Double Deception – Corporate Heat Book 2 By Desiree Holt

Double Deception
Corporate Heat Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Desiree Holt



No one could tell who was telling the truth…

For Liam Benedict, the merging of Software By Design into the Arroyo mega-conglomerate is a dream come true—until someone on his staff screws with critical software and put the company and its future in grave jeopardy.

Suddenly life is not so euphoric for Liam. His contract with a defence contractor is in jeopardy, he doesn’t know who to trust on his staff and there is a distinct possibility a foreign power is behind the whole thing.

When forensic data analyst Eric Braun discovers who it is and how they did it, he is killed before he can tell Liam he’s discovered the mole. Framed by the killer, Liam is arrested for the murder.

It will take the combined resources of beautiful criminal defence attorney Sydney Alfiore, the woman he loves, and the huge Arroyo Corporation to solve the riddle, but can they do it in time?


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It’s exciting times for Software By Design, founder Liam Benedict. He is about to close a deal with Arroyo Enterprises which will open them up to more growth and bigger contracts. He’s also close to delivering a major defense contract. Hack-proof security software is his company’s forte and their hard work is about to pay off, in more contracts, better office space and more developers.

Sydney Alfiore is a high-power criminal defense attorney, when we first see her she is in the middle of a complicated case. When she literally runs into Liam as he is rushing to his meeting with the Cantrells, they agree to have a drink if they finish early enough.

This is a favorite scene.

They were having dinner in the restaurant. Surely they’d be finished by now, right? He was about to turn and head in that direction to check, when someone called his name. He turned to see the woman herself walking toward him. His body responded at once.

Cock, behave yourself.

Thank the lord he was wearing a dark suit where the bulge in his fly wouldn’t be quite as obvious.

“Oh, good.” She hurried over to hm. “You’re still here.”

The warm, familiar female voice wrapped itself around him like melting chocolate. She smiled at him, looking sexier than ever. He looked around but didn’t see anyone with her.

“I was just about to come looking for you. What did you do with your dinner companions?”

“Sent them off to bed. They’ve got a big day tomorrow, doing trial prep. They need all the rest they can get.”

Liam hitched an eyebrow. “Should I ask what your client did to need your excellent services?”

Sydney laughed. “I’m his attorney. He didn’t do anything.”

“Oh, right.” Liam winked. “Of course not. Well, do you have time for a drink, then? I imagine you’ll be up early tomorrow, too.”

Say yes.

“I will, but we have such a hard time getting together, let’s take advantage of it.”

“I agree.” His mouth twisted in a wry smile. “Yeah, our schedules aren’t exactly the kind that make for any kind of relationship. We should probably consider what’s left of this evening a gift and make use of it.”

Sydney nodded. “Absolutely. Besides, you look to be bursting at the seams about something, so let me buy tonight. Come on.”

The bar in the hotel was designed for intimacy. No bright lights, just soft coach lamps on the walls and at each booth. The carpeting on the floor was thick enough to absorb sound, so the conversations were muted. It was a place to entice a woman to bed or put together a secret business deal. And perfect for intimate conversation.

Liam followed Sydney into the bar, nudging her toward a booth in the far corner that a couple was just vacating.

Conversation around them was little more than a low hum, people engrossed in each other, some serious, some smiling. A low-key, nonthreatening situation. So why, Liam asked himself, did a tiny chill suddenly skitter its way down his spine?

As casually as he could, he glanced around, trying to spot anyone who might be fixated on him. Watching him. But no one seemed to be paying him attention. Still, the feeling was there and he could not seem to get rid of it. When they reached the booth, he slid into the bench seat that backed up to the wall.

Sydney stared at him, one eyebrow lifted. “Are you okay? Would you rather not do this now?”

He shook his head. “No. Not at all. I mean, I’m fine and I want to do this.” He was determined not to waste this unexpected opportunity. “Have a drink with you.”

“Okay.” She studied him for a moment. “If you’re sure.”

Liam forced himself to relax. Having a drink with Sydney was the perfect ending to a day when his life had taken an extraordinary turn. Who better to share it with than the woman he couldn’t get out of his head? The woman he wanted to strip naked and tumble in his bed so he could do all sorts of wild things with her. If he weren’t aware of how crass it would sound, he’d ask her to have that drink with him at his townhouse in South Tampa.

No. Not this way. At least let her think you have some class.

“This is nice.” He studied Sydney for a moment. “It seems as though life keeps conspiring to keep us apart, so this is an unexpected pleasure.”

She nodded. “For me, too. Sometimes I wish…”

“Wish what?” That we could get together more often, like now, as I do?

“Maybe that there were more than twenty-four hours in a day.” She shrugged. “No matter. Here we are.”

“Yes.” He winked. “A very unexpected pleasure. It’s great that we both ended up in the same place tonight, even if it’s just for a short while.”

“I agree. Tell me how your dinner went tonight? I want to hear all about what’s going on with you. Whatever it is sounds very exciting.”

“I’m not sure I have any personal business to mention, if you want to know the truth,” he joked.

Even as he spoke, he was scanning the room for anything that might be the source of his uneasiness. Sydney reached across the table and touched his hand.

“Liam, are you okay? Is something wrong?”

He gave himself a mental shake and did his best to knock it out of his mind and into a corner. He was probably just being paranoid, anyway, and for what reason? Damn it, he wasn’t going to waste this unexpected opportunity worrying about some figment of his imagination.

“I’m fine.” He grinned at her. “This has been an exciting few days for me, Syd. I’m probably still just wound up about everything.”

“Must be something big. Did your dinner go well? Can I ask who it was with?”

He nodded, then waited until the waitress served their drinks before answering. “Are you familiar with the Arroyo Corporation?”

Sydney gave a ladylike snort. “Of course. Who isn’t? I think they own the world.”

He leaned forward a little, blocking out the rest of the bar. “As of tomorrow, Software By Design will be part of the Arroyo family.”

“Liam!” Sydney reached for his hands and gave them a squeeze. “But that’s fantastic. Truly. A major step forward for you. Think of all the doors it will open. The type of clients you’ll attract.”

“No kidding. I can hardly believe it myself.” He took a swallow of his bourbon, savoring its taste. “I’m thirty-five years old and I feel like a kid at Christmas.”

“As well you should.” She smiled at him. “That’s quite a coup. How did you pull it off?”

He chuckled. “In the most unlikely way. Someone knew someone who knew someone.”

He told her about John Martino and Optimus and Martino’s dinner with the Cantrells.

Sydney cocked an eyebrow. “Yes, John certainly knows all the right people.”

“That is just the damn truth,” Liam agreed. He touched his glass to Sydney’s. “A toast to people who know people.”

“Amen to that.” She took a long sip of her wine. “I’m excited for you, Liam.”
Desiree Holt. Double Deception (Kindle Locations 378-431). Totally Bound Publishing.

Unfortunately things don’t all go smoothly. We get peaks at the traitor within Liam’s company, but only a few clues as to who it is.

When a secret alarm goes off that someone is trying to breach the new installation, Liam’s world gets turned upside down. A forensic data analyst, Eric Braun is called in and when he makes the discovery he ends up dead before he can let anyone know. Now Liam is fighting for his freedom and his company’s integrity. 

Intertwined with some very sensual and steamy scenes, a page-turning , nail-biting mystery unfolds. You won’t want to put this one down.

5 Contented Purrs for Desiree!

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Desiree Holt

USA Today Bestselling and award winning author Desiree Holt writes everything from romantic suspense and paranormal to erotic, a genre in which she is the oldest living author.

She has been referred to by USA Today as the Nora Roberts of erotic romance, and is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice nominee.

She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The (London) Daily Mail, The New Delhi Times and numerous other national and international publications.

“Desiree Holt is the most amazing erotica author of our time and each story is more fulfilling then the last.” (Romance Junkies)

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More Whispering Springs, TX! Texas Twist – Whispering Springs Book 4 by Cynthia D’Alba

Texas Twist
Whispering Springs, TX Book 4
NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author
Cynthia D’Alba



Real bad boys can grow up to be real good men.

Paige Ryan has lost everything important in her life. Her parents, her lover, her horse, her life on the rodeo tour. Lost about her future, she moves to Whispering Springs, Texas to be near her step-brother. But just as her life is starting to get back on track, it’s derailed again when the last man in the world she wants to see again moves into her house.

Cash Montgomery is on the cusp of having it all. Three-time world bull riding championship, fame, financial stability, and finally some respect from his family. But a bad bull ride leaves him injured and angry. His only comfort is found at the bottom of a bottle. His family drags him home to Whispering Springs, Texas, the last place he wants to be. With nowhere to go, he moves temporarily into an old ranch house on his brother’s property surprised the place is occupied.

As Cash rebuilds the dilapidated home and Paige rebuilds her medical career, their old friendship begins to reemerge. But Paige knows that Cash Montgomery is nothing but a heartache waiting to happen. The best idea is to move on but sometimes taking the first step out the door is the hardest one.

Loving a bull rider is dangerous, so is falling for him a second time is crazy?


