A Desperate Journey by Debra Parmley

A Desperate Journey
Debra Parmley


Sometimes a journey of the heart is the most dangerous journey of all.

Sally Wheeler learned the hard way that men aren’t always what they seem. Now she will stop at nothing to track down the bigamist husband who stole her son and abandoned her and their daughter on their failing Kansas farm. She’ll do anything to have her family back together, even if it means traveling down the Old Chisholm Trail to Texas with an old mule skinner and a handsome maverick who could change her mind about men.

Free after spending seven years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Rob Truman aims to balance the scales of justice on the man who sent him there-Luke Wheeler. His quest doesn’t include falling for the one woman who will lead him to his quarry, but Sally’s courage in the face of her fear touches his soul.

Through dangerous days and nights on the trail, neither Sally nor Rob can ignore their growing feelings for each other. Yet both are haunted by the poor judgment that, in the past, led them down the wrong road. Love-and trust-are luxuries neither of them can afford. But as the bullets start flying, love may be all that saves them-and Sally’s son.

Warning: This title contains ornery mules and ornery men.
Get ready to see how the West was really won – one relationship at a time!

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I don’t read very many historical romances, but this one is old west and I couldn’t resist.

Sally’s husband Jake has taken their son and left for Texas. She is determined to get her son back and to accomplish that goal she seeks the aid of Ozzie Moss, the man who led her family to Kansas to begin with. She really doesn’t give him a choice and packs up her daughter Caroline and herself for the journey.

Rob Truman is searching for Jake to get revenge for having spent five years of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He’s following Sally and Ozzie to reach his goal. At least that was the plan until Sally breaks the axel on the wagon.

With Ozzie scouting ahead, Rob comes to Sally’s aid, although he couldn’t do anything about the axel he was able to get her started with repacking things to take along.

The weather takes a turn for the worse and Caroline falls ill.

This is a favorite scene.

The tree he was leaning against felt cold and hard, and all his muscles ached from sleeping in that position. He looked down at Sally as she slept. Her head still rested on his shoulder. His elbow seemed to have lost all feeling.

Carolyn snuggled into her blankets with only her nose peeking out. Sally sighed in her sleep.

The gentler sex, the ones men were raised to protect.

In sleep Sally bore the same innocence as her child.

So this must be how it feels to have a family. Waking to this every morning. Feeling a responsibility to care for them.

The strange feeling in his throat made him swallow.

It was enough to choke a man. And all from watching them sleep. Appearances were deceiving.

He thought back to the night he’d asked May Belle to marry him. He’d wanted to spend the rest of his life caring for her. Not a mistake he would make again.

He needed to get up. He moved his arm and Sally relaxed, sinking deeper into his shoulder. He cleared his throat.

Sally slept on.


She leaned into him, but still she didn’t wake. Uncomfortably warm and aroused, he shifted his leg to ease the pressure.

Moss was awake and must have noticed his discomfort. He shook Sally.

“Ye goin’ to sleep all day?”

He frowned at Rob. Rob stared back. A man couldn’t help his reaction, could he? It wasn’t as if he wanted to be attracted to her. His body wasn’t listening. And as for his heart, he would never allow it to be hurt the way May Belle had wounded him.

Sally stretched, and then opened her eyes to look into Rob’s. Overwhelmed by his nearness, she sat up with a gasp. Her heart pounded an erratic rhythm, and she was aware of warm arousal throughout her body. A tumble of confused thoughts and feelings assailed her.

She watched Rob in confusion. How wonderful it felt waking up next to him. Long ago she’d missed waking to the warmth of Luke’s body, before she learned what a harsh man he was.

Sally clenched her fists.

All those nights together, the things he’d done and they hadn’t even been married.
Debra Parmley. A Desperate Journey (Kindle Locations 1431-1451). Belo Dia Publishing.

Illness, Indians, high flowing rivers, all contribute to this harrowing journey, but the presence of Rob also lends comfort as she fights her growing attraction. This attraction is mutual since Rob knows she really isn’t married to Luke.

Plenty of tense situations, some action and some heat in this fast paced book you won’t be able to put down.

5 Contented Purrs for Debra!

  Debra Parmley

Fascinated by fairy tales and folktales ever since she was young, Debra Parmley has always ended her stories with a happy ever after. Every story she writes has an element of romance. She started out writing gritty western historical romance and damsel in distress stories. Her first book, A Desperate Journey, was traditionally published in 2008, after competing in the American Title II contest. A hybrid author, she went on to write for five publishers before branching out with her own Indie press, Belo Dia Publishing Inc. Belo Dia is Portuguese for Beautiful Day.

Debra writes historical romance, contemporary romance and romantic suspense. An Air Force veteran’s wife, she writes military heroes in the present and in the future. Debra’s work as a travel consultant gave her the opportunity to visit many countries. Her luggage often carried home folk tales from the countries visited.

Her three favorite things are dark chocolate, visiting the beach and ocean, and hearing from her readers. Each card, letter and email is a treasured gift, like finding a perfect shell upon the beach. For more information about Debra, please visit her website, links below.

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