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12 BRAND NEW BOOKS from some of your favorite paranormal and contemporary romance authors!


Once Upon A Valentine
12 New Novellas – 12 Fabulous Authors

In This Collection

Accidentally In LoveEmma Roman
Love, Honor, and Ink Carrie Ann Ryan
Secrets of a Silver MoonJodi Vaughn
Loving HallieKrystal Shannan
Highland ValentineC.A. Szarek
Wrong Valentine DateGeri Foster
Kiss of Her DragonJulia Mills
Cupid StupidSylvia McDaniel
His Moonstruck WolfHeather Long
Death by ChocolateGwen Knight
Valentine KissesRebecca Rivard


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Winter Blog Blurbs and Reviews

I was fortunate to have received two of these wonderful stories as ARCs so I am spotlighting and reviewing those first.

I have this preordered, so once I have it in my hot little hands, I will read and review the rest.

His Moonstruck Wolf
Wolves of Willow Bend #9.5
Heather Long
Winter Blog BlurbSm

When a matchmaker gets toasted at the after party, she finds the perfect wolf for her in the most unlikely of places. Of course, the last thing he wants is a mate, much less a matchmaking one.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

I have to say right from the start I love the Wolves of Willow Bend. With the packs currently in turmoil this was a welcome reprive for everyone in the Delta Crescent pack.

A Voodoo Valentine’s Ball celebrating the mating of Christopher and Rachel Ferrar done up as only their Alpha Serafina could do. One of the guests celebrating the mating of is Lesley-Anne Saucier the pack matchmaker. Now it’s not what you might think. The matchmaker only scents whether a couple is a possible mate match. It’s really up to them to make the choice.

As this celebration floats around her Lesley-Anne is approached by a male. Not just any male but by his scent a possible mate for her. That is until he removes his mask.

Hugo Ferrar the brother of the groom is one of Sarina’s Hounds. The last thing Lesley-Anne wants is a mate who is never around and is in constant danger.

It seems Hugo is very opinionated about matchmakers and the fact his brother had gone to one. This is a favorite scene.

“It’s a pity that sometimes mates can’t recognize each other right off. It’s not always mate at first sight.” He’d aroused her interest with that statement; he felt the weight of her focus shift to him. “Most often it just simply requires a knowledge. Wolves are human, too, of course, and we’re very busy. In times like these, it can be even harder to see the promise or the potential that’s there.”
“Yeah, but to go to a matchmaker? Really?” He stared at his brother and shook his head. “You have to be pretty desperate to ask someone else to find your mate for you.”

“Is that what you think a matchmaker does?” A thin, hard layer edged her words.

“I have no idea what a matchmaker does. I’ve never needed one, nor would I ever seek one. The very idea that some wolf takes one look at me, gets my scent, and then goes willy-nilly through the pack to find the other wolf that matches it before returning to tell me whom they’ve chosen— that’s bullshit.” He couldn’t keep the derision out of his voice.

Matchmakers might be a part of Delta Crescent and dated back to their founding, but that was like saying the fortunetellers in the quarter were the only way to get a bead on what was coming down the pike. They had enough voodoo in the pack.

“Only a fool asks an outsider for assistance in finding who is meant for them. Now, Christopher and Rachel would’ve found each other eventually. They just needed to be patient. Besides, the matchmaker still has to identify the scent and then see if she can match it to another wolf. It’s only one factor and a gamble at that. You can’t tell who your mate is going to be until you get to know them. None of it is fait accompli.”

“So, you think the matchmaker is what? A jester for the pack? A false hope to those around her?”

“I think she’s just like any other curiosity in New Orleans. Here to please the tourists.”

“Well, that’s utterly fascinating, Mr. Ferrar. Thank you for your insight.”

“Lesley-Anne,” Serafina called as she came to the door with Lincoln quick in close attendance. “There you are. This party is every bit as much you for you as it is for the happy couple. Get in here and dance.”

Lesley-Anne? Lesley-Anne Saucier? Hugo’s hackles rose.

The woman straightened and inclined her head toward their alpha. “I was just getting some air and a lesson on the tomfoolery of having a matchmaker in the pack from Mr. Ferrar here.”

Oh shit.

“He’s been quite illuminating on how utterly touristy my talents are. Isn’t it fascinating?” She turned and met his gaze. Amidst the laughter in her eyes, he glimpsed a hint of hurt and his wolf snarled. “It’s been fascinating talking to you Mr. Ferrar. Good evening.” With that, she whirled then stalked away, her skirt flowing behind her. She paused to give Serafina kiss on the cheek and to receive one in return before disappearing into the rest of the party.
Heather Long. His Moonstruck Wolf: Wolves of Willow Bend 9.5 (Kindle Locations 288-311). Heather Long.

Hugo will have to do more than just apologize for putting his foot in his mouth if he is to claim his mate.

Sweet, snarky, fun and sizzling hot. You won’t want to put this one down.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Kiss of Her Dragon
Dragon Guard #18
Julia Mills
Winter Blog BlurbSm

Dragon kisses, bear hugs and evil wizards…Valentine’s Day should come with hazard pay.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

The Dragon Guard Brannoc has known Annie is his mate from the moment he rescued her from the the O’Baoill’s dungeon. Now they have been destroyed, he has to read through all the unspeakable tortures so they would know how to better help such victims.

Taking a break he sees a bear near the tree line outside the cabin. All the bear had to say was that she was Annie’s sister Tabitha and Annie needs him for him to follows willingly.

What he finds is a male bear trying to get to his mate who is in heat. A favorite scene is after he dispenses with the bear and he claims his mate.

He had to give her props for fully committing to avoiding his questions, but Brannoc wasn’t about to be deterred. Crossing his arms over his chest, the Guardsman narrowed his gaze, raised a single eyebrow, and with a low growl warned, “Annie…”

Her eyes opened wide, her jaw dropped, and his little bear stood staring. Sure that he had her complete attention, Brannoc spoke in a low, even tone as he asked, “Are the males of your sloth planning to take you by force? Will they be coming back in greater numbers anytime soon?” He cleared his throat, amazed his independent mate was still being silent and added, unable to keep the growl from his tone, “Yes, Tabitha came to get me and thank the Heavens that she did.”

His last comment lit the fuse on the powder keg of his explosive mate’s ire, just as he’d been sure it would. Annie’s expression changed to one of adamant disbelief. She huffed and mumbled under her breath about pain in the ass dragons and meddling family members before finally looking up at him and spitting, “What? You think I can’t take care of myself? You think I’m a damsel in distress and need a big bad dragon to come save the day? Is that it, Brannoc?” She stepped forward, planted one fist on her hip while the other continued to hold her sheet in place, and demanded, “Well, is it? Is it?”

She didn’t give him time to answer before spinning around and beginning to pace. “That’s the problem with men… they think because we have boobs, we can’t think. Like it takes extra brain power to carry these,” she motioned to her chest, “around. Or that their penis came with extra IQ points. Oh, you let us take care of our homes and your children. Cook your meals and wash your dirty underwear, but when it comes to protecting hearth and home, you think we somehow fall short.”

Stopping beside the bed, Annie blew her hair out of her face, glared at him and with a look of utter defiance, growled through gritted teeth, “Well, you are sorely mistaken and if that is the kind of woman you are looking for then I suggest you pull those fancy wings outta your ass and fly back where you came from because I’m Annalissa Olivia O’Bairne, the next Matriarch of the Golden Bear Sloth and Keeper of the Magic of the Ancients and I, Mr. Dragon Guardsman, can take care of myself.”

The flush on her cheeks, the conviction in her voice, and the unwavering strength he felt pouring off her was the sexiest thing Brannoc had ever seen. Gone was the poor, broken, timid shifter who’d been kidnapped and abused. His Annie was now a force to be reckoned with. She was formidable and unbending in her beliefs. A true match for him in every way.
Julia Mills. Kiss-of-Her-Dragon-ARC (Kindle Locations 333-353). Julia Mills.

Annie hits Brannoc with some hard truths, one of which is that she is the future Matriarch of her bear sloth.Yes, the male bears came and a challenge gets issued. Not an ideal way to begin a mating.We have the male bears, the dragons, and wizards. Not good wizards by a long shot.

This is a story of love and trust between mates with plenty of heat in more ways than one.

5 Contented Purrs for Julia!

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Accidentally In Love:
Bad Boys, Billionaires & Bachelors
Somewhere, TX
Emma RomanWinter Blog BlurbSm

A client who won’t listen and a matchmaker who won’t give up.

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Love, Honor, and Ink:
A Montgomery Ink Novella
Carrie Ann RyanWinter Blog BlurbSm

A wedding planner and her neighbor. Falling in love with your best friend is never easy.

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Secrets of a Silver Moon
Jodi VaughnWinter Blog BlurbSm

Some Valentine secrets are too hot to handle.

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Loving Hallie:
Vegas Mates #6
Krystal ShannanWinter Blog BlurbSm

One kiss will change her life.

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Highland Valentine:
C.A. SzarekWinter Blog BlurbSm

Her forever is put in jeopardy when her husband pushes her away; He must face his worst fears to win back his wife before she flees to the future.

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Wrong Valentine Date
Geri FosterWinter Blog BlurbSm

Cupid comes knocking on the wrong door.

