The Boss of Me – A 1-Night Stand Novella By Merryn Dexter


The Boss of Me
A 1-Night Stand Novella
Merryn Dexter


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Dear Madame Evangeline…

Lou Jones loves her job, but she can’t ignore the attraction she feels for her boss, Daniel Smith. She contacts the 1Night Stand dating service hoping a little fantasy role play will help her get over her crush.

I want to see you in my office…
Daniel can’t believe his eyes, or his luck, when a misplaced letter gives him a shocking insight into the erotic thoughts of his personal assistant. The chance to satisfy her fantasies and make his own dreams come true is too tempting to resist.

This is fantasy, nothing more…
As they explore their every desire, Lou and Daniel find keeping reality at bay is harder than they thought. Will their 1Night Stand deliver the satisfaction Madame Eve prides herself upon, or are they just too close for comfort?

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Madam Eve is a specialist, one who manages to find the perfect match for the clients she excepts. This time however runs into a bit of a hitch. The boss her client references wants the date and the fantasy.

While I have often seen cold-feet happen in these tales, this is the first time I’ve seen it cancelled. Although that didn’t quite work out the way Lou thought it would.

A favorite scene occurs after they are almost caught by a colleague.

The heat of his body warmed her back, and he lifted her hair away from the nape of her neck to press a kiss there. “Relax, darling. You did great. I’m so proud of you.”

She didn’t know if he referred to Carl’s interruption or her earlier wanton submission. Wanting to sink into him, to lose herself in the arousal that came roaring back to life from the simple brush of his lips at her nape, she forced herself to stand stiff in his embrace. They’d barely escaped once; she couldn’t afford to allow him to take her over like that again.

“We can’t, Daniel.” Her breathy voice did little to convince either of them she meant the words.

“Don’t turn away from me now, Lou.” He rubbed small circles up the column of her neck, easing the knots of tension gathered there. Slipping higher, he massaged her scalp until she couldn’t hold in a soft sigh of pleasure. Damn, he had good hands. She let her lashes flutter closed, melting a fraction into his touch. Wrapping her hair tight around his fist, he tugged her head back in a sharp motion then fixed his mouth on the exposed side of her throat. The combination of the tingling pain in her scalp and the insistent suck of his lips sent her soaring. She couldn’t walk away from him now. Not tonight. Maybe not ever.

“Not here.” Yes, here, now! It took all her willpower not to drag her skirt back up and just bend over for him.

Daniel nipped her pulse point once more before easing his grip on her hair. “The hotel is still booked. I kept the reservation when you changed your mind about our date.”

What was he talking about? What date? He’d already mentioned something about her canceling their plans.

He made some space between them, giving her a chance to turn around and face him. Without his hands on her, she could think again, and a modicum of rationality returned. Coincidence she could buy, serendipity even, but she couldn’t believe they had been a random match. So, how?

“I still don’t understand how this happened. Madame Eve promised me complete discretion and anonymity.”

Tucking his hands in his pockets, Daniel paced a few feet from her and turned. “Ah. About that.” Gone was the confident, demanding lover. He looked nervous, abashed even. “A copy of your email found its way into the back of one of your reports. I know I shouldn’t have invaded your privacy like that, Lou, but goddamn it, I cannot say I’m sorry I read it. I contacted 1Night Stand and begged Madame Eve to set us up on a date.”

“Begged?” Lou should have been mad, but the idea of him reading her fantasies about him, along with being desperate to play them out with her, filled her with a sense of power.
Merryn Dexter. The Boss of Me (Kindle Locations 362-373). Decadent Publishing LLC. Kindle Edition.

One extremely hot night begins and almost stops again at the hotel. But ever resilient, Daniel keeps everything going just at a different pace.

This one has a lot of twists to it. Twists that make me wonder if Madame Eve has made her first mistake ever.

5 Contented Purrs for Merryn!

Winter Blog About Author

Merryn Dexter  Merryn Dexter

Merryn Dexter is a military spouse who, after a varied employment career (from selling sandals to old ladies with bunions to being a health and safety coordinator for a construction company), is thrilled to be pursuing her dream career as a romance writer. She likes The Winchesters, Spike, Hotch, Loki and watching complicated European Noir. Her hobbies include crying at books, crying at movies, crying at tv serials (there’s a theme!) and believes all stories should have a Happy Ending.

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