My Review of Binding Contracts by Jamie Sterling

Binding Contracts
Jamie Sterling


Successful business consultant Spencer Marshall is blown away at the beauty and brains of Denise Montgomery, a fashion designer with a growing company. When they sign a contract to take Denise’s company to the next level, little do they know they are chatting online with each other about starting a BDSM relationship!

When they discover each other’s identity, Spencer’s aversion to emotional commitment forces Denise to propose a wager–that Spencer will fall for her before Denise falls for him. With each equally certain of victory, they are floored by the passion of their sessions. But that very passion makes them worry about their growing feelings for each other, so they devise strategies to manipulate the other and win the bet.

When their schemes backfire and a session goes horribly wrong, their relationship ends. Miserable, both Spencer and Denise try recapture the majesty and beauty of what they had. Can Denise’s bold (and highly erotic) plan bring them back together?

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In this new book, Jamie takes on the BDSM lifestyle. From my own research I know every D/s relationship is different and in that respect this one is much different than others I have read.

There is no Club, there is a website where subs and Doms can chat and see if they are possibly compatible. Kind of a match-making site only kinky. there is just the individual relationship.

Now Denise found she may have a submissive streak and a fantasy of bondage in a most unusual way. That said she created the anonymous profile for the site and sat on it for a very long time. Not quite willing to commit to trying.

Spencer, on the other hand, is an experienced Dom. He likes to keep his D/s relationships strictly in the bedroom. No dating, no getting closer than just the bondage and other things decided at the time of the contract. When a sub decides she wants more, it’s over and done. That is what happened just before he meets Denise.

Spencer takes on a contract to help Denise’s business grow before he realizes she is the one he has been communicating with via the site.

This is a favorite scene when they meet as Dom and sub.

Oh no! Oh shit! How am I going to explain this? How am I going to get him out of here without sounding crazy? Her chest fluttered in near-panic as she blankly wondered what to do next, settling for waving at him weakly. He came over to her table. She saw curiosity and surprise on his face, but there was something more that she couldn’t pin down. Anticipation?

“Hello, Denise. What a coincidence, seeing you tonight. I didn’t know you came here.”

She cleared her throat and tried to sound casual, but was unable to tame the tiny waver in her voice when she spoke. “I don’t— well, not usually. I’m— uh, well, I’m meeting a friend for drinks, that’s all. He should be here any second, actually. What are you doing here? Business or pleasure?”

“Oh, definitely pleasure. I’m meeting someone myself.” He paused. “If you don’t mind my saying so, you seem awfully nervous, especially for you. Is everything okay?”

Denise cursed silently at having allowed Spencer to see her vulnerability. “Oh, yeah. It’s actually a blind date and, well, you know how it is, first-time jitters and all.” Spencer’s eyes drifted downward, fixing right on the choker around her neck. She figured he found it attractive but was unnerved as he continued to stare, transfixed, as a question formed in his eyes. Seconds passed, and she considered saying something when those sensuous lips curled upward in a smile. His expression became so wantonly libidinous, so carnal, that she cowered inwardly.

He started stroking his chin as if smoothing a Van Dyke beard, with his left hand, not breaking the visual connection. She failed to understand this odd behavior. Spencer’s hand was turned a bit so that all four of his fingers were clearly visible to her, and it was then that Denise noticed the ring on his pinky finger.

It was as black as a coal mine at midnight.

Denise shook her head as if trying to eliminate the static from a distant radio station. This didn’t make any sense. Why is he wearing a black ring, too? Confusion reigned until the obvious answer landed in her mind with a resounding thud.

No way. It CAN’T be! Her mind swirled with the rush of adrenaline that entered her system, she felt her eyes go wide, and the whole room rocked slightly.

Spencer gave a short nod, answering a question that Denise had asked only through her facial expression and body language. He leaned forward and spoke quietly so only Denise could hear his words. “Didn’t you say something earlier about having a planning meeting tonight?”

Denise recognized the start of the code exchange, but had lost all sense of recall and was unable to provide the correct response— or any response at all. She blinked hard a couple of times, trying to force any words to come out. She succeeded. Sort of.

“Um— the— the meeting is—” She looked away, embarrassed at sounding so foolish.

