New Release! Defending Chloe – Mountain Mercenaries Book 2 by Susan Stoker

Defending Chloe
Mountain Mercenaries
NY Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal
Bestselling Author
Susan Stoker



Love is the best defense in New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker’s explosive Mountain Mercenaries novel.

Gorgeous women don’t just stumble onto Ronan Cross’s remote property. But this one—vulnerable, victimized, and needing the kind of help only Ronan can offer—tells a story that makes his blood boil almost as hot as his need to protect her.

Since her father’s death, Chloe Harris has become a prisoner. Her own brother, a flesh peddler and low-level player in the Denver Mafia, is forcing her to sell her body for an endgame Chloe never saw coming: control over a vast fortune. Her only way out is to run—straight into the arms of the one hard-bodied man she can trust.

Defending Chloe could rain punishment down on the Mountain Mercenaries. Her brother has Mob connections and the local police in his pocket. But Ronan still has an edge—the unshakable loyalty of his deadly teammates. As well as an unquenchable thirst for retribution…and Chloe.



One of the things I like about Susan’s books is she gives just enough lead in to hook you for the next book in the series. In ‘Defending Allye’ we met Chloe when she showed up at Ro’s garage and asks to use his phone. Now we get the whole story.

Since her father’s death, things have gone downhill for Chloe and she’s living under her brother’s thumb now. A situation she is trying to get out of without getting herself killed.

Ro can’t stop thinking about the woman who showed up out of nowhere at his garage and asked to use the phone. He keeps seeing the large bruise on her back. He had given her his card, but he didn’t think she was going to call him. He put the team on finding information on her, which leads to the discovery her brother owns a strip bar. Then the planning begins.

This is a favorite scene when Ro sees her working there.

The amount of flesh on display did nothing for Ro. He enjoyed the female form as much as any heterosexual male, but he wasn’t there for pleasure. He dreaded finding Chloe, but at the same time hoped he’d see her tonight. The clothes she’d been wearing two weeks ago were the only reason he thought she might be there. He couldn’t imagine why else she’d been wearing the skimpy outfit she’d had on.

He eyed the waitress who was returning with their order. When she leaned over the table to set down the drinks, her tits threatened to pop out of the bikini top she was almost wearing.

When she was done, she put the tray under an arm and leaned on the table with her hands. The position was provocative and sexual and would’ve been extremely hot—if not for the stressed look on her face. “Are you boys new here?”

“Sure thing, beautiful,” Arrow replied for the group.

“Welcome to BJ’s. Where your pleasure is my pleasure,” she said in an almost bored tone. “Anything you need, all you have to do is ask. Feel free to walk around, and know that all the servers accept tips, just as the dancers do. We have private rooms in the back, where you can get to know any of the women better. If you’re interested, just talk to the object of your affection. She’ll let you know the price for what you want.”

She looked over her shoulder then, and Ro couldn’t help but follow her line of vision.

He stiffened when he saw Chloe following a man out of the guarded hallway.

She was looking at the ground and shuffling along behind the man as if embarrassed, rubbing her bare arms and frowning.

Ro shifted in his seat, ready to get up and rush over to her, but Gray put a hand on his arm, halting him.

The waitress looked back at them and straightened. “Your regular waitress should be here soon to see if you need anything else, but I’m available for hire in a back room if you’re so inclined.” And with that parting shot, she winked, then turned and headed straight for Chloe.

“What. The. Fuck?” Arrow bit out. “Did she just tell us that we could have any woman here for a price?”

“Sounded like it to me,” Gray said.

Ro didn’t respond, instead keeping his eye on Chloe. The waitress walked up to her and bent her head to have a short conversation. Chloe nodded and went to the bar to pick up a tray. When she turned her back, Ro glanced at what she was wearing. Compared to most of the servers, it was downright nunlike. But that made her all the more intriguing, and he saw several men ogling her arse as she turned to face the bar. She was still showing way too much skin for Ro’s taste . . . and her own, as well, it seemed. Her heels were a modest three or so inches, whereas the other women were wearing anywhere from four to six. With the added inches, Ro estimated she’d be just about the same height as he was. Chloe had on a short skirt that came to the middle of her thighs. She wore a corset top, which made her waist look small but her tits look way too large for her frame. They were sitting high on her chest and definitely on display. Her shoulders were hunched, as if she was trying to hide herself from the men leering at her, but it was no use. There was no hiding the abundance of flesh that had been pushed up on her chest.

She was way curvier than their previous server; her corset didn’t quite cover her belly, and a tiny pooch was on display as she made her way reluctantly to their table. Every step made the skirt she was wearing ride up her curvy thighs, until she was almost flashing them by the time she arrived.

She looked uncomfortable and miserable, and Ro wanted to throw his arms around her to shield her from the stares and lust of the men in the room and spirit her away.

Forcing himself to stay seated, he waited to see what she would say or do when she came up to their table. He was eager to see if she’d pretend to not know him, or if she’d acknowledge that they’d met before.

She walked up and stopped where their previous waitress had stood. But she held the tray in front of her, as if shielding herself from their gazes, and kept her eyes on the floor.

“Welcome to BJ’s. Where your pleasure is my pleasure,” she said in a shaky voice. “I hope you’re enjoying your drinks. Anything you need, all you have to do is ask.

There are private rooms in the back, and it would be my pleasure to show you the excellent hospitality BJ’s is known for . . . if that’s your desire.”

She waited, and Ro swore she was holding her breath. He was furious that she and the other waitress were basically whoring themselves out, but he didn’t act on that anger. Now wasn’t the time or the place.

“Chloe?” he asked quietly, wanting to reach for her, but not wanting to upset her any more than she was already.

At the sound of her name, her eyes came up for the first time and met his, flaring wide. He could barely see them in the dim atmosphere of the club, but he thought they were a dark brown. She obviously wasn’t wearing the purple contacts she’d had in when he’d first met her. She had heavy makeup on her face, and her straight black hair was swept back into a messy bun at the nape of her neck.

She opened her mouth to speak, but abruptly closed it.

“Don’t panic,” Ro told her quickly. “Me and my friends are here to see if you need help. If not, if you’re cool, then we are too. But if you don’t want to be here and need assistance, all you have to do is say the word, and I’ll make sure you’re safe.”

She continued to stare at him with eyes as big as saucers. He saw she was gripping the tray so hard her knuckles were turning white. She looked away from him to Gray and Arrow, then her eyes came back to him. “Why?” she asked.

“Because in my world, no one hurts a woman. She doesn’t have a fist-size bruise on her back, and she definitely doesn’t wander around Black Forest without a purse or a way to call for help, wearing clothes too small and heels too high.”

She flinched at that and took a deep breath. “I . . . I can’t . . . I don’t know . . .”

“Stop panicking,” Gray ordered, and her eyes swung to him. “First things first. Are you okay? Are you safe?”

Chloe licked her lips and looked to the side, but neither nodded nor shook her head.

“Okay, that answers that. Is it just your brother who’s watching you?” Gray asked.

They got a little head shake at that. “When do you get off work?” Arrow asked.


Ro looked at his watch. It was one thirty. She still had another hour and a half to go. “Do you have to go in the back room with anyone who asks?”

She nodded her head.

Ro leaned forward and ordered, “Look at me, love.”

She looked at him, and he was stunned at the hope and fear he saw in her eyes. It made him want to take her in his arms and lead her out of there without another word. But he knew they’d never make it to the door. Not if she was being watched by more than her brother. “You tell anyone who asks that I’ve already paid for your next session in a private room.”
Stoker, Susan. Defending Chloe (Mountain Mercenaries Book 2) (pp. 31-34). Montlake Romance. Kindle Edition.