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Cupid Stupid
Sylvia McDanielWinter Blog BlurbSm

When three women dance naked around Cupid’s fountain, there will be consequences.

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Death by Chocolate
Gwen KnightWinter Blog BlurbSm

Love is death…but so is being single on Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine Kisses
A Fada Shapeshifters Novella
Rebecca RivardWinter Blog BlurbSm

Jenny’s just looking to spice up her life when she says yes to a date with a sexy Latino shifter. But there’s magic in a Valentine’s kiss.

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Heart of A Hero
Camryn RhysWinter Blog BlurbSm

A Valentine’s Accident, an ancient spell, and Paul Banfield will never be the same.

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Cover Reveal & Pre-Order! Elite Elements the finale of the Elite Warrior Series


Elite Elements
A Seven Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set

Seven novels from some New York Times, USA Today and award winning bestselling authors! Seven individual novels that create one giant book! One story leading into the next into the next! This is the conclusion of the hunt for Red Wolf including all the characters you love from Elite Metal and Elite Ghosts!


Elite Elements

Book Three in the Elite Warriors Series

For most of their lives they’ve lived in the shadows, pulled from every nation and background, united by one common cause—an all-consuming hatred of Red Wolf. The unquenchable desire to rid the world of his very existence fuels them, drives them.

These men and women pulled the fallen Elite from the snow-covered wreckage of Operation Phoenix years ago. To some they’re called saviors. To others they’re called traitors.

As Red Wolf’s power grows, the end game they’ve sacrificed everything for may destroy them all. Or just maybe they’ll finally find the peace they’ve been hunting for.

Revenge is their salvation but is there enough humanity left inside them to save?

A new end. A new beginning. Elite Elements.



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Satisfying SiliconVirginia Nelson

Lady Dead may be number five on his hit list, but she trusts that Silicon will come for her. Save her or kill her… either way, it’ll be a hot ride.

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Cesium’s CaptureSabrina York

The mission is all that matters…until he meets her.

Sabrina’s Links
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Vibranium’s TruthAnna Alexander

It’s not the size of the gun that makes a warrior, but the strength of her convictions.

Anna Alexander:
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads Amazon Author Page


Palladium’s ConfessionSaranna DeWylde

A defrocked priest and his benediction of death are no match for this BBW on a mission.

Saranna’s Links
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Francium’s ChanceRebecca Royce

Just because he’s on the right side of the fight doesn’t mean she can trust him.

Rebecca’s Link
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Asset: ArsenicHeather Long

Arsenic is playing a dangerous game, but one with hefty payout—Red Wolf’s head on a platter.

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Kryptonite’s OxygenJennifer Kacey

To rid the world of the deadliest wolf a broken girl must trust her kryptonite.

Jennifer’s Links
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Love The Elite Warrior Series? Catch up Now with Elite Ghosts – Elite Warriors #2! The finale is coming soon in Elite Elements!

Elite Metal and Ghosts
Elite Metal & Ghosts in the Elite Warrior Series

Elite Ghosts
A Six-Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set

Six novels from some New York Times, USA Today and award winning bestselling authors! Six individual novels that create one giant book! One story leading into the next into the next! This is a continuation in the hunt for Red Wolf including all the characters you love from Elite Metal!


Target: Tungsten – Heather Long
Zinc’s Heart – Rebecca Royce
Lithium’s Rescue – Sabrina York
Thallium’s Submission – Anna Alexander
Nickel’s Wounds – Saranna DeWylde
Titanium’s Sacrifice – Jennifer Kacey



Elite Ghosts

For more than two years they’ve been ghosts. Nothing but names on empty tombstones. Men and women forced to fade into the background after being pulled from the rubble. Dead Marines saved from a fate worse than death, but ordered to stand down while their lives disappeared all around them.

Some knew it could happen if a mission exploded. Double crossed by more than just Red Wolf. But now is their time to be reborn from the flames of a Phoenix. No longer imprisoned in the shadows. A half-life between them and their future. To make things right coming back to life is their only option.

Loyalty is their salvation but damage is always more than skin deep.

A new hope. A new family. Elite Ghosts.

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Winter Blog Blurbs and Reviews

Target: Tungsten

by Heather Long

Winter Blog BlurbSm

Bradley “Tungsten” Peck. Marine. Lover. Friend. He’s the man who can get anything, find anyone, and accomplish every goal. At least he was, before he lost the only woman who mattered…he won’t stop until he gets her back or she puts a bullet in him.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

This story starts the second chapter for the Elite Warrior Series.

When the ghosts removed their masks, I think my heart stopped for a moment. When Copper locked eyes with HIM, Tungsten/Brad, I thought my heart would break. Gabriel and Sachi are so good together, I couldn’t grasp the possibility they could end because of Brad. That he had been there all along with the others, watching and protecting and never said a word. Even Merc/John didn’t trust Tungsten/Brad, and they had been friends.

Oddly enough I trusted that something good would come out of this difficult situation.

As the story unfolds with Sachi, Gabriel and Brad in an isolated cabin in Montana, and John keeping watch outside. Deep cover to protect them from someone looking diligently for Brad and possibly Sachi.

But before they can pursue a mission, Sachi either has to choose or they need another plan. This is part of one of my favorite conversations with John and Sachi while they were on a run.

“I don’t want to choose between them. She didn’t and she wouldn’t. In some ways, she’d made her choice. Gabriel allowed Brad to be a part of them, Gabriel let him in, and she embraced the choice because Gabriel saw what she needed. If she had to choose…

“I suppose this means I have to keep his sorry ass alive.” John shook his head at her. “Two men?”

“I’m a demanding woman, what can I say?”

“Greedy bitch.” But he said with a hint of a smile. “Fine. I’ll keep the jackass alive. But one fucking step out of line…”

Closing the distance between them, she gave him a hug. “Yeah, yeah. They’ll never see you coming.”
Heather Long. EliteGhosts (Kindle Locations 1503-1508). Kindle Edition.

What ensues is a sizzling hot relationship, followed by a yet another difficult mission. I couldn’t stop reading, I had to know what would happen next.The question is can the men share her long term? Can she accept them both for forever?

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

Zinc’s Heart

by Rebecca Royce

Winter Blog BlurbSm

Zinc has nothing to prove–and everything to lose.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Zinc wanted one thing from Steele when he took off his mask, the answer to a question. The question – Why did you leave me behind? Like all the other Zinc lost much when he became a Ghost. Only he didn’t have the years of freedom the others had in between.

What happens when it wasn’t answered immediately was painful for both of them. Steele with a broken face literally, that required surgery and Zinc with no relief from the physical and emotional pain.

This book takes off quickly and Zinc’s mission is to get Steele’s sister Sarah out of the clutches of one of Red Wolf’s minions. Walter David. David is, among other things, a stop on the human trafficking pathway.

Sarah a CIA agent was taken for asking the wrong kind of questions about her brother Steele and Zinc’s deaths. Questions that led her to Red Wolf.

Zinc had always been attracted to Sarah, but she was off limits because of being his best friends sister. Now she was being held a sexual captive. His mission is to get her out. A mission that rapidly goes to hell.

Forced to bail on the plane after discovering Titanium’s pilot was working with Red Wolf. Then not able to return to headquarters because of possible infiltration. Sarah and Zinc/Zach are on the run until it’s safe to go in.

Zinc has migraines and issues with wrong words after one due to his healing brain. A favorite passage is from the first stop on their journey.

“Do you know what I meant although I said the wrong thing? Probably if I try to self correct over the next few minutes I will continue to misspeak. So, I’m hoping you know what I…”As an answer, she placed the keycard in his outstretched hand. “Don’t worry, I speak Zach.”

He laughed at her response, the reaction catching him by surprise. “Then you’d be the only one. I’m not sure I speak me anymore.”
Rebecca Royce. EliteGhosts-nook (Kindle Locations 2427-2430). Kindle Edition.

Sarah has always fantasized about Zach, she figured she wasn’t his type.  She couldn’t have been more wrong.  These guys fall hard and fast, Zach is no exception.The action is intense and the sex is hotter than hot. And all that’s before her brother finds out.

5 Contented Purrs for Rebecca!

Lithium’s Rescue

by Sabrina York

Winter Blog BlurbSm

He will save her…unless she saves him first.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Marilyn is an analyst for a high tech company with government contracts. When she discovers her boss is committing treason, she contacts an old family friend.

When he fails to show, she learns how far reaching her boss’ arm really is. He was watching and listening to her in her home and is sending someone to collect her.

Lithium is sent to collect an informant, and get her safely to headquarters. However, her boss has everyone one of his employees wired and tracked with some very high tech gadgets.

A favorite passage is a conversation they have while traveling to an airstrip.

“Aside from all that, I suspect you’re a perv.” This, she said in a soft, teasing tone.

“I’m not a perv.”

“You made me strip.”

“You were covered with trackers.”

“You watched.”

“I needed to make sure we got them all.”

“”Do you suppose there was one up my ass?”

“Do you want me to check?”

That shut her up. It was a long while before she said, “You rubbed your erection against me.”

“I did not.” His neck heated.

“You did too. Back there in the stairwell. I felt it.”

