A New Series from Em Petrova! Something About a Lawman – Wild West Book 1

Something About A Lawman
Wild West Book 1
Em Petrova



What’s worse than learning you have a new sidekick? Finding out it’s a know-it-all woman—and she’s banging-hot.

When cattle turn up missing, Wyoming lawman Aiden Roshannon is on the scene. There’s a reason Aiden’s the best at what he does—he only goes by the book. Sure, it’s taking some time to track down the criminals who are stealing and outright butchering the good ranchers’ animals, but he’ll serve them justice in the end.

Amaryllis Long has been a Texas Ranger for five years and her experience trumps anything this newbie operation in Wyoming has seen. She’s locked and loaded, ready to break all the rules if it means getting her criminal cuffed and stuffed. Only thing is, she needs an extra set of cuffs for her sidekick Aiden. The lawman might be hunky as hell with hidden tattoos and secrets as long as a summer’s day, but she knows best.

Asking Amaryllis to stop and think before she acts is like asking a pig to stop eating. She’s reckless, annoying… and a damn good kisser. Half the time Aiden doesn’t know if he wants to throw her in the back of the truck and have his way with her or hog-tie her and leave her alongside the road. They might both be fighting for the same goal but if they can’t agree on how to handle the situation, how can they succeed?




Talk about oil and water, these two are the definition. Aiden is all about taking notes by hand and Amaryllis is all about the tech.

He is by the book all the way, and she sidesteps it every chance she gets, as long as it gets her the desired results.

On the hunt for cattle rustlers, these two also find an attraction, one that becomes increasingly harder to ignore.

This is a favorite scene as they travel to check out an auction.

Amaryllis stroked her fingers over his arms, shooting sparks of liquid desire through his entire body. He felt like he’d been dunked in an electrified pool of water, helpless and sinking by the minute.

She moved her hands up to his shoulders, rock-hard with tension. She kneaded the muscles.

He shrugged her off. “Stop.”

“Sometimes I hate traveling. Waking up in a strange room, wondering where the hell I am and what I’m supposed to be doing.” Her whispered admission slammed him. “Do you ever feel that way?”

“Fuck, woman. You need to go back to bed.”

She didn’t move. Contrary woman that she was. Spirited, stubborn. And everything he fucking wanted, if he was honest with himself.

One day and he wanted her. He’d met her face-to-face less than twenty-four fucking hours ago, and he was ready to claim her in ways that neither of them could never go back on.


The sound of his name on her lips did him in. He caught her by the hips and jerked her down on his lap. Her ass fit his body perfectly, cradling his cock, now hard at the first contact.

She made a noise of surprise, and he found the point of her chin in the darkness. Pinching it lightly, he tipped her head up to meet his gaze. Her face was mostly in shadow, her eyes shiny.

“I can’t put my hands on you, Amaryllis.”

“Then why are you?” Her tone held that note of sass that had driven him nuts half the day. Now he understood why. It was fucking foreplay to him. She mouthed off, and he wanted to shut her up with long, deep kisses.

“Why are you touching me, Aiden?”

“Stop asking questions I can’t answer.”

“I think you can answer.”

“Because I’m selfish.”

“I don’t think that’s true.” She stared deep into his eyes, leaning nearer by the fucking second. He felt the heat of her breath on his jaw. All he had to do was move half an inch and he’d have her lips under his.

Because until this afternoon when I punched that man for commenting on your ass, I didn’t know what I needed in my life to make me feel like a man again.
Petrova, Em. Something About a Lawman (Kindle Locations 1496-1502). Kindle Edition.

Now there’s much going on, and the suspense continues as they travel around Wyoming trying to catch up with the rustlers.

With each chapter the heat ramps up as does the mystery.

A quick satisfying read, with plenty of action and heat.

5 Contented Purrs for Em!


Em Petrova    Em Petrova 

Em Petrova lives in backwoods, Pennsylvania, where she raises four kids and a Labradoodle named Daisy Hasselhoff. Her dream is to buy an old pickup and travel small-town USA meeting people and hearing their stories. Her heroes are hardworking—in bed and out—and she is known for panty-scorching erotic romance.

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