Now Ro would rather have just walked out with her, but that wasn’t happening. The process of getting Chloe to safety becomes far more complicated.

I loved all the twists and turns in this book as the team uncovers the facts. Ro has a long way to go to establish trust with Chloe and that journey is as convoluted as the investigation.

The tease for the next book was awesome and I really can’t wait for it to come out.

Emotional, intense, romantic and action packed. Don’t miss this book!

5 Contented Purrs for Susan!

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Susan Stoker - Photo Susan Stoker

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Susan Stoker has a heart as big as the state of Texas where she lives, but this all American girl has also spent the last fourteen years living in Missouri, California, Colorado, and Indiana. She’s married to a retired Army man who now gets to follow her around the country.

She debuted her first series in 2014 and quickly followed that up with the SEAL of Protection Series, which solidified her love of writing and creating stories readers can get lost in.

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Christmas Countdown! Red Hot Christmas – Two Sizzling Reads – Two Fabulous Authors


Red Hot Christmas

Two Sizzling Holiday Reads

USA Today Bestselling Author
Carmen Falcone
Michele deWinton


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This Christmas, get ready to be nice… and naughty.

Christmas Secrets

Michele deWinton

All Gabby Phillips wants is a Christmas without drama. Fat chance. Not when the new owner of her department store is tall, dark and dangerous, Nicolas Morganti, the man she ran out on. The same man her father stole half a million dollars from and the man her body still craves in the deepest hours of the night. Now she has to keep her cool, and her biggest secret – because if he finds out he has a son, he might just take the last scrap of Christmas spirit she’s got left.

Nicolas Morganti always gets what he wants. This Christmas that includes his competitor’s huge department store chain. But when he’s told money is missing and that Gabrielle Phillips works there, it doesn’t take him long to point the finger. Nobody’s ever run out on him before, and the way Gabby left was colder than a snow storm. Now it’s time to settle the score. Revenge can be gift wrapped, right?

When Nick Morganti acquires the Department store chain she works for Gabrielle Phillips is scared. Scared she’ll lose her job and scared she’ll lose her son. Still paying off her father’s debt and faced with increased payments she finds herself on the verge of homelessness without a babysitter.

Nick Morganti has vengeance on his mind. Gabrielle’s father stole from him and he was sure she was the mastermind behind it all when she disappeared from his life five years ago. Now she’s his employee and he discovers he still has feelings for her. Feelings that aren’t part of revenge.

This is a favorite scene after the department head meeting. A look a how confused Nick and Gabby are going to get.

“I know about Fraser. His wife obviously knows about you too and has made him beg off Friday drinks because of it. Poor bastard. What were you trying to get out of him? He doesn’t strike me as someone of influence.”

Her forehead, usually smooth and untroubled, creased like old parchment paper. “You’ve spoken to him?”

“Of course. You didn’t think I’d get to where I am without being able to sense when sexual tension is clouding an employee’s judgment.”

She stared at him. “When did you speak to him?”

“Just now. In the boardroom.”

Her face collapsed in on itself and she laughed. Laughed!

It was Nicolas’s turn to stare. And as he did she pulled at her bottom lip, her eyes glinting at him, inviting him? Promising….? Not letting himself think too hard, he covered her mouth with his. The shock registered in her eyes but as if he’d flicked a switch, suddenly Gabrielle was kissing him back, softening, her body pressed to his chest.

Damn she felt good. Better than good. Despite the huge differences in their height they’d always fit well together, her tiny frame cradled in his broad one. Pushing his hands into her hair, Nicolas wanted to pull her head back, to lay his teeth on her neck, to open her shirt and take what was rightfully his.

Stop it. Nicolas pulled his mouth away but didn’t release her. He didn’t usually do self-flagellation, certainly not over something as small as a kiss, but this hadn’t been part of the plan. Yet as Gabrielle stood looking up at him, he could hardly stop himself wanting to take her right there and then on her desk. Not now. Not ever again. Drawing on every ounce of control he owned, Nicolas calmed his mind and focused on what he was here to do, not on the formidable desire and forbidden tenderness Gabrielle still elicited from him. But you stopped. You’re in control.

“Was that to prove you’re more man than Fraser Kilpatrick? No one doubts you, don’t worry. You’ve got the girls here in a flutter. Although they obviously don’t know what you’re really like. I could make a complaint. That was pretty close to sexual harassment.”

He growled.

A smile returned to her lips. “Don’t worry, I know it’s not worth it. And anyway it’s almost sweet. You think I had an affair with Fraser Kilpatrick? I would never. That’s too much.”

Nicolas was surprised that he felt relieved. Then he realized she hadn’t denied being involved with someone else called Fraser. “Who else would I be talking about?”

Turning her face away from him he watched her shoulders still. When she turned back, her confusion, mirth, every expression he’d just witnessed was gone. “So I have a boyfriend called Fraser. So what? I’m not a cheat or a home wrecker.”

Nothing about being a fraudster. Well they both knew the truth of that; no point going into it again now. She pulled at her bottom lip and Nicolas couldn’t help his gaze going back to it. How did she do it? Get under his skin like that.
Falcone, Carmen; de Winton, Michele. Red Hot Christmas (Kindle Locations 446-471). . Kindle Edition.

From here it just gets better and better. Someone is pilfering money and pointing it to Gabby’s department. Now she has to prove she’s innocent all over again and the realization that she still loves the man can only hurt more.

A page turning delight as Nick finds out more about Gabby and her life since him. But there is one more secret. One that will make or break this relationship.

5 Contented Purrs for Michele!

Christmas Scandal

Carmen Falcone

After doing time for a crime she didn’t commit, paramedic nurse Sydney Bell avoids trouble at all costs. Yet, trouble comes knocking on her door when a dying patient begs her to deliver a mysterious message to hunky Argentine investor Alejandro Soto.

Alejandro needs to publish the one book that will help restore his image and aid his uncle’s political campaign. It’s full steam ahead until a feisty redheaded woman storms into his office and offers a clue to his biographer’s death. He’s skeptical about Sydney, and laughs it off but after she’s attacked, Alejandro realizes he has no choice but to protect her, whether she likes it or not. He can’t have another death on his conscience.

A crazy attraction threatens to make Sydney surrender to her Argentine savior, but will she be ready for the Christmas scandals that will rock them along the way?

When auto-biographer Frank Lewis is shot he whispers a cryptic message to the paramedic caring for him on route to the hospital. Sydney Bell’s life changes with those few words.

Alejandro Soto has no idea how much his privileged life is about to change when a feisty redhead barges past his assistant into his office. Having just learned of his auto-biographer’s death he wasn’t sure how much weight the woman’s words carried. That is until she gets an email from her job informing her of her partner’s death.

He knows he has to keep her safe at least until they find who killed Frank and possibly her partner. This is a favorite scene when Alejandro follows her concerned for her well-being.

“Sydney. You just left my office. Alejandro Soto,” said the voice on the other end, and her skin prickled as if it’d been stroked with a feather. After the way he pronounced her name, the man didn’t need to identify himself. That wasn’t an accent one heard every day, was it?His South American drawl was cultured, engaging, deep.