Prickles danced on his spine. “I was not rubbing my erection against you. I was trying to make you shut up.”

“Is that how you make a woman shut up? A coo. “Rub your cock against her?”

“The idea has merit.” Oh yeah. He could visualize just the thing. The perfect way to make her shut up. Probably not a good idea while he was driving.
Sabrina York. EliteGhosts-nook (Kindle Locations 3750-3757). Kindle Edition.

I love Marilyn, so much spunk, and Lithium just falls into her traps. Good thing she’s not a bad guy.  Lots of heat in more ways than one. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

5 Contented Purrs for Sabrina!

Thallium’s Submission

by Anna Alexander

Winter Blog BlurbSm

From now on the only orders he will follow are hers.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

A witness against a gang helping Red Wolf by providing a safe transport from Dallas to Mexico, is due to testify, against her ex-husband, the leader of the gang. Being under protective custody, in a safe house with two Texas marshals isn’t enough. There is a contract out on her and they won’t stop looking until the threat to their passageway is eliminated.This book explodes with action practically from the first page.  The bad guys show up at the same time as the Elite crew and getting Athena out safe becomes difficult.

I mean really who do you trust when everyone around you is shooting?

After a second location is compromised, Thallium takes off with Athena and disposes of all tracking devices even his own. His only thoughts to keep her safe and off the grid until the trial. The man has some pretty cool secrets.

One of my favorite scenes is their first morning together and it begins to show Thallium’s deep need to take care of her in other ways than just protection.

“Don’t get up on my account. I can take care of myself. Besides you need rest too.”

“I want to take care of you. Why don’t you go freshen up while I start b-breakfast?

I need to do a thorough check of  our provisions anyway. Make sure we have everything we need for the next two weeks. I bought you some clothes, but…”

“But what?”

He glanced away as a bit of pink hit his cheeks. “I like the way you look wearing my t-shirt.”

Oh, yeah. She was going to enjoy their time in captivity.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she said, and picked up the bag he had placed by the front door. “I won’t be long.”
Anna Alexander. EliteGhosts-nook (Kindle Locations 5215-5220). Kindle Edition.

From here on it gets really interesting. I loved the build of this relationship. It’s sweet and it’s hot and you almost forget for a moment there is danger.

5 Contented Purrs for Anna!

Nickel’s Wounds

by Saranna DeWylde

Winter Blog BlurbSm

Hell hath no fury like a Marine who’s lost her way. Beauty was once her currency, but for a woman who can’t feel anything but agony, she has nothing left. Except the vengeance that could destroy the one man whose love could teach her how to save herself.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Nickel’s wounds are much deeper than the external ones and not all are from her service. Her need for revenge is intense and in this offering of the series we see the characters as who they once were as well as who they are today.This passage is from Marcus’ thoughts after giving Katarina a massage to help her pain. It really brings his devotion to her and her trust in him to the forefront.

When not on a mission, he preferred to sleep naked, but he changed in to a pair of boxer briefs and slid in to the bed. 

She sighed in  her sleep and turned into him, blanket wrapped tightly around herself.

They’d slept together on missions, had huddled together for warmth and safety.

But this was the first time she’d fallen asleep after her massage, in his bed, and had asked him to stay with her.

He stared out into the darkness for a long time before he slept. As close as he was to her at the moment, within a breath of touch, he’d never felt farther away.
Saranna DeWylde. EliteGhosts-nook (Kindle Locations 6431-6435). Kindle Edition.

Marcus/Tin has to go back to his roots as a gang member to secure an invitation to  Fedir Yukodvich’s Clubhouse . To attend a gathering of heavy hitters in human trafficking buying and selling. The problem, he has to go  in with Nickel/Katarina and is afraid the mission will throw them both into a place from which they will never recover.Katarina knows this mission can change the two of them forever, but she never imagined the depth of those changes. She gets pain at touch but still uses her body in missions by turning herself off, her way of surviving. Only Marcus can touch her without that pain most times, and only because of their deep, trusting, friendship.

This book had me crying and holding my breath a good deal of the time.  Very emotional and very tense read. I loved and felt every single word.

5 Contented Purrs for Saranna!

Titanium’s Sacrifice

by Jennifer Kacey

Winter Blog BlurbSm

Titanium. Warbucks. Commander. Brother. He is all of those things. And none of them. Giving up everything to save the men and women under his command was easy until it comes to one…last…sacrifice

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Titanium’s story is perhaps the most emotional of all of the previous. In this one we learn why Titanium is so invested in bringing down Red Wolf, why he has no choice. It caused my heart to ache as I read the explanation as given to Chrome and Steele. The betrayal by one of their own, brought to light as well as the reasons behind Elite Recon being formed and how and why everyone was extracted instead of just Titanium’s team.

We meet Charles the man behind Titanium, the one who takes the weight of the world and his teams on his shoulders with only Poppy, Raine and his precious dog Annie as his support system.

We discover the secret longing Raine has for her charge and see her complete devotion to him not only as a patient but as a man. One of my favorite scenes is when the team gangs up on him and gifts him with a way to ride on a motorcycle again. Which leads to the admission of his love and lust for Raine. This is a little peek.

The crank of the engine turning over and the throaty growl bouncing around the hangar sucker punched him in the gut.

“Coming?” She asked louder than the last time to be heard over the call of the bike. “I’ve been riding for years if it makes you feel any better. No one else is here so it’s totally up to you. No one will make you feel bad if you don’t come.”

“None but those who have bets placed on whether or not I’ll pussy out.”

Her laugh sounded like sex with the purr of the engine seducing him. “Well, there is that but you can deal with them tomorrow. I can handle a big machine between my legs.” She didn’t pause for him to make some funny retort at her innuendo, not that he could have, since his mouth had gone dry. “Take a walk on the wild side, Charles. I promise to keep your virtue safe.”

He took a step forward, reaching for her, and then another.

Her palm slid along his, guiding him behind her. She was already seated and he swung a leg over the seat and sat down. Tucking up close behind her, there was no way she could miss he was hard. “And what about your virtue? Who will protect yours while we’re out?”
Jennifer Kacey. EliteGhosts-nook (Kindle Locations 7982-7991). Kindle Edition.

So many secrets are revealed on the difficult road leading all of them slowly and somewhat painfully to become a family not by blood but choice.A story that brings tears and laughter, pain and healing. Keep the tissues close, you’ll need a lot of them.

Bravo, Jennifer! A fitting close to this installment of the Elite Warrior Series. I can’t wait to see what’s next for these amazing men and women.

5 Contented Purrs For Jennifer!

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Release Blitz for Sassy Ever After: Hexed with Sass by Lia Davis


Hexed With Sass
Sassy Ever After Kindle World story
Lia Davis


Winter Blog Blurb

After losing her mother to an unexpected illness, and unable to locate a sister who is MIA, Pepper has to come to terms with being alone for the first in her life. She refuses to sit still and feel sorry for herself. Reviving her herb garden becomes her first project and she conjures a potion to help it grow. As she performs the spell, a silver wolf stumbles into her backyard, his focus on her. Knocking the magical potion from her grasp, he shifts into a hot and very naked man.

Wes Nash never expected to scent his mate while on a run. Seeing her in the flesh, tending to her garden by moonlight, is too much for him to deny. Little does he know the witch accidentally puts a hex on him, and not just his heart. Now, everything he touches sprouts leaves and flowers. But the screwed-up version of a green thumb is the least of their worries.

Pepper discovers a secret her mother didn’t get a chance to share before she died, and now the father she thought was dead comes back with dark plans of his own.


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Wes was annoyed at his interfering family and took off for a run to clear his head. What he finds is an irresistible scent that he follows to see a beautiful witch tending her garden.

Pepper was suffering with the loss of her mother, and frustrated at not being able to contact her sister. In an effort to console herself she decides to tend to her herb garden. Half of it was wilting and looked like Pepper felt. In order to try to save them she prepares a garden spell.

This is a favorite scene.

Pepper turned to her side and frowned. “I have something special for you.” Yeah, she talked to plants, not that it did any good by the look of the sad browning leaves. She just wasn’t as good at tending to a garden as her mom. Another ache formed in her chest. Stop. She’s in a better place, not in pain, and will live on in my heart.

After grabbing the plastic spray bottle from the rack on the outer wall of the house, she added water then about half of the potion to it. Kneeling on the edge of the pavers, she set the amber-colored glass jar of potion next to her. She’d freeze the remainder to use in about a month.

With the page to the spell in one hand, the spray bottle with the growth potion in the other, she sprayed the plants evenly while speaking the chant.

Gather strength by the moon’s glow.
Make leaves grow by Sun’s touch.

A snap of a twig behind her made her jump to her feet and whirl around, her heart hammering against her ribs. In the process, she knocked over the potion jar, spilling the dry herbal contents. Great. A low growl made her step backward. As she did, she stepped on the jar, cracking it.

A sting on her big toe had her glancing down. Damn. Blood mixed with the spilt potion on the pavers. Another great.

Annoyed at who or what disturbed her, she searched the woods her backyard merged with. A few yards away stood a beautiful silver wolf. She frowned after noting the too-human eyes staring back at her the color of the Caribbean ocean. It was a shifter. Most likely one of the Wolfe Pack’s.

