, a beacon of light in his life . . . and the one woman he can’t have. But Forte’s success means he’s made enemies in high places. Enemies who are now after Sophie . . .

When Forte enlisted and left without saying goodbye, Sophie did her best to move on. But with her first love back in town, looking sexier than ever, she’s constantly reminded of what they could have had. Then after he risks himself for her, Sophie realizes she’ll have to put her life in the hands of the man who broke her heart, knowing the danger -and the sparks between them- could consume them both.

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Christmas 2015 Blog Review

This one starts off with a bang, literally. As Brandon has Haydn (one of their new dogs) out to work with his new prosthetic, he runs into Sophie long time friend and accountant for Hopes Crossing. They walk her to her car and while she is putting her packages the trunk, Haydn gets Brandon’s attention. This gives him just enough time to get them to relative safety before the explosion. Haydn stays with Sophie while Brandon calls for help and secures the area. The question is who put a bomb on her car and why. This is the excerpt given for this Tour, but it’s one of my favorite scenes so I’m putting it here.

Between one moment and the next, he was right there next to her, kneeling so they were face to face. She let out the air in her lungs in a rush, not sure of what she wanted to do or what he was planning to do. She parted her lips but didn’t say anything, didn’t want to put another question out there for him to address before he answered the one she really wanted to know.

Because she was hoping he was here for her—not his childhood friend—but for the very adult version of her who’d been waiting for him all this time.

Faster than she could react, his lips caught hers. The contact rushed through her in a lightning shot of surprise. Years of bottled-up frustration bubbled up and she leaned into him with a soft gasp.

And then he pulled back and she was left trying to catch her breath.

Slowly, carefully, he slid his arms around her back and under her knees. He cradled her against his chest and tucked her head under his chin. Circled as she was in his embrace, he held her close. He pressed his lips against her hair.

“That was too close yesterday, Sophie.” His voice was low, gruff, and almost cracked with emotion. “The thought of losing you just about killed me.”

From this point it’s not only about them beginning a new relationship but also keeping Sophie safe. I loved the visit to the Cat Café and that Sophie adopts one of the cats. Haydn’s reaction to the little fluff of fur was interesting to observe. But Haydn’s role is for the most part helping keep Sophie out of harms way. Sophie’s name for the cat had me giggling as I tried to follow her logic for Tessaract. I absolutely love these animals and how they interact with Brandon and Sophie.

Now Sophie and Brandon is something else entirely. Slow and easy but not. Lots of conflicting emotions and other things that need to be resolved.

Fast paced with lots of action in and out of the bedroom. I really can’t wait for more of these books!

5 Contented Purrs for Piper! christmas-2015-giveaway

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The complete True Heroes series and swag pack
One of four print copies of Absolute Trust
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Extreme Honor Cover  Ultimate Courage

Christmas 2015 Blog About Author

Piper_Drake_author  Piper Drake

Piper J. Drake (or “PJ”) spent her childhood pretending to study for the SATs by reading every interesting novel she could find at the library. After being introduced to the wonderful world of romance by her best friend, she dove into the genre.

PJ began her writing career as PJ Schnyder, writing sci-fi & paranormal romance and steampunk, for which she won the FF&P PRISM award as well as the NJRW Golden Leaf award and Parsec award.

PJ’s romantic suspense novels incorporate her interests in mixed martial arts and the military. The True Heroes series is inspired by her experience rescuing, owning and training a variety of retired working dogs, including Kaiser, a former guard dog, and Mozart, who was trained to detect explosives.

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Holiday Favorites! Christmas Wolf Holiday bundle by JK Harper


Christmas Wolf
Holiday Bundle – 3 Short Stories
Black Mesa Wolves 4.5
JK Harper


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Christmas 2015 Blurbs and Reviews

christmas-wolf   CHRISTMAS WOLF
This is an expanded version of a story previously published as “The Night Before Christmas.” For the most enjoyment, consider reading it after Wild Wolf #4, although that is not strictly necessary in order to enjoy this holiday tale.

Omega wolf Ana Lyall knows she is essential to the Black Mesa Wolf Pack, despite being its lowest-ranking member. She knows her place, and she’s content in it–until she met Mason Pearce and he opened her heart. His seductive touch roused her to possessive heights of ecstasy she’d never before felt, and he believes in her more than anyone ever has. But Mason is human and therefore forbidden. Claiming him as her mate would mean his death. Even though it shredded her heart, she walked away and didn’t look back.

