Love’s Tempting – The Love’s Trilogy Book 2 By Maryann Jordan

Love’s Tempting
The Love’s Trilogy Book 2
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Maryann Jordan


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Detective Matt Dixon had a scarred face earned in the line of duty and a scarred heart when his cheating fiance’ left him. Quiet and surly, he was determined to not let love in again. Until he met her…Lily Swanson. The first woman in a year that did not focus on his scar. Tempted to know her, he thought he had lost his chance when she disappeared into the night. When he and his partner are called to investigate a murder, he finds her again.

Lily doesn’t mind Matt’s scar. She’s hiding scars of her own and is determined to keep the handsome detective at arm’s length. A software engineer working in a medical company, she stumbles across what her murdered partner had discovered… and this time, she may be the next victim.

Will Lily be able to solve the clues to keep the murderer from striking again?

Can Matt save her before the murderer claims her as their next victim?

Can two scarred people be tempted to let love in?

Each book in this series is a stand-alone and can be read in any order. It is NOT a cliffhanger! This book contains characters also found in Love’s Taming and Love’s Trusting. It may be enjoyed more after reading Love’s Taming.

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I love Matt, his insecurities brought on by women who only see his scarred face are heartbreaking. He doesn’t feel worthy of love. He’s meeting Shane and some of the guys from Alvarez Security for drinks when he helps out a lovely lady at the bar.

Lily is an introverted software engineer, in her spare time she’s more likely to curl up with a good book or movie than go out. It seems fate lends a hand when Lily is to meet some coworkers for a drink but they don’t make it and she’s waiting for another ride.

This is a favorite scene when these two meet.

Matt nodded to himself. Yep, the scar gets them every time. Glancing at his watch to see how much longer he needed to wait, his attention was caught by the movement at the other end of the bar.

There she was. Sitting alone looking lost, nursing her drink. Beautiful. Long, dark blonde curls down her back. A pixie face with dark brown eyes. And her clothes…in a room of scantily clad women she was dressed simply. Green blouse. Black slacks. Low-heeled boots. And yet, the whole package together was gorgeous.

And he wasn’t the only one noticing. Glancing around, he saw the predatory eyes of a number of men scoping her out. She’s sitting there looking like a lost lamb in a room full of wolves and doesn’t have a clue. Seeing two men start to walk over to the bar, he suddenly had the urge to intervene. To protect. To claim. Claim? Where the hell did that come from? Matt hadn’t wanted to claim a woman since…don’t go there.

Debating for only a second, he stood up and stalked over to the bar, sliding onto the stool as though it were his own. Turning to the beautiful woman, he smiled and said, “Sorry I’m late baby.”

Her eyes grew wide as she peered into his, her brow lifted in question.

The two men stopped in their advance toward her and retreated, scowling. She turned her head slightly to see them leave, releasing a sigh of relief.

“Didn’t mean to scare you but you looked like you could use a little help,” he explained.

She turned her face back to his, beaming her smile his way. “Well, I thought it was a horrible pick-up line but now that I know it was just pretended, thank you.”

Her smile pulled him in as he took the opportunity to gaze at her up close. She’s looking at my face but not focusing on the scar.

“Well, if you want a bad pick-up line, how’s this? I haven’t seen you here before.”

Ducking her head, she smiled. “I’m not big on the social scene, but I had a tough day at work, and I was supposed to meet a co-worker here tonight. But…she had to cancel, and I’ve called a friend to come pick me up. So I’m just killing a little bit of time until she can get here.”

He found himself wondering about her. Her bad day at work. Her friends. After going a year with little interest in forming any relationship, he felt drawn to her and wanted to keep her talking.

“So what do you do in this job that gives you bad days?”

She laughed. “Nothing very exciting for me to tell. I’m a software engineer.” She halted as she watched his expression. “Your eyes haven’t glazed over with boredom yet,” she joked. “As soon as I tell guys what I do, they usually either fall asleep or find someone else more exciting to talk to.”

“Then you haven’t been talking to the right men.”

Her eyes stared into his, seeing nothing but sincerity.

“Maybe you’re right,” she said softly.

He heard longing in her voice and a flash of sadness in her eyes, finding himself wanting to take away both and yet strangely glad that no one had taken them away before him.

“So what do you as a software engineer?”

“I work as a contractor. I go into different companies and design whatever software they need. Currently, I work at medical facility. I’m designing some new software for them.”

“Sounds interesting.”

