Issued to the Bride: One Soldier – Brides of Chance Creek Book 5 By Cora Seton

Issued To The Bride: One Soldier
Brides of Chance Creek Book 5
Cora Seton


Jack Sanders built his career as an army intelligence operative on his uncanny ability to anticipate what the enemy will do next–but he never anticipated the trouble he’s landed in. Removed from duty, his future on the line, he’ll have to accept a truly unusual mission to redeem himself. His orders are clear: head to Montana, marry General Reed’s daughter, and secure the family’s ranch once and for all from the drug cartel trying to get a toe hold in Chance Creek.

Everyone knows Alice Reed gets hunches about what might happen. What they don’t know is she’s got one blind spot: her own future. But she’s watched four men arrive to marry her four sisters. It doesn’t take a psychic to predict her father plans to send a man for her, as well. But when Jack arrives, Alice knows she’s in trouble. He seems as aware of the future as she is; and he wants something from her she swore she’d never give to a man her father sent–

Her heart.

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Jack is going to have it a lot harder than the other guys the General sent. Not that any of them had an easy time winning the hearts of their Brides but Alice is different.

Jack believes there is a logical explanation for everything and nothing is magical or mystical. Alice on the other hand, has visions, not always clear but they come true and there is no explanation.

Jack has also been trying to see the maze and the center stone, sending drones in to observe only to be foiled at every turn. When he tries to enter the maze it closes, and he thinks it’s something Alice is doing with some sort of mechanism. He’s determined to figure it out.

This is a favorite scene that shows the maze truly has a mind of it’s own.

Alice wasn’t sure, but somehow it was a big deal. Peering into the heart of the maze was like peering into Amelia’s heart. He didn’t just get to fly over and see everything all at once.

“I’m not doing this,” she repeated. “It’s the maze. It’s not going to let you in.”

“And you can’t get out, either,” he pointed out. “So I’m going to stand right here until you open it again.”

“Jack!” He wasn’t listening to her.

“I’m a lot more determined than you give me credit for. You think you can run me off this ranch with a little hocus-pocus and a lot of attitude?”

“Attitude?” This wasn’t attitude. This was… Alice didn’t know what it was. This was the way things worked at Two Willows.

“You can’t keep me out of there forever.” She could hear the frustration in his voice, and while his words should have annoyed her—and did—his tone somehow endeared him to her. He was a man. Human. And he wanted to be in the maze with her.

She got a glimpse of them holding hands. Jack leaning down and kissing her. A surge of desire swept through her, surprising Alice with its strength. It had been a long time since she’d wanted a man’s touch.

“I’m not trying to keep you out, but I think… I think for now you have to go away,” she said reluctantly. “I don’t think it’s going to open again if it means giving you the chance to get in.”

“I could just shove my way through it.”

“Don’t!” Alice caught herself. He’d think she’d lost her mind. “Don’t push through it, Jack. This is a slow-growing hedge. You’ll break branches and ruin it.” She didn’t add she wasn’t sure what it would do to him if he tried.

“If you want me to leave Two Willows so badly, just say so.”

Alice stepped forward. “It’s not that,” she heard herself say.

“Then what is it?” He sounded closer. Right on the other side of the hedge. What did the maze want? That was obvious.

“You have to have a little faith. I’m not lying to you, Jack. About anything.” She wasn’t sure he’d heard. It was quiet for a long time.

“How can I believe you when what you’re saying is impossible?”

Alice chuckled. That was the question, wasn’t it? “Welcome to my world. Just go back to the house for a minute, okay?”

She thought she heard him sigh. Would he leave Two Willows? Why did she hope he’d stay?

“Will you come back to the house, too?” Jack asked.

Alice touched her gloved hand to the wall of the hedge again, knowing Jack was on the other side of it. “Yes, I’ll be right there.”
Seton, Cora. Issued to the Bride One Soldier (Brides of Chance Creek Book 5) (Kindle Locations 1049-1070). One Acre Press. Kindle Edition.

Top all that off with the problem that started in the last book with all the daughter’s off the ranch. The General is injured and coming home. Not an event they are looking forward to.

Alice also has a commitment to make Civil War ballgowns for Landon Clark, a producer, to review and he keeps changing when he’ll arrive, bringing it closer instead of postponing.

Talk about tension, when the General arrives he believes he is in control. His daughters are stubborn and he is going to see a bit of their wrath.

Getting ready for the holidays, a plumbing issue with a new plumber to fix it, a producer filled with his own self importance and Cass’s best friend Wyoming staying with them since she lost her job combine to make this a family drama of epic proportions.

Oh did I mention the cute aide the general has with him? He kind of likes Wyoming but she has her eye on the plumber.

Lots of problems for Jack as he tries to make sense of Alice’s gift, I found myself laughing and cheering on the strong women of Two Oaks. I even cried a few times as the General works his way toward peace with his daughters.

Plus the added surprise in the general’s letter from his wife, giving us yet another book in this series!

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

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Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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