Mason Pearce never felt passionately about anything–until he met Ana. She stirred up his wild side and marked his heart as hers. When she inexplicably dumped him, he knew there was more to it than she was telling him. He’s tried almost everything to get her back, with no luck. But then he runs into her during the holidays, and seeing her again clarifies one truth: He won’t let her go again. No matter what it might cost him.

Christmas 2015 Blog Review - sm

A story that tugs on the heartstrings. Mason is Ana’s mate and since he is human it means death for one or both of them. When her Alpha calls her after she solidifies the mating, she is certain death is around the corner. One thing is certain, she would do anything for her mate including die.

But her Alpha merely requests the two of them at his home for his decision on Christmas morning,

Lots of heat between these two and big surprises in this short tale.

5 Contented Purrs for JK!

solstice-wolf   SOLSTICE WOLF
Once upon a time, wolf shifter Lia Woolsey fell in love. More specifically, she met her mate and settled down with him in a small town far from the bustling big city she’s always known. But she never thought she’d be the kind of woman to give up everything for a man–not even Connor, the mate of her heart, soul, and body. Five years later, she’s been offered a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity she can’t turn down. Not even if it means leaving Connor behind and shattering her own heart.

Connor Lowe has everything a wolf shifter could want. His place in the Black Mesa Wolf Pack is secure, his deeply committed work as a doctor running a low-income medical clinic fills his days, and his mate, Lia, lights up his entire life. He’s the world’s happiest wolf–but his mate isn’t. And he loves her too much to stop her from leaving to follow her own bliss, even though he knows his days will darken into nothingness each moment she is away from him.

As the frozen longest night of the year approaches, Connor and Lia face an impossible choice…the kind only winter solstice magic might be able to fix before it’s too late.

Christmas 2015 Blog Review - sm

The pull of mating versus the pull of making her dreams come true has Lia coming off as cold. She works so hard and her efforts keep Connor’s clinic up and running. Now with her dream job across the country she will be leaving.

Connor on the other hand is truly giving, he will not turn away a patient even though it is bankrupting them. He will support Lia as she follows this dream, knowing if he doesn’t he could lose her forever.

Sometimes you have to look outside the box. This is something these two find out as they separate. Steamy and angst filled but their wolves will help provide the answers.

new-year-wolf    NEW YEAR WOLF
With devoted mate Rielle at his side, disgraced wolf shifter Caleb Bardou is slowly piecing back together his recently shattered life. He’s a fighter at heart–but when he was justifiably stripped of his Pack Guardian status, it about knocked him out cold. Throwing his energy into a successful new business training other shifters to circuit fight with Rielle cheering him on all the way, Caleb has found a new path in life.

Then his arch nemesis unexpectedly threatens to take the shine off their bright new year. Caleb’s answering jab will determine the course of the rest of his life…if only he can overcome a burning anger at his old enemy.

*author’s note: New Year Wolf features Caleb & Rielle, the characters from Hunting Wolf (Black Mesa Wolves #3). It is best read after Wild Wolf (Black Mesa Wolves #4), although that is not strictly necessary in order to enjoy this holiday tale.

Christmas 2015 Blog Review - sm

Caleb is making a name for himself as a fighter and a trainer. Hopefully he can get back his position as a Pack Guardian. Once he proves to his Alpha he has tamed his hot-headedness that is. His mate Rielle is his biggest supporter she will always do what is right for both of them.

Luke is a former Rogue and an Alpha now that he has land for a pack to thrive on. He makes Caleb an offer that could change his and Rielle’s lives.

A story of love, growth and trust. A perfect way to start a New Year

I look forward to the next book in this series. It will be an adventure to watch a new pack grow

5 Contented Purrs for JK!

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Get the Black Mesa Wolves books 1-4 together in one box set!


Book 5: Coming January 10th


Christmas 2015 Blog About Author

jk-harper   J.K. Harper

J.K. Harper writes about paranormal romance because despite a lifetime of wishing, all the cool supernatural book characters of her childhood just don’t seem to be real. Besides, it’s just really fun to make stuff up and play around in her imagination. She lives in the Southwest, which is a great place to let her imagination run wild.