“I told you everything I know,” she said, then cleared her throat trying to sound more composed. “How did you find out where I live?” she asked, and a chill skated down her spine. This was not a good thing. The last thing she needed was a stalker— even if he had the sexiest lips she laid her eyes on. Even if in person he was ten times yummier than on her screen— and all the more dangerous. Damn it, Sydney. Hadn’t life taught her a lesson? Men like him would always have leverage over her. They could put her away, behind bars, for things she wasn’t guilty of.

“Remember you had to show your driver’s license and give them your contact information to get through security?”

Oh shit. Yeah. She had almost given them a fake address. Old habits died hard. But they asked to see her picture ID before issuing her a visitor’s badge, and she ended up being honest. “Okay, Sherlock. You got me.” She shuffled from foot to foot. “Why are you here?”

“You stormed out of my office. I was worried about you.” A sigh. “You just lost someone.”

“Thanks, but I’ll be okay. You don’t need to hand me tissues or anything,” she said, having a hard time picturing that ginormous man doing something so delicate. When he had grasped her in his office earlier, his large hands had caused an inside shiver. A man’s touch was not that familiar to her, and especially not that man’s. Imposing. Mysterious. And uncomfortably handsome.

“Sydney, let me come up. I want to make sure you’re okay. Then I’ll go.”

Like she was going to let a complete stranger into her apartment. She heard his long intake of breath from the other end of the line, and assumed he waited for her response. She bent over the kitchen sink, the wariness of the day taking a toll on her. Until this second, she had thought her heart was problem-free. Empty. Just the way it should be. Somehow, somewhere her friend had occupied a part of it— tiny enough to go unnoticed when she was alive, and big enough to increase the void now that she was gone.

Patty. Words got trapped in her throat.

A creak on the run-down laminate flooring made Sydney straighten her shoulders. Melted ice flowed through her veins.

There is someone here.
Falcone, Carmen; de Winton, Michele. Red Hot Christmas (Kindle Locations 2626-2650).Kindle Edition.

After hiring a private detective they two of them head to Argentina to Alejandro’s mother’s home for Christmas.

From this point on everything is fraught with secrets. Everything but the growing attraction between them. They divulge to each other just about everything and once they hit the bedroom, well sparks fly.

A page turner that will keep you guessing until the very end.

5 Contented Purrs for Carmen!

Christmas 2015 Blog About Author

Carmen Falcone Carmen Falcone

Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters beat doing math homework any day. Brazilian by birth and traveler by nature, she moved to Central Texas after college and met her broody Swiss husband–living proof that opposites attract.

She found in writing her deepest passion and the best excuse to avoid the healthy lifestyle everyone keeps talking about. When she’s not lost in the world of romance, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, being walked by her three crazy pugs, reading, catching up with friends, and chatting with random people in the checkout line.

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Christmas 2015 Blog About Author

michele-dewinton Michele de Winton

I’ve been known to be an all round arty type so it’s no wonder my first romance has a little sparkle of the stage tucked into its pages. Being a writer was not was I was supposed to be when I ‘grew up’ but then neither was being a dancer. Sometimes my performing past jumps into of the dress up box and requires attention. But most of the time I’m content to stay in my PJs. All day. And I also thinks that chocolate can solve pretty much everything.

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Christmas Countdown! The Navy SEAL’s Christmas Bride – Heroes of Chance Creek Book 4 By Cora Seton

The Navy SEAL’s Christmas Bride
Heroes of Chance Creek Book 4
NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author
Cora Seton


Christmas 2015 Blog blurb

It’s Christmas time at Crescent Hall, but don’t expect expect peace, harmony and goodwill among men. When Mason Hall and his wife, Regan, invite their friends to stay for the holidays, sparks fly in an epic battle of the sexes, military style!

Navy SEAL Dan Hemmins goes head to head with soldier Sarah Metlin to prove once and for all that woman can’t possibly qualify for an elite branch of the military, but when Sarah proves she’s not just one of the most qualified warriors he’s ever met, she’s also one of the smartest and sexiest, too, he’ll do whatever it takes to get close to her, even if he has to challenge her to another contest…or three…or five!

The Navy SEAL’s Christmas Bride is a Heroes of Chance Creek novella, and has also been featured in the SEALs of Winter box set.

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Christmas 2015 Blog Review

This was definitely a fun book. The competitions between Dan and Sarah were hysterical in that they both seemed to have a need to prove something to the other.

Sarah has many issues with always having to prove herself. Being the only daughter in a military family she has broken the rules and joined up too. Much to their dismay and disapproval. She is stymied in her military career since she isn’t allowed to even try for special forces. (Although this rule has changed now.) She’s deciding whether to stay in or leave while on the Christmas leave.

As a Navy SEAL, Dan has always bantered with members of the other branches of the service, but he can’t quite get what’s going on with Sarah. He’s enjoying the competitions but he’s also feeling more. He wants more with Sarah.

This is a favorite scene when Sarah wins the shooting competition.

“I can’t believe how good a shot you are!” Regan said to Sarah as she and the rest of the women lined up on the porch to watch Dan’s naked laps around the Hall.

“I can’t believe you’re going to ogle another man when you’ve got this to look forward to tonight!” Mason called from the doorway where the rest of the men had gathered.

“I won’t look—much,” Regan said. “It’s your fault for inviting the streaker to stay with us.”

“It’s Sarah’s fault for winning that damned bet,” Austin said. “Ella, get inside!”

“I’m just here in solidarity with Sarah,” Ella said with a wink.

“You better not ogle him!”

“If Dan’s the only one naked, then he’s my only choice for ogling!”

“The hell you say.” Austin burst out of the house and unbuttoned his shirt as he clattered down the front steps.

“What are you doing?” Ella leaned over the railing.

“Running with Dan so you’ll keep your eyes where they’re meant to be—on me!”

Ella laughed. “If you run naked around the Hall, I will definitely ogle you, honey!”

“Well, hell,” Mason said. “I guess that means I better join them.” He raced down the steps, too, followed by Zane, John and Rafe.

“Run, baby, run!” Storm hollered at Zane.

Regan put two fingers in her mouth and let out a wolf whistle that brought everyone everyone to a halt. “Bet you didn’t even know I could do that,” she said to Mason.

“I didn’t. That’ll come handy when it’s time to move the cattle.”

Sarah laughed along with the others, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of Dan as he stripped off his shirt and got to work on his jeans. She’d known he’d be built under his winter gear, but the muscles carving his bare chest were breathtaking, as were the bulges that formed his biceps. No amount of training would give her biceps like that—not even with steroids, which she would never touch. She was an athlete—she could hold her head up high in any company—but she couldn’t compete with him that way.

And she didn’t want to at the moment. She just wanted to watch him. Avidly.

The other men were buff, too, of course, but she wasn’t going to stare at her friend’s husbands.

“Naked racing around the Hall. That’s a new holiday tradition,” Ella mused.

“A very short-lived, if fun, tradition.” Regan smoothed a hand over her pregnant belly. “I will not have my kids growing up with this kind of thing going on.” But her lips were twitching at the prospect in front of her and Sarah didn’t blame her. The men were down to their skivvies and damn, if this wasn’t a sight to see.

“Okay, boys! When I yell go, drop your drawers and run,” Mason called. “On your mark, get set, go!”

Sarah joined in the other women’s laughter as the men peeled off their shorts and took off. Regan leaned way over the railing as they quick turned the corner around the Hall. “Now that is a sight.”

“Yes, it is,” Sarah agreed. “Too bad they’re so damn fast.”

“I think Dan’s running a hell of a lot faster now than he did earlier on those snowshoes,” Ella said.

