Release Day! Reviving Graham – Project Deep Book 5 by Becca Jameson

Reviving Graham
Project Deep Book 5
USA Today Bestselling Author
Becca Jameson


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Graham Wentz is an introvert. Painfully timid.

Or he was.

Until he woke up from a ten-year preservation.

Now, he finds himself face to face with Kate Bauer, a woman he’d secretly admired from a distance for years before he was preserved.

Empowered with the knowledge that Kate also has eyes for him, Graham finds the ability to take action.

But Kate is hesitant.

He’s confident she’s attracted to him, but something is holding her back.

Graham is nothing if not patient.

After all, his experience with women is extremely limited.

They’re living in a new world—one filled with obstacles at every turn.

Their entire Project DEEP team is in trouble, and three decades’ worth of data is on the verge of being compromised.

Graham and Kate need to step up to the plate and help the team. But the cost seems too high.

Curing diseases is Graham’s life.

It’s all he knows.

But Kate isn’t sure it’s worth it anymore…

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With each book the stakes have been driven higher and this one is no different.

We open with someone finding Dane who shouldn’t have been able to. Spencer, a government hacker, is privy to something that has the teams on the move again.

As Graham comes out of the induced coma, Kate realizes he is far more coherent than anyone else has been at that point. Full of questions and more to the point, he appears to be attracted to her. However Kate isn’t sure if it’s her imagination or for real.

This is a favorite scene.

She lifted her gaze to him, her face heating further. “Jesus, Graham. Are you angry about this? So what if I’ve seen your body? I’ve seen lots of bodies. I’m a medical professional. I’m surprised it bothers you this much. I did it to keep you safer. The less people involved, the less our chances were at being found.” Her protest sounded a little too exuberant.

She tried to tug her hands back to get away from him, but he held tight. “You misunderstood me.” He gripped both her hands in his now. “I never said I was angry. Nor do I think you would ever entertain an unprofessional thought.”

Oh, he was wrong. She’d entertained a lot of unprofessional thoughts. That was why her face was now beet red.

He released one hand and reached for her cheek, tipping her chin up in the most intimate gesture. He searched her eyes.

She shuddered under the intensity of his gaze. “Maybe you’ve kept me a secret from other patients coming and going from the clinic, but you didn’t keep me from the staff. Not for a month. Not a chance. Anyone could have been assigned to care for me.

“Instead, you’ve taken on the entire burden on your own. You’ve slept in this room on that uncomfortable cot for a month, making sure I was completely safe and healthy. You didn’t have to do any of that. So, stop bullshitting me, and tell me what’s really going on.”

For a moment she thought he was insinuating that she was keeping some deep dark government secret from him, and then she realized he was pushing her to admit something entirely different.

He held her chin and leaned closer.

Her face grew incrementally hotter. She was not ready to discuss her reasons for caring for him so intently. Not today. Not tomorrow. Why did he have to be so damn insightful? And how had he been so completely aloof for the three years before they were preserved if he was able to so easily nail her down on his second day of reanimation?

“Under normal circumstances, I would point out that I wasn’t born yesterday. But in this case, I was actually born yesterday. It would also seem I’ve woken up in an alternate universe where the pretty girl from my first-grade class actually likes me.”

She flinched. “Of course, I like you. Why wouldn’t I like you?” She really needed to weasel out of this situation before she made a fool of herself. How the hell had she woken up in an alternate universe where the hot guy from her first-grade class actually noticed her? “I’ve always liked you. Now, let go of me, and I’ll go find you some breakfast.”

Instead, he pulled her hand closer and set it on his chest, his other fingers still on her chin. He shook his head. “You’re deliberately changing the subject.”

“You’ve lost your mind,” she pointed out.

He chuckled. “There’s no doubt about that, but if I’m dead or still in that cryostat, I’ll take it if it means…” he swallowed visibly, “…if it means you might be a little attracted to me.”

She froze. He was hitting way too close to home now. No longer skirting the edge of the subject. She said nothing. If she wasn’t mistaken, he’d just implied he would be pleased that she liked him.
“I…” She swallowed. Tried again. “Um…”

“Now I feel like an ass. How long have you been interested in me?”

She tried to turn away again. She wasn’t ready for this sort of confrontation. How the hell had she managed to reveal her feelings for him so blatantly in two days? “Graham, your brain is scrambled. Let me go.” How did he have the strength to grip her like this?

“There isn’t a damn thing wrong with my brain. Except it obviously wasn’t firing with all cylinders before I was preserved. There’s no way in hell you decided you liked me while I was lying here in a coma, so it had to have been before that. I’m not always so great with people, especially women, particularly when it comes to reading signs. It takes a lot for me to just look at people sometimes. But I’m paying attention now.”

She glanced away, tucking her lips under her teeth. Her total lack of protest was giving her away. But, anything she might say would come out all wrong. If only he would let her get out of the room, then she could regroup, take a few deep breaths, and make a plan for what to say to him. This was embarrassing.

“Judging by your reaction, I think I’m right. Now, tell me. How long?”

“Jesus, Graham. Let it go. So what if I was attracted to you? Who wouldn’t be? You’re off-the-charts intelligent, cute, talented, and dedicated. The list is long.”

He flinched, his entire body jerking back. “Wow. How did I not know this?”

She shrugged, still not meeting his gaze. Please, God, let me get out of here. This is so humiliating. No woman wants to have her crush brought to her attention and voiced out loud like this. Her mouth started running anyway to answer his question with the same words she’d just tossed out a moment ago. “Probably because you’re off-the-charts intelligent, cute, talented, and dedicated to your job. I was just some girl who happened to work in the same lab.”

He gasped. “Some girl who worked in the lab?” His voice rose. “Kate, you are not some girl at all. Not even close. First of all, you’re a woman, not a girl. Second of all, you act like you were the janitor. You’re a doctor. You graduated from Stanford, for God’s sake. And thirdly, before you let your mind wander one more second in these ridiculous fake murky waters you’ve stirred up, let me point out that the reason I never permitted myself to glance your way is because you are way the hell out of my league.”
Becca Jameson. Reviving Graham (Kindle Locations 598-641). Becca Jameson Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Nothing is going to go smoothly for them though. Dade and Blair show up and whisk them away to another safe house, before leaving to retrieve Bianca and Grayson. They have to move everyone who wasn’t in a bunker, they have all been compromised.

Plenty of suspense and tension as Graham recovers and catches up with 10 years of computer technology. With Kate’s help he will have to go to back to the bunker and backup all their data before the worst can happen.

Surprises abound in this edge of your seat, emotional, and sexy addition to the Project Deep Series. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Becca!

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Becca Jameson Becca Jameson

Becca Jameson currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, two kids, and the various pets that wander through.

After editing for about five years she recently started writing. She is loving the journey, dabbling in various genres.

When not writing or editing she can usually be found taxiing kids to and from their activities, scrapbooking, and reading!

Late at night she can usually be found sequestered in her office creating fantasy with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate.

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