If you are interested in finding out more about J.K. Harper, including news on future books in the Black Mesa Wolves series, please surf around her online homes.

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Holiday Favorites! A SmokeJumpers Christmas by Elle Boon


A SmokeJumpers Christmas
SmokeJumpers 2.5
Elle Boon


Winter Blog Blurb

A snowstorm, a baby, a fire elemental, and a shifter. Can Keanu save them all when the forces of nature rock their world, or will the elements destroy their happily ever after.

A pregnant Cammie will do anything to protect her unborn child, while Mother Nature has her own set of plans.

A father willing to risk life and limb for his family, Keanu will set the countryside on fire to rescue his wife and unborn child.

Reality isn’t always what it seems, but a fire elemental, and a shifter will make sure this is a perfect SmokeJumpers Christmas.

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Winter Blog Review

A very pregnant Cammie decides not to sit at home while Keanu is at the firehouse. Really not the best move as she goes into labor while driving down the mountain and ends up off the road. This is a favorite scene as LeeLee her pet wolf protects her as they are approached by a wolf shifter.

LeeLee growled at the new wolf, who growled back, and then, the red wolf slowly became a large man. A large, naked man standing in the falling snow.

Holding out the blanket, Cammie tried not to stare. “I’m assuming my father sent you?”

The man smiled, his white teeth flashed almost wolf-like. “I am Slater, ma’am. I came to see Keanu and just happened to hear your friend’s howl.” He looked at LeeLee.

Thankful he happened by when he did and the fact he knew her husband’s name, Cammie wanted to ask more questions but another contraction hit, this one lasting longer than the others.

“Why doesn’t she shift and help you?” He asked.

Confused by his question, it was all she could do to pant through the next round of pain. “I’m in labor, Slater. Can you look for my phone in my car? During the crash it was lost.” She couldn’t continue speaking as she felt pressure and the need to push was bearing down on her.

“Hold it in, woman. I’m not cut out to be a… a midwife.” The horror on his face made her smile.

“Sorry, cowboy. I don’t think the little guy is listening to us.” She grunted.
Boon, Elle. A SmokeJumpers Christmas (Kindle Locations 199-208). Elle Boon. Kindle Edition.

Keanu does get to them and summons help before the baby makes his appearance. The firestarter keeps them all warm while waiting for the rest of his squad to arrive.

A tense but beautiful story, birth exposed on a mountain is not all that warm and fuzzy. A family gathering and lots of love blend to make a holiday win. Plus, Slater’s appearance and LeeLee’s reaction to him led me to buy their book.

5 Contented Purrs for Elle!

Winter Blog More Books

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firestarter berserkers-rage-fs2

Slater and LeeLee


Winter Blog About Author

Elle Boon Elle Boon

Elle Boon lives in Middle-Merica as she likes to say…with her husband, two kids, and a black lab who is more like a small pony. She’s known for her penchant of dropping F-bombs like a boss, needing coffee before she’s human, and blessing so many hearts, she is going for sainthood.

She’d never planned to be a writer, but when life threw her a curve, she swerved with it, being that she’s athletically challenged and all. She loves where this new journey has taken her. She writes what she loves to read, all things romance, whether it’s erotic, contemporary, or paranormal, as long as there is a happily ever after.

Her biggest hope is that after readers have read one of her stories, they fall in love with her characters as much as she did. She loves creating new worlds, and has more just waiting to be written. Elle believes in happily ever afters, and can guarantee you will always get one with her stories.

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Holiday Favorites! Cowboy Blue By Cat Johnson


Cowboy Blue
Cat Johnson


Winter Blog Blurb

What happens when you mix a Manhattan workaholic with a Colorado ranch boss? Casey Harrington’s life is her career. Bonner Blue Boyd’s life is the ranch. So why can’t they keep their minds or their hands off each other? They know opposites attract and that city and country might mix for a week but it can’t work for a lifetime. Or can it?

Originally published as A Cowboy For Christmas in 2011. This edition is a reissue, reedited but without any substantial additions or changes to the story. New cover. New title. Same great story and now also in paperback!