“If we were smart, we’d run through the Hall and catch them on the other side, too.” Regan gestured for the front door.

“Good idea!” Storm strode toward it, then yelped as a mad dash ensued, with some good-natured pushing and shoving along the way. The pack of women reached the back porch just in time to catch the men racing past again. Regan let out another wolf-whistle, eliciting more laughter. Sarah caught Dan’s eye as he went past and he saluted her.

“Back to the front,” Regan yelled and the women charged through the Hall again. This time they moved faster and got a full frontal view of the running men.

“All right! That’s what we like to see! Come to Mama!” Ella yelled.

Austin did a front handspring and the women cheered. The men disappeared around the side of the Hall again.

“To the back!”

Sarah charged to the back porch with the rest of them, laughing so hard she could barely keep up. As they raced back and forth and the men progressed to cartwheels, back flips and other tricks to elicit cheers, all her pain and worry about the future slid away. She didn’t know when she’d had such fun.
Seton, Cora. The Navy SEAL’s Christmas Bride (Heroes of Chance Creek Series Book 4). (Kindle Locations 608-640). One Acre Press. Kindle Edition.

Lots of fun, ribbing and revelations as these two come to terms with themselves and their attraction to each other.

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

Christmas 2015 Blog Other Books

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Christmas 2015 Blog About Author

Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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A Love Never Forgotten – Never Forgotten Trilogy Book 1 by Kalyn Cooper

A Love Never Forgotten
Never Forgotten Trilogy Book 1
USA Today Bestselling Author
KaLyn Cooper



Dreams or nightmares. Truth or lies. He can’t tell them apart. Then he discovers the woman who has haunted his dreams is real. Is she his future? Or his past?

After an accident ten years before, Matthew St. Clare’s new face makes him look a decade younger than his fifty-two years. The worry lines from his job as the deputy director of the CIAs most covert teams has turned his hair white. He can’t afford becoming attached to anyone because it puts a target on their back, so he keeps his affairs casual. But his dreams are hot and steamy, filled with love and desperation, always with the same woman. Always ending in the same nightmare of darkness and fear. Matt thinks he’s going crazy…until he sees her.

Former Army Lieutenant Elizabeth Kamp just buried her second husband. He wasn’t much of a loss. Not like Special Forces Captain Mason Sinclair who had been taken from her in an explosion while together on a mission. She doesn’t need another man in her life, but when someone tries to kill her, she’ll accept help from a saint to protect her children. But can she protect her heart from him?

A Love Never Forgotten was originally published as ‘Never Forget’ in the Love Under Siege Anthology.


Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo


I read this book as part of the Love Under Siege Anthology, it is a favorite.

Once again KaLyn has me biting my nails. Now I know the CIA does scary stuff, but man this is really terrifying.

Elizabeth lost her husband of less than a day ten years ago in an explosion overseas. Now she is burying her second one, a victim of an auto accident.

Matthew is Gabe’s second in command, he’s been having dreams of a silvery-eyed woman and a lot of circumstances that seem real but couldn’t be, could they?

He meets the woman haunting his dreams at her husband funeral. More than that he seems to recognize her former teammates, but still not really.

This is a favorite scene.

Her vision was blurred by tears when she looked at Gabriel. “I can’t thank—” She couldn’t finish the sentence. The man who arrived with Gabe now stood three feet behind him in the same spot her son had occupied for the past half hour. He’d taken off his aviator sunglasses and was wiping them with a lens cloth.

He looked up and met her gaze.

Elizabeth couldn’t breathe. Her lungs refused to work.

She blinked, and blinked, trying to sweep away the water so she could focus. She removed her sunglasses and dabbed her eyes, then looked straight into his.

His whole body jolted as though they had been connected by a live wire.

No. It couldn’t be.

Her gaze tracked to the gravestone. Mason A. Sinclair. She stared at the final date as if she needed confirmation of his death.

Slowly, she dared to look at the white-haired man with the face of an angel.

The edges of her vision narrowed until all she saw was his light brown eyes and the golden circle around the iris.

The world went black.

In her mind, she was falling into her own grave, meeting Mason in the next world, as every muscle in her body gave up.
Love Under Siege. KaLyn Cooper. Never Forget. (Kindle Locations 637-647). Kindle Edition.

As Matt insinuates himself into her life, he learns more things that worry him. Protecting her and her children is foremost on this list.

I can’t wait for the next book in this trilogy. I loved the mention of the Black Swans and Uncle Tom Callahan.

This is an intense, romantic, scary, and emotional book. I loved every minute of it.

5 Contented Purrs for KaLyn!


KaLyn Cooper KaLyn Cooper

KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense.

Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination.

She, her husband, and Little Bear (Alaskan Malamute) live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river.

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Black Swan Ladies Book Club

Christmas Countdown! Hope for Christmas – The Cowboy Way Book 1 By Becky McGraw

Hope for Christmas
The Cowboy Way Book 1
NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author
Becky McGraw


Christmas 2015 Blog blurb

Cowboys are a different breed…
They work hard, play hard and love harder.
It’s all about the ride, until the right woman
makes them fall.

Cord Dixon, former bullrider and Mr. Laramie in the world of western clothing modeling, loses his job because he refuses to sleep with his boss. Christmas is coming and his bills are due, so he takes the only job he can find as a mall Santa.

Socialite wedding photographer, Hope Carlisle’s life disintegrates when she ruins the wedding of the year. Desperate, she takes the only job she can find at the local mall as the elf photographer for their Santa kiosk. Hope feels like she’s really hit rock bottom until she meets her sexy Santa and decides taking photos of him would be no hardship at all.

But then grumpy Old Saint Nick opens his mouth, the kids form a lynch mob to take them down, and Hope and Cord run from the mall for their lives. When they put their heads together to hatch a plan to save Christmas, will the magic of the season bond their hearts too?

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Christmas 2015 Blog Review

Let’s take a trip to a ranch in Texas. I love how Becky puts us right into the feel of ranch life. As you read you can smell the hay and other things. But mostly the sweet, fresh country air.

Cole and Hope have last ditch jobs at the Mall, as Santa and his photographer elf. However her first day becomes their last when a screaming child’s antics pushes Cole beyond his limits.

Cole fires his agent, who is faithful to the client and blackballed Cole’s modeling career. With no career he decides to tuck tail and return home where he belongs.

Hope lost everything, her best friend, her fiancé, her inheritance and her family when her camera malfunctioned at a socialite’s wedding. The Mall elf job was to pay her rent, now she’s lost that too. Then she comes up with an idea that would save her career, boost her friend Tina’s company and launch Cole’s career again if he chooses.

With the ranch falling apart, his dad sick and his brother distant from his son, Cole’s return is like a slap in the face. Hope’s initial idea falls to the wayside, but she offers up another way to make everything right for her, Cole and his family.

This is a favorite scene as they work on cleaning the bunkhouse.

Standing on her tiptoes, Hope scrubbed at a cloudy spot on the window at the front of the bunkhouse while she admired the beautiful colors painting the sky as the sun faded behind the trees. A fly picked that opportune moment to buzz around her head. It landed on her forehead, and without thinking, Hope slapped at it with her soapy, gloved hand. Soap slid over her eyebrows and right into her eyes.

She gasped and squeezed them tight, flailing her hands and trying to figure out what to do. She couldn’t rub them, she only had on a tank top so there wasn’t enough material to wipe with, and she couldn’t see to go to the bathroom and wash them out.

