Susana and The Scot – Untamed Highlander Book 2 By Sabrina York

Susana and the Scot
Untamed Highlander Book 2
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Sabrina York


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Scotland, 1813


Andrew Lochlannach is famous for his conquests, on and off the battlefield. When a fellow warrior challenges him to a kissing contest, he wastes no time in planting his lips on ninety-nine lovely lasses-an impressive feat of seduction that gets him banished to the hinterlands. Still, Andrew has no regrets about his exploits-especially his embrace with the most beguiling woman he’s ever met…


With flaming red hair and a temper to match, Susana is not some innocent farmgirl who gives herself over easily to a man, even one as ruggedly handsome as Andrew. The wicked Scot may have won a kiss from the headstrong beauty in a moment of mutual desire, but Susana refuses to be just another one of his conquests. Andrew must convince the fiery lass that even though he is not playing a game, losing her is not an option…

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I am loving this Highland Series, the women are strong the men are impossible and the bad guys are deliciously evil.

Andrew is Alexander’s brother and he is sent off when he’s caught kissing Lana. Hannah wants him away from her little sister. Fortunately a message of escalating trouble at Reay has Alexander sending him off to protect the lands and Hannah’s family there. That family includes her sister Susana and her daughter.

Andrew has loved and lost, he fell for a beauty named Mairi from Reay long ago while in Perth. Since then he’s not been interested, well except for kissing them. He has a bet with his friend Hamish to kiss a hundred women and Lana was number ninety-nine.

Andrew’s first meeting with Susana doesn’t go very well at all. He sees what he assumes is a farmer being relieved of a cow and figures he’d apprehend the little thief.

This is a favorite scene.

She gored him with a furious glare. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

She crossed her arms. “Not precisely.”

“Protecting Reay cattle from thieves.”

He expression soured. “Really?”


“You’re not doing a very good job at it.”

“I caught you.”

She leaned in, her expression fierce. “What on earth made you think I was a cattle thief?”

“You came barreling out of the woods, alone, brandishing a weapon on an unarmed farmer–“

“He wansa unarmed. And he wasna a farmer. That man has been stealing our cattle for weeks–“

Andrew gulped and set his teeth. “It was only natural to assume you were stealing the cow.:

“How can I steal my own cow?”

Your cow?”

“Of course it’s my cow, you dolt.”

“The cow belongs to Magnus Dounreay.”

She growled at him. Growled. “I am his daughter.”

Andrew froze. Fook/ This was Hannah’s sister? But then now that she mentioned it, there was a familiarity about her. Hannah had the same frown. He was certain of it. He’d seen it often enough.

“We’ve been tracking the thief for days.” She glanced over at the spot where the farmer had been. “And look what you’ve done. After all that work finding the blighter, you let him go.”

“He left the cow,” Andrew offered.

It didn’t help.

She poked him with a sharp finger. He felt it, even through his leather breastplate. “You, sir, are a nuisance. Keep away from me.”

Keep away from her? Not a chance. In fact, all of a sudden his assignment in Reay looked all the more intriguing. Andrew tipped his head to the side and grinned at her. “I canna do that,” he said.

“And why not?”

He waved at the troop of men just joining Hamish on the crest of the hill. “Because we’ve been sent here by the Laird of Dunnet to oversee the defenses of Reay.” His grin broadened as her dismay blossomed. “In fact, I’ll be here for quite some time.”
York, Sabrina. Susana and the Scot (Untamed Highlanders Book 2) (Kindle Locations. 200-220). St. Martin’s Press. Kindle Edition.

Now cattle isn’t the only issue, and things get interesting really fast.

One thing I absolutely noticed was the similarities between Susana’s daughter, Isobel, and Andrew. The hair, the eyes, are men always so blind? Of course Susana’s father put two and two together from the start, but Andrew, well…just blind I guess. I spent lots of time giggling at all his interactions with the little imp.

Stafford, having aligned with Scrabster to harass those at Reay, is escalating. With rumors of the Duke of Caithness returning and requiring some devastating changes tensions quickly rise.

Poisoning, kidnapping, a blossoming romance, a little hellion and so much more will have you turning pages until you finish.

5 Contented Purrs for Sabrina!

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