Winter Blog BuyLinks

KindleLogo Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogogoogle_play_logo_002_002 AreLogo smashwords_logo

Winter Blog Review

Casey Harrington is bored with her job. Marketing for World Bank while a stable position, it wasn’t utilizing her creative skills. When a headhunter calls with a job offer as Director of Marketing for Maverick Western, it brings back memories of her obsession with cowboys from a young age.

The only pre-requisite, a week training at the ranch to get a feel for the company philosophy and the life style it represents. She knows she can bring the company into the web-based world successfully and looks forward to her time at the ranch.

Bonner ‘Blue’ Boyd runs the working cattle ranch. His boss and mentor, Jake Maverick lives on the ranch traveling to the city or to NY only when necessary. He’s not pleased to find out he has to babysit a corporate bigwig. Especially when he discovers he is a she. This is a favorite scene as Bonner admits to himself that he is attracted to this city girl.

After a restless night’s sleep, Bonner pulled his truck up to the main house and put it into park. The sight that greeted him had his hand slipping off the gearshift.

Their visitor was awake? At sunrise? He’d figured he wouldn’t see her until the noon meal.

This woman was full of surprises, the first being that she was a woman. He’d assumed Casey was a he and it turned out she was most definitely a she. He glanced at her on the front porch now.

Yup, Casey Harrington was all woman, with chestnut hair that cascaded over her shoulders and big green eyes; not to mention curves a man could get lost in. She held a coffee cup as she stood gazing at the mountains in the distance. The bulky white sweater that came to past her waist didn’t do shit to hide how her dark blue jeans cupped the perfectly rounded cheeks of her butt.

When Bonner could yank his attention away from that tempting asset— and the thought of how nice it would be to get to know that part of
her a little better— he was surprised yet again. She was wearing cowboy boots.

Last night when he’d helped carry her matching luggage into the house, all three pieces of it, she’d been in some suit kind of thing. City girl to the bone, right down to her fancy cell phone that apparently didn’t work around these parts, according to her rant in the car. He hadn’t stuck around to learn more last night.

He’d dumped her and her baggage with Mrs. Jones and taken off to deal with this new bit of information. He was not only babysitting a city girl for the next week, but one who had him waking up from a dream starring her last night.

How was he supposed to deal with this?

At least this morning she was actually dressed appropriately for a day on the ranch. She wouldn’t be tiptoeing around the cow manure in high heels. But did she have to look so damn good in jeans? Even if they did look like they’d just come off the shelf of some overpriced city store, they sure did the job of drawing his gaze right to where it shouldn’t be.


He swung the truck door wide and got out.

She broke her gaze away from the landscape and turned to smile at him as he climbed the stairs onto the porch. “Good morning.”

“Morning.” Bonner tipped his hat. Her gaze swept to where his truck was parked.

“Where’s your dog?”

Hm, she sure was observant. He’d always thought city folk were blind to their surroundings, being as their heads were usually up their asses and all.

“Back at the bunkhouse with the boys. She’ll be along later. I didn’t expect to see you out so early.” More accurately, Bonner had been hoping she’d sleep the day away so he’d have to spend less time babysitting her— and less time being tempted.

“I’m still on East Coast time. I would’ve been at my desk by now, probably on a conference call with the London office if I were still at my old job at World Bank.”

“Ah.” He nodded. That made more sense. He hadn’t considered the difference between Mountain and Eastern Time, or the possibility of London offices. Jeez. It all seemed like another universe.

“This is… just amazing.” She shook her head while gazing again at the sunrise. “There are no words. When I got here last night in the dark, I had no idea how beautiful it was. I never imagined this.”

Again impressed that this New York woman could appreciate the beauty of the country, Bonner took the time to glance at the colored hues starting to already disappear as the sun rose higher above the horizon. He saw the sun rise every morning over these mountains and had since he was born.

It sure was a sight. He supposed he should appreciate it a little more. This city girl was a reminder that not everybody was as lucky.

“Have you ever been to New York?” she asked.

Bonner shook his head. “Nope.” And he had no desire to.

“Well, I can tell you, there’s nothing there that compares to this.”

He shot a sideways look at Casey again as she continued to stare at the surroundings. The tip of her nose was beginning to turn pink from the nip in the air. She didn’t seem to care as she cupped the coffee mug in both hands but didn’t drink. It reminded him why he was here, besides to pick up his latest assignment from Jake Maverick.
Johnson, Cat. Cowboy Blue (Kindle Locations 351-386). Cat Johnson. Kindle Edition.