Laughing again, she responded, “Oh now you’re exaggerating! No one thinks what I do is interesting.” She smiled more gently and continued, “But it’s interesting to me. And…it’s…safe.”


“Yeah, I’m not much of a risk-taker, you know? I like using my mind and honestly – I like working in a quiet environment that doesn’t have a lot of people around. I get to go in and do my thing and then leave and go to another place. I don’t really like being around a lot of people.”

Silence settled between the two of them for a moment as they let the loud noise from the rest of the bar fill in the quietness.

“What about you?” she asked.

“What do you do?”

“Well,” Matt started, looking discomfited. “I guess you could say I’m the ultimate risk-taker.” Looking at her quizzical expression, he said, “I’m a detective.”

Her eyebrows shot up in surprise, then shaking her head she admitted, “I wouldn’t have guessed that, but now that you have said it, I think it fits.”


“Yeah. The desire to rescue, like you rescued me tonight. What kind of a detective are you?”


“Oh,” she said, her brow furrowing. “Other than what I’ve seen with police shows on TV, I don’t even know what vice detectives do.”

Smiling along with her, he said, “Probably what you’ve watched on TV is right. Drugs, prostitution, gambling…things like that.”

Leaning forward with her elbows on the bar, she placed her chin on her hands, staring at him with big, chocolate chocolate eyes. “You must be very brave. I can’t image going into work every day not knowing what’s going to happen,” she admitted. “I go to work knowing exactly what needs to be worked on. What problem needs to be solved. I write codes to solve the problems. And when I’m done, I move on.”

“I don’t know that I would call my job brave. It’s just what I do; it’s who I am.”

The silence once again settled between them, but this time neither heard the noise of the bar around. It was as though everyone else had drifted away, leaving only the two of them in the midst of their own little world.

Matt realized that for the first time in a long time he was having a conversation with a woman who wasn’t staring at his scar. Or maybe, more importantly, she wasn’t trying to avoid it either. And because of that, he wasn’t thinking of it either.

“So what favorite TV detective show do you watch?”

“Oh my, that’s embarrassing to even admit. But I do have to say that I like the reality show Cops.”

Leaning back on his stool smiling, he said, “Okay, I take back what I said earlier. That…is probably less realistic than some of the fictional shows on.”

“Yeah, well, you won’t find any shows, reality or not, about a software engineer. We’re just too nerdy for cameras.”

Deciding to find out more about her, he continued. “So if you don’t go out partying a lot, what do you do for fun?”

Rolling her eyes to the ceiling as though deep in thought, she admitted, “I’m really boring. I read a lot, take care of my rescue puppy…and oh, recently I’ve been learning how to run.”

“Learning how to run? Don’t you just put one foot in front of the other?” he joked.

Something flashed through her eyes, but before he could question it, it was gone.

She smiled once again, but it did not seem to reach her eyes this time. “Well, I guess I’m just clumsier than most.”

Wanting to make her comfortable again, he moved the topic to something else and quickly her warm eyes were staring into his once again. The conversation continued to flow between them as he relaxed. They laughed and talked about books, movies, places they had been and would like to visit.

Looking down at his beer, he realized that it was only half finished. And that felt good. Not staring at the evening through the bottom of a beer bottle. Looking back up at her, he caught her staring. Not at his scar. But once again into his eyes.

Seemingly embarrassed to have been caught staring, she looked at her watch, exclaiming that she needed to go catch her ride. Her eyes immediately went back to his, regret flashing through them.

“I’ll walk you out,” Matt said.
Jordan, Maryann. Love’s Tempting. The Love’s Series Book 2. Kindle Locations (127-187). Kindle Edition.

Finally a women who really sees him and he doesn’t get her number. Matt figures he’d never see her again until fate steps in.

A murder Lily discovers when she forgets her phone in her office. Unfortunately she didn’t realize it until really late, fortunately she had access, discovering her co-worker’s body was devastating.

Matt is able to finally get together with Lily since he’s vice not homicide. However it becomes apparent there is more going on than meets the eye and Lily is in danger.

A fast-paced, suspenseful and romantic read with kindle melting heat.

5 Contented Purrs for Maryann!

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Maryann Jordan

As an Award Winning, Amazon International Bestselling and All-Star author, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble Best Selling Author, I have always been an avid reader. In 2013 I started a blog to showcase wonderful writers and finally gave in to the characters in my head pleading for their story to be told. Thus, Emma’s Home was created.

