My Review of Primani – Primani Series Book 1 by Laurie Olerich

Primani Series Book 1
Laurie Olerich


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Mica Thomas is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary destiny. As unseen forces shape her future, her only anchor is Sean-the Primani assigned to keep her alive. If he crosses the line, there will be hell to pay.

Sometimes destiny is wrong…

After surviving a year of heartbreaking tragedy, college student Mica Thomas is finally ready to have some fun. Determined to live life on her terms, she sets her sights on the gorgeous mystery man who keeps showing up when she’s in trouble. Intense, cranky, and oh, so sexy, he’s the exact kind of challenge she loves. Romance, adventure, and good friends–She’s living the dream, but this dream is shattered when fate intervenes. When her life is threatened again, this budding psychic is suddenly swept under the protection of an immortal special ops team with a mission too fantastic to believe.

Powerful and ruthless, Sean O’Cahan is a legendary Primani. His job is to disrupt demon activity and protect special humans. When his special ops team is assigned to Mica Thomas, he knows he’s there to guard more than her body. There are plans for her. Plans that’ll change everything she believes if she survives long enough to learn the truth. For the Primani, this is a routine protection detail, but nothing about this woman is routine. Fiercely independent, brave, and sexy as hell, she’s making him crazy. He’s supposed to watch from the shadows, but the more he watches, the more he wants her in ways that break all of the rules.

As their attraction grows, sparks fly and emotions run hot. Sean’s not allowed to mess with destiny, but one moment of weakness awakens a power in Mica that sends her careening down a path towards immortality that no one saw coming.

Accompanied by her demon-hunting Dalmatian, Mica’s pulled into the Primani world of angels and demons until there’s no way out, and she doesn’t want to leave.

Urban Fantasy Romance filled with humor, sexual situations, and intense action sequences.

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I really wasn’t sure about this book when I bought it. Angels and Demons really weren’t my thing, but the premise intrigued me.

Mica seems to get herself into many life-threatening positions, keeping Sean the Primani assigned to her busy. Not only is Mica young, she is also a dare-devil and she has set her eyes on this Primani for more than just protection.

This is a favorite scene when Sean finally gives up the battle of staying away from Mica.

My thoughts exploded like fireworks. Every memory, every thought I’d had about him raced through my head until I made a startling discovery—somewhere along the way, I’d fallen in love with him.

He stroked my lower lip with the pad of his thumb, those beautiful lips of his curling into the barest hint of a smile. Leaning close, he dragged his mouth over the shape of my face once, twice, and again, before whispering against my lips, “If I look into your heart, Mica, what will I find?”

Mesmerized, lost, I whispered, “You. Only you.”
Olerich, Laurie. Primani (pp. 68-69). Kindle Edition.

A rollercoaster of emotions, with danger at every turn as Mica challenges Sean every chance she gets.

Laughter, tears and extreme heat in more ways than one, make this a must read.

5 Contented Purrs for Laurie!

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Laurie Olerich

Laurie Olerich is the author of the Primani and Demons After Dark series. Part romance, part paranormal, part adventure…Three things she can’t live without!

Laurie spent most of her life in the Northeastern United States and in Western Europe. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her son and Dalmatian muse Rambo. In an attempt to re-live her wild and crazy younger years, she lives vicariously through her characters by setting their adventures in her favorite city, New York, and the mountain forests of New England as often as possible.

Before diving into a writing career, Laurie dedicated 20 years to her country by serving in the United States Air Force. Much of her time was spent around men with guns and cool toys…this explains her obsession with both.

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