After an educational and steamy week, Casey’s cowboy romance has to come to an end. Although she would love to spend more time here, she has a job to do. The next month flew by as Casey set the new marketing plans for launch on Black Friday. Bonner was never far from her thoughts though and she missed him more than she cared to admit.

At Thanksgiving dinner Jake took great pleasure in teasing Bonner with Casey’s plan for him and the boys to tweet pictures of what they do during the day. Unfortunately what Jake thought was indigestion was the heart attack that kills him.

As shock runs through the company, the will is read. A well kept secret comes to light when Jake leaves controlling interest in both the Ranch and the Business to Bonner instead of his grandchildren.

An emotional and uncertain Bonner meets up with Casey in New York. She is determined that he will succeed in this new position as President of Maverick Western and he is determined to make her his.

I loved this journey for Bonner and Casey. I suspect Jake planned for these two to get together. I laughed and sniffled a bit too. No question this book will heat up the coldest winter night.

I would love to see more of this couple and maybe the ranch hands as well as Bonner takes over everything and institutes change.

5 Contented Purrs for Cat!

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catjohnson340x413  Cat Johnson
A top 10 New York Times bestseller, Cat Johnson writes the USA Today bestselling Hot SEALs series. Known for her creative marketing, Cat has sponsored bull riding cowboys, promoted romance using bologna and owns a collection of cowboy boots and camouflage for book signings. A fair number of her research consultants wear combat or cowboy boots for a living.
Since 2006, Cat has put approximately one million digital and print stories in readers’ hands.

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Review and Giveaway! Black Hills Wolves – Winter Soltice : Winter Awakening by T.L. Reeve

Join the Tao Pack for the Winter Solstice in Los Lobos


Winter Awakening
Winter Solstice
Black Hills Wolves # 62
T.L. Reeve


Winter Blog Blurb

Sara Philips has come home after almost twelve years. Married to a man she planned on claiming as her own and telling about the babies she carried, she never got the chance. Now, the widowed mother of twin ten-year-old rambunctious boys, she has learned what true happiness is along with the gut wrenching pain of loss.

Ero and Luc Mathews, the dark and light twins, are waiting for the one. For the last year, women have come and gone from their life without that spark of recognition. When Sara steps into Los Lobos Café looking for a job, the punch to Ero’s gut, shocks him to his core. But he worries the connection won’t be there for his brother.

Love and Luc aren’t synonymous with each other. Where his brother is the ever optimist, he’s more incline to sit back and let everything play out. However, when he sees Sara in the convenience store, he can’t stop thinking about her. There’s something hidden within those amber-colored eyes of hers.

With the Solstice upon them, Gee enlists their help in a little scavenger hunt of sorts. They have ten days to find their item and present it to him on the night of the festivities.

Having to work together keeps them in close quarters and ignites a passion Sarah hasn’t felt since before her husband died. But, with two children and a nosey mother always asking questions, she doesn’t have time to consummate their budding mating. However, on the night of the solstice, both men will have what is rightfully theirs. The only question is, can her heart stand another chance at love?

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Winter Blog Review

While happy to be back home, Sarah needs a job. Her brother Jason will be opening a brewery in the spring and has sold all his brews, but she needs to supplement her income.

After being turned down at the convenience store she literally runs into Luc. His greeting includes the word Mate as he leaves her to continue her search. In spite of trying to avoid Luc and Ero she goes to the café in hopes of a job. What she gets is immediate employment and soon after two mates. Here’s a favorite scene, when Ero catches up to her later that night.

When she and Jason escaped Magnum’s deadly rule, they’d lived together for a while, but after she met Ethan, her brother moved out. He didn’t go far, though. They spent time together, and her brother had gotten a job working construction. Then, tragedy struck, and when she needed him most, he’d returned to stay with her and help out. But even now they were home with friends and family nearby, she still depended on him. Maybe it was time to cut the strings and allow him time to find his own happiness. God knew, one of them had to do it, or she feared he’d never find his own mate.

