Release Day! Forget Us Not by Melissa Shirley


Forget Us Not
Melissa Shirley

Winter Blog Blurb

Sam Camden is on the verge of losing the only thing he ever cared about—his wife, Makenzie. First, she tells him she wants a divorce then she’s in a car accident and awakes with no memory of their life together. As much as he knows telling her the truth about their relationship is the right thing to do, he can’t leave her.

When he brings her home, suddenly the house she hated is perfect, she finds the closet she filled to capacity ridiculous, and the man she’s barred from her bed is all she wants.

Makenzie knows something is wrong with her, but being married to the man she can hardly remember is more than she ever dreamed. She can’t remember her husband more than the feeling of safety he inspires, but as she watches him and the way he tiptoes around her and measures every word before he speaks it, and her memories come back in pieces, she’s torn between discovering the truth about herself and enjoying the contentment she feels with the life she barely recognizes.

Resisting their attraction to one another is harder than either is prepared to deal with, and together they have to figure out if they can overcome the secrets of their past or if it’s time to say goodbye once and for all.


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Winter Blog Review

This is not a find a guy/girl and fall in love romance. This one is I have the girl, I love her and want to keep her, but she left me. Well she almost did.

Makenzie was leaving Sam, heading to file for divorce when she has a car accident. He rushes to the hospital and sits there, with the in-laws who never approved of him, waiting for her to wake up.

When she does, she has amnesia. The doctors are confident her memory will return but how much or when they couldn’t say. She also is feeling a lot of love for her husband, love that he can’t quite trust. After all she did say she didn’t love him anymore and wanted a divorce.

This is a favorite scene after she’s awake in the hospital.

I don’t know the exact reason for the change in my wife, but I know I don’t mind her hanging onto me, needing me for more than my checkbook and credit cards. I don’t miss the bite to her tones, the contempt in her eyes. I like the way she watches me now, the way she loses her breath when she says my name, the way she fought to keep me by her. She looks like she put eyeshadow in all the wrong places, but she’s never been more lovely. My heart is bursting with all the feelings I’ve been hiding over the last few months.

I can’t remember the last time she let me hold her, love her. For the last six or seven months, I haven’t touched her— rather, haven’t been allowed to touch her. Now, she’s gazing at me with a case of hero worship, and I only hope I don’t let her down. I’ll be here for her, no matter how long it takes and no matter what she needs.

“You’re deep in thought.”

I have to smile. Anything else doesn’t make sense. “I’m just enjoying my nap.”

As wrong as it is, I almost hope her memory never comes back. I’m afraid if it does, she’ll go back to resenting all I can’t give her, the things any man with money would be happy to provide. I want a while longer of her loving me before she hates me again.
Melissa Shirley. Forget Us Not (Kindle Locations 275-285). After Glows.

Her dreams are her memories returning and this book takes us on a journey through both past and present.

An emotional read of relationship growth with an interesting twist.

5 Contented Purrs for Melissa!

Winter Blog About Author

As an author, Melissa Shirley believes in fairytales, happily ever after, and destiny. Born and raised in Illinois, and a mother of eight, she lives with her husband and three youngest children in a quiet town in the southern part of the state where she spends her time writing and watching her children grow into the people she has always dreamed.

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