He sat down and continued. “But you aren’t going to take the meeting minutes no matter what, right?” Denise thought that sounded familiar, and when it clicked, she grinned in triumph at remembering.

“Yeah, that’s right! I’m not going to take the meeting minutes!” The mental block dissolved and the reasons why they were here flooded back to her consciousness. The victorious smile was subsumed by stunned realization. “Holy crap. I never would have guessed.”

“Me either. It would seem we’ve met twice. Please allow me to express both my pleasure and my surprise.”

“Well, the surprise is mutual,” Denise said. “But pleasure?”

“Oh, most definitely,” Spencer confirmed. “Let’s just say that, while I have entertained the thought of tying you up since we met, I never expected that you might be receptive.” He arched his eyebrows. “I’m willing to bet that you’ve had similar thoughts— at least in passing.”

“What makes you think that?” Denise responded. She tried to sound indignant but was amazed at how well Spencer seemed to be able to read her innermost personal thoughts.

“Denise, you are pretty good at business and professional negotiations, but right now, you are doing a lousy job of keeping your personal emotions hidden.” He smiled in the most disarming manner. “Like I said online, we should be very open with each other, especially here and now. Tell me the truth.”

Denise gave in. “I’m sorry, Spencer, I’m just so shocked. Yes, the thought has crossed my mind, more than once. I never, not in a million years, figured that you were the person that I was chatting with, telling those— oh my god— those secrets.” Her neck and cheeks heated up with the blush that typically turned her skin a brilliant shade of vermillion as the reality of the situation hit her. Snippets of their emails flashed through her head.

Spencer’s voice remained calm and even. “Don’t be embarrassed, Denise. Neither of us has done anything even slightly wrong. The situation is the same for me as it is for you.”

“No it isn’t,” she protested. “I’ve never done this kind of thing before, and you have. Not to mention that we are beginning a very crucial professional relationship!”

“That does add some spice, doesn’t it?” he replied somewhat flippantly as he raised his hand to summon the waitress. “But why should you having to wear a pair of handcuffs change things all that much.” The waitress arrived just as he finished the sentence, and he turned to face her. “Right?” Denise lowered her chin to her chest, her heart pounding. Did he just say that out loud to the waitress?

“Right,” she replied on cue, obviously not having the foggiest insight into the topic at hand.

“I’ll have a Glen Livet 15 on the rocks, please. And, Denise, would you care for another?” She could only nod in agreement, too scandalized to speak.

After the waitress left, Spencer had to crouch in his chair to find Denise’s eyes. “Hello in there?”

She looked up, not trying to hide her humiliation. “Why did you say that? What will she think of me?”

Spencer laughed out loud. “Say what? She had no idea what we were discussing or what I meant. Trust me, Denise, you have not suddenly grown a scarlet B on your forehead.” He reached out and touched her hand. She expected his grip to be rough and overpowering, but it was as gentle as a concert pianist. “Take a deep breath and let’s start from the beginning, okay? There’s no need to panic.”
Jamie Sterling. Binding Contracts (Kindle Locations 1368-1434).

Both of these characters are strong willed and want to win their somewhat unconventional bet.

The ways they go about it are amusing, sensual, kinky, and full of the struggle to fight love when it bites them.

Not for the faint of heart, the sexual situations are intense and filled with BDSM elements.

5 Contented Purrs for Jamie!

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I write because I have to. I’m the type of person that needs to get information out of my head, and since my friends don’t want to hear me talking all the time, I have to write it down.

I’ve thought about writing in one capacity or another since I was in the fourth grade, when I won a creative writing contest. I don’t remember the topic, but I clearly remember thinking it was fun to create stories.

Ever since then, I’ve been writing something, usually something to which I could relate. When I was younger, it was stories about me – usually performing heroic and noble feats. Later, I started writing newspaper articles, technical documentation, short stories for myself, or anything that I felt needed a few words – like this section.

Now I’m a romance novelist. It’s honestly the last genre I expected to write, but when I took a stab at it, the words just flowed onto the page – at least at the beginning. Sure, there were (and will be) times when I struggled to make things flow, but my first novel – Captured Hunter – is the result.

I plan and hope that others will follow soon.

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