ARC Review! Reviving Dade – Project Deep Book 3 By Becca Jameson

Reviving Dade
Project Deep Book 3
Becca Jameson


Blair has the perfect cushy assignment.

Protect Dade while he recovers from ten years in a cryostat.

In a remote hidden cabin.

With plenty of supplies.

And nothing but time.

But time is Dade’s number one enemy.

And Blair can’t seem to maintain her badass persona around him.

He’s breaking down her walls.

She’s working her ass off to convince him life is worth living.

A mole in the government would rather see him dead.

An experimental treatment could save him. One he isn’t willing to try.

Even when they’re arguing, the chemistry between them is palpable.

But now is not the time for romance.

Now is the time to fight for his life.

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Dade is the anomaly as far as the reanimation goes. He has a genetic marker for a form of anemia that will be activated if he gets the treatment for the original virus. One that is a death sentence.

Blair has been assigned to be his bodyguard as they hide him from the world. After the experience with Tumar and Trish his tracking device has been disabled.

Blair offers up her cabin as their refuge and watching these two spar as the attraction flares hotter is hysterical.

This is a favorite scene when Dade realizes his attraction and also decides to fight to live.

When she turned around, she startled. “Hey. I was worried about you.” She continued toward the back of the cabin and dropped the pieces in her hand on a tall pile.

He felt like an even larger ass. “I was wandering the perimeter. Let me help you.” He stepped closer, unable to fathom in his wildest dreams how he was going to help her in his current state of weakness, but there wasn’t a chance in hell he was going to watch a woman chop wood to keep him warm. He didn’t even recognize himself.

She smiled. “I got it. Go on inside and warm up. It’s getting colder out here.” He glanced at the tall pile by the back door.

“You don’t think we have enough wood?”

“We have plenty, but it’s supposed to start snowing in a few hours, and you never know how deep it might get or how long it might last. If I don’t have anything else to do, I always take advantage of breaks in the weather during the winter to make sure I’m prepared.”

As she turned back around to pick up the hatchet and another log, he lurched forward, grabbing her wrist.

She flinched, her gaze meeting his, inches separating them. Her face was flushed. From the cold or his proximity? Her eyes were wide. “What?”

“Drop the axe and go inside before you so totally emasculate me to the point that I won’t be able to look in a mirror.”

Her breath hitched. She licked her lips. Her cheeks turned a darker pink. “That’s not my intention, Dade.”

“I know,” he whispered. “But it’s your result.” He’d never been this close to her. He could smell her shampoo and the body soap she used combined with her own personal scent. He was surprised to catch a whiff of something floral or fruity. He wouldn’t have expected that.

“It’s just wood, Dade. I’ve been chopping my own wood for four years without help.” Her voice was thready, raw, pitched lower than usual. Dare he think sexy?

Shaking that thought from his head, he continued. “I get that, but please humor me. I’ll make you a deal. You put that hatchet away for today. There’s obviously enough wood already chopped for weeks of bad weather. And your cabin has heat too. In exchange, I promise to get stronger so I can take over the task.”

He had no idea why he was proposing such a thing. Moments ago he had considered climbing into that queen-sized bed with not a single care in the world for how old the mattress was and sleeping until he died. Why the hell had he just agreed to work out and get healthy?

Because he hadn’t been raised to sit around lounging while a woman did all the hard work. That’s why.

“Okay. Deal.” Her soft voice reached inside him and tugged. Her smile melted another chunk of his frozen soul. Ironic, since the only part of him that had not actually been “frozen” for the last ten years should have been his soul.

When she lifted her other hand to cup his face, her fingers melted another piece. He really needed to walk away before his mind wandered into forbidden territory.

Until this moment, he hadn’t put a single second of thought into his primal needs since waking up two weeks ago. Suddenly, parts of him that had lain dormant for ten years came to life. Probably because Blair was the only woman around for miles and miles. Probably because he’d gone through a long dry spell even before his preservation. Probably because she wasn’t hard on the eyes and she smelled so good.

He dropped her wrist and stepped back, breaking contact. Without another word, he spun around and headed into the cabin and straight through to the guest bedroom. His heart was racing, and he could still feel the tips of her fingers on his cheek as he shut the door and then flopped down on the bed.

Deep breaths. This was not good.

This was so, so not good.
Becca Jameson. Reviving Dade (Kindle Locations 533-564). Becca Jameson Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The focus here is supposed to be on a cure for his anemia so he can get the treatment for the virus that infected all the scientists. He buckles down after a confrontation with Blair and starts his own research in earnest. In the process the heat goes up between them driving them crazy.

With tension at the bunker rising as all the information on the current batch of reanimations is leaked, Ryan becomes the intermediary and no one but him will know where Dade is.

Now to keep Dade safe while the research continues.

Fast paced, sizzling, and funny with just the right amount of drama. I can’t wait for the next book in the series it promises to up the stakes.

5 Contented Purrs for Becca!

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Becca Jameson Becca Jameson

Becca Jameson currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, two kids, and the various pets that wander through.

After editing for about five years she recently started writing. She is loving the journey, dabbling in various genres.

When not writing or editing she can usually be found taxiing kids to and from their activities, scrapbooking, and reading!

Late at night she can usually be found sequestered in her office creating fantasy with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate.

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