She didn’t have much interaction with the Wolfe Pack except for the occasional run-in in town. Hotties with fur. She’d always kept her distant because she didn’t like drawing attention to herself. Besides, she had a sick mother to care for… until a few months ago.

The pack was located a few miles north of her coven. Still none of them had ever crossed over into the coven’s territory, as far as she knew.

She placed her hands on her hips. “What are you doing here? This is witch territory.”

There were several long moments before he stalked toward her, a hunger in those blue eyes. One step by slow step, he advanced, his nose twitching as if scenting the air. She narrowed her eyes. “I think you’re lost.”

Or on something.

Still, he didn’t stop. A low growl came from him that made her freeze. What the hell was wrong with him?

He stopped a few inches from her and sniffed. First at her hand, her leg, then her crotch. “Hey! Stop that.”


She went to bat him away with the water bottle, but he knocked it to the ground with his paw. The lid broke open and the watery potion spilled onto the pavers at their feet, his fur dampening.

Damn it. “Don’t make me put you in a circle.”

That made him pause and tilt his head to the side. A moment later, the wolf shimmered and then a man stood naked as the day he was born in front of her. His dark blonde hair covered his ears and hung in his eyes. He was gorgeous, in a primal sort of way. “Good gods,” she breathed, not meaning to speak the words aloud.

He raised a brow and closed the distance between them, wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her to him. Heat flooded her entire body. “I was out for a run and lost my way. Or so I thought, until I found you.”
Lia Davis. Hexed with Sass (Kindle Locations 100-132). After Glows.

Within minutes it becomes apparent what she has done, but she doesn’t understand how or why. At least not until she finds a letter her mother had written her.

Wes isn’t happy with turning things to flowers and plants but there was no way he was letting his mate go. Even if she can’t find the reversal for the curse, he would find a way to win her heart and her approval to complete the mating.

This is a fun read with enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes, not to mention the extremely hot scenes.

5 Contented Purrs for Lia!


Winter Blog About Author

Lia_authorphoto_June2016  Lia Davis

In 2008, Lia Davis ventured into the world of writing and publishing and never looked back. She has published more than twenty books, including the bestselling A Tiger’s Claim, book one in her fan favorite Ashwood Falls series. Her novels feature compassionate yet strong alpha heroes who know how to please their women and her leading ladies are each strong in their own way. No matter what obstacle she throws at them, they come out better in the end.

While writing was initially a way escape from real world drama, Lia now makes her living creating worlds filled with magic, mystery, romance, and adventure so that others can leave real life behind for a few hours at a time.

Lia’s favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers, but it’s her home and she loves it!

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Eight novels from some New York Times, USA Today and award winning bestselling authors! Eight individual novels that create one giant book! One story leading into the next into the next! This is like no other boxed set you’ve ever seen before!!!!!!!!


Bound by Steele – Jennifer Kacey and Anna Alexander
Chrome’s Salvation – Jennifer Kacey
Adamantium’s Roar – Anna Alexander
Pure Copper – Heather Long
Sterling’s Seduction – Sabrina York
Platinum’s Choice – Rebecca Royce
Mercury’s Poison – Saranna DeWylde
Forged in Silver – Roxie Rivera


Winter Blog Synopsis

Elite Metal

For decades the US Marines funded a top-secret unit known as Elite Recon. A deadly group of men and women sent to infiltrate dozens of countries completely undetected. Mission objectives so extreme casualties were not only probable, but expected.

The current batch of operatives had returned from hundreds of assignments unscathed…until one mission went horribly wrong. Several men lost their lives and the group disbanded. The remaining leathernecks were scattered in the wind with new identities. They were told to blend in. Be normal. Or face being forever silenced just like their fallen brothers.

Now, two years later, each living member of the group is kidnapped and given a chance to make things right. But this time they’re no longer under the thumb of Uncle Sam. A mysterious private backer who knows about their past has brought them back together. No longer are they forced to turn a blind eye to the lost and forsaken.

Duty is their salvation.

A new life. A new future…Elite Metal.

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Winter Blog Blurbs and Reviews

Bound by Steele

by Jennifer Kacey and Anna Alexander

Winter Blog BlurbSm

To save his Marine brothers and sister he must accept the past isn’t dead and buried. Reuniting survivors means he is forced to first forgive…the enemy.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

The mission is to take down Valdimir Babikov AKA Red Wolf. Steele is in charge of the mission even though most of his team is on leave. A bad feeling, a missing informant and Operation Phoenix went totally FUBAR.

Forced underground by the government, the surviving members of Elite Recon are scattered. Steele lives with the pain of seeing his best friend Zane die during that mission. Zane’s dog tags are still around his neck a reminder of his vow to one day get revenge. Then he is taken by an unknown benefactor and set on a mission to bring down the one who tipped off Red Wolf on that fateful day.

Alayna was on the run for two years, labeled a traitor and in fear for her life. Then the benefactor and creator of Elite Metal brought her into the fold. Now she would be paired with Steele to bring down the bastard who blew her cover and finally have peace with what had happened.

This is a favorite scene as they prepare for their mission.

Revenge for his brothers and have this beautiful woman under his command? His arousal returned tenfold and before he thought better of it, he picked up the velvet box closest to him and lifted the lid. A shiny solitaire diamond in a silver setting winked at him in the glow of the computer monitors.

An invisible band wrapped around his chest and squeezed as he held out the ring to Alayna. “I believe this is for you,” he choked out.

Her hand trembled ever so slightly as she reached for the box, then looked up at him with eyes large and smoky with both uncertainty and longing.

His cock hardened further as she slid the ring onto her finger, and he reached for the long box. Inside lay a collar made of braided leather in black with a ruby circle in the center. On either side of the ruby were silver circles, large enough to snap the latch of a leash onto.

Alayna gasped and the rise and fall of her chest picked up as she gazed at the collar in his hands. The tip of her tongue swept across her full lips and his cock kicked in response ready for the touch of her mouth.

Fuck it all. He may have found the mission to finally kill him. But hell, what a way to go. “Can you do this, Alayna? Can you submit to me?” With the stakes this high, he was going to push her past the point of no return if it got them their man. “Do you want to continue?”

She glanced at the ring on her finger then straightened her spine as she looked him in the eye. “I do.”
Elite Metal: Eight-Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set (Elite Warriors Book 1) (p. 29). Never Settle Publishing. Kindle Edition.

A fast paced sexy drama, one that allows Steele to show his true Dominant nature with a very hot natural submissive. All while on a mission to get Red Wolf’s number one guy.This is the beginning of getting the survivors of that fateful mission back together.

5 Contented Purrs for Jennifer and Anna!

Chrome’s Salvation

by Jennifer Kacey

Winter Blog BlurbSm

A former leader of Elite Recon, reduced to nothing more than an apathetic existence. Until his girl’s life hangs in the balance…now nothing will stand in the way of him coming back to life.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

There was something about the woman with the screaming child next him on the plane. Almost like she called out to him for protection. Chrome knew it was crazy, yet he followed and watched her until she reached her car.

The next thing he knows he is drugged and waking up bound to a chair with a hood over his face. Yes, there is a theme here, a necessary one.

Chrome didn’t want to join, just like Steele in the beginning. The circumstances and the mission were enough to convince him.

Cammie, the woman from the plane, is the director of a very successful international adoption agency. One Red Wolf wants to exploit with the worst sort of human trafficking. To obtain her cooperation he kidnapped her twin siblings and sent Korovin to convince her to turn over her databases.

Cammie and Chrome meeting is a favorite scene this is a small part of it.

Her instant trust in him filled something up in him he didn’t want to admit was empty. A void he’d lived with so long it was a part of him.A big part.

“We’ll get them back.” The words came from him. He didn’t even remember his head telling his lips to move. But they were the truth and he stuff by them.

“How can you be so sure?”

He admired that she didn’t just take him for his word. This was too important to bluster over. “These men— the ones who took your siblings— are the lowest of the low. No conscience, no remorse. It makes them cold and calculating. But money and power don’t keep you warm at night. We have reasons we’re fighting. We have reasons why we’ll win. Fate. Karma. Those ass holes are going to be meeting both. Soon. And I’m going to personally make sure they’re introduced.”

She still seemed uncertain.

Then and there he made a second promise to himself that he’d take down Korovin and Red Wolf in the process. On his fucking own. The world would be a better place without them. He palmed her cheek. “And one other reason.”

“What’s that?”

“I promise. And I never break a promise.”
Kacey, Jennifer, Elite Metal: Eight-Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set (Elite Warriors Book 1) (pp. 137-138). Never Settle Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Somehow watching Chrome fall in love is very amusing, especially as he unsuccessfully tries to fight it. The interaction between him and Cammie is heartwarming. Cammie’s devotion to her kids, her siblings is as if they had been born to her, not adopted.Between the mission itself and the sizzling hot sex, this story steamed off the page.

