Release Blitz, Giveaway and Excerpts! Alpha’s Call – Six New Stories – Six Bestselling Authors

Can you resist the Alpha’s Call?

This collection of hot alpha males is a must have for every shifter lover’s ebook library.
Six bestselling, fan-favorite authors bring you action-packed romances ranging from sensual to scorching.
Wolves, big cats, dragons, and much more heat up the pages.

Go ahead. Ignore the Alpha’s Call.
We dare you.

Alpha’s Call


An Alpha’s Fate by Lia Davis
Alpha’s Mate by Louisa Bacio
Enchanting the Sea Wolf by Kristal Hollis
Alpha’s Fight by Christa Ann
Marradith, Darkly by Lori Titus
Alpha Untamed by Misha Carver


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An Alpha’s Fate

Lia Davis

Birchwood Pack Alpha, Logan Webb, watched Reagan walk out of his life over ten years ago. When she contacts him needing help, something in her voice puts his wolf in full protection mode. But seeing her in the flesh wakes a raw, primal desire long buried.

No. No. Bile rose, threatening to force Reagan’s lunch to make a gruesome return. The snow-white walls of her home closed in around her, and the air seemed colder. How had she not known?

Because they weren’t true mates. Even though they were bound together, their emotions and thoughts weren’t, not like they would have been if she’d mated with her fated mate.

She stared at the open journal as fury built inside her, putting her wolf further on edge. The names neatly handwritten in black ink blurred. For ten years, she’d done all she could to protect the wolves of Greenhedge; the least she could do after being forced to mate the male who’d become Alpha—a title rightfully hers. All her efforts were wasted. The bastard had sold packmates to a rogue Pack to be made into monster assassins in exchange for what? She didn’t know. She sure as hell didn’t see any extra money go into the run-down den.

Fucking power-hungry bastard.

The front door swung open, slamming into the wall. A low growl cut through her as she met the poor excuse of an Alpha’s stare. Lifting the journal, she shook it at him. “You lied to me.”

He stalked toward her, his eyes glowing with his wolf. “You are out of line, Mate.”

Was she? She thought not.

“My place is protecting my Pack from monsters like you.” Anger had all but consumed her. It was one thing to blackmail her into a loveless mating and slap her around, but to hurt her Pack?

Mason stopped before her, then gripped a handful of her hair, jerking her to him. Pain shot through her skull. She gritted her teeth and focused on his energy, his Alpha power. As his mate, she had the ability to use his strengths. Something he hadn’t realized she could do. Or maybe he thought she didn’t know how.

“You have crossed the line for the last time, asshole.”

He bared his teeth and flipped her so he could shove her torso against the desk. Her vision blinked out as her head hit the wood. When he started to tug her pants down, she roared and jerked her head up, slamming it into his nose.

Crying out, he released her and stumbled away a few steps. Not wasting time, she shifted into her wolf faster than she ever had before and lunged at him, tackling him to the ground. Her wolf had taken over, and for once the woman relished in it.

The thought that it was unfair to fight another while they were in human form was a whisper. One her wolf ignored. Mason Doyle had fucked over his last victim.

She struck, fast and hard, sinking her teeth into his neck. He bucked under her, but he was unable to shake her off. Adrenaline raced through her veins, fueling the rage. The animal wanted blood for all the innocents lost over the years. With a growl, she shook her head, tightening her hold until his body went limp and the mating bond broke.

Her breaths came in and out in deep waves as she slowly backed away. The taste of his blood coated her tongue. The wolf wanted to finish him, to revel in the kill, but there was no time. Someone was coming, and without the bond to the Pack she couldn’t tell who.

Alpha’s Mate

Louisa Bacio

With his tribe’s sworn enemy hunting him down, Hector must convince Kaitlyn that she’s his destiny – the only person able to revive the were-jaguar and legend of the Olmec — before it’s too late.