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Cash Montgomery has about hit bottom, he’s drinking too much and has no real idea what he even wants to do. Travis is giving him some brotherly advice not to fall like he himself had. Just before everything goes haywire with Travis’ wife Caroline going into labor, Cash asks if he could move into the old Fitzgerald place. It’s Caroline’s property and has been sitting empty since her father died. With Travis’ approval that’s what he sets out to do.

Paige Ryan has been helping her step-brother Leo with the bar and grill, but soon she will begin working at the hospital and then start her classes to become a Physician’s Assistant. Here’s the first twist, Caroline has offered Paige the house at a reasonable rent while she’s working and going to school.

With all the excitement surround the birth nobody knows that Paige and Cash are both going to be living in the house. Now since these two have history, it’s going to get very interesting. This is a favorite scene, their first encounter in the house.

She stole the first cup of java before the pot finished filling. Her eyebrows shot up with the first sip. Stout, to say the least. She added a little water to the coffee maker’s reservoir then cracked open a can of biscuits. When the preheat bell chimed, she slid a cookie sheet loaded with biscuit dough into the hot oven.

She flipped the bacon and then sat at the table with a notepad and pencil. Other than the sizzle from the bacon and the slight tick of the coffee maker, the peace was comfortable. Leaning back in the high-
backed kitchen chair, she stretched out her legs and took a long sip of black coffee.

Across the table and directly in front of her, the door to the back bedroom banged open and a half-dressed man ran out, a tennis racket raised high above his head, all while he yelled, “What the hell are you doing in this house?”

Paige jumped from her chair, sending it over backwards. She spat the coffee in her mouth across the table while at the same time tossing the mug of hot liquid at her attacker. The man leapt to the side, avoiding most of the scalding java.

“What are you doing here?” she gasped out, barely able to catch her breath from the sudden adrenaline jolt, not to mention the masculine sight standing in front of her. Her heart grabbed her ribs and rattled. She struggled to focus as her mind refused to accept what she was seeing.

Cash Montgomery wore only a pair of white boxer briefs. Angry long scars crisscrossed his chest, abdomen and arms. But even those couldn’t diminish the impact of his naked, chiseled six-pack. Paige swallowed hard against the rising lust.

“I live here,” he answered, lowering his impromptu weapon to his side. Confusion covered his face and his brow furrowed.

“Paige? Paige Ryan?”

She nodded. “That’d be me.”

His gaze roved down her body and back up to her face. “Why are you in my house? And why don’t you have on clothes? Not that I’m complaining, mind you.” A wolfish grin spread across his mouth. “Nice T-shirt slogan.”

Paige looked down and felt the flush of embarrassment as it climbed her neck and face. Both nipples protruded through the thin material far enough to be used as hat pegs. Her gaze flew back to him. “I’ll be right back.”

She hurried from the kitchen, tugging down the hem of her T-shirt over her purple panties. She could barely think about the need for a robe when her mind swirled like a blender, mixing her thoughts and emotions like a smoothie.

What was Cash Montgomery doing in her house?

And more importantly, why was she kind of excited to see him? The man had practically ruined her life. Well, maybe not ruined as much as shoved her onto a new life path. Still, he’d let her fall in love with him, taken her virginity and then treated her like she had meant nothing to him. He’d broken her heart and hadn’t seemed to care one whit.

Of course, she’d felt sorry for him passed out in the bar, just like she’d feel sympathy for any injured animal. And of course, she’d been crushed when she’d heard about his accident, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be in close proximity to him.

Cash Montgomery was a dangerous man. Dangerous to her positive self-esteem, which she needed to prosper in the intensive graduate nursing program she’d be starting in three months. Dangerous to her plans to stay focused only on her career for now. And dangerous to her self-preservation, as her heart tended to overrule her mind when it came to Cash. Nothing good could come of him being here.

She’d thought she would be able to handle seeing him, but she’d possibly misjudged. He had to go before any decisions were made by her heart and not her head.

After grabbing her chenille robe off the bathroom door, she stood in her bedroom collecting herself before walking calmly back to the kitchen. The coffee spewed and thrown at him had been cleaned up. Her overturned chair was back upright and in its place. Cash had put on a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt that stretched to cover his broad shoulders. She’d been wrong when she’d thought he’d looked emaciated the other night. Must have been positional, because every movement had another muscle popping out somewhere new on his body.

He sat at the table, his legs stretched out in front of him, his bare feet crossed at the ankles. He nursed a cup of black coffee like it was any morning in any town, USA. She clutched both sides of her robe, pulling them together like a virginal prude. A battle raged in her mind.

Don’t pull that robe together like you’ve never been with a man before. You’re being ridiculous. He’s seen everything you’ve got.

True, the opposition retorted, but he was pretty drunk that night and seven years have passed since then. And he took your heart and stomped on it with his size-fourteen cowboy boots.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare at me?” Cash asked with a lift of an eyebrow.

Paige whipped around to get another mug from the cabinet. After pouring her second cup of the day, she sat down.

“Let’s get one thing straight,” she said, sounding all the world like a school teacher reprimanding a student. “This is my house. Caroline rented it to me on Monday.”

“Travis told me I could stay here for a while.”

“Well, this isn’t going to work at all,” she said in a stiff voice that would have made a nun proud. “You’ll have to make other arrangements.”

He sat his cup on the table and leaned toward her. If he meant to intimidate her, it wasn’t going to work. She held her position and returned his stare with one she hoped conveyed her determination to stay put in this house.

“You’ll have to make other arrangements,” he said. “My brother owns this house and he gave it to me to live in as long as I want.”

Her heart dropped into her gut. The boa-constrictor-like squeeze around her chest pulled tight. Drawing in air was an effort, as was forming coherent sentences in his presence.

“Sorry, cowboy. I’m here to stay. You’re the one who has to go,” she finally managed to squeak out. “You have family you could stay with until you buy yourself somewhere else to live. Use some of that butt load of money you made riding those damn bulls to get your own place instead of trying to steal mine.”

“Steal? Yours?” He gave her a derisive snort. Using his cup, he pointed around the room. “This house doesn’t belong to you. It’s Montgomery property.”

Shoving her chair back with a loud scrape on the hardwood, she stood. “I’m going to get dressed and run some errands. When I get back, I expect you to be gone. And you can rest assured that I’ll be calling Caroline today.” She turned and marched out of the room.
D’Alba, Cynthia. Texas Twist (Whispering Springs, TX Book 4). Kindle Locations(474-524). Riante Romance, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

So much happens from here, Travis makes Paige an offer, Cash finds something he really likes to do and then there is that crazy attraction between them.

A fun read, with plenty of drama, healing and romance with plenty of heat.

5 Contented Purrs for Cynthia!

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Cynthia d'Alba Cynthia D’Alba

Hi Y’All! I’m Cynthia D’Alba from Arkansas.Here’s a little about me…New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Cynthia D’Alba started writing on a challenge from her husband in 2006 and discovered having imaginary sex with lots of hunky men was fun.

She was born and raised in a small Arkansas town. After being gone for a number of years, she’s thrilled to be making her home back in Arkansas living in a vine-covered cottage on the banks of an eight-thousand acre lake. When she’s not reading or writing or plotting, she’s doorman for her two dogs, cook, housekeeper and chief bottle washer for her husband and slave to a noisy, messy parrot. She loves to chat online with friends and fans.

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D’Alba Diamonds Street Team

Christmas Countdown! The Perfect Gift – Three Wise Men Book 1 By Serenity Woods

The Perfect Gift
Three Wise Men Book 1
Serenity Woods


Christmas 2015 Blog blurb

When billionaire Brock offers to take struggling single mom Erin away for the weekend to an exclusive hotel at Christmas, what should she say?

As a single mom who can barely afford to put food on the table, let alone fill her son Ryan’s Christmas stocking with presents, Erin isn’t particularly looking forward to the festive season. When Ryan has an asthma attack and ends up in hospital, she’s convinced it’s going to be the worst Christmas ever. Sure, Christmas is a time for miracles, but everyone knows wishes don’t really come true.

Consultant pediatrician Brock King lost his wife to cancer two years ago, and he’s convinced the love he felt for her only comes around once in a lifetime. Then, while visiting the children’s ward, he meets single mom Erin, and suddenly his future doesn’t seem so bleak.

Once Ryan recovers, Brock offers to take Erin away for her birthday, no strings attached, to give her the perfect gift every single mum would kill for—a night in an exclusive hotel. Will she take him up on his offer, which might (if she’s very lucky) end up with hot sex with a billionaire? Or should she take the moral high ground and say no?

The first in a series of magical contemporary holiday romances about three gorgeous billionaire brothers and three single moms brought together with Christmas magic, also available as a USA Today bestselling box set. By the time of the party on Christmas Eve, all three King brothers are in love. Will there be enough Christmas magic to make all their dreams come true?

Christmas 2015 Blog Review

Welcome to Carol Kittie’s Christmas Countdown.
I will be reviewing many Holiday stories
over the next few weeks.
I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.

I read this book as part of the Making Merry Collection, it will tug your heartstrings and make you smile, as Erin and Brock work their way into a relationship.