“Help!” she shouted as she blindly tugged at the gloves while trying to get them off, but they were suctioned to her hands. She rubbed her face against her shoulder, hoping to hit the thin strap of the tank top.

“Hey—are you okay?” Cord shouted from the kitchen then she heard his boot heels tapping on the wooden plank floor she had just mopped a few minutes ago.

“Your boots are dirty!” she wailed, wiping at her eyes with the hem of her dirty tank top. “You’re gonna mess up the floor!”

“Oh, sorry!” His steps stopped. Hope heard him grunt and figured he must be pulling them off. One clattered on the floor then the other. She fanned her eyes with her gloved fingers then gave up to rub them with her fists. “Oh, man this burns.”

Cord stopped beside her to pull her arm away from her face. Hope couldn’t pry her eyes open. “What the hell did you do?” he demanded gruffly.

“I tried to swat a stupid fly and soap got in my eyes.”

“One second,” he said as he stepped back from her. The next second he was back. His warm fingers closed over her chin, and he gently dabbed at her eyes with a cool cloth, then wiped her face. Cord grabbed her hand to pull her across the floor toward the kitchen. “I think we’re gonna need more water. You probably have makeup in there too.”

Cord stopped at the sink and she heard running water. He swiped an even wetter rag over her eyes. Droplets of cold water streamed down her face and onto her chest. Her nipples hardened and Hope gasped. Cord’s hands stilled for a second then he started wiping again.

When the stinging in her eyes finally stopped, she grabbed his forearm to stop him and opened her eyes. Not two inches from her nose was his firmly muscled bare chest. Cord had evidently been using his shirt to wipe her face. Every tight ripple in his abdomen was on prime display. All the way down to the low slung waistband of his faded jeans. Her eyes followed the dark, thin happy trail bisecting his stomach until it ended there.

Water droplets scattered across the smooth skin of his chest, and Hope fought the urge to lean forward and lick them off. Her head even gravitated that way until she caught herself. Cord’s eyes darted to the front of her wet tank top then back to her eyes. He put his hand on the side of her face and his eyes met hers. “Burning stop?” he asked, his voice more gravelly than usual.

“Yes, thanks for saving me,” she said with a smile.

His thumb brushed over her lower lip, and the burning started elsewhere. His eyes followed his thumb as it made a second pass over her lip. Hope’s knees went weak and she put her hand on his shoulder. Cord put his hand over hers and pulled it off. Heat baked her face as she stepped back from him.

“Gloves,” he explained with a chuckle, his blue eyes shining. “I don’t want to get soap in my eyes too.” Cord took her hand and removed one glove then the other, and threw them in the sink before he gently put her hand back on his shoulder.

Their eyes met, and Hope held her breath. As his head lowered toward hers, his breath brushed her mouth before his lips met hers. The kiss was soft, sweet, and too fast for her to fully enjoy. A soft breath escaped Hope as he pulled back.
McGraw, Becky. Hope For Christmas (A Cowboy Way Novella) (Kindle Locations 729-763). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

From here things heat up in more ways than one, with family drama, and helpers from the rodeo, and Cole’s nephew Jeremy caught in the middle of things he doesn’t understand.

The only thing these two don’t see coming is the love that sneaks up on them.

A story of family and hardship and the love that binds them together whether they like it or not.

The Cowboy Way is one of my favorite series and this is the first book of the series Guaranteed to hook you!

5 Contented Purrs for Becky!

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Christmas 2015 Blog About Author

74004-becky1 Becky McGraw

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Becky McGraw writes happily-ever-afters with heat, heart and humor. A Jill of many trades, Becky knows just enough about a variety of subjects to make her contemporary cowboy and romantic suspense novels diverse and entertaining. She resides in Florida with her husband of thirty-plus years, is the mother of three and grandmother of one. Becky is a member of the RWA, Sisters in Crime and Novelists, Inc.

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Christmas Countdown! A Candle For A Marine – Always a Marine Book 18 by Heather Long

A Candle For A Marine
Always a Marine Book 18
Heather Long


Tormented by the question of ‘what if…’

Home for Hanukkah, Sergeant Isaac Janko has never forgotten the baby his girlfriend gave up for adoption years ago. But he didn’t realize how angry he still was….

More than time separates them….

A chance meeting at Temple brings Zehava Elbaz face-to-face with the first and only man she’s ever loved. She sees a deep and hidden pain in him, one she blames herself for…

An invitation to Hanukkah brings them together….

The two must confront their pain and loss. They have only eight days to face their past, and win each other’s trust, but it is a time for healing, reconciliation and miracles….

KindleLogo Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo

Another wonderful story set during Hanukkah.

This is Issac’s story as he returns home to celebrate with his family for the first time in eight years. He knows he will have to face his ex Zehava at some point, it’s a small community. He’s not sure of his emotions where she is concerned but he’s sure the time has come to figure it all out.

Zehava blames herself for Issac’s anger. She was the one who gave their child away. Although she lives with the heartbreak of doing that, she also knows it was the best thing for the child.

Surrounded by the magic of the holiday season Zehava in her way opens the door to both their pain to hopefully lead to forgiveness.

This is a favorite scene as Zehava shares her promises to her son with Issac.

So man up, Marine, and listen.

The silence stretched out between them, and he forced patience while she studied him. Whatever she sought must have satisfied her because she held out her hand. “I want to share something I do every Hanukkah. Normally I do it alone, but you’re here and I want—I need to do it with you this year.”

Mild alarm rang through him and he ignored that as well, in favor of taking her hand. Her fingers threaded through his and the palm to palm clasp soothed him like a warm embrace. “Okay,” he said, the only word he could push out past the emotion clogging his throat. She tugged and he followed her into the community center, curiosity and dread an uncomfortable cocktail in his system.

Once inside, she hit the light switch and he shut the doors. Since the center should be closed, he went ahead and turned the lock. He didn’t need any unpleasant surprises walking in on them. Zehava gave his hand a squeeze then, releasing him, headed to the table with all of the menorahs. Wary, but curious, he followed.

“He was born in summer.” The words crashed down on him, and he was grateful her back was to him so he had time to absorb the blow and mitigate his reaction. “Our son, I mean,” she explained as though he might need the clarification.

His jaw hurt from clamping it shut, but he kept it closed. He couldn’t guarantee what would come out because the old anger roused like a bad case of heartburn to claw at his insides.

Squatting, Zehava pulled another menorah from beneath the table and set it on top. She ducked down again and took out two fresh candles. “I held him for a couple of hours after his birth.” The words were so soft he had to strain to hear them. “It took that long for the adopting family to arrive at the hospital. Mama stayed with me. She never said a word about the decision, in favor or against.”

Muscles cramping, he folded his arms and forced himself to stay exactly in place. The urge to storm out warred with the urge to hold her—both intent on tearing him apart. Maintaining his position was the best he could manage.

“I held him and I made him a promise. Well, a promise and a wish, actually.” Her voice trembled. “The first was I wished for him to have the best life he could have, with a wealth of opportunity, and a family who loved him. Both the parents who adopted him, and of course, the parents who gave him life.”

Hell opened up beneath Isaac and bellowed its fire through his soul. He stayed firm and didn’t give in to the need to slam his fist into the wall until it broke, or his knuckles did. He didn’t want to hear her damn story.

Yet, he desperately hung on every word.

“The second promise was I would light the menorah for him every year and remember him and pray for him. The first Hanukkah after his birth was very hard, but I kept my promise. I think I cried every night I lit the candles for him.” She twisted finally and looked at Isaac. “Would you light it with me this year?”