“Someday, you’ll be queen, and save your tribe from extinction.” Kaitlyn’s grandmother placed a wrinkled hand over her own and squeezed tight.She exhaled her last breath with a raspy rattle and slipped into death’s sweet embrace.

Kaitlyn’s blonde hair covered her streaming tears as she leaned over her grandmother’s body – her heart torn between loss and the relief that cancer’s evil toll had finally ended.

She smoothed back the old woman’s thinning dark hair. She’d forever remember her Nana’s dying words but wouldn’t place much stock in them. Life might be different if she didn’t live in Seal Beach, California. There were no tribes here. She barely talked to anyone outside her own family or the kids she taught.

Queen of her tribe? Highly unlikely.

Chapter One

Warm hands pressed against his rock-hard abdomen, and the scent of the sea filled his senses, reminding him of standing on the cliffs and looking out into the great blue unknown. The air drew tightly into his lungs, and he shuddered, sending the dry foreign substance swirling from his arteries. So many years of nothingness, and suddenly, he was awake.

“No Shayla, don’t touch,” a soothing voice corrected. The muffled tones sounded like an ancient harvest song after a fresh rain. “You’re not supposed to touch the pretty statue.”

Please keep stroking me, he called out in his mind. Each caress fueled his being. There, a fingertip, ever so softly running over his arm. Small hands, followed by larger, softer ones. A mother and her child? His brothers teased him that he liked the non-traditional females. If a mother had woken him, he hoped she didn’t have a mate.

Only one of the chosen women of his tribe, or their descendents, could possibly wake a warrior. Although prophecies foretold this event, and the elders and his brothers had prepared for such an occasion, it was hard to fathom that the time had finally arrived.

He strained within his confines to see his savior, so he would know who to thank. But no, she stood to the side, and as she walked away all he glimpsed was light hair, the color of the sun’s rays. Later. There would be plenty of time to show his gratitude once he broke free from his stone prison. Now, it was only a matter of time, and he had plenty of that.

Enchanting the Sea Wolf

Kristal Hollis

A mermaid might fall in love with a wolf, but will they survive the dark forces bent on their mutual destruction.

Chapter 1

Sweltering heat rained down on the uninhabited island off Central Florida’s east coast. In wolfan form, Eason Stratton carefully padded through the expanse of slender pines and thickets of cabbage palms.

Having explored every inch of Coquina Cay since childhood, Eason knew where to leap, zig and zag to avoid injury. Today, however, he wasn’t alone.

“Not much of a paradise.” Chad Miller’s voice whispered through Eason’s mind.

Wahyas—an ancient species of wolf shifters, communicated telepathically with one another when in their wolfan forms.

“It’s a matter of perspective.” Eason glanced at his childhood friend, the brindle-colored wolf keeping pace with him. “Yours changed a long time ago.

“I suppose yours never will.” Chad’s wistfulness underscored the subtle tension growing between them over the last few weeks.

“This place is as much a part of me as my wolf.” Eason’s earliest memories were of picnics and fishing trips on the pristine beach with his grandfather, William, the previous Alpha of the Eau Gallie pack. “I could no more diverge myself from Coquina Cay than I could stop being Wahya.

“Except that you can. Being Wahya is genetic. Coming here is a choice.” Chad’s frustrated growl was expected. No one understood the maddening instinct that continually pulled Eason back to the island. Not even Eason himself.

“Did you tag along today just to pick a fight?” Eason halted. “Or is something else going on?”

Chad’s hard gaze dispelled any notion that the request to join Eason on the excursion was an attempt to smooth the rough patch they’d hit in their life-long friendship. “Yesterday, the marine patrol found a bow rider anchored offshore, and the boaters were trespassing on the beach.”

“Tourists, probably.” No one in Bellamar, the coastal town several nautical miles due west, would waste their time trekking out to the Eau Gallie pack’s private island which lacked the modern conveniences of running water and electricity.