Brock and his brothers maintain a charity called The Three Wise Men, they are devoted to children with asthma and other respiratory ailments. Brock is a consultant pediatrician, Charlie is a research scientist, he has created the child-size paraphernalia with attachments of Matt’s characters to help ease their visits, and Matt is an author, he’s responsible for the creation of the cute Ward Seven characters and writes the children’s books about the journey with their illnesses.

Erin’s son has asthma and once again he’s in the hospital. She has utilized the Charity’s website for parents to chat and ask questions every since Ryan was diagnosed. There’s also a private chat window for discussions with doctors.

Brock is feeling low, it’s the anniversary of his wife’s death from breast cancer, he kept as busy as he could and now he’s settling in with a drink and remembering. His brother’s conference in with him and mention Erin’s son is in the hospital again and she’s been online, telling him he should check the site. They also confirm the hospital visits for the next day, which they do in costumes of the characters.

Erin and Brock have been talking online for over a year, and those conversations have progressed into a friendship rather than just a consultation type of interaction. This time though he asks for her number and speaks to her instead of just the instant message. Then he formulates a plan.

This is a favorite scene.

“And what’s your name?” Georgia asked the boy.

“Ryan,” he said shyly, lifting his spacer so he could suck on the paw of the miniature Dixon.
It was Erin with him—Brock had been right. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He was only a foot away from her now, and up close she was even more beautiful than she had been from across the room. She wore faded jeans and a T-shirt that had been tie-dyed with an orange sunburst pattern, but it still didn’t outshine her dazzling smile. I should have brought sunglasses, he thought. He wouldn’t see properly again for hours.

Georgia’s mouth formed an O of fake surprise. “Oh, Ryan, a little bird told me it’s a very special day for you.”

Ryan rose up onto his knees. He was a cute lad with dark curls, a button nose, and innocent It wasn’t me, it was like that when I got here eyes.

“Was it Pepper?” Ryan asked.

Erin tipped her head at him. “Was what Pepper, sweetie?”

“The little bird who said it was my birthday.” He pointed up at the toy clipped to his drip. “Was it Pepper the Pukeko?”

“Aw.” Erin gave the sexy laugh that Brock had heard on the phone, and he was lost. For the first time in two years, he thought maybe his heart wasn’t as frozen solid as he’d feared.

Georgia chuckled at Ryan’s comment. “That’s right, honey. Pepper told me it was your birthday today. How old are you?”

“I’m two,” Ryan announced proudly.

“No sweetie, you’re three now,” Erin reminded him.

“Oh.” Ryan looked confused. “I forgot.”

“Because it’s your birthday,” Georgia reminded him. “You’re a whole year older. And Dixon has a special something for you.”

Brock held up Dixon’s big paw and curled his thumb and little finger so they touched, leaving the rest of the dog’s big fingers pointing up.

“Three special somethings,” Georgia corrected. “What do you have in the sack, Dixon?”

He pulled out the same sized parcel he’d given to the rest of the kids in the hospital—a large, plush Dixon in a box, neatly wrapped by Georgia herself.

Ryan squealed and took the box with a big “Thank you!”

Next, Brock took out a flat parcel, which was a DVD of the newest series of the cartoon TV show of Ward Seven. Ryan took the present with an open mouth.

Brock held out his hand, palm uppermost.

“How many presents do you have, Ryan?” Georgia bent and asked him.

“Two,” Ryan counted, holding them up.

“And how old are you?”

He grinned—his mother’s smile, bright and beaming. “Three!”

“One more present please, Dixon!” Georgia declared.

Brock pulled out the last, special parcel and gave it to Ryan. It was a large, flat box.

“Can I open it, Mummy?” the boy asked, eyes wide. Erin glanced at Brock as if asking permission.

Putting his arm around the boy, Brock tugged a little at the wrapping paper, and Ryan tore it off. He squealed at the sight of the box of Lego dinosaurs, then turned and threw his arms around Dixon.

Brock hugged him back, touched by the boy’s affection, and glanced up at Erin.

She was staring at them, clearly baffled as to how he knew that was what her son had been asking for. Next to her, the older woman who was presumably her mother smiled.

Ryan had his photo taken with Dixon too, and then it was time to move on to the next wards, as Georgia wanted to finish giving the children presents before their tea was served.

Brock waved goodbye to everyone and walked to the door, then stopped when he felt a hand on his arm.

“Wait.” It was Erin. He turned and looked down into her bright eyes. “Um… I just wanted to say thanks,” she said. She bit her lip, and he could see she was dying to ask how he knew about the Lego set.

Georgia—who was in on the whole thing—grinned at them. “Aw, does mummy want a hug from Dixon too?”

Brock chuckled and put his arms around Erin, and she laughed and hugged him as the children cheered. As a rule, he didn’t speak in the Dixon costume, but he put his mouth close to her ear and murmured, “I’ll be back when I’ve finished. Need to talk to you.”
Woods, Serenity. Making Merry: A 3-in-1 Collection.Kindle Locations(5515-5557). Kindle Edition.

It’s a bit later when Georgia has Erin meet with Brock in a conference room. He talks her into having coffee with him and makes his suggestion for her birthday weekend. Not one to stand still this one.

Much thought is given to the offer, two separate rooms, dinner and time to herself with a handsome man for company.

Brock’s money and Erin’s insecurities cause a few obstacles, Ryan is adorable and his interactions with Brock are priceless.

I loved the way this relationship grows and the way the story encompasses both their families. The chemistry between these two is practically explosive, there’s laughter and plenty of it plus a bit of family angst.

5 Contented Purrs for Serenity!

Christmas 2015 Blog Other Books

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Christmas 2015 Blog About Author

Serenity Woods
USA Today Bestselling Author Serenity Woods lives in the sub-tropical Northland of New Zealand with her wonderful husband and gorgeous teenage son. She writes hot and sultry contemporary romances with a happy ever after, and she would much rather immerse herself in reading or writing romance than do the dusting and ironing, which is why it’s not a great idea to pop round if you have any allergies.

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Release Day! Roxy’s Warriors – Bondmates Book 4 by Ann Mayburn

Roxy’s Warriors
Bondmates Book 4
Award Winning Author
Ann Mayburn



Warning- This story is set in the Bel’Tan galaxy where polyamorous relationships are the norm and love in all of its forms is accepted including M/M, M/M/F, M/M/M/F sexual situations. Basically if you don’t like hot dudes kissing hot dudes, this may not be the series for you.

As a highly decorated soldier in the US Army, Roxy had always accepted that her job was dangerous. And she understood that someday she might make the ultimate sacrifice for her country and never come home. But little did she know that she should have been keeping her sights focused on the sky, not the battlefield, for the real threat. Kidnapped by intergalactic slavers, Roxy and her fellow soldiers find themselves sold to a cruel and heartless owner who plans on using them as gladiators in an underground fighting ring in the Bel’Tan Galaxy.

Kadothian Warriors Cormac and Nosa have searched their entire lives for their Matriarch. She’s the one woman born to love them, the only woman that can save their souls from the madness. When they find out that Roxy is their bride they begin a slow seduction of the prickly Earth woman. Roxy was betrayed by her ex-husband in the worst way, and refuses to even consider a relationship with not only one man, but two. When they discover their alyah has been taken by slavers, Cormac and Nosa will do anything to save her. Even if it means infiltrating the fighting ring deep in enemy territory holding Roxy captive.


Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo


Roxy is a warrior in her own right, and as such she is smack in the middle of the chaos as what appears to be an apocalyptic event occurs. This book opens with her calling her family then as many people she can as she rushes to the National Guard Armory.

Forward to a few weeks later, Roxy’s sister has gone missing with Lorn. He’s one of the men currently living in the farmhouse next door to Casey’s house.

This is a favorite scene as Roxy in the company of her sister’s friend Paige confronts Nosa and his blood brother Cormac.

“What so you know about my sister?” Roxy demanded in a deceptively calm, cold voice. “Where’s Casey?”

It pained him to lie to her, but he couldn’t reveal anything about the Kadothian Empire until she made the full transition to Matriarch. All he needed was a kiss–one willing kiss initiated by Roxy–and he could give her his blood. Though he’d probably get his tongue bitten off if he tried to kiss her right then.

Her dark, sharp eyes narrowed on him. “You know something.”

“Forgive me, but I do not.”

Her lips drew back in a snarl, the careful calm of her icy façade cracking.

“You’re lying! I can feel it in my bones.” To his surprise, she drew a weapon from a concealed holster at her lower back. His crystal implant identified the weapon as a Ruger SR40c. She pointed it at him without hesitation. “Where. Is. She?”

“Roxy!” Paige shouted. “What the hell! Put that thing away right now.”

His blood brother made a low soothing sound. “Be at ease, alyah. We mean no harm.”

Cormac stated to move, so Roxy shifted the weapon his direction

Her aim was straight and sure as she aimed the gun at Cormac’s heart. “Don’t come any closer.”

Paige released a frustrated, groan loud enough to draw Roxy’s attention. “You promised you wouldn’t do this again! You swore to me and the sheriff that you wouldn’t threaten people anymore. You’re freaking me out! Knock it off right this instant Roxanne Eliza Westfall.”

