Countdown to Christmas: The Cop Who Stole Christmas – Tall, Hot and Texan Book 2 by Christie Craig

The Cop Who Stole Christmas
Tall, Hot and Texan Book 2
Christie Craig


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It’ll take a tall, hot Texan and a little holiday spirit to mend a broken heart and catch a Christmas killer . . .

Savanna Edwards is feeling downright Scrooge-like. Who can blame her? A truly unjolly Santa—suit, beard and all—just repossessed her car because of her ex’s shady business dealings. She’d like to murder the no-good lying cheat, but somebody already did that for her—and left him right in the middle of her kitchen, wrapped up with a bow.

Detective Mark Donaldson has a rule against getting involved with his neighbors. He can look—and he’s studied every sweet curve of Savanna from across the street—but he can’t touch. So when she lands on his doorstep in need of help, he finds himself torn between being naughty or nice, and fights every urge to unwrap her like a shiny new Christmas present.

Trouble is, even Mark can’t resist a little holiday magic . . . and there’s definitely something magical happening between him and the girl next door.

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Christmas 2015 Blog Review

So I went on a little book hunt on Amazon looking for Christmas Romance titles. Now normally I don’t do that, but I wanted some new to me authors.

I thought I had read Christie Craig but I hadn’t and of course I started with the second book in this series. This book stands alone but I did go get book one when I finished.

Nothing like having your relaxing bath and evening destroyed by your car being repossessed.

Even though Savannah recruited her sexy cop neighbor to help, it was taken away by a tow truck driver dressed as Santa. I mean with the paper work in order there really wasn’t much he could do about it.

Having been divorced myself I totally get wanting to murder your ex. I’m going to jump right to one of my favorite scenes where Savannah is out with her friends after Santa took her car.

“I don’t love him!” Savanna snapped. “He used the title of the Honda to get a loan, and didn’t pay it. I’m soaking in the tub with my blue mask on when a wrecker driver dressed like Santa pulls up and starts hooking up my car to take it away.”

“You didn’t get the title turned over to your name after the divorce?” Bethany asked.

Savanna shook her head. “I know I was supposed to. It was on my list to do, but—”

“Don’t beat yourself up,” Jennifer said. “Grief screws you up.” Jennifer who’d lost her mom when she was sixteen was still grief stricken. But then again, Savanna could understand. Losing your mom sucked.

“I can’t believe Clint did that!” Bethany seethed.

“I can,” Mandy added.

“I told that asshole what would happen if he messed with you again!” Vengeance, the kind she used in the courtroom, tightened Bethany’s tone.

Savanna rested her palm on Bethany’s hand. “It’s not your fault.” Because Clint was Bethany’s cousin, and the one who’d introduced them, Bethany felt responsible. “I married the jerk. You even warned me.”

“Give me the information and I’ll look into it,” Bethany said. “I swear, I’ll chew his ass up one side and down the other in court! He’ll pay for this.”

Savanna reached into her purse and pulled out the paperwork. “Here’s everything Santa gave me.”

Bethany looked at the paperwork. “Is the guy’s last name really Claus?” She grabbed her phone and dialed a number. “Mr. Claus,” she said,” this is Bethany Carver. I’m Savanna Edwards’ lawyer. Can you tell me . . .”

“Only five more days till Christmas.” Leonardo popped over to the table. “Have you beautiful bitches decided what you want for Christmas yet?”

“I want a body lift,” Jennifer said.

“Your body is tight,” Leonardo said.

Mandy huffed. “I want my new boyfriend to stop lighting up his farts.”

Bethany, still talking to Santa, held up her hand. All eyes went to Savanna. “I want my ex dead with a ribbon tied around his pecker!” She frowned when she realized she’d said it too loud. Laughter filled the restaurant.

“Sorry.” Savanna looked up at the waiter and Bethany moving away from the table. “Can I have a margarita?”

Leonardo chuckled. “Honey, you don’t have to explain. I’ve had more than one guy break my heart, too. Men can be evil creatures. But we still love ’em, don’t we?”
Craig, Christie. The Cop Who Stole Christmas (Tall, Hot & Texan Book 2) (pp. 10-11). BookEnds,LLC. Kindle Edition.

Normally when you blow off steam like that and have a good time with your friends you feel good, go home and life goes on. Well, in this case Savannah’s day goes from bad to worse when in the dark she trips over her naked dead ex, complete with ribbon.

Her neighbor cop, Mark was waiting to apologize to her, but it was too late when he saw her arrive home. He had just gotten in bed when she woke him screaming for help.

From here the book just gets better and steamier. Mark and his partner are trying to find the killer.

Savannah is the number one suspect along with her friends and the owner of the restaurant where she made her Christmas wish.

A series of twists and turns, a couple of embarrassing moments, steamy scenes and a few laughs too.

I enjoyed this book, it was just the right amount of different to make it a Christmas favorite.

5 Contented Purrs for Christie!

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Christmas 2015 Blog About Author

  Christie Craig

New York Times bestselling author Christie Craig is an award-winning writer, photojournalist, motivational speaker, writing teacher, and author of thirty-four books.

An Alabama native, she is a NEW YORK TIMES Best-Selling author of more than 30 books and thousands of magazine articles. During her 25 year career, she has gained a well-deserved reputation for writing romance fiction that has both witty humor and a suspenseful, sexy tone.

Also writing young adult books as C.C. Hunter, her complete New York Times bestselling young adult paranormal series, Shadow Falls and Shadow Falls: After Dark, are available now from St. Martin’s Griffin. Her new young adult series, The Mortician’s Daughter, is now available and her contemporary young adult debut, This Heart of Mine, will release from Wednesday Books in February 2018. She also has a new romantic suspense series coming from Forever Books in 2018.

She currently resides in Texas.

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