Cowboy D-Force – Brotherhood Protectors Book 4 By Elle James

Cowboy D-Force
Brotherhood Protectors Book 4
USA Today Bestselling Author
Elle James


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Former D-Force bodyguard, protects mega-star’s body double from a predatory stalker’s deadly hunting game.

Fresh out of the military, John Wayne “Duke” Morrison is back in his home state of Montana, starting a new job in the Brotherhood Protectors security service. First assignment, protect film star and diva Lena Love from a stalker leaving her threatening messages. After fighting terrorists in the Middle East, Duke assumes this assignment will be a walk in the park.

Angel Carson, lovingly known as “The Angel of Death”, is a woman with a death wish. Her main claim to fame is her uncanny resemblance to Lena Love. Prior military, she’s seen combat, lost friends and now works as the stunt woman for the mega-star. When Miss Love is threatened, Angel steps in as bait to draw out the stalker on the diva’s 6,000-acre ranch in the foothills of the Crazy Mountains. To cover Angel’s back, Lena has engaged a bodyguard to watch her six and be there when the stalker reveals himself.

Unable to tell Duke she isn’t the real Lena, Angel must perform like a diva. As the stalker closes in, she reluctantly accepts Duke’s help to stay alive. In forced proximity, tempers and passions ignite, leaving Duke and Angel struggling to resist an irresistible attraction while alluding the stalker’s predatory game. When the stalker becomes the predator, the power of Delta Force brotherhood becomes a force to reckon with.

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Lena Love is a diva to the max, with an alcohol problem. When she over does it this time, her agent arranges for her stunt double to pretend to be her while they get her into rehab.

Angel Carson was fine with doing stunts, but to play the part of Lena while they try to catch a stalker was a bit much. Not really having a choice she settles into the elaborate ranch set up.

John Wayne “Duke” Morrison’s first assignment for Brotherhood Protectors is bodyguard to Lena. After being party to her advances the previous night he definitely wasn’t looking forward to it. However he is a professional and could handle whatever Lena decides to throw at him. Something is off with her though and at first he can’t figure out what it is. Then she slips off to skinny dip in the pool, and he ends up saving her from the foreman’s unwanted advances.

This is a favorite scene.

“No offense, Miss Love, but shut up.”

He crossed the smooth, custom oak floors and mounted the stairs, carrying her all the way. He started out fast, but by the time they reached the top of the staircase, Duke was breathing hard, and his leg ached like a motherfucker.

With her arms crossed over her chest and an expression that said, I told you so, Lena stared at him. “Uncle?”

He gritted his teeth, dragged in a deep breath and then strode down the hall. At her bedroom, he kicked open the door, entered the huge room and dumped her ass on the king-sized bed.

“Hey! That wasn’t very nice.” She righted herself and pulled the comforter over her nakedness. “You, Mr. Morrison, are no gentleman.”

“And you, Miss Love, are no lady. Didn’t your mother teach you to wear a swimsuit when you go swimming out in the open?”

“It’s my place. I can walk around stark naked wherever the hell I please. Besides, a polite gentleman would have looked away.”

“Since we’ve already established that I’m no gentleman, it’s a moot point.” He strode to the windows, checked the locks, double-checked the bathroom and ducked to glance under her bed.

A slim, bare foot shot out hitting him in the shoulder, knocking him backward.

He grabbed the ankle attached to the foot as he went down, dragging her off the bed. They landed in a tangled heap on the sheepskin rug.

Lena tried to scramble out of reach.

Duke wasn’t having any of it. “Prepare to reap what you sew.” He flipped her onto her back on the rug, straddled her hips and pinned her wrists high above her head. Then he stared down at her flushed face.

“I don’t think pinning your client to the floor is in your job description.” She wiggled beneath him, igniting his desire for this mess of a woman.

“I’m guarding your body.” His gaze slipped lower. “And since you seem to enjoy strutting around in your birthday suit, I assume you have no problem with your bodyguard seeing you nude.” His glance slipped to the breasts he’d seen last night, flashed fully in his face. Only this time, there was something different. On her left breast, just below the nipple was a tattoo of a heart surrounded by two doves in flight.

He froze, studying the tattoo.

“Hey, you can quit staring now,” she said, her cheeks turning redder by the minute. She arched her back in an attempt to dislodge him.

Still holding her wrists with one of his hands, he pointed at the mark. “This tattoo, when did you get it?”

She stopped struggling. “When I was eighteen. The year my parents died.”

For a moment, her words hung in the air, as if they didn’t quite belong anywhere. Then it all came crashing down around Duke.

He glared down at her. “Who the hell are you?”

Her eyes widened as she stared up at him. “Wh-what do you mean? I’m Lena Love. Who else would I be?” Her gaze slipped to the corner of the room.

“The woman in the bar who flashed me last night was Lena Love. She didn’t have a tattoo on her breasts. You, however, do.”

She set her jaw in a tight line. “Get off of me.”

Duke shook his head. “Not until you tell me what the hell is going on.”
James, Elle. Cowboy D-Force (Brotherhood Protectors Book 4). Kindle Locations (826-850).Kindle Edition.

Now that Duke knows exactly who he’s dealing with they come up with a plan to draw out the stalker/predator.

Tense situations, as the hunter becomes the hunted,  situations that will have you giggling, sizzling romance and that all so worthy HEA.

5 Contented Purrs for Elle!

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Winter Blog About Author

Elle James Elle James

Award-winning author Elle James grew up as an air force military brat. She received her work ethic from her rock-solid father, her creative streak from her artistic mother and inspiration from her writing partner and sister, Delilah Devlin.

As a former member of the army reserves and a current member of the air force reserves, she’s traveled across the United States and to Germany, managed a full-time job, and raised three wonderful children. She and her husband have even tried their hands at ranching exotic birds (ostriches, emus and rheas) in the Texas hill country. Ask her, and she’ll tell you what it’s like to go toe-to-toe with an angry three-hundred-and-fifty-pound bird and live to tell about it!

Her adventures in the army and air force reserves, and the wild antics of her life on a small ranch in Texas give her fodder for mystery, suspense and humor in her writing. Elle writes gothic, paranormal mystery for the Harlequin Intrigue line and paranormal romantic comedy for Dorchester Publishing. A former manager of computer programming and project management professionals, Elle is happy she now has the opportunity to pursue her writing full time.

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