To his surprise, Roxy blushed with embarrassment before she slowly holstered her weapon. Her gaze kept darting between them as she bit her lower lip. While her expression became blank, he caught the faintest hint of her emotions like a passing perfume caught in a breeze. Worry, sadness, exhaustion, curiosity, and confusion all colored her psychic signature–along with a tinge of discomfort. Paige made a frustrated noise then elbowed Roxy.

“What is wrong with you?” Paige whisper hissed. “You’re going to get thrown in jail! You promised your weren’t going to act like a crazy woman. You promised!”
Mayburn, Ann. Roxy’s Warriors (Bondmates 2) Kindle Locations(658-675). Honey Mountain Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Even Roxy has found herself insanely attracted to a couple of these men, but now her protective reflexes come to the fore and she is ready to do anything to find her sister. As tempers cool, Cormac and Nosa get her to agree to meet with them at a public place to talk. Of course that doesn’t quite go as planned.

Cormac returns to Kadothia to beg Casey to obtain permission to return home to quell the frenzy. None of the men can get close to their prospective brides because of her disappearance. She and her husbands get the council to agree and things look like they might settle down.

Roxy is so happy her sister is safe and she meets up with Cormac and Nosa again, but inadvertantly breaks their bond with Melissi. This causes all kinds of issues.

We see a lot of folks in this one, Casey and her bondmates Lorn and Nast, Paige and her bondmates, Tren and Rell, and Jaz and her bondmates, Mavet,  Zentix and Tandar. Plus the initial bonds between Lacey, Gwarnon and Chel

A kidnapping, a battle to the death, a reunion with friends, and so much more. Lots of heat between the men and Roxy, and a mating that has some real tough issues.

Again I warn you: This story is set in the Bel’Tan galaxy where polyamorous relationships are the norm and love in all of its forms is accepted including M/M, M/M/F, M/M/M/F sexual situations. If you don’t like reading these things this book is not for you!

I am truly grateful words can’t melt a kindle, this books is erotic and sensual. With plenty of action, drama and suspense.

5 Contented Purrs for Ann!

Click the Cover for Buy Links and More!


Ann Mayburn Ann Mayburn

With over forty published books, Ann is Queen of the Castle to her husband and three sons in the mountains of West Virginia. In her past lives she’s been an Import Broker, a Communications Specialist, a US Navy Civilian Contractor, a Bartender/Waitress, and an actor at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. She also spent a summer touring with the Grateful Dead-though she will deny to her children that it ever happened.

From a young Ann has had a love affair with books would read everything she could get her hands on. As Ann grew older, and her hormones kicked in, she discovered bodice ripping Fabio-esque romance novels. They were great at first, but she soon grew tired of the endless stories with a big wonderful emotional buildup to really short and crappy sex. Never a big fan of purple prose, throbbing spears of fleshy pleasure and wet honey pots make her giggle, she sought out books that gave the sex scenes in the story just as much detail and plot as everything else-without using cringe worthy euphemisms. This led her to the wonderful world of Erotic Romance, and she’s never looked back.

Now Ann spends her days trying to tune out cartoons playing in the background to get into her ‘sexy space’ and has accepted that her Muse has a severe case of ADD.

Ann loves to talk with her fans, as long as they realize she’s weird, and that sarcasm doesn’t translate well via text.

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A New Series! Mace – Lighthouse Security Investigations Book 1 by Maryann Jordan

Lighthouse Security Investigations Book 1
USA Today Bestselling Author
Maryann Jordan



This book was originally published in the
USA Today Bestselling boxed set Love Under Siege

Lighthouse Security Investigations

Mace Hanover, former Special Forces and CIA Special Ops, filled his security company with other men and women from the SEALs, Rangers, Special Forces, Deltas, and AF Special Ops. All having been trained in CIA Special Ops, his Keepers were the best of the best.

His focus had been on building his security company and the missions they undertook. A relationship was not on his radar.

Single mom, Sylvie Gardner, toiled at a job she hated but she would do anything to provide for her son. When he witnesses a crime and danger lurked, she is grateful when Mace comes into their lives to protect them

Mace just wanted to provide security for the beautiful Sylvie and her son, while the Keepers investigated the crime, but the two worked their way under his skin and the mission became personal.

Can a woman who is scared to love again and a man who is afraid of love, find happiness together?

Scenes in the book are similar to what you would find in an R-rated movie. For 18+ readers only.



I read this book in the Love Under Siege Anthology.

Once again a ‘can’t put it down’ book from Maryann. I was enthralled from the very first page. Mace’s grandfather, the house, the lighthouse, the history, I felt like I was there.

Then his company Lighthouse Security Investigations, I loved the way he found this latest case. It was intriguing the way he put the pieces together and found Sylvie and her son.

This is a favorite scene as he meets with Sylvie after her son David witnessed the murder.

Sylvie watched her son before turning around, observing as Mason settled into the chair.

“I’m going to be completely honest with you, Ms. Gardner,” he said. “I am a private investigator, but I also do a lot of individual security work. I monitor police reports at times, to see if I can be of service. The police report that was filed last Thursday caught my eye.”

Cocking her head to the side, she asked, “Did you recognize me from our little…um…encounter that morning?”

“No, no…not at first. Then, I saw your driver’s license and realized who you were.”

She nodded, uncertain what to say, but curiosity filling her.

“I felt a desire to look into the reports that you had filed with the police here.”

“What is it that you’re looking for?”

“After seeing the third report that you filed, where you reported someone had been in your house, I wanted to offer you any security advice that I can.” Doubts still lingered in her eyes, so Mason continued, “For example, I see that you have no deadbolt on your front door and I assume the back door is the same. I also notice that you do not have any outdoor security lights. And, while Mr. Curtis is certainly the kind of neighbor who would call the police if he thought something was happening, I would hate for you to only have him to rely on.”

“Mr. Hanover, everything you say is right, but I’ve talked to the police. I don’t know what else I can do,” she said, dropping her eyes, wiping her palms on her jeans. “I bought a deadbolt lock, but after I got home, I realized I need a special drill bit to make a large hole in the door to install it.” Her voice lower, she admitted, “I can’t afford any fancy security.”

“Ms. Gardner, do you believe that your son witnessed a crime?”

Her head jerked up, her clear eyes meeting his, and she declared, “Absolutely. He may be young, but he doesn’t lie. And while he certainly has a child’s normal imagination, the level of detail was too descriptive for him to be incorrect in what he saw.” She glanced over her shoulder, presumably listening for the sound of the television, before she looked toward him again. “I’m the one that had to hold him that night because he was shaking in fright.”

“I believe him,” he said, noting her jerk in surprise at his words. “I know the police were doubtful, but I believe your son’s story. What concerns me, is that you had somebody checking out this house, following you, and then you reported that someone had been inside. That indicates to me that what your son saw was absolutely real.”

Sylvie’s breath left her lungs in a rush, and she whispered, “Thank you.” Closing her eyes, for just a moment, she reveled in how good it felt to have someone believe them. Focusing on him again, she said, “But, I don’t know what to do about any of this.”

“When I was checking the police reports, I didn’t see a witness drawing. Did they ask him for specific details?”

Nodding, she said, “Yes. David gave a description of what the men looked like and were wearing, but…” As her voice trailed off, it struck her that the police had not asked for more details.

“I’d like to talk to David if you don’t mind,” Mason said, carefully watching the concern and doubt etched into the lines of her forehead. The idea that he would like to erase those lines by smoothing his fingers over her skin struck him, but he battled the idea back as soon as it hit. He expected her immediate refusal, but to his surprise, she nodded.


“I could—”

“Please, come in,” she said, standing quickly. Pushing her chair back, she reached forward and flipped the simple latch on the screen door. Seeing his surprise, she said, “I trust you. I want you to talk to David…as long as you don’t scare him more than he’s already been scared.”
Love Under Siege. Maryann Jordan. Mace. Kindle Locations 7954-7984. Kindle Edition.

When they discover the body and who exactly was killed more security is needed. Mace sets them up in his grandfather’s house, that is now his.

Things heat up very quickly in the case and Mace finds his attraction to Sylvie something he can’t ignore.

I absolutely loved the slow build of this relationship which includes David.

Plenty of twists and turns, romance and some fun as well.

I look forward to the next book in this new series.

5 Contented Purrs for Maryann!

Coming in January 2019!
Rank:  Lighthouse Security Investigations Book 2
Sorry no cover yet!


Maryann Jordan

As an Award Winning, Amazon International Bestselling and All-Star author, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble Best Selling Author, I have always been an avid reader. In 2013 I started a blog to showcase wonderful writers and finally gave in to the characters in my head pleading for their story to be told. Thus, Emma’s Home was created.

My first novel, Emma’s Home became an Amazon Best Seller in 3 categories within the first month of publishing. Its success was followed by the rest of the Fairfield Series and then led into the Love’s Series. Soon, other spin-off series came along and 8 of my books have made Amazon top 100 Bestselling books.

Gabe, from the Alvarez Security Series won Silver Medal and 5 Star Review by the 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Honor Love was an award winning novel from the 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Serial Love was an award finalist novel from the 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Coming Home was awarded the 5 Star Review by the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Discover Love was awarded the 5 Star Review by the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards.

