The Beginning of a New Multi-Author Series: Hot SEAL, Salty Dog – SEALs in Paradise Book 1- A Brotherhood Protectors Crossover Novel by Elle James

Hot SEAL, Salty Dog
SEALs in Paradise
A Brotherhood Protectors Crossover Novel
NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author
Elle James



Navy SEAL on vacation in Mexico wakes up married to a jilted bride and retraces his steps to matrimonyConfirmed bachelor and Navy SEAL Chase Flannigan is celebrating his separation from the Navy in the tropical paradise of Cabo San Lucas. After a particularly hazy night, he wakes up with a ring on his finger and a beautiful woman in his bed, and no memory of how they got there.

Stood up at the altar, jilted bride Maggie Neal snags her best friend and goes on her honeymoon, one groom short only to wind up in bed with a hot SEAL, married and extremely hungover.

Together, Chase and Maggie take a walk down a fractured memories’ lane to discover how they ended up hitched. In the process, they discover a bullet hole in Chase’s baseball cap, a drug cartel with a vendetta against them and a burgeoning love born of respect and adventure, a love they never expected to find in paradise.

** Salty Dog ** is part of the Brotherhood Protectors Series. It is also in the “SEALs in Paradise” connected series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone. They do not have cliffhanger endings.


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Taking a vacation in Cabo San Lucas before heading to Montana to join the Brotherhood Protectors, Chase Flannagan wakes up with a surprise. Not only is he not alone in bed, he has a ring on his left ring finger, and no recollection of the night. More than a little disconcerting for a SEAL.

Maggie Neil was jilted at the alter by a man selected for her by her father. She planned everything for the wedding including the honeymoon. Instead of having a groom, she has her bestfriend Gina with her to help heal the humiliation. She wakes with a strange man and holy crap a wedding ring and a license to prove it happened. Only problem she doesn’t remember a thing either.

The reactions of these two had me laughing even though she was threatening to scream and call hotel security.

This is a favorite scene when she finds the marriage license.

The sunlight shining through the window glanced off something bright on her ring finger.

“Good God, woman. You’re married,” Chase exclaimed, appalled that her presence in his bed went against one of his golden rules. Never bed a married woman. He leaped off her and the bed and stood a couple feet away, his hands held up in surrender. “I don’t know how you got into my room, but I don’t sleep with married women.”

Married?” She glanced at his hand and yanked the sheet up to cover her nakedness. “I’m not the married one here. You are.” She pointed to his ring finger. “You lying bastard. I pity the woman who married you. She has to have shit for brains.” Tucking the sheet firmly around her, the woman eased out of the bed. “Where have you put my clothes? Is that your game? Keeping me naked in your room because I can’t go running down the hallway in the nude?” She poked a finger at him. “Well, I have news for you, buddy. I don’t care if I have to run naked through town. I’m not staying here. You can’t keep me, and as soon as I can, I’m turning you in to the authorities.”

Chase lifted a bright red dress off the floor and held it up. “This belong to you?”

“My dress!” She grabbed for the dress and held it against her chest. Then her gaze shot to the dresser where a pair of stilettos had landed. She marched over to the dresser, snatched the shoes into her hand and stared down at the paper beneath them. “What the hell?” She dropped the shoes and grabbed the paper. “No, no, no. It can’t be. What the hell did you give me last night?” Shoving the paper into Chase’s face, she demanded, “Tell me this is some sort of sick joke.”

He took the document from her hand and glanced down at the words. They were written in Spanish with the English translation beneath. The paper was thick parchment with fancy scrollwork designs on the border. At the top of the page, it read Acta de Matrimonio, and beneath it, in English, were the words, Marriage Certificate.

Chase’s heart hit the pit of his belly as he skimmed the Spanish to find the signature scrawled at the bottom of the page: Chase Flannigan. Beside his name in neatly written cursive was the name, Maggie Neal.

He looked at the ring on his finger, and then glanced at her.

She stood with what appeared to be a photograph in her hand, staring down at the image, her face blanching a startling shade of white. Then she looked to him. “We’re married?” Her finger pointed from him back to herself, wrapped in the sheet. “You and me? Married?”
James, Elle. Hot SEAL, Salty Dog: A Brotherhood Protectors Crossover Novel (SEALs in Paradise) (pp. 6-8). Twisted Page Inc. Kindle Edition.

Now of course they immediately start thinking annulment, but there is a problem with that since they apparently consummated said marriage. Chase had been a confirmed bachelor, and this makes no sense at all to him. Why would he marry someone after knowing her only a few hours.

After a threat is texted to Gina’s phone from Maggie’s missing one, they head out to retrace their steps from the night before. In the process discovering the source is probably a cartel leader wanting Chase’s head. Of course Maggie’s father has to show up too.

We meet Carter a buddy who had retired before Chase, and see Trevor, his wife Lana, and others from the Brotherhood Protectors. Add in the introduction of the rest of the SEALs in this series, by their go to drinks.

Plenty of hold your breath scenes, a taste of Maggie’s strength and mettle, Chase’s inherent protection mode combined with plenty of laughs, tension and heat.

5 Contented Purrs for Elle!

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Elle James Elle James

Award-winning author Elle James grew up as an air force military brat. She received her work ethic from her rock-solid father, her creative streak from her artistic mother and inspiration from her writing partner and sister, Delilah Devlin.

As a former member of the army reserves and a current member of the air force reserves, she’s traveled across the United States and to Germany, managed a full-time job, and raised three wonderful children. She and her husband have even tried their hands at ranching exotic birds (ostriches, emus and rheas) in the Texas hill country. Ask her, and she’ll tell you what it’s like to go toe-to-toe with an angry three-hundred-and-fifty-pound bird and live to tell about it!

Her adventures in the army and air force reserves, and the wild antics of her life on a small ranch in Texas give her fodder for mystery, suspense and humor in her writing. Elle writes gothic, paranormal mystery for the Harlequin Intrigue line and paranormal romantic comedy for Dorchester Publishing. A former manager of computer programming and project management professionals, Elle is happy she now has the opportunity to pursue her writing full time.

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