She held her breath after asking the question that had danced around in her mind all evening. Never had she felt so connected and yet utterly divided from the same person in the same moment. He stared at her, his expression inscrutable save for the muscle flexing in his jaw.


The one word answer, single, rough, and raw, let her exhale and she fought a wave of dizzying relief. She held a candle out to him with trembling fingers.
Long, Heather. A Candle for a Marine (Always a Marine series Book 18) (Kindle Locations 611-640). Decadent Publishing Company, LLC. Kindle Edition.

In a way unique to her, Heather made me feel their pain, their sorrow, and their love not only for the child they gave up but for each other.

I loved seeing Zach again and was glad he was able to give Issac the kick he needed.

Have tissues handy for this one, you’ll need them as Issac and Zahava find their way.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Long Heather Long

USA Today bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas in the summertime.

From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books.

When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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Release Blitz! Review, Excerpt and Giveaway for Stranded for Christmas – Holiday Acres Book 4 By Noelle Adams

Stranded For Christmas
Holiday Acres Book 4
USA Today Bestselling Author
Noelle Adams


Christmas 2015 Blog blurb

A snowstorm. Her much older business partner.
One very hot night.

Laura Holiday doesn’t believe in romance. Her life revolves around her work and her six-year-old son. The last thing she wants is a fling with her friend and business partner, Russ Matheson, who is emotionally unavailable and thirteen years older than her. But one night in a snowstorm changes their relationship forever.

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Christmas 2015 Blog Review

I really liked this take on a May/December relationship. Laura and Russ have been business partners for four years. The partnership began after Laura’s father died and she discovered her father had cheated his family out of their share of Holiday Acres. There has been much growth to the business, not only the Christmas Trees, but vacation cottages, a coffee shop and Christmas store have added to Holiday Acres success.

Laura has a six-year old Tommy who keeps her as busy as the business does, but her sisters and Russ help her out there too. When a bride and her mother take far longer than Laura expects, she heads out in the snow storm that started earlier than expected. First to check on a cabin then to pick up Tommy in town.

Stuck she calls Russ to come get her but not to venture up the hill to the cabin. He makes it there, but there was no way they would be able to leave until the snow stops and the plows come through.

Interesting conversation, and the undeniable attraction between them leads to some sizzle but then it all goes awry.

Laura really has come to terms with her self esteem issues, and Russ has to admit the age difference doesn’t matter anymore.

Fun, with family drama and plenty of sizzle. I think I need to go back and read the other books in this series. A favorite scene is in the excerpt below and don’t forget to enter the Giveaway!

5 Contented Purrs for Noelle!

“The snow is getting bad,” Russ said, turning back to look out the window.

“Is it?” Laura looked pretty and flustered and breathless. Her shoulder-length brown hair was slipping out of her ponytail, and she must have gotten hot because she’d taken off her sweater. She was wearing a fitted white shirt that gave him a clear view of her slim body, including the luscious curve of her breasts.

Russ dragged his eyes back up to her face, but that didn’t really help because she looked flushed and tousled, like she might have just gotten out of bed.

His bed.

He gulped, remembering how she’d looked that morning in her pajamas.

He really needed to stop thinking such things.

Laura would be mad as hell if she found out.


He blinked, trying to refocus on their conversation. “What?”

“I asked if it was really bad out there.”

“Oh yeah. Take a look. It looks like the parking lot is mostly empty, so the customers have obviously cleared out. The roads must be pretty bad. You probably should have picked Tommy up early.”

“Shit.” Laura came over to stand beside him so she could look out the window too. “Well, I better go get him now before it gets any worse.”

“You want me to drive you?”

She turned her gaze up at him, her brown eyes big and deep. “I’m capable of driving in the snow, you know.”

“I know you are. It was just an offer.”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll take the SUV.” She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Olivia and Penny have to go out in this too. And I’ve got to stop by Candy Cane Cottage to assess the damage to the bathroom.”

“Surely that can wait.”
“We’ve got someone else renting it this weekend. I need to assess it so Ed has time to fix it tomorrow morning.”

Russ shook his head. “That driveway to Candy Cane Cottage is steep. You’re never going to get up it in this snow. And if you get up, you won’t be able to get down.”

“I’ll be fine. I told you I’m taking the SUV.”

“You’re putting a lot of faith in the powers of an SUV.”

“Oh shut up.” Her words weren’t sharp. Her expression was almost fond. “I can’t believe this snow. Why couldn’t it wait a few more hours?”

“The weather isn’t prone to following your timeline.” His voice was dry because she was still standing very close. He could smell the fresh scent of her hair. He wanted to tangle his fingers in it. He wanted to trace the freckles on her face and neck with his tongue.

“I don’t know why it shouldn’t follow my timeline. My timeline is a good one.” Her voice lilted slightly, and she leaned against the wall as she gazed up at him.

Russ took a step closer to her so he could smell her again. “I’ll let the weather know it needs to improve its performance to fall in line with your schedule.”

She took a shaky little breath, and her eyes dropped, causing her thick lashes to spread out against her freckled skin in a way that enchanted him. He edged a little closer, bracing one hand on the wall beside her.

He had her trapped against the wall now, and he’d completely forgotten the track of their conversation. His breathing had quickened, and his body had tightened, and his mind was buzzing with attraction. Need.

Something a lot deeper.

She wasn’t pushing him away. She wasn’t trying to cut the tension. She looked breathless. Excited.

Like maybe she wanted him to kiss her.

He wanted to kiss her more than he’d ever wanted to kiss anyone in his forty-five years. He’d assumed that was something she’d never want, but maybe…


He leaned forward a little more. He could hear her quick intake of breath. Her eyes darted up to his face and then down again.

“Russ,” she said, raising a hand to put on his chest the way she had that morning in the kitchen.

“Yes?” His voice was way too husky, but there was nothing he could do about that. She was so close. Almost within reach at last.

Her fingers fisted in the fabric of his shirt. “Russ.”

“Yes.” This time it wasn’t a question. It was the pure articulation of his heart.

She licked her lips, and the small gesture made his groin harden. “Russ, please don’t.”

He’d been leaning forward even more, but at that he grew very still. “Don’t what?”

“You know what.” She took another breath—different this time—and looked up to meet his eyes again. “Please don’t.”

“Laura, I’m not going to do anything you don’t want, but I think maybe you do want—”

“I don’t—” She broke in, dropping her hand from his shirt. “Please don’t.”

Russ sighed and took a purposeful step back, feeling like he’d been hit by a truck.

Laura gave him another quick look and then grabbed her purse and started for the door.

“Be careful,” Russ said as she left. “The roads are bad out there.”

“I’m always careful.”

Copyright © 2018 Stranded for Christmas by Noelle Adams

Grand Prize
Paperback set of her Holiday Acres series
containing Stranded on the Beach,
Stranded in the Snow,
Stranded in the Woods,
and Stranded for Christmas!
2 Winners
An eCopy of one book from Noelle’s backlist titles (winner’s choice).

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Christmas 2015 Blog About Author

Noelle Adams

Noelle handwrote her first romance novel in a spiral-bound notebook when she was twelve, and she hasn’t stopped writing since. She has lived in eight different states and currently resides in Virginia, where she reads any book she can get her hands on and offers tribute to a very spoiled cocker spaniel.She loves travel, art, history, and ice cream. After spending far too many years of her life in graduate school, she has decided to reorient her priorities and focus on writing contemporary romances.

