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Shattered Vows
Crimson Point Series Book 3
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Kaylea Cross


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She’s his best friend’s widow.

Molly Boyd’s entire world unraveled when tragedy turned the man she loved into her greatest threat. Her ex-husband’s death has left her pregnant and alone, struggling to put her shattered life back together—and her confusing feelings for his best friend aren’t helping matters. For years Jase has been a solid, steady source of comfort and friendship. Now she can’t stop seeing him as something more. And just as she’s wrestling with her shifting feelings, a new danger from her ex’s past threatens everything—including her and her unborn child’s lives.

But she’s always been the one.

Jase Weaver is an expert at unrequited love. Years ago he stood by and watched his best friend marry the woman of his dreams, and he’s endured his suffering in silence ever since. But when Carter’s self-destructive tailspin threatened Molly, Jase stepped in to make her safe. And when Carter died, Jase stepped up to be her rock. Now he can’t stay silent any longer. He’s wanted Molly forever and it’s time she knows it. So when a new threat against her emerges, Jase will put his own life on the line to protect her, no matter the cost.

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From the very first meeting with Molly, Jace has been in love with her. Unfortunately she fell head over heels for his best friend Carter. Jace was the best man at their wedding and he promised Carter he would look after her if anything ever happened to him. He just didn’t expect what happened.

Carter has a traumatic brain injury, and he has been going through personality changes. Changes so drastic they caused the love to fade and fear to replace it. As a result they have been living apart and Molly has filed for divorce. When Carter strikes back physically, Jase comes to Molly’s rescue.

The fight with Jase has Carter driving off down a winding road in a blinding rainstorm. Carter loses control and goes off the cliff resulting in his death.

Carter’s team is with her through everything, the aftermath of his death brings to light things about the man no one knew. Jase however sticks the closest even though he is finding it hard to stay away.

This is a favorite scene.

Jase brushed en errant curl away from her cheek and cupped her face in his hand, the latent tension growing heavier. Her heart gave a hard thud against her ribs as his gaze dropped to her lips and the seconds stretched out between them.

She had plenty of time to stop him. She should have stopped him, but the tender, almost possessive way he held her face set off a swarm of butterflies in her belly and she’d wondered how it would feel to kiss him.

Then it was too late to stop it because his lips were on hers, and for the life of her, she couldn’t pull away.

Her fingers curled into his shoulders. A shocking wave of heat shot through her, tightening her nipples and making her insides quiver.

Dear God. She’d imagined this. Had secretly longed to know how it would feel, and now…

His lips were warm and firm on hers, his confident hold and the heat pulsing inside her too perfect to interrupt. He kissed her like he had every right to. Like he’d wanted to kiss her forever and was finally staking his claim. She melted into him. Wanting to crawl inside him so that he’d never let her go.

Jase. I’m kissing Jase and it feels…

Way too good.

So good she didn’t want to stop. So good she wanted to keep going until they were skin to skin and he was sliding into her, easing the throb he’d created in her core.

The thought was like a bucket of ice water dumped over her, immediately dousing the fire. Molly pulled away and ducked her head, shaken. But wanting more. Craving it until she ached all over.

Oh my God…

Jase wordlessly slid a thumb across her cheekbone and lowered his hand, allowing her to step back even as her body cried out in protest.

It took her a moment to find her voice, and longer still to find the courage to meet his eyes. When she did, the look on his face was so intent, so full of naked yearning it pushed the air from her lungs. He’d hinted the other night that he wanted her, but she’d never imagined his feelings ran so deep.

She struggled to find her voice. “Jase, what…?” She couldn’t finish the thought.

He shook his head, his gorgeous eyes burning with frustration and a hunger that made her heart pound. “I’ve wanted you forever, Moll. Since the first time I saw you.”

She sucked in a breath at his hoarse admission. He had? Even though she’d been married? To his best friend? Her thoughts were a chaotic jumble, shuffling back over the years since she’d known him, trying to find something she’d missed. But no, he’d never once shown his real feelings for her.

She floundered for something that would allow her to make sense of it. “But you were Carter’s best man, you—”

“Stood up there like a good soldier and watched you pledge yourself to my best friend for better or worse and in sickness and in health? Yeah. I did. And even though I was happy for you both, I hated every fucking moment of it.”

Holy… Molly was too shocked to answer. Though she understood why he never said anything, why he’d hidden it so well. Well enough that she’d never noticed it.

She put a hand to her forehead, her mind spinning. “Oh, God, this is so wrong.” They couldn’t take this any farther. It was too soon, they were friends, and she didn’t want to screw that up.
There was the baby to think of. She couldn’t lose Jase, and continuing down this path would risk everything she had with him.

Jase gave a slow, deliberate shake of his head, his eyes searching hers. “He’s gone, Moll, and he’s not coming back. You deserve to be happy again. So it’s only wrong if you don’t want me.”

The unspoken hurt in his quiet words sliced through her like a blade. Because she did want him. She wanted him so much it scared her. But he was cornering her, pushing her into a place she wasn’t prepared to go.

“I can’t risk losing you,” she whispered back, tormented. “I can’t, Jase, so don’t ask me to.”

He took her face in his hands, his gaze steady and clear, full of emotion that tore at her heart. “Hey. I know you’ve been through a lot. But I’m not going anywhere. And the only way you’d ever lose me is if you shut me out and walk away.”

Panic flared. She shook her head, gave him a pleading look. “Jase, no.” He didn’t understand what he was saying. How disastrous it would be if something went wrong.

“Moll, I know you’re scared. But I won’t hurt you. I would never hurt you, you know that.”

She’d never dreamed Carter would, either. And yet he had.

The panic sharpened. Stabbed through her like a blade. “No.” She shoved his hands away and stepped back, feeling sick. “I can’t. Please understand, it’s never going to happen. I can’t.”
Slade, Heather. Shattered Vows. Crimson Point Series Book 3. Kaylea Cross Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Molly is approached by a man who says Carter owes him 120,000 dollars. Unbelieving and thankful Jase arrives which chases the man away.

Jase and the rest of the team step up to keep Molly safe, including a home Jase has remodeled with her in mind. Jace needs to stay away though, he can’t seem to be near her and not want her. It has to be her decision to be with him.

A touching, emotional, scary and romantic story that will have you turning the pages. I now have to go back and read the rest of this series, I loved everyone I met in this one.

5 Contented Purrs for Kaylea!

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Kaylea Cross

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kaylea Cross writes edge-of-your-seat military romantic suspense. Her work has won many awards and has been nominated for both the Daphne du Maurier and the National Readers’ Choice Awards. A Registered Massage Therapist by trade, Kaylea is also an avid gardener, artist, Civil War buff, Special Ops aficionado, belly dance enthusiast and former nationally-carded softball pitcher. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and family.

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