Texas Lullaby – Whispering Springs, TX Book 7 By Cynthia D’Alba

Texas Lullaby
Whispering Springs, TX Book 7
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Cynthia D’Alba


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Sometimes what you think you don’t want
is exactly what you need.

After a long four-year engagement, Lydia Henson makes her decision. Forced to choice between having a family or marrying a man who adamantly against fathering children, she chooses the man. She can live without children. She can’t live without the man she loves.

Jason Montgomery doesn’t want a family, or at least that’s his story and he’s sticking to it. The falsehood is less emasculating than the truth.

On the eve of their wedding, Lydia is unexpectedly given her sister’s three children to raise. Jason and Lydia’s well-planned life is thrown into chaos. Everything Jason has sworn he doesn’t want is within his grasp. But as he reaches for the golden ring, life delivers another twist.

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I love Jason and Lydia. They were finally getting married after what is in Jason’s family a long engagement. Unfortunately on the way to the wedding Lydia’s sister and her family are in a tragic accident. Through the tears in my eyes I experienced all the emotional turmoil with Lydia and her parents. With the wedding postponed, decisions have to be made as Meridith’s three children become Lydia’s.

Jason never wanted children or that’s what he’s convinced everyone and himself. He has a secret there that no one knows. Seeing Lydia take on the role of motherhood, he finds himself in love with the children as much as he loves her. The problem will be convincing her and everyone else he still wants this marriage and all it involves.

This is just one of my favorite scenes with Jason and the kids.

The hotel advertised a small, indoor kiddie pool, one of the reasons he’d chosen this place. The girls giggled and pranced and twisted around like they had ants in their pants as they all walked down to the pool area. The kiddie pool was maybe six inches deep where the kids walked in and might have been two or two-and-a-half feet at its deepest, but that was about it, thank goodness. He pulled a lounge chair closer and let the girls wade in the water. Within seconds, they were laughing and splashing each other.

Levi pushed against Jason’s chest, wanting down. He didn’t have a suit for the baby. Heck, he didn’t have one for himself. He hadn’t even thought about Levi wanting in the water. The baby began crying… loudly. Jason knew Levi wasn’t hungry and his diaper wasn’t dirty. The only thing he might want is the water.

Jason sighed, pulled Levi’s shirt over his head and took off his shorts, leaving him dressed only in his diaper. He put a towel on the concrete where the pool was the shallowest. He sat on the towel and sat Levi in the water, whose diaper quickly sucked up water and doubled in size. Levi gurgled and splashed, a glob of drool dripping from his toothless grin.

“Uncle Jason,” Ellery said. “You should come in too.”

Jason chuckled. “I forgot my swim suit. I can’t.”

“Levi doesn’t have on one,” Annie said.

Oh, yeah. Jason could picture his explanation to the cop who would arrest him for getting into a kiddie pool wearing only his briefs. “But officer, Levi didn’t have on pants either.”

“That’s true,” he said. “But I like sitting here watching you guys play.”

The girls lay in the water, practiced swimming like someone named Ariel, whoever that was, and had a floating contest. Levi, on the other hand, loved hitting the water with his palms, effectively throwing water droplets on Jason. Before long, Jason’s shirt was fairly damp. He didn’t mind. In fact, he was getting quite a kick out of watching them play.

He checked his phone for the time and to see if he’d missed a call from Lydia. Almost five p.m. and no call. That made him a little nervous. Sure she was fine, he nonetheless would have appreciated her checking in. He didn’t know how long to let the girls swim or what to do about dinner.

At close to six, the girls were wearing down. He’d taken Levi out of the pool and gotten him redressed without getting squirted. A real accomplishment, in Jason’s opinion.

“Uncle Jason. I’m hungry,” Ellery said.

“Me too,” Annie echoed.

“Me three,” Jason answered, which made the girls giggle. “How about we go back to the room, get cleaned up, and I’ll have dinner delivered to the room.”

“What are we eating?” Ellery asked. “I want chicken.”

“Me too,” Annie echoed.

“I think we can do that. Get on out of the pool and let’s get you wrapped up in the towels.”

Damn, he was tired. The kids were cute and funny, but they were energy vampires.
D’Alba, Cynthia. Texas Lullaby (Whispering Springs, TX Book 7) (Kindle Locations 364-388). Riante Romance, Ltd.. Kindle Edition.

There a many hurdles to conquer for Lydia in this book and I applaud Jason for everything he did at least until the unexpected.

I laughed and cried a lot in this book, it really is one of my favorites in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Cynthia!

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Cynthia d'Alba Cynthia D’Alba

Hi Y’All! I’m Cynthia D’Alba from Arkansas.Here’s a little about me…New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Cynthia D’Alba started writing on a challenge from her husband in 2006 and discovered having imaginary sex with lots of hunky men was fun.

She was born and raised in a small Arkansas town. After being gone for a number of years, she’s thrilled to be making her home back in Arkansas living in a vine-covered cottage on the banks of an eight-thousand acre lake. When she’s not reading or writing or plotting, she’s doorman for her two dogs, cook, housekeeper and chief bottle washer for her husband and slave to a noisy, messy parrot. She loves to chat online with friends and fans.

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