5 Contented Purrs for Jennifer!

Adamantium’s Roar

by Anna Alexander

Winter Blog BlurbSm

Adamantium left Beth to what he thought was a better life, only to find she had been living in hell. Now he’ll do anything, break any vow, to claim her as his for all time.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

The last person Ant expected to see in the Bare Bones Bar is Beth, especially not in the clutches of a sleazy bookmaker. He knows he has to get her away, in a backwards kind of way it’s his fault.Beth doesn’t want to be rescued, she’s scared to death of Chesterfield. She is nothing but a possession to him, one that owes him money because of her late husband.  Two more years and she would be free of her debt. Then she can start over.
Ant didn’t waste any time finding her, this is one of my favorite scenes.


Crack! Boom!The back door flew open in a shower of splinters and slammed into the wall with enough force to shatter the nearby window.She sat up with a startled shout and stared in shock and awe at the vision of Adamantium standing in the doorway with a determined set to his jaw and an unwavering dominance shining in his eyes. He had strapped a gun belt around his lean waist and a Kevlar vest hugged his chest. With the sunlight streaming in behind him, he looked like an avenging angel, and he was on a mission hell-bent on salvation.

The heavy clomp of his boots on the tile echoed in her ears like bass drums as he strode toward her. His big hand reached for her and grabbed her sleeve, jerking down with a vicious twist and ripping the cloth off her arm before tossing it aside. The brush of the cool air-conditioned air on her overheated flesh broke her reverie.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she shouted.

“Kidnapping you,” he replied with all seriousness as he snagged her wrists in one hand and bound her with a plastic zip-tie he withdrew from his back pocket.

“Are you insane?”

“Nope.” He dropped her hands then swept his arm across the counter, sending the coffee maker and canisters flying in all directions. “If I make it look like you didn’t go willingly, Chesterfield has no reason to go after your daughter.”

“You don’t know that.”

“It’s all I’ve got to work with. And I’m not leaving you behind. Trust me on this, sunshine.”

“Trust you? Upfh—” He stuffed a bandanna in her mouth and tied the ends around the back of her head. “I’ll explain when we get someplace safe, but go ahead and start fighting me now. It’ll make all this look more believable.”

Sweet baby Jesus. He was insane. Did he take one too many concussive blows to the head in the military?
Alexander, Anna, Elite Metal: Eight-Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set (Elite Warriors Book 1) (pp. 228-229). Never Settle Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Then the fun really begins. Not only has he upset the apple cart but it seems Chesterfield has connections to Red Wolf. On top of that it seems his Beth has some kinky proclivities that he needs to learn to satisfy.Some very, very hot bondage and spanking scenes. Seeing Ant as a fledgling Dom was eye opening. Most of the Doms I have read are already established, so this was really a treat!

5 Contented Purrs for Anna!

Pure Copper

by Heather Long

Winter Blog BlurbSm

Copper will do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means seducing and betraying the one man who really sees her.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Copper is the only woman on the team, but don’t tell her that. Operation Phoenix took away more than just her identity and her teammates it also took her love. Brad was a member of that team that didn’t make it back. She owes Red Wolf revenge.
Merc has been her best friend since childhood and as fate threw them together on the teams, he is also her self appointed protector.Gabriel Daniels is retired CIA, now teaching with no hope of finding the mysterious beauty that caught his eye. First in Miami and then again in Nigeria she slipped by him, but he sees her, recognizes what few can. Then she walks into his classroom, is he her next target?This is a favorite scene that takes place shortly after their initial meeting.

“Damn, Copper. If I was so bad you’ve forgotten me in a couple of hours, why don’t you make our lunch date a dinner one instead, so I can do better?”

Amused in spite of herself, she took a sip of her coffee to keep from smiling. “I’m a big believer in first impressions counting.” And he had made a hell of a first impression.

Currently, her body was very interested in seconds.

“Funny, I agree with you. Have dinner with me.”

“No.” She took another drink.

“Fine, I’ll have dinner with you.” Easy charm rolled in those syllables, and she actually had to bite the inside of her lip to not laugh.

“Still a no,” she managed. Across the table, Merc had gone predator silent and his stare drilled into her. No way should she be having this conversation in front of him.


The woman who’d played with Gabriel in the lecture hall would have chuckled. Copper refused. “Do you have an issue with the word no?”

“Only when it conflicts with my being able to see you again.” Gabriel sighed.
Long, Heather, Elite Metal: Eight-Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set (Elite Warriors Book 1) (pp. 342-343). Never Settle Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Oh the tangled web we weave as Copper and Gabriel both struggle to have something they want, each other.These two are explosive together, and Merc as always tries to protect her yet stay away. Totally in love with this couple and the rest of the team as well.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

Sterling’s Seduction

by Sabrina York

Winter Blog BlurbSm

When a snoopy reporter threatens the Elite Metal, Sterling will do whatever it takes to kill her story about the team. Even if it means he has to tie her to his bed.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Veronica Banks is researching something she shouldn’t. Posing as a waitress at Bone Daddy’s, she is gathering information about a possible elite military group north of Deep Ellum, Texas. What she didn’t expect was to be recognized for what she really is, a reporter.

Sterling couldn’t believe it when he saw her. This reporter had outed a star while he was working in California, her being here was dangerous to them and her. First he has to prove he is right and fight his attraction to her at the same time. Unfortunately
for both of them he found that proof within minutes after seducing her. Here is a favorite scene.

He knew he might not be able to save her from inciting her own destruction— she was far too stubborn and outspoken and fierce for that— but he could try. He had to.

True to form, she took in every detail as they passed the airfield, the living quarters and the man house, which held the rec room, communal kitchen and boy toys. He didn’t care, because this was the skin of the operation and as innocuous as it could get. The meat of the operation was all hidden beneath the surface.

He parked her car inside the hangar so it couldn’t be spotted from the air, and got out, coming around to take her arm. Her glare made it clear she neither wanted nor needed his help.

But it was more than help and they both knew it.

Though she couldn’t escape— not now that he had her here— she might try. He tightened his grip as a warning to belay any such thoughts.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked as he pushed the button for the elevator down to the command center.

He shot her a dark look. “Where you wanted to go.” He herded her onto the elevator and fitted his key into the slot, then pushed the button marked CC. As the doors closed she pulled away from his hold and crossed her arms. A classic defensive pose. A pointless one too. Crossed arms could not protect her. Not from this.

She blew out a breath as the elevator descended. “I can’t believe you actually kidnapped me.”

“Really, Roni?” He shot her a look. “What did you expect? That I would roll over and tell you everything you wanted to know? Just because you’re phenomenal in bed?”

Her features softened, but only a smidgen. “Do you really think I’m phenomenal in bed?”

He didn’t answer. And not just because he knew they were being watched. Not because he knew every word was being recorded. But because her expression, that flicker of hope and the slash of regret he felt as a result of it, clogged his throat.

When she sidled up next to him and purred, “You were phenomenal too,” he took it for what it was. A ploy. He responded with a disbelieving grunt. Her lashes fluttered. “Well, you were. I just… I just wanted you to know that.”

“Thanks.” Only a hint of sarcasm.

She put out a lip. “You should know, I’d decided not to follow up on the story.”
York, Sabrina, Elite Metal: Eight-Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set (Elite Warriors Book 1) (pp. 448-449). Never Settle Publishing. Kindle Edition.

From here it gets even more complicated as the team learns of her motives and Sterling tries to find a way they can stay together.Finding love is never easy, and love of a family member can cause anyone to do things they wouldn’t otherwise. I thoroughly enjoyed this story with all its emotional ups and downs and sizzling hot sex.

5 Contented Purrs for Sabrina!

Platinum’s Choice

by Rebecca Royce

Winter Blog BlurbSm

Platinum left the life he had with Rose in New York to rejoin his team and silence the nightmares from Operation Phoenix. But when Rose is forced to go on the run with Platinum’s hidden son, he will have no choice but to return to his old life and reclaim what he has ached for every day since. Red Wolf’s sniper wants to nudge Plat’s underbelly and they’re going to find out quickly how deadly he can be.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

This one tugged at my heartstrings in so many ways. We do some now and then with this one giving insight to the thoughts and feelings of both Platinum and Rose.

Platinum has a son no one on the team knows about. He has been supporting him anonymously since he learned of his existence.
He accidentally met his teacher while watching his class in the playground from a bench across the way. Rose was everything he wanted in a partner. Then he was torn away from that life, back to his team and the quest to find and destroy Red Wolf.

Rose was angry, he vanished without a word. Now she’s afraid for Kent, his grandmother killed and the two of them being shot at. She took him to the safest place she could think of, her parents cabin. This is a favorite scene.

“Ms. Rose.”She jumped at the sound of his voice. So intent on listening for noises outside, she hadn’t noticed Kent awakened.

“Sweetheart. Come here.” She extended her arms and he walked into them. He needed to stay close where she could grab him if necessary. If he moved around too much or she was out of range and something happened, she’d never forgive herself.

“It happened, really? My Maw Maw, she’s dead.” He hadn’t quite gotten rid of the lisp sound when he made his s sounds, although it was much better than when he’d been in her class. The act left the impression of his being much younger than his actual age.

She saw children two years younger than him every day. Still, Kent seemed very small to her.

“It did.”

“The woman police officer, she came through the door. Shot my Maw Maw and then she wanted me. I ran. I hid. And then you came.”