“Well, they weren’t happy to get booted off,” Chad said telepathically. “In case they returned, I didn’t want you confronting them alone. Especially because the marine patrol suspects smugglers are making their way up the coast.”

“I can handle myself.”

“Can you?” Chad scoffed. “Because your head is always in the clouds.”

“My head has never been in the clouds.” Though Eason kept the snark from his thoughts, tension crept along his spine.

“Underwater, then.” Chad made no attempt to restrain his contempt. “Geezus, Eason. When will you grow up? You can’t play in the ocean for the rest of your life.”

“Why not? It’s my life and I intend to enjoy it.” For good measure, Eason added an air of flippancy to his thoughts.

“The pack needs a leader, not a beach bum.” With a rough snort, Chad darted back the way they’d come.

Alpha’s Fight

Christa Ann

Getting into an accident and crashing her Jeep wasn’t on her to do list. Now, she finds herself on pack territory and far from home. She didn’t expect to wake up inside an infirmary facing the Alpha.

Chapter 1

A tall man wearing camouflage came into view caring an automatic rifle. “Follow me.” he started walking back the way he came.

Carson’s voice boomed, “Who are you and where are you taking us? I want an explanation.” Being the alpha, he expected an answer.

Stopping, the stranger glanced over his shoulder to look at Carson. “You will be informed at the next stop. I don’t take orders from you, alpha. If you want the answers you seek, I suggest you follow me. Or you can go back to your pack. Your choice, make it.” He looked forward and continued on the path he started.

Logan came to stand beside Carson, “I don’t like this. You stay here alpha. If it’s safe, I’ll come back for you.”

“You all come, or no one will. That’s the only option.” The man never stopped moving.

“Let’s go, Logan. Just keep your eyes and ears open.” Carson shot a look at the man they followed. “Can I at least have your name?”

Glancing over his shoulder, “It’s Clay.”

Jag spoke for the first time. “I’ll cover the back, alpha.”

Carson took the lead with Logan following and Jag at the end, guarding their backs. He sent a message to both Logan and Jag. Remember, stay alert. I don’t like this, but we need answers. As they moved deeper into the forest Carson listened to small animals racing over leaves and twigs on the ground. The birds above resting on branches began calling to one another, alerting them of the predators. Suddenly, everything went silent and his shoulders stiffened. He heard sounds that shouldn’t be there. Footsteps not a part of their group shuffled, moving quietly but not silent enough.

At the same time Logan yelled, “Get down!”

Five men holding guns appeared out from every direction. They were all masked with camouflage in greens and browns. The one in front spoke, “Alpha. We’re only here to make sure no fighting starts and to escort you the rest of the way.” The unknown man emphasized the word ‘escort’.

How had he not scented them? They must be able to mask their scent somehow. Do either of you scent anything off? Both Logan and Jag shook their heads.

“You will need to give me more proof then just your word.” Carson growled out while in his crouched position, claws extended and ready to shift.

“Hello, old friend.” That came from a familiar voice he hasn’t heard in over five years.

“Decker? What the fuck?” The surprise evident in his voice.

Decker held his hand up to halt his questions, “Yes, it’s me. I had to ensure that you would come. Just follow me.”

“Why didn’t you just call me? Why all the sneaking around and what’s with the guns?” Carson retracted his claws and stood upright, stunned by who was behind all this.

Carson sent a silent message to his enforcers. Stay vigilant. Only members of his pack that completed the rights of section could send and receive telepathic messages, so their conversations were silent to outsiders.

When they came to the opening in the trees Carson stopped dead in his tracks at the military tent that had tables, chairs and equipment. But, what shocked him the most were the three other alphas standing there with guns trained on them. “What the fuck is going on?”

Marradith, Darkly

Lori Titus

In an alternate dimension, Marradith Ryder does not wear the white hat.
Instead, she was raised by Leighton to carry on one of the oldest of werewolf traditions; to become a Pack Mother, leader of a tribe of wolves. Will Marradith follow his orders? Or is she willing to destroy everything in her path to get what she wants?


