Release Day!!! Elite Elements – The Conclusion of the Elite Warrior Series!


Elite Elements
A Seven Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set

Seven novels from some New York Times, USA Today and award winning bestselling authors! Seven individual novels that create one giant book! One story leading into the next into the next! This is the conclusion of the hunt for Red Wolf including all the characters you love from Elite Metal and Elite Ghosts!


Elite Elements

Book Three in the Elite Warriors Series

For most of their lives they’ve lived in the shadows, pulled from every nation and background, united by one common cause—an all-consuming hatred of Red Wolf. The unquenchable desire to rid the world of his very existence fuels them, drives them.

These men and women pulled the fallen Elite from the snow-covered wreckage of Operation Phoenix years ago. To some they’re called saviors. To others they’re called traitors.

As Red Wolf’s power grows, the end game they’ve sacrificed everything for may destroy them all. Or just maybe they’ll finally find the peace they’ve been hunting for.

Revenge is their salvation but is there enough humanity left inside them to save?

A new end. A new beginning. Elite Elements.


Satisfying SiliconVirginia Nelson
Cesium’s CaptureSabrina York
Vibranium’s TruthAnna Alexander
Palladium’s ConfessionSaranna DeWylde
Francium’s ChanceRebecca Royce
Asset: ArsenicHeather Long
Kryptonite’s OxygenJennifer Kacey


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Winter Blog Blurbs and Reviews

As I begin these reviews I want to thank the wonderful authors for bringing this amazing story to life. I have fallen in love with each of the characters as they were revealed and watched as they overcome much adversity to find love and revenge for past losses.

At the end of the last book, seven more characters were unveiled as it were. These are their stories of how they became involved and how they now contribute to the end of Red Wolf.

Satisfying SiliconVirginia Nelson

Lady Dead may be number five on his hit list, but she trusts that Silicon will come for her. Save her or kill her… either way, it’ll be a hot ride.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

The first book opens in the present where Emmaline is awaiting her fate. Restrained and suspended she is hoping Silicon has quickly made it through his kill list and will come for her.

Then we go to her past, one which was not very pleasant, well except for the fact she became part of a gun-running syndicate family. Adopted as their child for her negotiating skills.

Ryan Anderson aka Silicon, has yet another persona, that of Crisis as Emmaline aka Lady Death knows him. An arms dealer making purchases from her to discover who exactly she is working for. For Crisis that is all there is, for Silicon there is another issue. He is attracted to her in a way he has never been with any other woman.

Timing is critical in this story, much is happening behind the scenes and with a good portion of her adopted family dead, Emmaline has only Crisis to turn to. Whether he kills her or not is still up in the air. Yes, the pun is intended.

Lots of action, interesting twist with the attraction between them and so much more.

Here is a favorite quote:
“Strip. I like my men naked and submissive. Can you be submissive, choir boy?”
Virginia Nelson. Elite Elements (Kindle Location 529). Never Settle Publishing, LLC.

I hope you will enjoy meeting Silicon and Emmaline as much as I did. You will not be able to stop reading.

5 Contented Purrs for Virginia!

Virginia’s Links
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads Amazon Author Page

Cesium’s CaptureSabrina York

The mission is all that matters…until he meets her.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Jason “Coop” Cooper AKA Cesium is following Ming Kow. He is intrigued by his companion with her ponytail swinging. He needs to get to the SOB’s mainframe and copy all the goodies he knows is on there.

Natalia Goodinov Petrova is Ming’s assistant, she thinks she is being followed and is determined to find out why and by whom. Well the answers are going to surprise them both.

Natalia tries to convince Coop not to go after the information he wants to no avail.

A favorite quote:
Seriously? He went back for a necklace?
Sabrina York. Elite Elements (Kindle Locations 1781-1782). Never Settle Publishing, LLC.

Oh the complications, and the surprises in store for them. I loved every second of this and lets just say this couple sizzles off the pages.

5 Contented Purrs for Sabrina!

Sabrina’s Links 
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads Amazon Author Page

Vibranium’s TruthAnna Alexander

It’s not the size of the gun that makes a warrior, but the strength of her convictions.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Evan “Vibranium” Christopher hated listening to and seeing Federoff and his crony manhandling a young girl. He was there to get information in the form of a picture. Following the young girl into the restroom where she had escaped for a few moments of peace, he was able to get a photo of the tattoo on the inside of her thigh. The tattoo would give the location of Demetriu Sandoval’s operation and bring them another step closer to Red Wolf.

Miho has her own vendetta, she wants revenge for everything that has happened to her since she was eight years old. Her revenge throws a monkey wrench into Evan’s mission.

A favorite quote.
Because you’re the insane one, that’s why.
Anna Alexander. Elite Elements (Kindle Location 2901). Never Settle Publishing, LLC.