My first novel, Emma’s Home became an Amazon Best Seller in 3 categories within the first month of publishing. Its success was followed by the rest of the Fairfield Series and then led into the Love’s Series. Soon, other spin-off series came along and 8 of my books have made Amazon top 100 Bestselling books.

Gabe, from the Alvarez Security Series won Silver Medal and 5 Star Review by the 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Honor Love was an award winning novel from the 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Serial Love was an award finalist novel from the 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Coming Home was awarded the 5 Star Review by the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Discover Love was awarded the 5 Star Review by the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards.

My books are filled with sweet romance and hot sex; mystery, suspense, real life characters and situations. My heroes are alphas, take charge men who love the strong, independent women they fall in love with.

I worked as a counselor in a high school and have been involved in education for the past 30 years. I have just retired and look forward to more time with family and writing!

I have been married to a wonderfully patient man for 36 years and have 2 adult, very supportive daughters.

When writing, my dog or one of my cats will usually be found in my lap!

I love to hear from readers, so please email me!

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The Forbidden Collection Books 1 – 4 By Carmen Falcone

The Forbidden Collection
Forbidden Virgin, Forbidden Inmate, Forbidden InLaw and Forbidden Marriage
USA Today Bestselling Author
Carmen Falcone


Indulge in a raunchy, delicious anthology including four stories about forbidden love.

Forbidden Virgin
She’s in love with her father’s best friend…

Kate Crawford’s always had a scorching attraction to her father’s best friend, sexy hotelier Graham Davenport. Now she’s working for Graham, and eager to give him her virginity before she moves overseas. But she has to destroy Graham’s walls first, and convince him she’s ready for some Adult X-rated fun.

Forbidden Inmate
She is the prison counselor’s sexiest challenge…

Mia Singer has only two months left before she’s set free from jail for a crime she didn’t commit. She doesn’t want to mess up her release—until she falls for the hot, mysterious new counselor Trent Coleman. An affair with him can jeopardize her freedom, yet how can she remain a prisoner to the desire brewing inside?

Forbidden In-Law
She’s reunited with the in-law that weakened her knees…

Natalie Brooks needs help with fixing her home, but she never imagined her late husband’s father would be the one doing the remodeling. She wants to behave, but when a broken AC sends them to a motel where they’re forced to share a room, they can’t fight the sizzling heat flaring between them. And their sexual chemistry spirals into a dangerous fire zone.

Forbidden Marriage
She married her mobster father’s lawyer and she’s ready for the honeymoon…

Clarissa Garubo wants access to her father’s business, and she’ll do anything to get it—including marrying to Beck Anderson, the tempting man who drove her to Vegas from New York. When he wakes up and tries to get an annulment, Clarissa must do everything in her power to keep him committed to her naughty plan.

Warning: these books feature quirky heroines who know what they want and how to get it—and delicious Alpha heroes ready to give it to them. All novellas are safe, with no cheating and sweet-as-candy happy endings.

Forbidden Virgin

He’s older than her, and her father’s best friend but Kate has desired him for years. She isn’t going to let him get away this time, she has the summer to convince him this is right for both of them.

Graham knows this is wrong on many levels but the little vixen has her sights set on him. With every encounter his resolve to stay away crumbles.

When he realizes the gift she has saved for him, he finds himself wanting far more than just a fling. He wants it all with her.

In the face of the intensity of their growing relationship and her father’s total disapproval, Graham sends her off to finish her schooling.

A fun read as we watch Kate’s calculated seduction, and Graham’s ever melting will power. The question remains, can they really ignore her father’s unwillingness to accept them as a couple.

5 Contented Purrs for Carmen!

Forbidden Inmate

When Mia’s counsellor at the minimum security prison retires, his replacement is young and handsome and well to be blunt hotter than hell. Let’s face it almost a year without a man and then being faced with a perfect specimen is enough to make any girl squirm with want.

Trent knows he shouldn’t have feelings for an inmate. It’s a sure way to end up unemployed and discredited. There’s just something about Mia he is having trouble resisting. She doesn’t seem guilty of the charges against her yet she doesn’t proclaim her innocence like so many others.

An fun and sizzling read with some creative ways this couple manage to get together. Everything leading up to life changing decisions for both of them.

5 Contented Purrs for Carmen!

Forbidden In-Law

Now before you say anything this series is FORBIDDEN so if you can’t deal with that don’t bother reading any further.

