A New Romance from L.J. Kentowski! Love Owned – Heart Seeton Book 1

Love Owned
Heart of Seeton Book 1
L.J. Kentowski


It’s her property…

Riley Kastner is desperate to prove she can make it as an independent business owner, if for no other reason than to avoid working for her condescending parents. Unfortunately, her fledging planning business isn’t exactly soaring. In fact, it hasn’t even lifted for takeoff. So, when she finds out she’s the beneficiary of a bar in small town, USA, she takes a chance and lets fate lead the way.

It’s his life…

Dax Beckett wanted nothing to do with his dad’s bar, but he sure as hell didn’t expect him to give it to a complete stranger, especially a big city girl who knows nothing about running one. So, what’s a guy to do to save the family business? Charm her out of her sexy undergarments, of course.

But who’s in charge, when it’s owned by love?

Making Beckett’s a success is the common goal, but are they willing to sacrifice their hearts to achieve it?

Never good enough in her parent’s opinion, Riley seems to fall into their trap every time. Her current business event planning is failing but she refuses to give in and work for her mother. When her best friend and partner Jena discovers a letter from a lawyer naming her as a beneficiary in the will of someone she doesn’t remember she is skeptical. However a weekend trip to make a decision isn’t out of the question.

When his father died, Dax as his only child, made the assumption he inherited everything. He is in for a shock and a surprise.

This is a favorite scene when they first meet.

After making sure the restroom was as spotless as when she’d entered, Riley grabbed her stuff and headed out. As she turned the corner of the building, she was stopped short by the sight of an old, red pickup truck at the pump nearest the store entrance. The cab of the truck blocked her from seeing anything past it, but as she continued, she glanced up and almost tripped over her own feet at the sight of a man staring at her. It didn’t matter that a battered baseball cap shaded his eyes because she felt them on her as if they were hands frisking every inch of her body.

Good Lord, he was mouth-watering.

Tall, with broad shoulders giving way to tan, sinewy biceps peeking out of a dirty gray t‑shirt, he was the epitome of rugged male virility. It was all she could see of him from behind the back of the pickup, but it was enough to make her drool. As she put her fingers to the side of her mouth to check for moisture, she saw his five o’clock shadow spread slowly from the gorgeous smile lifting his mouth.

Riley was staring. She knew it was rude, but she couldn’t stop.

His head bobbed. Or was it a nod?

Realizing she probably seemed like an idiot, Riley pulled herself together and returned his smile. She managed to wrench her eyes away and turned to enter the store but realized she was an idiot. While gracelessly ogling the hottie at the pump, she’d walked right past the door.
She desperately wanted to check over her shoulder to see if he’d noticed but resisted because she already knew there was no way he could not have noticed. He’d regarded her every step. Hell, it was probably why he’d smiled at her. Surely, he was in hysterics over how juvenile she’d acted.

After backtracking, she marched into the store.

“I don’t know how you managed, Miss Riley, but you look even prettier than before,” the store owner said from behind the counter.

She was so flustered from her behavior outside, his words barely registered. “Oh, thank you,” she said in a scratchy voice.

“Well, here’s your card.” He handed her license back across the counter.

“Thank you, Mr.…”

“Just call me Earl.”

She shot him a smile as she nodded in acknowledgment.

“You have yourself a good day, now, Miss Riley.”

“Thank you. You, too, Earl.”

Riley started out of the store slowly, prepared to keep her eyes on the pavement and go straight to the car without a glance at the pickup truck hottie. Once outside, she took a deep breath and power-walked toward Jena’s car. She’d almost made it, when a rich, husky voice from behind stopped her cold.

“Did you drop something?”

Spinning around, she came face-to-face with the man she was trying so hard to evade. He was even more breathtaking up close. Literally breathtaking. She couldn’t find hers.

“Excuse me?” Her voice came out as a squeak.

“Is this yours?” he asked.

As close as they were standing, with the sun finding a way to penetrate the shade of his hat, she could clearly see the green of his eyes. They reminded her of a beautiful pond littered with pieces of gold.

His eyebrows raised, and she realized he was holding something up with his outstretched hand. She couldn’t focus on the item, though, because she was too preoccupied with the way his broad chest tapered down to a narrow waist and flat stomach. Shamelessly, she tried to see how his hips and thighs filled out the low-slung jeans he was wearing, but whatever he was waving in his hand was in the way. When she finally zoned in on it, she was horrified. Swinging off his finger was her bra. Her pink, tiger-striped bra.

“It’s not mine,” she blurted.

His gaze fell to her breasts, and her nipples stood at attention as if to say…It’s mine! It’s mine!

Blood rushed up to her neck and settled in her cheeks.

“No?” His doubt was apparent.

“No, why do you ask?”

His eyes averted to her tote, and she glanced down to see her yoga pants hanging perilously over the edge. Riley was busted. She could deny it until she was blue in the face, but he knew. And she knew he knew, which made it all the more embarrassing. But there was no way in hell she was retracting her lie.

A faint glint of humor sparked in his eyes as one side of his mouth curved up into a sexy little smirk, one she was certain could kill someone someone with a heart condition.

“I just assumed,” he said, his lips manipulating the grin nicely. “My apologies. I guess I’ll hold onto it then since there’s no one else around to claim it.”

She wanted to die. He was going to keep her bra. “Well, enjoy it, I guess,” she said, sounding like a bumbling idiot.

He laughed, and hell if it wasn’t the best one she’d ever heard. Deep, rich, and throaty, it rumbled right down through her matching tiger-striped panties.
Kentowski, L.J.. Love Owned: (A Heart of Seeton Novel) (pp. 20-23). Kindle Edition.

Now getting over the fact that his father left the bar to a complete stranger is helped only by the fact that Dax is extremely attracted to the new owner.

Riley on the other hand is doing her best not to get involved with overly confident Dax.

Plenty of fun, laughs and sizzle with a bit of family drama.

5 Contented Purrs for L.J.

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L.J. Kentowski

L.J. Kentowski lives with her husband and son in the Midwest, where to keep from freezing her tail off for nine months out of the year, she bundles up in front of a fire, writes stories, eats Twizzlers, and tries to ignore the Great Dane on her lap while she types.

Her first series is an Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance trilogy, The Fate Trilogy, filled with Angels, Demons, and the In-Betweens.

If you don’t hear from her for awhile, please send Snicker Bars.

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