This step towards the end of Red Wolf is intense and has some OMG moments as they follow their prey to a seedier sex club. However the attraction between Evan and Miho is a truer form and is as sweet as it is hot.

5 Contented Purrs for Anna!

Anna’s Links
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads Amazon Author Page

Palladium’s ConfessionSaranna DeWylde

A defrocked priest and his benediction of death are no match for this BBW on a mission.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Hekate Bakas has a problem, her Uncle Talbot has decided that she should be with Viktor Semion, a Ukrainian associate of his. He wants control of the shipping business left to her by her father and she has no intention of ever letting her Uncle have any part of it. She needs to take him down, but she’s sure she will end up dead in the process.

Elite has some surprises for Talbot. I confess I enjoyed seeing John ‘Mercury’ Thrace in action again as a prelude to Wen “Palladium” Theophanes’ Mission.

Instead of dying, Hecate ends up with Wen and the plot thickens as he falls for this strong woman.

A favorite quote.
“But you didn’t. You saved me. I’d say you’re my best bet. I’m a practical sort of woman.”
Saranna DeWylde. Elite Elements (Kindle Locations 4400-4401). Never Settle Publishing, LLC.

I kind of felt sorry for Wen, he’s not used to any of the things he’s feeling. Hekate is a match for him in so many ways.

Lots of action in this one as we get yet another step closer to Red Wolf.

5 Contented Purrs for Saranna!

Saranna’s Links
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads Amazon Author Page

Francium’s ChanceRebecca Royce

Just because he’s on the right side of the fight doesn’t mean she can trust him.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

A big step in taking down any organization is finances. That is Russell “Francium” Burke’s Mission. While they had already been manipulating things so money was being heavily lost. The position they now had Remington Reagan, Red Wolf’s CFO, in was becoming critical and Russell was positioning himself to be his replacement.

Lara London-Reagan was trapped in a loveless marriage, held captive by actions she confessed to her husband before they were married. She’d about reached the end of her rope when she caught their new neighbor watching them having sex.

One thing about all these books is the strength of the women, Lara is no exception and she puts herself at great risk.

A favorite quote.
“I’m not a wilting flower. I mean, I have been, but before that I wasn’t. I was the kind of woman who knew how to get things done.”
Rebecca Royce. Elite Elements (Kindle Locations 5477-5478). Never Settle Publishing, LLC.

I do love the ways the Elite crew persuade co-operation. Again this will cause a change in the initial plans but hey, whatever works.

More surprises and hold your breath moments as Lara and Russell explore their relationship. This one with a little kink.

5 Contented Purrs for Rebecca!

Rebecca’s Links
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads Blog | Amazon Author Page

Asset: ArsenicHeather Long

Arsenic is playing a dangerous game, but one with hefty payout—Red Wolf’s head on a platter.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Addison “Arsenic” Leeds has gone dark making the Elite crew wonder if she has been turned, killed or too deep in to make contact.Tasked with getting rid of the leaks in Elite’s ranks she does what she must to protect her team.

When she’s headed into trouble she contacts the one person outside of the Elite she can trust. Sam Reese, the man she didn’t kill but probably should have.

While the quote used in the teaser is definitely a favorite, I liked this one too.
“No, I was being factual. You’re not a dog. Dogs are loyal.”
Long. Elite Elements (Kindle Locations 6933-6934). Never Settle Publishing, LLC.

These two team up to take down yet another Red Wolf crony and in the process rediscover themselves through barbs, sex and a mutual desire for revenge.

Another action filled installment with sizzling sex and a past to resolve. This one even has some family issues within the Elite ranks.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

Heather’s Links
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads Amazon Author Page

Kryptonite’s OxygenJennifer Kacey

To rid the world of the deadliest wolf a broken girl must trust her kryptonite.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Clark “Kryptonite” Leeds made a promise to Gold as he lay dying in Moscow at end of Operation Phoenix, the mission that gave birth to the Elite Warriors. His promise was to find and protect Gold’s sister Catarina. She had put herself into the hands of Red Wolf to protect her brother.

As the final mission approaches all the teams are involved. Metal, Ghosts and Element combine for the final takedown. First though they had to get Red Wolf’s code book, a book he always carries with him. The key to all the cyphers in their possession.

This one had me crying and laughing and holding my breath as Kryptonite does his very best to diagnose and fix Catarina.

A favorite quote.
He’d never wanted anything more. To be her Superman.
Jennifer Kacey. Elite Elements (Kindle Locations 9479-9480). Never Settle Publishing, LLC.

Knowing that he has fallen in love with her just from the stories Gold had told him, only makes his task more difficult. Is Catarina truly with Red Wolf or is she merely his prisoner? More importantly does it even matter at this point?

A Surprise for all as this awesome tale comes to a close. Irecommend you read the entire series if you haven’t already. This truly is epic!

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