My books are filled with sweet romance and hot sex; mystery, suspense, real life characters and situations. My heroes are alphas, take charge men who love the strong, independent women they fall in love with.

I worked as a counselor in a high school and have been involved in education for the past 30 years. I have just retired and look forward to more time with family and writing!

I have been married to a wonderfully patient man for 36 years and have 2 adult, very supportive daughters.

When writing, my dog or one of my cats will usually be found in my lap!

I love to hear from readers, so please email me!

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New Release! Prairie Redemption – Cowboys of the Flint Hills Book 8 By Tessa Layne

Prairie Redemption
Cowboys of the Flint Hills
The Graces Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Tessa Layne



Two broken hearts…

A career-ending injury from a bull named Damnation has stopped Cody Hansen’s life in its tracks and sent him home to Prairie to lick his wounds. Refusing to accept his career is over, he limps into the office of physical therapist Carolina Grace. The sweet girl next door is now all woman, and Cody can’t deny his attraction. But nothing—not even love—will deter him from returning to the arena.

Carolina Grace is unlucky in love. Two times she’s been left at the altar. Once is a mistake. Twice is a pattern. She really doesn’t wanna know what three times would be, so despite the best efforts of Prairie’s well-intentioned matchmakers, she’s locked up her heart and thrown away the key. Until old friend Cody Hansen hobbles into her office. In spite of her good intentions, she can’t help but fall straight into his arms—and his bed.

Are they brave enough for one last risk?

Will the third time be the charm for Carolina? Or will Cody’s stubbornness cost him everything? Even his life?


Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002


I love Prairie and the families I’ve come to know through these books.

Caroline Grace is someone we have heard about in previous books. This book is her story and Cody Hanson’s as well.

When last we saw Cody he had been thrown and trampled by the bull he was riding. This book opens with Parker kicking Cody out of his home. He and Cassie had opened their home to him for his recuperation but he hasn’t been doing any of the Physical Therapy. Parker has decided enough is enough and Cody needs to be accountable for his own well being.

Carolina Hansen moved home from Chicago after her fiancé was killed in an auto accident. A physical therapist she’s working at the new Physical Therapy Center. It’s here that she encounters Cody for the first time in years.

This is a favorite scene as he arrives for his appointment.

A man who looked more like a bouncer than a physical therapist looked up from behind a computer. “Can I help you?”

Cody jammed his hands in his pockets. “Yeah. Cody Hansen. I have an appointment at eleven?”

The guy nodded, studying the screen.

“Yes. I see you’re scheduled with Carolina. She’ll meet you in room B.”

Wait. Carolina? He only knew one Carolina, and she was Cassie’s little sister. No way was he stripping down to his skivvies in front of her. He shook his head. “No way. I’m not seein’ a girl.”

The man, who wore a badge with the name Greg on it, eyed him critically. “Did you bring a change of clothes? You’ll probably be more comfortable in sweats.” He craned his neck over the front of the desk. “And sneakers.”

“I said,” Cody began sharply, “I don’t want to be seen by a girl.”

“It’s a good thing I’m not a girl, then, Cody Hansen.” A husky voice behind him answered sharply.

He swung around and froze.

The person before him was all woman. He dropped his gaze, taking in her athletic shoes and fancy sweatpants that clung to full hips. This was no girl. The long-sleeved blue knit shirt she wore clung to her curves and set Cody’s imagination whirling. He focused in on a full, sensual mouth, drawn tight.

“You have a problem with me, cowboy?”

The mouth moved, but his brain seemed to slow down, unable to process it was her talking.

He raised his head to lock eyes with a very irate Carolina Grace. When had she transformed from sweet girl next door to spitfire? His belly tightened as they stared at each other, neither willing to look away. A spark of awareness zipped through him, but he stamped out as quickly as it appeared. Another time, another place, maybe. But not now, when he was broken and scarred, a shell of a man. Not ever. Carolina Grace was out of his league, and for that fact alone, he’d rather be dead than let her see his scars and the way his muscles hung off his bones.

“What’d you say?” She said sharply, green eyes going icy.

Shit. Had he said that out loud?

“You’re lucky to be alive and all you can do is stand here mumbling you’d rather be dead?” Her face twisted in anguish. “Greg, you take him. I don’t work with quitters or thumb suckers.” She handed her clipboard to the bodybuilder and spun on her heel.

Parker had used that word on him earlier this morning. Was that how everyone in town viewed him? As a thumb sucker? A pathetic, washed-up excuse of a man? Something inside him snapped. Fuck that. He’d show them all that he was made of stronger stuff. He might be down, but he sure as hell wasn’t out. He’d risen to the top of the bull-riding world not by choosing the expected route, but by acting on instinct, often surprising the heck out of the people around him. And every instinct in his body shouted at him to not let Carolina Grace hand him over to Giant Greg. “Wait.” Cody hustled after her, pushing through the shooting pains traveling up and down his leg. “Hold up a minute, Caro?” he called, slipping into the old nickname everyone had called her by when they were teenagers.

Ahead of him, she stiffened, but stopped, not turning around. “I go by Carolina now,” she answered tersely, still facing forward.

He came abreast of her, laying a hand lightly at her elbow. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I did. It was out of line.” He sucked in a breath, gut lurching. Asking for help wasn’t his style. While he’d always been quick to lend a hand on the circuit, he’d prided himself on being self-sufficient, independent. It ate at him that he had to rely on others, now. Every damn day. He swallowed the lump of shame stopping up his throat. “I, ah… will you help me?” The anger peeled off her in waves. “Carolina?”

Her sudden movement caught him by surprise, and he found himself inches from her face, close enough to see gold flecks in the center of her green eyes. His pulse kicked up a notch as he held her gaze. Let her see he meant what he’d said.

“Can you handle it?”

“Bring it.” Her mouth thinned to a straight line. “Like I said, I don’t work with quitters or thumb suckers.”

“Good thing I’m neither.”
Layne, Tessa. Prairie Redemption: Cowboys of the Flint Hills (The Graces Book 2) Kindle Locations(133-165). Shady Layne Media. Kindle Edition.

It seems these two have a lot to overcome, Cody the physical as well as the mental feelings of inadequacy. For Caroline the guilt of betraying a man who’s deceased and the feelings that she isn’t meant to have her happily ever after.

A slow yet, fiery build to this relationship and plenty of emotional decisions that can make or break them.

5 Contented Purrs for Tessa!

Click the Cover for Buy Links and More!

The Sinclaires

The Hansens

The Graces


Tessa Layne

Tessa Layne writes smokin’ hot contemporary cowboy and military romances filled with tenderhearted tough guys and sassy strong women who capture their hearts.She grew up in Colorado in the mountains at the edge of the Great Plains. There, she met her own smokin’ hot Cowboy and they had a whirlwind romance to rival any novel. She believes in Happily Ever Afters, loves fireflies, horses, and breathing clean country air. Her favorite thing to do is to sit on the porch swing with a glass of Rose, listening to her Cowboy pluck his guitar!

Feel free to drop her a line (links below) – She loves to hear from her readers!

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Casey’s Warriors – Bondmates Book 1 By Ann Mayburn

Casey’s Warriors
Bondmates Book 1
Award Winning Author
Ann Mayburn



Warning: This book features a galaxy where love in any and all forms is embraced including M/M, M/M/F, M/F, M/F+M/M/M, etc in scenes hot enough to melt your Kindle.

Lorn Adar has searched more than a lifetime to find his bondmate–the one woman he was born to love and the only woman who can save him from the approaching madness that threatens all unbonded males of his race. When a wormhole opens from his galaxy to Earth and the women who could hold their future, Lorn will do all in his power to not only find his mate, but show her a Universe she never knew existed. Casey Westfall’s normal life changed forever when she finds the sexy leather clad man on her doorstep. One innocent kiss leads to an adventure that will span worlds and Casey will have to choose between the man who is the other half of her soul and never seeing her family or her world again.

To complicate matters Kadothians live in polyamerous family units and Lorn will have to convince his Earth bride to accept not only his love, but the love of his best friend and brothers in arms or risk the chance of losing them to either the madness or the Hive–the race of sociopathic women bent on destroying and enslaving everything in their path, but Casey can’t see loving more than one man as being anything other than a sin. Lorn will have to teach his bride that she was created for both of them just as they were created only for her.

In a Universe where all is possible, the battle to protect not only his people, but his heart rests on the soul of a human woman who must face the unknown and take a leap of faith that could save or destroy them all.


Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo


With Roxy’s Warriors releasing on Tuesday I decided to go back and read this series again. Casey’s Warriors is the first book and she is Roxy’s younger sister.

I love the world created in this book. It all starts with what looks like an apocalyptic event on earth. Casey gets a call from her sister Roxy who is in the military, telling her to get home with her friends now and stop for gas and additional water once she hits town.

From the Bel’Tan Galaxy this same event could be life saving for the men of Kadothia, they need to find their bondmates. The women meant to be with them forever. If they don’t they will be consumed by the madness that is a constant threat to unbonded males. The wormhole created isn’t completely stable and won’t last long so these men need to get their brides to fall for them as quickly as possible. However the first kiss in which the male will exchange a bit of blood, must be initiated by the woman.