Exactly the way he told the story earlier. Starts and stops, not much detail to hold onto. His Maw Maw started medicating him earlier in the year to help with his focus, which would have to be wearing off soon. The fact he’d slept at all surprised her. Trauma could trump anything going on in the body, it seemed. She’d never needed him to take medication when he’d been in her class. Since he was older, and the work was more taxing, the teachers complained more. Who was she to judge? She liked Kent focused or inattentive. Either way, he was a great kid.

“We’re going to be okay.” Lying to him seemed the kindest thing she could do.

“You always told us not to fib.”

She squeezed his arm. “Smarty-pants. Don’t you think I can figure out what to do?”

He was silent for a while and when he spoke again, his words surprised her. “Maybe we can call my dad.”

“Your dad?” The day must really be taxing him. “Kent, your father died before you were born. In Afghanistan. He was a marine and he didn’t come back home. You’ve never met him.”

“They were lying when they told me those stories. I’ve always believed my daddy’s alive.”

“I don’t think they were.” Nothing could be more heartbreaking than a child’s wishful thinking such as the father he’d never known swooping in and saving the day. Why not expect Prince Charming to show up and do it on his white horse? Or Elijah Jones to suddenly appear on her doorstep begging forgiveness with a completely acceptable reason for disappearing the day. Why not expect Prince Charming to show up and do it on his white horse? Or Elijah Jones to suddenly appear on her doorstep begging forgiveness with a completely acceptable reason for disappearing without a trace?

“I can always tell when someone is fibbing. Their voice sounds funny. I can’t focus on some things, like. History. Social studies. Blah. Only details make sense to me. I can hear things. See them. My Maw Maw used to sound different in the way she talked about my dad. She thought the money must be coming from somewhere. I heard her on the phone. She tried to find out. Recently she hired someone to find out.”

These were questions Rose couldn’t deal with. If there were answers, she’d have to find them later.
Royce, Rebecca, Elite Metal: Eight-Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set (Elite Warriors Book 1) (pp. 522-523). Never Settle Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The past hurtles into the present, the sniper’s thoughts, the heartbreak, and more. There is much to explain and so much to lose. I loved every word and every tear I shed.

5 Contented Purrs for Rebecca!

Mercury’s Poison

by Saranna DeWylde

Winter Blog BlurbSm

A scarred, mad genius more monster than man must protect the beauty he’s become obsessed with from a beast more terrible than himself.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Ah Merc, so damaged yet so lovable. Just not willing to let folks in. Only Copper can see beyond the façade into his soul. At least that is truth until Hazel, Dr Hazel Brewer does emergency medicine but she also does work with the homeless and underprivledged with a Medical van out of the hospital she works at.

Since Merc has discovered her in not so safe areas, he keeps watch at a distance. Attracted without knowing why, other than a need to keep her safe. We first see them together early in this book, she has taken the van out alone. After taking care of business he heads out to her. Not meaning to engage in any sort of contact but to send her on her way. Unfortunately he had some injuries so it wasn’t going to go quite as he planned. This is a favorite scene.

Hazel found she believed him. “Then how about you let me stitch up your cheek? If you can’t feel it, then you must not know the skin is gaping just a bit.”

“I can stitch myself.”

“The same as I can look out for myself?” She cocked her head to the side. “I can look out for myself, but you do a much better job doing it for me. So how about give me the same credit, eh?”

He opened his mouth, but then snapped it shut.

“Where do you want me?”

Everywhere? On top of me, pushing me down, pulling my hair… She crushed that thought out of her head. God, what was wrong with her? This was a creature in pain and all she could think about was putting her hands on him in a way that wasn’t at all about healing.

“Oh wait, I won’t even have to use a needle. I’ve got some tissue adhesive.” She smiled.

“Save the adhesive for someone who’s worried about looking pretty. I’ll take the needle.”

“I have plenty and it’s cheap. Sit down, big guy. I can’t reach.” She could, if she had to. But she wanted to make sure she did a good job and she wanted the opportunity to study him further.

He sat down on the back of the truck, the rear of the vehicle depressing with his weight.

She fumbled in her pocket and came out with the small tube. “See?” Hazel grabbed a few alcohol wipes. “This might sting, but I have to clean it up.” She was gentle as she wiped away the blood, cleared the gore from his skin. That was when she realized it wasn’t all his, but that wasn’t a surprise.

“What’s your name?” she asked as she worked. She always spoke with patients while she administered to them, but this was one she’d always remember, she was sure.

“John,” he answered, quiet.

“John Doe?” she teased. Hazel should’ve expected that one. Of course he wasn’t going to give her his real name. A lot of them didn’t. Especially the ones she gave Methadone to.

“No, John Thrace.” He said this as if it cost him something to confess.

She found herself wanting to reassure him. Wanting to make sure he was safe. But that was a screwed up way to think, she was sure. He was probably the safest man on the planet. But so far, her intuition hadn’t led her astray. “I’ll keep your secrets, John Thrace. I swear.”

“You should be afraid of me.”

“Why?” She lined the wound with the pharmaceutical grade sealant and closed his wound.

“Because I kill people.”

Hazel stopped what she was doing and stared at him hard. In those beautiful eyes were pools of pain. They were so deep she knew she could drown there, and in turn, if he held all of that inside of him, he was drowning too. But maybe he didn’t even know it.
DeWylde, Saranna, Elite Metal: Eight-Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set (Elite Warriors Book 1) (pp. 591-592). Never Settle Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Hazel sees so much of him, yet she can’t seem to break through all his layers. Yet he gave her his name, his real one. I found myself rooting for her even as he pushed her away. I even wished I could smack some sense into his hard head. I even fell more in love with Gabriel and Copper in this one, since Merc’s interactions with Copper are so imbued in his nature.The circumstances that keep Merc and Hazel in close proximity is a page turner with nail-biting intensity. I hung onto every word and nuance. I laughed and cried and needed some hydration reading this one.

5 Contented Purrs for Saranna!

Forged in Silver

by Roxie Rivera

Winter Blog BlurbSm

Rebel. Nomad. Troublemaker.

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The last member of this team to be acquired isn’t one who is welcome. He broke the rules, went rogue and used his abilities to steal and profit. Now he has a chance to redeem himself. Chrome doesn’t want him but Steele has asked for him. Warbucks gave the order and now he was in. Well sort of, he has to prove himself before he can join them at headquarters.

Poppy has detailed the conditions and sent him on his way. One of my favorite scenes is as Warbucks and Poppy watch him ride away.

Heart still racing from her brief encounter with Silver, Poppy peered through the binoculars to see how he would react to finding his motorcycle waiting for him. When the orders had hit her desk to take him down and bring him in, nothing had been said about his bike, but after reading through his file, she had suspected he might be more amenable to this new arrangement if she located and serviced it for him. Judging by the way he caressed the seat, she had been right.

Watching him run his hands over his favorite possession sent a warm shiver of something dark and needful right down to her core. She had no problem imaging him running those big, strong hands over a woman’s body. He moved like a sculptor working his clay into something beautiful, his swiping motions smooth and easy.

Never in her life had a man affected her like this! One sinful smile from him, and a low, throbbing heat had rolled through her lower belly. The photos attached to his file hadn’t prepared her for the devilishly handsome and incredibly charismatic man she had met.

He made me laugh.

It was such a simple thing, laughter, but it had thrown her for a loop. Men didn’t make her laugh. Men didn’t make her smile. More often than not, they made her frown. Silver had frustrated her, but he’d also teased and unsettled her.

He’s dangerous.

She didn’t mean dangerous in the usual sense. Oh, he was a highly-skilled and deadly operator, all right. But he was more dangerous to her in a way that had nothing to do with covert ops.

He’s tempting.

“I think he’ll be easier to control once we figure out what he wants.” Lowering her binoculars, Poppy glanced away from the shrinking image of Silver tearing down the road on his bike. “Every person you’ve asked to join the team has wanted something— a home, a family, a purpose, revenge. We just have to figure out what Silver craves above all things.”

Warbucks stared in her direction in that cool, penetrating way she had learned to read at such an early age. Even though his sight had been destroyed, he still managed to unsettle her with one look of silent warning. “And what happens if the one thing he craves is the one thing we can’t buy or provide?”

Poppy shot her longtime mentor and the only man she had ever trusted a disbelieving look. “We’ve yet to find one thing we couldn’t acquire.”

“There’s a first time for everything, kid.” Warbucks leaned back in his seat. With a little wince, he stretched out his legs. The trim fitting chinos he wore deftly camouflaged the prosthetics that had been painstakingly measured and altered and designed to provide him with near-perfect mobility.

A warm feeling invaded her chest. She smiled at the man who had been her guardian and protector since childhood. “It’s been a long time since you’ve called me kid.”
Rivera, Roxie, Elite Metal: Eight-Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set (Elite Warriors Book 1) (pp. 675-676). Never Settle Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The monthly status reports had me giggling, lots of flirting by Silver with lots of rejection from Poppy. Silver couldn’t get her out of his mind and Poppy appears to have the same problem.I honestly have to say I felt sorry for Silver. Sure he needed to prove himself, but keeping him away for so long, I thought was wrong.

When Poppy goes off into a situation not sanctioned by Warbucks and definitely unknown to the teams. It falls to Silver to aid her or get her out. These two are an explosion waiting to happen.

