Release Day! Trying the Knot – Honeywell Series Book 3 by JM Madden

Trying the Knot
Honeywell Series Book 3
JM Madden


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This is the fourth book in the Honeywell series! Yes, this can be read as a standalone, but you’ll have a better read if you follow the series!

Emily Lowell is in a pickle. At her Brother Chad’s wedding shower, her former lover, Jackson, has just shown her exactly how combustible they still are together.

Yes, they made a pact to marry if she hadn’t found anyone else within ten years, but the pact is moot. She’s now engaged to be married to one of the hottest real estate brokers in Houston.

Should she be swayed by the wild heat that Jackson stokes in her, or should she follow the path she’s planned since college?

Jackson may not give her a choice…

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I am a sucker for a good love story and this series has them all over the place. The couples aren’t perfect but who is?

In this book we concentrate on Emily, she is the one Lowell that doesn’t have any interest in staying on the ranch. She has made herself successful in marketing and really loves the city life she’s found in Houston. Engaged to a successful Real Estate agent Neil, a man who still hasn’t come to any of her family events, Emily finds herself questioning that relationship.

Jackson is in my opinion every girl’s dream. He has loved Emily since they first got together eleven years ago. He gave her freedom to fly and now he wants her back, fiancé be damned.

This is a favorite scene, when Emily kicks Neil to the curb.

Emily looked down at herself. She was presentable enough, she supposed. She swung the door open. “Hello, Neil.”

Without even a word of greeting her fiancé stormed inside her apartment. “What the hell were you thinking, Emily? You probably just cost me one of the most lucrative commissions of my career.”

Emily laughed in spite of his anger, swinging the door shut behind him. “I doubt that.”

Neil spun on her, his blue eyes furious. “Why are you laughing?”

“Because Jackson is an old boyfriend of mine from Honeywell.”

His face screwed up into confusion. “Where the hell is Honeywell?”

And wasn’t that the rub. She’d been with Neil for months now and he didn’t even remember the name of her hometown. “It doesn’t matter, Neil. What matters is that I think Jackson was using you to get close to me.”

Neil planted his hands on his hips. “So why didn’t you say something at the restaurant? Why did you have to behave that way?”

Emily shook her head, turning to walk across to the window that looked out over the Houston skyline. “I’m not sure.”

A hard hand gripped her elbow and spun her around. Emily gasped at the unexpected movement. Her own anger began to build. “I can see you’re not going to behave rationally, Neil. Let’s meet up and talk about this after you’ve had a chance to cool off.”

“I’m not going to cool off for a while, Emily. I’ve wasted an entire week with this man, running his Indian ass all over Houston when he wasn’t even going to buy anything. I’ve passed on other potential customers because I was catering to him.”

Rather than let her go, Neil grabbed both of her arms and gave her a shake. “How long have you known that he was here? The entire week?”

Emily shook her head. “Tonight was the first time I’ve seen him in three weeks.”

Neil’s eyes narrowed on her. “In three weeks? Where is the last place you saw him?”

“At my father’s ranch for Chad and Lora’s wedding shower.”

Neil shoved her away, violently enough that Emily stumbled on the dragging length of her long sleep pants. Staggering, she recovered her balance, but her anger surged to an all-time high. “I don’t know why you think it’s okay to manhandle me the way you just did, Neil, but you need to get the hell out of my apartment. And you know what?” Emily scrambled at her hand, ripping at the diamond engagement ring there. She tossed it to him, enjoying watching him fumble to catch it. The chunky diamond fell to the floor and he had to scramble to find it. “What the hell are you doing, Emily? Is this really a big enough issue to cancel our engagement over? This is because I won’t settle on a date, right? We’ll settle on a date.”

Emily shook her head, heaving a sigh, crossing her arms beneath her breasts. “You just don’t understand, do you Neil? It’s not about the wedding date or Jackson or any of it. We’ve been together four months and you still don’t remember the name of my hometown, or the fact that I’m severely allergic to crab, or that I get nauseated in your car when you wear the cologne your ex gave you. It’s the fact that you don’t care enough to take the time to learn any of that. You’re too self-involved to even notice the little things that are important.”

He blinked and frowned, and for the first time her words had apparently sunk home.

“Oh. When you lay it out like that I can see why you would be aggravated.” They stared at each other for a long moment. He spun the ring on his forefinger a couple of times before clearing his throat and jolting into motion. He headed to the door of the apartment, but turned back at the last moment. “I’m sorry, Emily. You’re right in everything you said, and I apologize for that. Maybe we can, uh, grab a drink sometime or something.”

Then he disappeared out the door.
J.M. Madden. Trying The Knot (Kindle Locations 878-910). Kindle Edition.

Of course you know Neil isn’t going to stay away. However, Jackson has more than a few surprises for Emily as the Lowell family prepares for Chad and Lora’s wedding.

Laughter, love, snark, tears, and some very hot scenes kept me from putting this down once I started reading.

I really can’t wait for then next book in the series.

5 Contented Purrs for JM!

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    J.M. Madden

J.M. Madden writes compelling romances between ‘combat modified’ military men and the women who love them. J.M. Madden loves any and all good love stories, most particularly her own. She has two beautiful children and a husband who always keeps her on her toes.

J.M. was a Deputy Sheriff in Ohio for nine years, until hubby moved the clan to Kentucky. When not chasing the family around, she’s at the computer, reading and writing, perfecting her craft. She occasionally takes breaks to feed her animal horde and is trying to control her office-supply addiction, but both tasks are uphill battles. Happily, she is writing full-time and always has several projects in the works.

She also dearly loves to hear from readers! So, drop her a line. She’ll respond.

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