Casey first meets Lorn at the grocery where she works the late shift. The attraction is immediate and Lorn has the advantage of knowing she is his bondmate.

This is a favorite scene after she gets off shift.

Five hours later at a little past one in the morning, stinking like the spoiled shrimp she’d spent the last two hours clearing out of a broken down freezer in the back of the grocery store, Casey dug through the plastic bag where she’d put her purse looking for her keys. Her clothes were stained with rotten shrimp guts and she had a bunch of empty plastic grocery bags to put over the seat of her car so she didn’t ruin the upholstery.

Her back ached, her stomach kept threatening to empty itself, and she was pretty sure Jerry was going to make every moment of her life at the store as shitty as possible before she returned to school in the fall.

The lights near the back of the lot flickered weakly as she neared her elderly sedan that had seen better days but still chugged along. Despite the late hour she was keyed up over her earlier encounter with Lorn and the memory of his—well, shit—everything. Kimber had come back a couple times to show her pictures she’d snapped of Lorn and Casey talking, much to her dismay. Seeing an image of them together, with Casey staring up at him like some love struck idiot, only pointed out how very far out of her league he was.

He was perfect. Absolutely perfect. From the top of his white-blond head to the bottoms of his ass-kicking black motorcycle boots, the man was a walking advertisement for everything hot and virile. Well other than his overly long canine teeth, but it was better than him missing teeth, as some of the people of her small town did. And his breath…she wondered if he tasted as good as he smelled.

While enjoying a rather vivid daydream of licking her way along Lorn’s body and finding out if his carpet matched his drapes, her gaze wandered to the anomaly in the night sky. Deep in the far reaches of space a brilliant point of light flared in blues, greens, purples and touches of magenta. It had appeared in the sky after the aurora from The Event faded, and for a brief time, everyone had thought the world was coming to an end. For two weeks things had been a little hairy but order had soon been restored. Everyone kept waking up with the world still spinning around as it had for the last four billion years with the same bills, the same politics, the same bullshit, and humanity had pretty much gotten over it.

Oh, there were theories aplenty about what the light was, everything from God getting ready to bring the end of times, to the ancient Atlanteans returning to earth. Casey, being a sci-fi fan, liked to imagine it was some kind of communications beacon from an alien race. Her idea wasn’t any more farfetched than the most, but for right now the only thing everyone could agree upon was that it was very pretty.

The lights in the parking lot began to go dim and flicker, plunging her section into semi-darkness. She could still see enough by the streetlights to make out her car near the tree line, but apprehension skittered up her spine. Trying to tell herself these shitty ass lights were always going out, that this wasn’t like a scene out of a horror movie where the dumb co-ed got chopped to bits by the serial killer clown, she walked faster. She swore she heard the sound of heavy footsteps behind her, but when she looked over her shoulder she couldn’t see anyone among the few vehicles still in the lot.

Putting some pep in her step, she hurried to her car and gripped the small canister of pepper spray on her keychain. She’d laughed at her dad when he got it for her, but as she flipped the safety off, she was grateful for the protection it offered. Another glance over her shoulder revealed a dark, vaguely man-like shape, around six parking spots away, heading toward her and she debated if she should scream for help or just make a run for her car. Then the shape began to quickly advance and she decided to say fuck it and do both.

With a loud, blood curdling scream she dashed for her car, hitting the locks so she’d be able to jerk the door open and slide inside. Just as she was about to reach the handle an impossibly large hand gripped her arm and she spun, spraying her attacker full in the face with her pepper spray. His startled yell cut off her scream when the figure’s long, pale hair flew back as he bellowed and rubbed at his face. She stood dumfounded when Lorn said something in a foreign language that didn’t sound very complimentary.

The sight of tears running down his face snapped her out of her daze. “Oh shit! Lorn, I’m so sorry! Wait, stop rubbing your face!”

“Woman, what vile weapon did you assault me with? I cannot see!”

He went to rub his face again and she gripped his arm, trying to pull his hand back before he touched himself. “No, wait, I’m so sorry I maced you. I thought you were attacking me. Don’t touch your face with your hands, use your shirt but blot, don’t rub. Oh shit, I’m so sorry. I thought you were a clown, I mean, not a clown, a psycho, but you’re not and I’m so sorry!”

Crouching down on the pavement he ripped off his trench coat, then his shirt. She shamelessly ogled his half naked body and creamed her jeans at the sight of his perfect six, no eight pack. The man had an honest-to-god eight-pack that was as smooth as a baby’s butt. His broad chest was equally built, and the way his massive arms flexed as he tried to remove the pepper spray from his skin, made her want to rub herself against him in the worst way even as guilt pierced her over hurting him.

He made a pained noise and she shook her head, scolding herself for standing back and getting an eyeful when she should be helping him.

“Hold on, I have emergency water in my trunk. Let me get it and we’ll try to rinse some of it off.”

She took his grunt as approval and quickly opened her trunk, pulling out the two gallons of water her father insisted she carry everywhere with her. “Move your hands, I need to pour this over your face.”

She handed him the water and stepped back as he lifted his face and poured it over his skin. When she caught sight of his reddened cheeks and swollen eyes guilt panged through her and she started babbling again. “What were you doing? Why didn’t you say something? I thought you were some kind of psycho that wanted to hurt me.”

“Number,” he growled out as he shook his head, water flying through the air and splattering her. “Can you please pour the water on me?”

She did as he asked, trying to get as much of the pepper spray off his eyelids as possibl

“I wanted to attain your number. Without it we would not have dinner.”

“Oh…” she was so shocked that she kept pouring the jug over his face, half drowning him before it emptied. “Shit, I’m sorry.”

He shook his head again and she tried to resist the urge to run her fingers along his slick chest, to trace each perfectly cut muscle beneath his tanned skin. “It is my fault. I should have realized you would not see me in this light.”

“Are you okay?”

He gave her a bleary blink. “I am fine.”

Dropping the jug she went to touch his face but he grasped her hand. “Do not. You will injure yourself.”

Her guilt tripled and she had to blink back tears. “I’m so, so sorry, Lorn.”

“It is all right, Casey. I have suffered worse.”

Poor guy, his eyes were practically swollen shut and he was trying to comfort her.
Mayburn, Ann. Casey’s Warriors (Bondmates) (pp. 51-54). Honey Mountain Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Casey gets really sick with the transformation that adapts her body to not only be with Lorn but also to live on Kadothia. Her friends come over to see how she’s doing and also ogle the guys at the farm next door to her.

An earth woman Casey has a lot of preconceived notions about relationships and there are plenty of adjustments she has to make. One of the hardest is that Lorn’s blood brother, Nast is also expecting to bond with her. The other is she needs to partially bond with others in order to keep them from falling to the madness.

As Casey is adjusting we meet a Matriarch Jaz (Book 2), who is also from earth and is helping with the transitioning. We also get to see a blossoming relationship between Casey’s friend Paige and Commander Trenzent  (Book 3).

While the relationship advances rapidly and hotly, there are more than a few bumps in this road. Some family drama on both ends, and a traitor that nearly destroys the trust Casey has for her men. I totally want a zendor

Melt your kindle heat, with some tear producing backstories and if there is anything in this warning you don’t like then don’t pick it up. This is a galaxy where love in any and all forms is embraced including M/M, M/M/F, M/F, M/F+M/M/M.

5 Contented Purrs for Ann!

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Coming November 27th

Pre-Order Today!

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo


Ann Mayburn Ann Mayburn

With over forty published books, Ann is Queen of the Castle to her husband and three sons in the mountains of West Virginia. In her past lives she’s been an Import Broker, a Communications Specialist, a US Navy Civilian Contractor, a Bartender/Waitress, and an actor at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. She also spent a summer touring with the Grateful Dead-though she will deny to her children that it ever happened.

From a young Ann has had a love affair with books would read everything she could get her hands on. As Ann grew older, and her hormones kicked in, she discovered bodice ripping Fabio-esque romance novels. They were great at first, but she soon grew tired of the endless stories with a big wonderful emotional buildup to really short and crappy sex. Never a big fan of purple prose, throbbing spears of fleshy pleasure and wet honey pots make her giggle, she sought out books that gave the sex scenes in the story just as much detail and plot as everything else-without using cringe worthy euphemisms. This led her to the wonderful world of Erotic Romance, and she’s never looked back.

Now Ann spends her days trying to tune out cartoons playing in the background to get into her ‘sexy space’ and has accepted that her Muse has a severe case of ADD.

Ann loves to talk with her fans, as long as they realize she’s weird, and that sarcasm doesn’t translate well via text.

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Loving this Series! Texas Fandango – Whispering Springs, TX Book 3 by Cynthia D’Alba

Texas Fandango
Whispering Springs, TX Book 3
NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author
Cynthia D’Alba



Two-weeks on the beach can deepen more than tans.

Attorney KC Montgomery has loved family friend Drake Gentry ever since they were kids, but she never seemed to be on his radar. Fate puts in the same bar when Drake’s girlfriend dumps him, leaving him with two all-expenses paid tickets to the Sand Castle Resort in the Caribbean. KC seizes the chance and makes him an offer impossible to refuse: two weeks of food, fun, sand, and sex with no strings attached.