“The snow’s let up. You still going for a run tonight?” Jason came up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Yeah. I need to clear my head.” The whole day had been filled with so much activity, and working again after ten years had taken its toll.

“Go. Before it starts again and gets too hard to maneuver through. I’ve got the boys.” He squeezed her shoulder. “Don’t forget, you have a busy day tomorrow.”

She turned and wrapped her arms around her brother. “Thank you. I won’t be long.”

“Eh, what are brothers for?” He hugged her tight. “Besides, you owe me one now.”

She laughed. “I wouldn’t expect anything less.” With one last glance at her boys, she strode from their room and headed for the back door. She had an hour to stretch her legs and then she had to be in bed. She didn’t want to let down Ero on her second day.

After placing her clothes on the bench under the coat hooks, she stepped outside. The frigid air kissed her skin, leaving a trail of gooseflesh in its wake. She shivered, calling for the wolf within. Warmth bloomed at the center of her chest and spread out. Like a clinging vine, it covered every inch of her—bled into her muscles and bones—reshaping her until she stood on four legs. She lifted her nose and tasted the breeze. Snow. A thrill of anticipation shot through her.

She took off into the woods surrounding their home. A yip of joy filled the night air as she ran up the trail into the hills. The first time she’d shifted after holding her wolf in check for so long, it hurt. Her body ached for days afterward. Every time since, it’d gotten easier and more of her senses came online. The smells of wild game, frozen ground, and snow-kissed water called to her like a siren’s song. Dead leaves, moss, and excrement hypnotized her, drawing her farther away.




Yes. It had been years since she’d followed small prey, made the kill. She lowered her nose to the ground and sniffed. There, among the earthy aromas, was the subtle hint of chipmunk. Sarah followed it. The trail wound through the hills, over logs, behind rocks, and up into the trees then back down to the ground. The prey poked its head up from the underbrush and sniffed.

She pounced, snuffing it out with a quick snap of the chipmunk’s neck. Pleasure flowed through her as she ate her meal. Freedom. A snap of a twig had her raising her head. She curled her lip and growled. When the wolf took a step closer, she exposed all of her teeth and swished her tail. Then, she caught the scent. Ero. She whined, lowering herself to the ground. Rolling over, she exposed her belly to him and waited as he sniffed at her neck.

Calling to the shift, Sarah wrapped her arms around him. “Sorry, first time catching a midnight snack since I came home.”

Moments later, Ero joined her. Amusement and desire glowed in his gaze. “I watched you.”

She didn’t know if she should feel creeped out by his announcement or elated. “Oh.”

He moved closer, wrapping an arm around her. The heat from his body combined with hers, chasing away the freezing temps. “You were so involved when I saw you I stayed back, curious as to what you found.”

“Chipmunk.” She glanced up at him. The whoosh of her heart pounding filled her ears with each inhale of his tantalizing scent. Every bit of her wanted the man beside her, but they lacked one person. “Seemed easiest to catch.”

“Well, I caught mine, too.” He kissed her. For the second time in less than twenty-four hours, he’d done the one thing she hadn’t been expecting. He drew her to him, bit by bit. With each glide of his tongue, she melted a little more. “Sweeter than honey.”
TL Reeve. Winter Awakening (Kindle Locations 428-461). Decadent Publishing LLC. Kindle Edition.

Things heat up for Sarah, Ero and Luc from this point, but now she’s worried about her brother. He is depressed and her son Charles (an empath) is feeling it, too. Gee sets Jason up with a shy wolf Reva Little Wolf, for the Scavenger Hunt. She had unspeakable things done to her by Magnum and rarely leaves her den. He knew she’d be comfortable with Jason since he wouldn’t be out to man-handle her like may others would.

Matings, reunions, healing and love abounds in this final book of the Winter Solstice in Los Lobos. A wonderful quick read, with more than enough heat to melt your kindle and plenty of hints to future BHW books!

5 Contented Purrs for T.L.!

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TL Reeve is a multi-published author with Cobblestone Press, Decadent Publishing, Evernight Publishing, and Loose-Id, was born out of a love of family and a bond that became unbreakable. Living in Alabama, TL misses Los Angeles, and will one day return to the beaches of Southern California to ride the waves at Huntington Beach. When not writing something hot and sexy, TL can be found curled up with a good book, or working on homework with a cute little pixie.

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