“I have taken back his soul,” Xia said.

“He gave it willingly?” Adam asked. “Without reservation?”

She glanced away from his face then. “I threatened his wife. He gave it up then.”

Adam shook his head. This simpleton child, for all the accolades their kind gave her, knew nothing. His experience in the reclamation of souls spanned millennia longer than her existence.

“You know that he comes from a long, and powerful line of warlocks, don’t you? Despite the contract, one must be careful. It’s been centuries since the agreement was first made, and his collection far overdue. If some slight thing were to go wrong, there’s just no telling…. I don’t suppose he spoke any words that you didn’t recognize? An incantation?”

“I know what I am doing,” she replied, trembling. A sound, like claws against a chalkboard, burst from her mouth. Blood tears spilled from her eyes. Adam drew back. He laughed. Her histrionics didn’t impress him.

“I have one question for you then,” Adam said. “If you’ve taken his soul, why hasn’t the body died? Don’t worry, Xia. I’ll find him.”

Part One

The wind blew. Cold crept into his flesh; he could not even shiver. His eyes were heavy. In the darkness, he barely saw a sliver of moon. There were trees above and a pristine, black sky. Closing his eyes, floating in the depth of a greater darkness, calm washed over him.

“Rafael, get up.”
A female voice seemed to echo from somewhere behind him. The voice was familiar, though he could not place it. It didn’t matter, he decided. Nothing did anymore.


The familiar nickname made him think of his wife. Fiona. Bright red hair and sky blue eyes. He cringed. Just as he remembered her name, she evaporated before his mind’s eye, a wisp of smoke and fancy.

“Damn you.”

The voice was closer now. Who was this woman? She seemed to be whispering in his ear. He felt the soft warmth of her breath against his cheek as she bent over him. There was a pause. She was moving around him now, carefully placing her steps in the snow. He could tell by the sound, the crunch as she moved. Then was a whoosh of sound. A boot connected to his ribs. He screamed as the pain shot through his side. He cried out, half cursing, half sobbing. A hot flush of liquid bubbled up from his stomach, acid burning his mouth.

“Fuck you!” he yelled, spitting, getting to his knees. His voice echoed back through the emptiness, the dead trees and their burden of snow.

A feminine giggle erupted into a full laugh. “You wish,” she said. “Get up.”

Alpha Untamed

Misha Carver

A small town, a lone wolf, a sexy waitress, and a crime ring. What could possibly go wrong?

Chapter One – Michael

“To a great week,” Jonathan shouted over the music as he clinked his beer bottle against mine, Bob’s, and Charlie’s.

Yeah, a great week, I thought to myself. It was the worst week of my entire life. I’d prosecuted six cases, and lost five of them. My days as a prominent lawyer were coming to a close if I couldn’t get back on top.

A five-year winning streak, and one week threatened to topple it all. My feet kept tapping on the floor, not so much to the loud music playing in the background, but more out of nervousness.

The guys, they all had a great week defending their cases against me and pulling ahead. A great week for them was a huge defeat for me, and yet there I was celebrating with them, just like they’d helped me celebrate each and every win along the way. It just felt so wrong. I never lost. NEVER. But I had, and I’d lost big.

“Ah, suck it up, Michael,” Charlie said as he took another sip from his bottle. “You can’t win every time.”

Charlie was such a schmuck. With his red hair, freckles, and big blue eyes, he appeared much more innocent than he was. Judges let him get away with countless courtroom antics because of his boyish good looks along with his ability to win almost any debate.

Wanna bet? I thought as I nodded my head in agreement with him. I didn’t have the energy to argue with an idiot.

“Buy me another beer, loser,” Bob said as he set his empty bottle down on the table and grinned.