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Christmas Countdown! The Thief of Hearts: A Reverse Harem Mystery by Ripley Proserpina

The Thief Of Hearts
A Reverse Harem Mystery
Ripley Proserpina


A stolen artifact…
A mysterious trio of brothers…

After years of working her way to the top, Shira Rose is finally curating her first art exhibit and auction at the exclusive Lohse and Gottleib House. But when she’s thrust into the middle of a decades-old mystery, what should be the culmination of her dreams turns into a disaster.

And it only gets worse.

With only eight days until the auction, the gallery is robbed and Shira ends up running for her life. In the nick of time, three dark figures step out of the shadows to save her life.

But things don’t add up, and Shira begins to wonder—can she trust these men? Or is she merely a pawn in a darker game?

**This is a standalone reverse harem mystery. It was previously released in the anthology, Snow and Seduction.**

Another story set during the Eight Days of Hanukkah, this one a mystery with a reverse harem theme.

Shira has just been promoted to curator at the exclusive Lohse and Gottleib House, as she’s putting the final touches on her first solo auction her boss throws five new items at her to be included.

Each of these items needs to have the provenances validated before they can be added to the sale. These documents authenticate the items are legitimately obtained. For Shira that means very late nights and missing Hanukkah with her grandmother.

Even with the warning from her receptionist, she forgets to call for a car before leaving close to midnight and gets mugged. Managing to get away she is aided when she falls by some very handsome men.

This is a favorite scene.

Throwing her weight to the side, she knocked into the man, sending him sprawling to the ground. He landed with an “oomph!” and she took off, tearing down the street as fast as she could run, and slipping on the ice that had formed when the sun went down. She skidded into the side of the building as she ran around the corner toward the bright lights of the 24-hour Denny’s a block away.

She couldn’t hear anything over her breathing, and the pathetic, half-sob, half-squeaks, she was making as she ran. But she imagined the man behind her, running full-tilt, ready to lunge and drag her into an alley to finish her off.

The lights bobbed ahead of her. Almost there. Safety was ten feet away. She was going to make it.

Her foot hit a slick patch of pavement, and her legs flew out from under her. She saw the lights and darker rooftops against the lighter, city-lit sky before her head cracked into the pavement.

Now the only stars she saw were the ones dancing in front of her eyes as she waited to be murdered.

Her breath made little white clouds. Move. Get up.

Her body wouldn’t obey. Like earlier, it let her down. Far away, someone ran toward her. Here they come. This is the end.

Green eyes met hers, and a warm hand cupped her cheek. “Are you okay? Don’t move. Dov!”

Shira couldn’t move if she wanted to.

Another set of green eyes in a more serious face appeared next to the first. The man studied her and frowned. “Stay still. You’re okay.” Shira glanced up at the sky, but it was hidden by the men. A moment later the two were joined by a third man, and then another.

Four beautiful faces stared back at her. “Wow,” she breathed. Later, she could blame fright and adrenaline for her slip-up, but right now, Shira would enjoy the sense of shelter and protection these guys gave her.

“What happened, Ravi?” the serious man asked. Shira’s gaze slid toward the man to whom the question was addressed. Ravi. She made a mental note. Worried green eyes and warm hands.

“She ran and slipped, Dov,” Ravi answered shortly. The frowning man had a name, Dov.

Her head was starting to pound, a concentrated throb right on the back of her skull. Slapping her hands around the pavement, Shira tried to find a patch that wasn’t ice to push herself up.

“Whoa.” Dov touched her arm, pressing lightly to keep her in place.

“I have things to do,” she said, stupidly. “I need to go.”

“Help her.” Ravi sounded out of breath. His words tumbled over each other, and his eyes were wild. He glanced from one face to another, and when no one did what he asked, he slid his arm around her shoulders. “I got you,” he whispered. “Call the ambulance, Dov.”


“Call them!”
Proserpina, Ripley. The Thief of Hearts: A Reverse Harem Mystery .(Kindle Locations 231-250). Kindle Edition.

However, not all is altruistic with these guys.

As Shira works hard to try to validate the new items, the guys keep turning up. Ravi takes her to a Hanukkah dinner at his grandmother’s and then things start getting a bit crazy.

A break-in, an arrest, some interesting and conflicting documentation and a relationship that gets real hot, very fast with what appears to be the wrong man.

I really enjoyed this holiday tale, the story emerges over the eight days and has plenty of suspense, drama and sizzle.

5 Contented Purrs for Ripley!

Ripley Proserpina

Ripley Proserpina spends her days huddled near a fire in the frozen northern wilds of Vermont. She lives with her family, two magnificent cats, and one dog who aspires to cat-hood. She is the author of the Reverse Harem series, The Searchers, and “Missing Linc” from the paranormal series, The Aegeans in the horror romance anthology, Bloody Kisses.

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Christmas Countdown! Light Me Up By Rebecca Royce

Light Me Up
Rebecca Royce


Ruth has been a vampire for sixty-five years after being assaulted by a vampire during World War II while her family hid from the Nazis. One night, she is drawn to a house where they are celebrating Hanukkah and the candles are burning in the window. There, she meets a man, Benjamin Fox, who is immune to her vampire charms. Ben is thirty-five years old and dying of a heart problem he’s had since he was a child.

Together, they will form a friendship that could be so much more if either could allow it. But when Ben is about to succumb to his illness, Ruth must decide whether to give in to his wishes and make him a vampire too. She is, he’s decided, his ultimate Hanukkah gift.

While I call this my Christmas Countdown, Hanukkah is also celebrated this month. In fact it starts at sundown tonight. So light your menorah, and begin the festival of lights with this fun tale.

Ruth was turned in to a vampire during WWII, she was being transported most likely to a concentration camp when everything went to hell. She doesn’t remember the how, and really it doesn’t matter anymore. She is what she is. On this particular night she is drawn to a window where children are lighting the menorah.

Benjamin has come to his family for Hanukkah, it is most certainly his last. His heart is failing and he wants to enjoy this holiday with his parents, sister, her husband and their children, but most of all his grandmother.

Now usually when Ruth approaches someone, they fall into thrall, not so with Benjamin and hearing his struggling heart she knows she can’t feed from him. Instead they have a conversation, this is a favorite scene.

Ruth stopped her approach and regarded him. How had he known she was there? She hadn’t made a sound he would be able to hear.

Shrugging, she decided she didn’t care. She’d wanted to see him, and she was going to. He wouldn’t remember his encounter unless she wanted him to. Being a Vampire was convenient in that way.

Pitch-black hair fell around his eyes, covering up the top half of his face so his chocolate-brown eyes were barely visible. His frame looked thin, even with welldefined muscles shaping his expensive clothes. Only the dark circles under his eyes gave any outward evidence of the illness within.

“Hello.” She spoke first because she knew he would not. Prey never did.

“Hi.” His voice was low and musical. She wondered if he sang.

“What is your name?”

Ruth spent so little time speaking to others, truly less and less as the years went by, that she still held the accent of her human youth. Anyone who listened would think she was a Polish immigrant. This suited her fine. She never stayed in the company of anyone long enough for them to care.

“My name is Ben.” He cleared his throat. “Benjamin Fox.”

“Hello, Ben.”

She stared into his eyes for a moment, and a strange longing hit her stomach. How nice would it be to be just a girl meeting this young man on the street? But longings were for people with futures, something she did not have, since she was dead, and something she suspected he had run out of.

“Are you aware you are sick?”

“I am. I have been nearly my whole life. I was born with a heart defect. It’s gotten worse. There isn’t much time left.”