University Professor Drake Gentry has noticed his best friend’s cousin for years, but KC has always been hands-off, until today. Unable to resist, he agrees to her two-week, no-strings affair.

The vacation more than fulfills both their fantasies. The sun is hot but the sex hotter. Once home, KC finds it harder than she had expected to go back to her regular life. For Drake, their short two-week fling leaves him wanting more, but what’s he to do when KC makes it clear she wants nothing more?


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KC Montgomery witnesses Drake Gentry’s break up with Magda at Leo’s Bar and Grill. Bringing him a beer, he shares he was going to take her to Sand Castle Resort for two weeks of Sand, Sun, and Surfing. KC jumps in and says she’s in, but Drake doesn’t get it. Leo on the other hand does and gives Drake a verbal slap in the head. Now he has some groveling to do.

This is a favorite scene.

KC waved her hand in a get-on-with-it gesture. He nodded.

“Leo said—”

“Oh God. Leo sent you here?” she snarled. “I’m going to kill him.”

“Don’t kill him yet. He sort of knocked me upside the head and rattled my brain enough that what you said this afternoon finally sank through my thick skull. You really want to go with me to the Sand Castle?”

She dropped her head against the headrest. “Great. Just freaking great. You have rattled brains, and because of that you’ve come to see me.”

He laughed. “Not exactly.” He leaned forward, his elbows on his knees. His movement caught the attention of the puppy, who jumped down and ran over to him. The ball of furry energy danced around his feet and Drake picked her up. If she weighed a pound, he’d be shocked. The puppy wiggled and climbed up to his face, again smearing it with her puppy tongue.

“Traitor,” KC said.

“Me or Killer? And what is her name? It isn’t Killer.”

He nuzzled his nose on the puppy’s head. “This baby isn’t a killer of anything.”

“Ha! You haven’t seen the heel of my leather boot.”

He grinned.

“Her name is Jasmine. I call her Jazz.”

At the mention of her name, the puppy’s head snapped toward her owner and she immediately began struggling to get down. Drake set Jazz on the floor and she scurried to KC, who shook her head and picked her up.

“She’s rotten,” she said, but there was no fire behind her words.

Drake leaned back on the sofa and crossed an ankle over a knee. “Okay, as I was saying, do you want to go with me on vacation? You sort of caught me off-guard this afternoon, and I’m sorry for being so slow on the uptake. I’d love for you to come with me.” He drained the remaining water and set the empty bottle on the side table. “But you need to know that I reserved a one-bedroom suite. I’ll sleep on the couch, you don’t have to worry. You can have the bed.”

KC set the puppy down and leaned forward. “You’re asking me to go with you on vacation?”

“Yep. My treat.”

“And you’re not going to make me sleep with you?”

He shrugged and made himself maintain eye contact when what he wanted to do was look anywhere but at her. Damn. Her voice was a little tight and high with that last question. Now what had he done wrong? He didn’t think he’d ever understand women.

“Right.” He dragged the word out. “No obligation.”

She drained her beer. The empty bottle dangled from the tips of her fingers. The side of her cheek sucked as she rolled it between her teeth.

“So no sex. That’s what you’re saying? I just want to make sure there are no misunderstandings this time.”

He nodded. “Sure.”

She echoed his nod and then set her bottle on the floor. “Well then, in that case, no.”

His head popped back. “What?”

Leaning toward him, she said, “No sex, no trip.”

This time, he swallowed hard. Crossed and uncrossed his legs. Adjusted his position on the sofa. “Explain exactly what you’re saying. Use small words and short sentences. I don’t think my mind is hearing correctly this afternoon.”

“Here’s the deal, Doc. I want a vacation with the five S’s. Sand. Surf. Sun. Spa. And sex.” She leaned back in her chair. “And not necessarily in that order.”

“So you want to sleep with me?”

“I want a two-week torrid, scorching-hot affair. No holds barred. Then, we walk away. No harm. No foul. Those are my terms.” She stared into his eyes. “Take it or leave it.”
D’Alba, Cynthia. Texas Fandango (Whispering Springs, TX Book 3).(Kindle Locations 280-308).Riante Romance, Inc..Kindle Edition.

The vacation is all Drake and KC could have imagined and so much more.

This is a short but satisfying read, filled with fun and plenty of antics and some melt your kindle scenes. All set on a gorgeous tropical island.

5 Contented Purrs for Cynthia!

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Cynthia d'Alba Cynthia D’Alba

Hi Y’All! I’m Cynthia D’Alba from Arkansas.Here’s a little about me…New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Cynthia D’Alba started writing on a challenge from her husband in 2006 and discovered having imaginary sex with lots of hunky men was fun.

She was born and raised in a small Arkansas town. After being gone for a number of years, she’s thrilled to be making her home back in Arkansas living in a vine-covered cottage on the banks of an eight-thousand acre lake. When she’s not reading or writing or plotting, she’s doorman for her two dogs, cook, housekeeper and chief bottle washer for her husband and slave to a noisy, messy parrot. She loves to chat online with friends and fans.

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D’Alba Diamonds Street Team

Wine and Hot Shoes – Citizen Soldier Book 6 By Donna Michaels

Wine and Hot Shoes
Citizen Soldier Book 6
NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author
Donna Michaels



Hot Shoe:

1. Driver who has the most past wins among active drivers at a particular track; is the quickest in qualifying, and is favored to win at that track.
2. Gorgeous footwear.

This Thanksgiving, Sgt. Audrey McNeil Watson is thankful for wine. Lots and lots of wine. And her closet of hot shoes. Together, they help her deal with the return of her sexy ex-boyfriend, the now famous NASCAR Champion she left after 9/11 to join the National Guard and make a difference. Too bad he still manages to accelerate her pulse and drive her crazy.

Professional stock car racing driver, Matthew “Stone” Bennett returned home to meet with the Wyne brothers to discuss a recent encounter with their estranged brother Keiffer, to face the reality of his cousin’s suicide, and for the wedding of his buddy, Ethan Wyne.

Volunteering to draw the paparazzi away from the happy couple, he and Audrey agree to spend time together with purely platonic intentions. But he soon discovers their old flame never died, as well as old hurts and resentments. Matthew must face the pain of his past in order to sort out his future.


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Once again I read a book that is part of series and not at the beginning of it. I would have gone back to read the others first, but this is a story around Thanksgiving so the timing is perfect.

NASCAR Champion, Matt ‘Stone’ Bennett is home for Thanksgiving and also the secret wedding of his best friend Ethan Wyne. Secret to try to keep paparazzi from invading the event.

Audrey McNeil is Matthew’s ex. She left him to his racing and the limelight to go to college, but after 9/11 she joined the National Guard and served two tours overseas. She met and married a fellow soldier but he never made it back from their second deployment. Now a widow, she works with her family in realty as she finishes out her obligation to the National Guard. She runs into Matthew as she’s rushing out to meet with the girls, where Phoebe is planning to spring the secret wedding on her friends.

After Thanksgiving dinner they all meet up for the annual touch football game at the Wyne’s home.

This is a favorite scene.

“Before we play,” Ethan said, capturing everyone’s attention. “I’d like to talk about the wedding. We’re holding it in my back yard in order to keep it private.”

“Then I should stop you there.” Audrey stepped in front of him to block the happy couple from the guy taking pictures across the street. He could be there for photos of Phoebe and not Matthew.

“Why?” Phoebe frowned.

“Because of the camera already trained this way,” she replied. “I don’t know if he has one of those cone-shaped listening device things.”

“He doesn’t.” Matt stepped to her side again. “Neither does the female parked two doors down.”
Shoot. “There’s two?”

He nodded. “Been there the whole time, but they both only just have cameras.”

“Well, provided it doesn’t snow,” Ethan continued. “Like I said, we’re going to hold the ceremony at one o’clock in my back yard. We’ll have big space heaters. It’s a little more private than the resort gazebo and we’re hoping to keep the paparazzi out.”

Matthew grimaced. “Good luck. If they get wind, they can be very creative.”

Audrey shifted, and held back her own grimace. If the news got out, she could imagine the hordes of reporters descending like flies. It happened on more than one occasion when she’d traveled with Matthew the year before she left. Heck, it was one of the reasons she had left. The lack of privacy was a huge pain, but the blatant lies plastered all over tabloids were taking a toll on her parents.

Phoebe nodded. “True. We already know we won’t stop them all.”

“Yeah.” Ethan pulled his fiancée in closer. “But, we’ll cut it down to a few photos taken from the lake or the woods, not assholes rushing up and sticking cameras or phones in our faces. Now, if we could just keep them off our trail over the next few days, that’d be great. I don’t want them harassing Tyler.”

Matthew slid his arm around Audrey’s waist and pulled her in close to his side, sending a jolt of awareness all the way to her toes.

“Maybe we can help with that,” he offered. “As you can see, we already picked up a tail just by walking up the sidewalk together.”

She turned her head to frown at him. “You think they’re here because of us?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, blue gaze contrite. “Sorry, but we’re probably going to make the papers tomorrow.”

Her stomach tightened with a familiar, unhealthy tension. “Some things never change.”