Great, thanks for rubbing it in, I thought to myself as I motioned for the waitress to come over and grabbed a twenty out of my pocket. After the week I’d had, I didn’t need to be reminded of my failures.

Lia Davis’ Bio and Links

Lia_authorphoto_June2016 Lia Davis

In 2008, Lia Davis ventured into the world of writing and publishing and never looked back. She has published more than twenty books, including the bestselling A Tiger’s Claim, book one in her fan favorite Ashwood Falls series. Her novels feature compassionate yet strong alpha heroes who know how to please their women and her leading ladies are each strong in their own way. No matter what obstacle she throws at them, they come out better in the end.

While writing was initially a way escape from real world drama, Lia now makes her living creating worlds filled with magic, mystery, romance, and adventure so that others can leave real life behind for a few hours at a time.

Lia’s favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers, but it’s her home and she loves it!

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Louisa Bacio’s Bio and Links
Louisa Bacio Louisa Bacio
A Southern California native, Louisa Bacio can’t imagine living far away from the ocean. The multi-published author of erotic romance enjoys writing within all realms – from short stories to full-length novels.She shares her household with a supportive husband, two daughters growing “too fast,” and a multitude pet craziness: Two dogs, five fish tanks, an aviary, hamsters, rabbits and hermit crabs. In her other life, she teaches college classes in English, journalism and popular culture.

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Kristal Hollis’ Bio and Links

Krista Hollis

Southern born and bred, Kristal Hollis grew up amid cane fields and orange groves. Books fed her imagination, providing adventurous portals to ancient civilizations, medieval fiefdoms, alternate realities and futuristic worlds. Then, a friend gave her Johanna Lindsey’s FIRES OF WINTER, a historical romance which ignited a life-long love affair with romantic fiction.

After earning a degree in psychology, Kristal has enjoyed career and volunteer endeavors that have included sales, banking, social services, and animal rescue. When a family medical situation required her to take a work sabbatical, she began penning deliciously dark paranormal romances as an escape from the real-life drama. Even though the crisis passed, her passion for writing continues.

A 2015 Golden Heart® finalist, she sold her qualifying manuscript “Howlin’ Hearts” to Harlequin Nocturne. Retitled, AWAKENED BY THE WOLF, the book debuted June 2016.

Currently, Kristal lives with her husband and two rescued dogs at the edge of the enchanted forest that inspires her stories.

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Christa Ann’s Bio and Links

Christa Ann

Christa Ann started out writing poems like her mother. One day, stories started coming to the front of her mind. Romance, shifter, western and places unknown but they demanded to be created. Her debut novel, Finding Love Again – a contemporary western romance and first in a tantalizing new series – releases in the fall 2016.

She grew up in Maryland and now lives in Southwest Florida with her husband, daughter, and two kitties (one Bengal named Jasmine and one Maine Coon named Midnight). She’s a proud grandmother of two granddaughters and one grandson.

Some of her favorite things are being with her family and friends, reading, hiking, traveling and her love for chocolate. Being Irish/Scottish, Christa also Irish step dances with her daughter and loves St. Patrick Day and Bunratty Mead. She also enjoys playing her piano; she’s been playing for 36 years.

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Lori Titus’ Bio and Links

Lori Titus

USA Today Bestselling Author and Bram Stoker Award Finalist Lori Titus is a Californian with an affinity for speculative fiction. Her work explores mysticism and reality, treading the blurred line between man and monster. She thrives on coffee and daydreams when she isn’t writing or plotting out her next story.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
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Misha Carver’s Bio and Links

Misha Carver

Misha loves writing romances and making up new stories for her readers. So many stories flood her imagination every day and she enjoys writing them down so she can share them with all of you.

Misha lives in a small town with her four children and two cats. When she’s not writing, she enjoys cooking, knitting, and reading.

If you enjoyed one of my books, please let other readers know about it. Something as simple as leaving a review will help them find my books and enjoy them too. Thanks!

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