Well, that answered her question. She reached up and touched the side of his face. This period of time, the moments when she could speak to him, ask him questions and get the answers to anything she wanted to know, she thought of this as the ‘enthralled time.’ It didn’t last forever.

Eventually, his human mind would push through, and his fight or flee response would take over. Most Vampires didn’t bother to speak to their prey. They ate, decided whether or not to kill the subject, and moved on.

Usually she didn’t talk much either, but since she wasn’t going to feed off Ben —it most certainly would kill him considering his health issues— she thought one conversation wouldn’t hurt anything. Tonight was such a different experience for her from start to finish. She might as well make it a doozy.

“What are you doing here tonight?”

“I came to see my grandmother. The whole family is gathering. It’s going to be my last holiday. I have weeks left at best.”

Not that long, but she wouldn’t tell him that. As a giver of death, she was acutely knowledgeable on the subject. Benjamin Fox had days.

“Do you celebrate Hanukkah for all eight nights or just the first few?”

He shook his head. “I’m not very observant, wasn’t raised that way, but Grandma does. I wanted to make sure I saw her this year.” He paused. “Do you?”

Startled, she wasn’t sure she heard him correctly.


“I asked if you do all eight nights?”

“No.” What had just happened? He shouldn’t be able to think clearly enough to ask her questions, not while he was enthralled. “Not since I was a human.”

He raised a black eyebrow before he snickered. “Since you were a human? What are you now? A snake that walks instead of slithers?”

“No, a Vampire.”
Royce, Rebecca. Light Me Up. Kindle Locations (74-109). Rebecca Royce. Kindle Edition.

A very interesting relationship starts from this initial conversation, and develops into a most unusual love story. Of course the whole thing can’t go smoothly so throw in a Vampire hunter for an interesting plot twist.

Truly a delightful read with just enough heat.

5 contented Purrs for Rebecca!

Rebecca Royce Rebecca Royce

As a teenager, I would hide in my room to read my favorite romance novels when I was supposed to be doing my homework. I hope, these days, that my parents think it was worth it.

I am the mother of three adorable boys and I am fortunate to be married to my best friend. I live in Austin Texas where I am determined to eat all the barbecue in town.

I am in love with science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal and try to use all of these elements in my writing. I’ve been told I’m a little bloodthirsty so I hope that when you read my work you’ll enjoy the action packed ride that always ends in romance. I love to write series because I love to see characters develop over time and it always makes me happy to see my favorite characters make guest appearances in other books.

In my world anything is possible, anything can happen, and you should suspect that it will.

I’d love to hear from you!

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Her Guarded Hero – Black Dawn Book 5 by Caitlyn O’Leary

Her Guarded Hero
Black Dawn Book 5
USA Today Bestselling Author
Caitlyn O’Leary


Winter Blog Blurb

This Book Was Previously Part of the Love Under Siege Anthology Released In September 2018

Can He Save Her Life? Can She Save His Soul?

Navy SEAL Dalton Sullivan, once again, seeks solace in the wilderness. As he treks through the forests surrounding Lake Tahoe shots ring out, and he watches in horror as a woman is thrown off her horse and lands unconscious at his feet.

Aurora Chance has no idea why someone wants her dead. When Dalton offers to keep her safe, she is pressured by her family to accept his help. As the danger intensifies, Dalton becomes her safe harbor. Meanwhile Dalton wrestles with demons from his past as Aurora becomes a beacon of hope that he knows he doesn’t deserve.

Will Dalton have to give up his life in order to save Aurora? Will Aurora survive and prove to Dalton he can trust her with his heart?

Her Guarded Hero will take you on an emotional, action-packed read that will leave you craving more. Don’t miss out, one-click this story today.

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Winter Blog Review

I read this book originally as part of the Love Under Siege Anthology.

I love this series and Dalton is just one more team member to love. He has his demons and he’s come to Lake Tahoe to exercise them.

Aurora is a very strong woman who is an accomplished horsewomen. In addition to her family’s business of breeding, she works with abused horses to hopefully get them to the point they can be adopted.

This book starts out with a bang, literally as someone takes pot shots at Aurora and her horse. Fortunately Dalton is nearby and is able to give her a hand. As he gets her to the road where there will hopefully be a cell signal, she keeps him entertained with tales of her Grandparents. She also argues that the shots were random, from poachers and she was not the target.

With Sheriff Brody dismissing the shooting as poachers, Dalton makes a decision to help.

This is a favorite scene.

Dalton cleared his throat. “I think I might have an idea. At least for a little bit.”

Gunnar’s head swung to spear the younger man with a laser gaze.

“What? Do you know a way we can get Brody off his ass to do something? Dammit, he’s our friend, Aurora. He’s known you since you were in diapers.”

She covered her grandfather’s fist. “He’ll come around.”

“Let’s hope it’s before another attempt is made on your life,” he huffed. He looked back over at Dalton. “What’s your idea, Son?”

“I’m vacationing here for a week. How about I bunk with your two hands? That will allow me to keep an eye on things. Maybe take a look around and find out something.”

She thought her grandfather might kiss Petty Officer First Class Sullivan.

“We have cabins a half mile away from the barn, it gives the men privacy,” Gunnar explained, but then he hesitated. “I’d feel a lot better if you would stay closer to my granddaughter. We have two extra rooms here in the house. We can set you up in one of those. There’s a good size TV in one of them.”

“Weren’t you here to hike and explore the area?” Aurora asked. She didn’t need a babysitter, no matter how handsome he was.

“I was. But I like the looks of your ranch, and it’s been a while since I’ve been riding, so I’d enjoy this even more.” Sure, he would.

The man was just being a good sport.

“Look Dalton, we couldn’t impose on you like this,” Aurora protested.

“It’s not an imposition,” Gunnar said. “You heard the man. He wants to get back in the saddle.”

“Your grandfather is right.” Dalton said with a smile. “One of my former teammates has a big spread in Texas. That’s where I learned to ride. I would really love to be able to show up next time as a better horseman.”

“Well Aurora can definitely help you with that. She’s an expert, she not only trains and works with abused animals, she’s a pro at giving riding lessons.”

Dalton’s eyes lit up with amusement, while Aurora turned damn near purple.
Love Under Siege. Caitlyn O’Leary. Her Guarded Hero. Kindle Locations (14934-14951). Kindle Edition.

Plenty of heat between Dalton and Aurora that escalates rapidly even though both claim to want nothing more than temporary fun.

There’s definitely a bit of a communication break down, between Aurora and those trying to protect her as they try to track down the shooters.

I love the horses, Dalton’s teammates Aurora dubbed ‘the Scooby Team, and her friends Lindy and Crystal. Strong women are always what these men need.

Plenty of twists, turns and heat, plus a couple of surprises I didn’t see coming. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Caitlyn!

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Caitlyn O’Leary

Caitlyn O’Leary is an avid reader, and considers herself a fan first and an author second. She reads a wide variety of genres, but finds herself going back to happily-ever-afters. Getting a chance to write, after years in corporate America is a dream come true. She hopes that her stories provide the kind of entertainment and escape that she has found from some of her favorite authors.

Her Series Include:
It’s a bit Paranormal, a bit Sci-Fi and 100% Action/Adventure. The characters have special abilities, that make them targets.

This is focused on a group of Navy Seals. What makes them special is their bond to one another, and the women they come to love.

This is the series that started her career, it is a Menage Series that takes place in Fate Harbor Washington. It focuses on a tight knit community who live and love and care for one another.

She loves to hear from her readers.

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