“I know, but I think we can use that to help Ethan and Phoebe out.”

Ben nodded. “I see where you’re going with this. Great idea.”

The others echoed his sentiment.

Brandi smiled “So, if they think Stone Bennett is rekindling with an old flame, then they’ll keep an eye on you and off Phoebe, Ethan, and more importantly, Tyler.”

Matthew nodded. “Exactly.”

“I appreciate it, but are you sure?” Uncertainty clouded Ethan’s gaze. “I don’t want either of you doing anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

“Nah, it’s cool.” Matthew shook his head and glanced at her. “Right, Audrey?”
Donna Michaels. Wine and Hot Shoes (Kindle Locations 557-584). Donna Michaels. Kindle Edition.

As these two keep the paparazzi away, they also discover there is still a lot of chemistry between them. But the past is something that must be dealt with and it’s very painful.

The death of Matt’s cousin Greg by suicide the year before, is a hurdle Matt needs to conquer, as well as bringing the uncomfortable knowledge that his friend’s youngest brother, Keiffer, doesn’t appear to be doing well to the Wyne brother’s attention.

Rebuilding a relationship that went wrong, and resolving the misunderstandings that went with it, under the watchful eyes of paparazzi is quite an adventure. Yet they manage to keep the attention off the bride and groom during the wedding and for the honeymoon too.

Hot shoes by both definitions, and definitely plenty of heat and sizzle elsewhere. This is a wonderful Thanksgiving read!

Now I have to go back to read the rest of this series, and maybe find the one for Christmas too!

5 Contented Purrs for Donna!

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Donna Michaels Donna Michaels

It’s all my mother’s fault.

She read to me before I could read and opened up that magical world where I still reside today. Then came television and movies. Now I had three avenues that fed my imagination…and boy could I eat! As you no doubt figured out, this lead to my writing career. I’m a NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling Award winng author. Phew, that was a mouthful! Multi-published in e-book and print with several publishers, I certainly have a ton of voices in my head.

I’m happily married to a military man for 28 years. We have four children and several rescued cats. Michael’s been in the Army National Guard since before he graduated. The Guard has been a part of our lives right from the start. It was only natural for the military to spill into my writing. God bless the military and their families. Thank you all for your sacrifices. ♥

You already know my mom inspired my love of reading,but it was my dad who got me hooked on movies. Even now, if I had the time, I could happily go from one movie to another all day long. They are the reason I love mixed genre and why I can’t just stick to just one in my writing, although, as you can tell, I have a soft spot for cowboys and the military.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for getting to know me a little better. Remember, keep reading to your children. The journey you’re igniting is precious. And the next time you’re at the movies, turn around. I just might be the person sitting behind you. No, not the one throwing popcorn (it’s too expensive to waste). I’m the one already imagining the sequel.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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The Latest From Paige Tyler! Wolf Rising – SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team Book 8

Wolf Rising
SWAT: Special Alpha Wolf Team Book 8
NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author
Paige Tyler



Just when he’s found The One…he might lose her.

SWAT Officer Jayden Brooks doesn’t believe there’s a soul mate out there for him—The One. But when he saves high school teacher Selena Rosa from a hostage situation, he knows he’s in big trouble. Her scent is irresistible.

Selena finds the big cop irresistible, too. In fact, the buttoned-up teacher gets a little carried away—during a steamy make-out session, she bites him. Turns out, the traumatizing events at the school triggered her werewolf gene. Fangs and claws are appearing and her aggression is out of control. The change is happening, and Selena doesn’t understand.

It’s going to take everything Brooks has to pull her back from the edge…and ultimately win her heart.


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Selena Rosa is an English teacher at Terence Grove High School, she is proof to at least some of the kids in this school, that there is a way out of this neighborhood. She doesn’t allow disrespect in her classroom so when Pablo, who unfortunately has joined a gang, makes fun at ‘his friend’ Ruben as he’s reading outloud. Selena confronts him and sets off a sequence of events that will be life changing for her.

Jaden Brooks, is one of the SWAT team members called to diffuse an escalating situation in Selena’s classroom. Unfortunately Pablo decided to shoot and Brooks dove into her to prevent her from being shot. Interrupted by work he hasn’t had a chance to track her down.

Instead she finds him. This is a favorite scene.

As it turns out, the doctor decided my symptoms weren’t related to anything physical.”

“What was it then?”

She took her hand away from his arm as she shrugged. “He seemed to think I’m dealing with post-traumatic stress.”

A part of Brooks was relieved Selena wasn’t physically injured, but at the same time, he was worried. PTSD wasn’t anything to mess around with. He’d known a lot of good cops who’d lost their jobs, their families, and sometimes more because they’d gone through a rough situation they’d never been able to get past.

“Have you thought of talking to someone about it?” he asked.

She sighed. “You sound like my principal and vice principal. They want me to talk to somebody, too. In fact, they’ve essentially kicked me out of my class for the rest of the week, so I can take time off to recover. Whatever the heck that means.”

“Selena, this is serious,” Brooks said. “Someone tried to kill you. It’s normal to be affected by something like that. Normal to feel confused, scared, and freaked out as hell. It’s also completely normal to sit down and talk with someone about it.”

Her shoulders sagged. “I know. And to be honest, I am a bit freaked out by everything that happened—the parts I can remember anyway. But honestly, I’m not sure who I’d even talk to about something like this. I don’t know if I could walk into a therapist’s office and open up to someone I’ve never met. My grandmother is the only family I have left, but I don’t want to worry her any more than she already is after what happened yesterday.” Selena thought a moment. “I suppose I could talk to my priest, but he’s such a gentle soul that I’m not sure I could bring myself to tell him all the things I was feeling in the classroom when Pablo was waving that gun around.”

“You could always talk to me,” he said softly. “I mean, I know you just met me, but at least you don’t have to fill me in on all the details, since I was there with you. And I do a pretty good job of listening, if I do say so myself.”

That gorgeous smile returned. “Well, since it seems like I have the rest of the week off whether I want it or not, maybe we could get together and talk over lunch?” “Lunch would work,” he agreed. “But how about dinner instead? If you’re comfortable with that, I mean.”

Selena didn’t answer. Crap. Had he completely misread the situation? It hit him then that he’d never even considered the possibility she might have a boyfriend…or a girlfriend, for that matter. But then he heard her heart thump a little harder and realized she was definitely intrigued by the suggestion.

“I’ll consider dinner,” Selena said slowly, her lips curving in a surprisingly sultry way. “But only if you come to my place.”

Brooks certainly didn’t mind going to her place, but he was a little taken aback by the invitation. Then he picked up a very distinct scent filling the room. Damn. If he didn’t know better, he’d swear she was getting aroused. Which immediately got him going, too. The image of him humping her leg came roaring right back.

Down, boy.

“Are you good in the kitchen?” he asked.

Selena gave him a look that suggested she knew exactly what she was doing to him. “I’m good in every room of my place.”

He chuckled, loving the unexpected flirty banter, especially when her face heated up, making him think she’d been more shocked by the words than he had.

“Well, in that case, dinner at your place it is. Tonight work for you?”

She hesitated, and again he was struck by the idea that this wasn’t the way she normally behaved. But then she took a deep breath and nodded her head. “Tonight sounds good. Eight o’clock?”


They talked a little while longer…and flirted a bit in between exchanging phone numbers, too. Every once in a while, he’d pick up the tantalizing scent of her arousal. But now, it was mixed with the one he’d picked up when he’d first walked into the admin building. He tried to get his head around the amazingly complex aroma. It was equal parts delicate flowers, exotic spices, and something feminine and uniquely Selena.

He couldn’t believe how different her scent was today from yesterday. It was almost like he was smelling a different woman.

But no matter what Selena smelled like, Brooks couldn’t deny how strongly her scent affected him. Some of the guys in the Pack had experienced this sensory sensation before, and in every case, it involved stumbling across The One.
Tyler, Paige. Wolf Rising (SWAT). (Kindle Locations 1428-1464). Sourcebooks. Kindle Edition.

I love that Brooks has found his one, but things are not going to be simple, A case with gangs, an imprisoned hunter that thinks he’s the Alpha and a drug that is killing people.

The traumatic way they met has also caused a change in Selena, she is becoming a wolf and not just any kind of wolf. A difficult situation to be sure.

Action-packed, suspenseful, edge of your seat drama and plenty of heat.

I love this series and I really can’t wait for the next book.

5 Contented Purrs for Paige!

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Paige Tyler

Paige is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sexy romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She graduated from The University of West Florida with a degree in education in 2000, but decided to pursue a full-time career as a writer in 2004. Since then, she’s written over fifty books in several genres, including paranormal, contemporary, western, sci-fi and erotica. She loves writing about strong, sexy, alpha males and the feisty,independent women who fall for them. From verbal foreplay to sexual heat, her stories of romance, adventure, suspense, passion and true love will leave you breathlessly panting for more.

She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kick-butt heroines who fall in love with them.

When not working on her latest book, Paige enjoys reading, jogging, P90X, Yoga, Pilates, going to the beach, watching NFL football, watching movies and hanging out with her husband (not necessarily in that order!)

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