So many things come to light and a true, OMG, did that just happen?

So off you must go and get the next book Elite Ghosts.

5 Contented Purrs for Roxie!

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Release Day Giveaway & Review! Forbidden Virgin by Carmen Falcone


Forbidden Virgin
Carmen Falcone


Available Here


She’s in love with her father’s best friend…

Kate Crawford’s always had a scorching attraction to her father’s best friend, sexy hotelier Graham Davenport. Now she’s going to study in Europe, but she wants to indulge in her secret wish and lose her virginity to Graham. After all, she’s not a teenager anymore and ready for some Adult X-rated fun.

Graham Davenport hires Kate as his trainee in his luxury hotel as a favor to her father, but seeing her flaunt her hot body is driving him insane and he’s about to lose his self-control. He doesn’t want to betray the man who helped him turn around his life, but this woman is no longer a teenager with a crush. And her desire unleashes secret passions and fantasies that neither of them can deny…


Available Here


He’s older than her, and her father’s best friend but Kate has desired him for years. She isn’t going to let him get away this time, she has the summer to convince him this is right for both of them.

Graham knows this is wrong on many levels but the little vixen has her sights set on him. With every encounter his resolve to stay away crumbles.

When he realizes the gift she has saved for him, he finds himself wanting far more than just a fling. He wants it all with her.

In the face of the intensity of their growing relationship and her father’s total disapproval, Graham sends her off to finish her schooling.

A fun read as we watch Kate’s calculated seduction, and Graham’s ever melting will power. The question remains, can they really ignore her father’s unwillingness to accept them as a couple.

5 Contented Purrs for Carmen!


carmen-falcone  Carmen Falcone

Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters beat doing math homework any day. Brazilian by birth and traveler by nature, she moved to Central Texas after college and met her broody Swiss husband–living proof that opposites attract.

She found in writing her deepest passion and the best excuse to avoid the healthy lifestyle everyone keeps talking about. When she’s not lost in the world of romance, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, being walked by her three crazy pugs, reading, catching up with friends, and chatting with random people in the checkout line.

She loves to procrastinate, so please indulge her and drop her a line. For more info, visit her website: http://www.carmenfalcone.com

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Release Week Review for Lori King’s Paw Prints On Her Heart – Crawley Creek #7

In a small town in North Dakota there resides a family of misfits on the Crawley Creek Ranch.
Brought together by hardship, and heartache they’ve bonded without blood ties, and seek to help others.
Four brothers who’ve walked both sides of the line, and come out stronger for it, but will they survive love, loss, and the law?


Paw Prints On Her Heart
Crawley Creek #7
Lori King


Winter Blog Blurb

Payton Storm served her country with honor and loyalty, until an IED ended her career and scarred her for life. Struggling to overcome PTSD and find her purpose in life again, she agrees to a long-term stay at Crawley Creek Ranch under the care of a PTSD specialist. She’s surrounded by happy people who have no comprehension of the nightmares she battles, and a four legged furry friend who’s supposed to be her lifeline to recovery. What could possibly go wrong?

Single father, Luke Gillian, has been the Montford veterinarian for most of his adult life. In fact, he’s barely left the town he grew up in. Arguments with his belligerent teenage son, and the pressure of a down economy have left Luke in a dark place. Until a ray of sunshine appears in his life with her injured service dog. Could Payton be the change his life needs?

Two people with too many problems to open their hearts, but fate won’t take no for an answer.

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Winter Blog Review

Payton has always been strong, a Marine serving her country was all she had thought of being. Now injured and scarred, suffering from PTSD flashbacks, she can’t see what her future holds. On the suggestion of her doctors and pretty much given a ultimatum she heads to Crawley Creek Ranch, Here she will be under the care of a PTSD specialist who will guide her to the tools she needs to build a future. On of these tools is not a tool at all but a beautiful service dog. One problem Payton has never owned a pet of any kind, so while agreeing she needs this animal she is anxious over having one.

This is a favorite scene when she goes to pick up her dog.

Payton took the leash and stared at her new companion for several minutes, unsure what to do from here. Was there a command she should use? Did the dog just know what she was thinking or did she need to tell it? Did it understand English? It was an Australian Shepherd, so surely it understood English. Oh, good lord, what if she needed to fake an Australian accent?

Panic filled her chest again, and she began to tremble. There was no way she could handle this. She had no idea what she was doing, and no interest in learning.

Next to her, the dog rose to all fours and cocked its head giving her a curious look. Just the dog’s interest in her made her slightly queasy. Was he looking at her like that because he liked her, or was he planning an attack?

The more she let her fears about her new pet get into her head the more physically ill she became, and her body took over. Her mind going completely blank as she collapsed in a heap on the floor of the veterinarian’s office.

Voices echoed around her, and she could feel something wet on her hand. Had she managed to hurt herself? Maybe the leash had cut her skin when she fell?

“Payton? Can you open your eyes?”

She knew that voice. Dr. Sexy.

Her eyes opened slightly and focused on the smiling face of Luke Gillian.

“That’s a good girl. A little wider now and I can check your pupils. Did you hit your head?”

His question only caused more confusion. She didn’t recall falling, how would she know if she hit her head? When she tried to lift her hand to check, it caught on something, and an animal whined. Jerking her head in the direction of the dog, she inhaled sharply when the whole world spun for a second.

“Easy there. Looks like you hit your head pretty hard. I’m going to take you into the back and check you over, okay?” Luke’s arms slid underneath her, and before Payton could agree or disagree he was lifting her off the floor in his strong grip.

Her arm tugged hard, and she realized the leash was still attached to her wrist. Twisting her hand, she tried to release it, and Luke chuckled.

“Don’t worry, he’ll follow along.”

To her surprise the dog didn’t balk once. He followed Luke as he carried her through the door into the back of the clinic and set her up on a high counter top. She couldn’t shake off the physical interest in him, especially with his biceps flexing like that around her and in front of her. The man was gorgeous.

“I’m just going to do a few simple checks, nothing invasive. I just want to know if we need to call an ambulance. Do you know where you are?”

“Vet’s office.”

“Good, and do you remember what brought you here?” Her eyes shot to the colorful dog who sat nearby watching their interaction.


“Right, your new dog. And why did you get a new dog?”

“Dr. Hall made me.” Her response seemed to catch Luke off guard and he hesitated before answering. “Okay. Can you tell me if you hurt anywhere?”

“No, I’m perfect.”

“Yeah, you are…”

This time it was her giving him a surprised look. What did he mean by that? Before she could question him, he was shining a small light in her eyes, and running his large hand over the back of her head. She winced when he pressed on a tender spot.

“I think you got lucky. If you do have a concussion, it’s mild. I’m not sure you should be alone though. Do you have someone who can stay with you?”

“Uh, there are dozens of people living at Crawley Creek. I’m never really alone.” She grumbled.

“So, you’re living in the big house?” he asked.

“No, I have a cabin.”

“And a roommate? Boyfriend?”

She shook her head. Luke sighed heavily. “The way I see it you have three options. One, I can call Drannon and request someone stay with you tonight in your cabin—”

She shook her head, fighting the automatic urge to vomit.
“Option two, I call an ambulance and you spend the night at the hospital for observation.”

Wrinkling her nose in disgust she glared at him, “What’s option three?”

“Come home with me.”
Lori King. Paw Prints on Her Heart: Crawley Creek 7 (Kindle Locations 384-420)

While option 3 wasn’t the choice she would have made on her own, it was the best of the ones Luke was offering.While the relationship between Luke and his son Ricky is strained at times, Payton’s presence seems to ease some of it.

I loved the way Payton gradually adjusts to having Chinook. The slow but intense relationship with Luke, Ricky’s issues with school and the rules laid down by his father all combine to help Payton realize what she can have. Add in a manhunt for the serial killer that is plaguing the area and you have an exciting and suspenseful read.

I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Lori!

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Headshot by RLS Images
Lori King by RLS Images

Best-selling author, Lori King, is also a full-time wife and mother of three boys. Although she rarely has time to just enjoy feminine pursuits; at heart she is a hopeless romantic. She spends her days dreaming up Alpha men, and her nights telling their stories. An admitted TV and book junkie, she can be found relaxing with a steamy story, or binging in an entire season of some show online. She gives her parents all the credit for her unique sense of humor and acceptance of all forms of love. There are no two loves alike, but you can love more than one with your whole heart.

With the motto: Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance, she will continue to write as long as you continue to read. Thank you for taking the time to indulge in a good Happily Ever After with her.

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January Indulgence: Hearts Adrift by Ciara Knight

Welcome to Hearts Adrift, one of the twelve books in the Indulgences series where twelve authors offer the stories of people who came to Indulgences Resort to live out their fantasy.
It’s not just a beautiful place, but also, as you will find, has magical secrets. Each fantasy will come to life, taking guests on an adventure that could change the rest of their lives.
Although each book is a standalone, I suggest that you start by reading Indulgences, The Prequel so you can meet the staff of Indulgences Resort. You’ll see some of these characters in every story.

Indulgences, The Prequel by Hildie McQueen
hearts-adriftHearts Adrift
January Indulgence 
C. Knight


Winter Blog Blurb

Tish Wilton’s one regret is disappearing on Adam McClane seven years ago to discover life beyond their small world, but all she found was heartache and sorrow. When Indulgences Resort approves her fantasy to spend a week with her childhood sweetheart, she hopes he can forgive her not only for running away, but for a secret she carries.

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Tish has some high hopes and is also extremely nervous about seeing Adam again. She doesn’t know why he agreed to her fantasy but she is glad he did. She not only wanted to apologize for running away, she wanted a second chance. This is a favorite scene when they arrive on the island.

Tish turned, her eyes wide with obvious surprise, her reaction exactly what he’d hoped for. He’d be in control this time. He’d matured as well. He wasn’t the same skinny kid from her past. He’d bulked up from working on planes and tanned from all his time spent in the tropics for work. The breeze took hold of her hair and it blew away from her face, revealing the same perfect features he remembered― high-cheek bones, bright eyes, full lips. Lips he couldn’t wait to feel again.

He stood tall and smiled, the way women seemed to like. “Hey,” he said.

White teeth peeked out and bit at her bottom lip, sending his already revved libido into high gear. She stared back at him then released her lip from its delectable prison. “Hi.”

They stood there for a moment, analyzing each other. The aroma of coffee, liquors, and exotic spices filled the air with the promise of luxury, luxury he couldn’t wait to indulge in. He managed to find his footing and stepped toward her, offering his arm. “The cabana is ready if you’d like to enjoy the pool or ocean while we wait for our room.”

“I, uh― my suit’s in my bag and I don’t have it with me,” she said in a breathy tone.

“Suits are optional.” He winked.

She shifted between feet as her mouth fell ajar. “Um…”

If he was honest with himself, he liked being in charge, liked seeing her squirm. Payback for her leading him around like a lost puppy when they were teenagers, and then disappearing on him at eighteen. Now, it was his turn. And he’d learned a lot over the last seven years. Tish was the last, and only, girl to break his heart. He’d done the breaking in recent years. Well, saying he broke hearts sounded too egotistical. He just never allowed women to get close enough to tangle up emotions. This one week at Indulgence Island would be enough to enjoy her body, but leave his feelings out of it.

“Perhaps we could go for a walk,” she breathed more than spoke.

He pointed at her heeled shoes, the ones accentuating long legs he couldn’t wait to have wrapped around his waist. “Probably best we don’t do any hiking around the island in those.”

She glanced down then half-giggled. “Ah, right.”

The sound of a seagull overhead added to the coastal ambiance, the nostalgia of it relaxing. He’d been living inland too long. Perhaps he’d move to the coast when he returned from the island.

“How’d you get here before me?” she asked as they walked down the stone path toward the row of cabanas. “You weren’t in the jeep with me.”

“No, my business partner dropped me at the island. We own a small luxury transport business. He was making a run to pick up someone from South America, so this was on his way.”

The blue and white cabana door flapped in the wind. He drew her to a stop at the front of the structure and whirled her to face him. He didn’t allow her time to process his movements, he just pulled her tight against his body and kissed her hard. A passionate, I’m-going-to-take-you kind of kiss. When he finally released her, she stumbled back, drawing in a long breath. He lifted the cloth door to the cabana. “After you.”

Her chest rose and fell with her accentuated breathing. Did his kiss surprise her the way he’d intended? No sweet pecks on her cheek or timid nibbles until he reached her lips, the way he used to kiss her. No, they were adults now, and he no longer had to hold back.
Knight, Ciara; Knight, Ciara. Hearts Adrift: A January Indulgence (An Indulgences Novella Book 2) (Kindle Locations 107-133). Kindle Edition.

Trust is going to be a big issue here and with Tish keeping her daughter a secret this gets complicated.

A fun read, with moments of angst and concern. All surrounded by the beauty of the island and the heat it inspires.

5 Contented Purrs for Ciara!

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Coming Up

March Indulgence, Olivia Gaines
April Indulgence, Lana Williams
May Indulgence, Hildie McQueen
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July Indulgence, JD Monroe
August Indulgence, Kalyn Cooper
September Indulgence, Allie K. Adams
October Indulgence, Victoria Zak & D.L. Roan
November Indulgence, Tara Cromer
December Indulgence, Elizabeth Rose

Winter Blog About Author

ciara-knight1   Ciara Knight

Ciara Knight writes ‘a little bit of edge and a lot of heart’ with her bestselling speculative fiction and romance stories.  Her books have secured four stars from RT book reviews, awarded Night Owl Top Picks, five stars from InD’Tale Magazine and Paranormal Romance Guild, topped the Amazon charts, featured on USA Today Blog, named book of the month by Long and Short Reviews, finales in the RONE awards, and have received rave reviews from other prominent review organizations.

At the moment, Ciara lives in suburbia with her husband, three boys, two cats and a dog, but her inner-geek girl believes it’s a farce.  In reality, her home is Serenity in disguise, awaiting orders to take her family off on a FireFly adventure.

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Reviewing the Black Hills Wolves #25: Uncaged by Katalina Leon

Black Hills Wolves #25
Katalina Leon


Winter Blog Blurb

Mitchell Waya was born to rage in a cage. Every time he competes in a mixed martial arts match, he brings two secret weapons to the ring—a raging heart and the blood of a wolf. When the beast within explodes, no man stands a chance. Scaling the heights of an international career, he’s not prepared for the tragedy and scandal that overtakes him.

At fourteen, Christy was abducted and abused by a brutal cult of survivalist. In a brave act of defiance, she attempts to escape but finds herself facing execution in a dark alley. When Mitchell appears from the shadows like an avenging angel to rescue her, she catches a glimpse of the protective wolf’s fury. They form a brief but intense bond but then Fate pushes them apart.

Four years pass. Fortunes change. Concerned about Mitchell’s welfare, Christy reaches out, but her kind deed puts her squarely in a killer’s sights, and only the courage of a wolf can save her.

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Winter Blog Review

Mitchell was born to fight, he found it to be a release when he couldn’t let his wolf loose to run. When a session at the gym wasn’t enough, he went for run and came upon an attack, he came to the child’s aid and called the one person he know could help. Not realizing at the time he would not be allowed to know the child’s fate.

Now safe Christy has a life with her mother again. Freed from the hands of a cult by a man she now follows through news articles. When she reads he is forced out of the ring by an unfortunate turn of events, she worries and needs to reach out to him, to thank him for what he had done for her. This is a favorite scene.

Stepping closer, she gazed into his eyes. “Why do you like the show?”

He stared back. A mixed array of emotions flickered across his face. “It’s a constant. I don’t have many of those.”

With his tousled hair and widened eyes, Mitchell looked like a big kid. The sight pierced her heart. For a moment, she wished she could cleanse the past for both of them and steal a taste of what any other carefree young man and woman might feel for each other. She always hoped someday she’d meet someone and the attraction would be so strong it would override all obstacles. Looking at Mitchell, the possibility he might be the one became real.

She couldn’t resist doing what she’d been dying to do. Rising on tiptoe, she clasped her hands against the sides of his face and drew him into a kiss. The first touch was featherlight, barely more than a shared whisper of warm breath. He didn’t pull away, his hand brushed hers, caressing her fingers. Encouraged by his sweet response, she grew bolder on the second pass. With a sweep of her tongue, she tasted the tart hint of apple on his lips.

“Christy….” he whispered. “What are you doing?”

Clasping her hands around his neck, she drew him near. For a fleeting moment, her mouth pressed to his, and she felt him relax. Her excitement built as she glided her knee between his. The tight denim of his jeans did little to mask the hard rise brushing her thigh. The instant reaction to her touch was like a match set to straw.

Tensing, he pulled away. “We should stop.”

Embarrassed, she fought back a wave of devastation. “I’m so sorry. I thought I sensed something between us.”

“You did.” The expression on his face was flustered and his voice hoarse.

“Why stop? Please don’t say you still think of me as a kid. You of all people should know what it’s like to grow up too fast. Is it me? Maybe I’m not your type?”

“That’s not it.” He moved toward the window and stared out. “You’re a beautiful woman. I love what I see.”

Joining him at the window, she watched the snow flurries swirl. She waited in silence for Mitchell to speak, as long moments passed.

He glanced sideways at her. “I can’t treat you casually. You deserve better. There’s no way I could kiss you a second longer and still be able to stop. I don’t trust myself. We just met and this feels too good, too comfortable.”
Leon, Katalina. Uncaged (Black Hills Wolves Book 25) (Kindle Locations 800-820). Decadent Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Even though he sensed they were mates, he needed her to be sure. Trouble follows when he follows her back.

Protecting their mates is what wolves do, but Mitchell must do more than that.

An intense, suspenseful read, with plenty of sizzle.

5 Contented Purrs for Katalina!

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 Portrait of a lone wolf

Winter Blog About Author

katalina-leon Katalina Leon

Katalina Leon is an artist and author who can’t commit to a single romance subgenre. Her favorite playgrounds are historical, Sci-fi, contemporary, and most of all paranormal realms. Lately, she has wolf-shifters on the brain. Katalina brings a sense of adventure and a touch of the mystical to romance. She believes there’s a daring heroine inside every woman who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.

AuthorClassified’s, 2015 Romantic Suspense Author of the Year.

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