Natalie is a baker, but she really wanted to do some sort of pottery, but the town she’s in doesn’t have much in the line of arts and crafty stuff. At one point, after her husband’s death she thought to move possibly move and start over somewhere. Unfortunately her late husband’s alcoholism left her with no money and a house that is falling apart.

Her mother-in-law Dina, in an attempt to be helpful, calls her ex-husband and reveals Natalie’s plight. His guilt over not being around for most of his son’s life has him coming to her aid.

Now the attraction Natalie feels toward Vincent has her questioning her own motives, as does Vincent since the feelings appear to be mutual.

Plenty of twists to get to the very hot scenes. While this wasn’t a favorite for me, the whole alcoholism and the marriage time line bothered me. It was very hot and sexy and very much the forbidden relationship Carmen was going for.

4 Contented Purrs for Carmen!

Forbidden Marriage

Beck Anderson has driven Clarissa Garubo from New York to Los Vegas at her father’s request. Waking up with a massive headache he is in for more than just a little surprise. Apparently in their drunkenness the previous night these two got married.

Beck wants Garubo’s business and if he gets the contract he will become a partner in his firm. Clarissa wants control of her mother’s legacy, Jewelry design, the legal end of her father’s business.

When her father walks in on an intimate act between them he goes ballistic, but manages to calm when he finally hears they are married.

Lots of twists and turns in this one as each of them work toward their goal, with plenty of white hot intimacy and a burning question of whether they will divorce or stay together in spite of the age difference.

5 Contented Purrs for Carmen!

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Carmen Falcone

Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters beat doing math homework any day. Brazilian by birth and traveler by nature, she moved to Central Texas after college and met her broody Swiss husband–living proof that opposites attract.

She found in writing her deepest passion and the best excuse to avoid the healthy lifestyle everyone keeps talking about. When she’s not lost in the world of romance, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, being walked by her three crazy pugs, reading, catching up with friends, and chatting with random people in the checkout line.

She loves to procrastinate, so please indulge her and drop her a line. For more info, visit her website.

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Corpse in the Carnations – Lovely Lethal Gardens Book 3 by Dale Mayer

Corpse in the Carnations
Lovely Lethal Gardens Book 3
USA Today Bestselling Author
Dale Mayer


After getting involved in two murder cases in the short time she’s lived in picturesque Kelowna, divorcee and gardener Doreen Montgomery has developed a reputation almost as notorious as her Nan’s. The only way to stop people from speculating, is to live a life of unrelieved boredom until the media and the neighbors forget about her. And Doreen aims to do just that with a tour of Kelowna’s famed Carnation Gardens. Plants, more plants, and nothing whatsoever that anyone could object to.

But when she sees a fight between a beautiful young woman and her boyfriend, she can’t help but be concerned. Concerned enough that she follows the couple out of the parking lot and through town. And when gunshots interrupt the placid afternoon, it’s too late to worry about how her nemesis, Corporal Mack Moreau, will feel about her getting involved in yet another of his cases.

With bodies turning up in the carnations, and a connection to a cold case of a missing child from long ago, Doreen has her hands full, not least with trying to keep her involvement in the investigations a secret from her Nan, Mack Moreau, and especially the media. But someone’s keeping up with Doreen’s doings… and that someone can’t afford for her to find the answers to the questions she’s asking.

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150 KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002

These books just get better and better! Mack has been visiting more and more, whether to try to keep Doreen in line or just because is still in question.

Doreen has been getting by with the money she’s found stashed in pockets and pinned in the clothing her Nan left behind when she moved to assisted living. She really wants a job, and she really wants to clear some addition space in the home. So much furniture is cluttering the space, some antiques, so she needs to get someone to appraise the items.

Mack does have an idea for her to make money though and that is to bid on the flower bed around the town sign. The Town Council is taking bids as they prepare to replace the current sign.

This is a favorite scene. These two are priceless.

“I didn’t say a death was involved.”

“That would be even better,” she said. “Then I wouldn’t trip over any more bodies, at least not right away.”

“I’d be totally okay if you wouldn’t trip over any more anytime,” he said.

“Suits me,” she said. “I’m okay to not find dead bodies ever again.”

“Besides, it’s not a cold case I wanted to talk to you about. I’ll think about that first.”

“Damn.” She let out a heavy sigh. “So what is it then?”

“I was talking to the city council. They want to redo the big sign with the garden as you enter the city limits. You know the Welcome to Kelowna sign surrounded by flower beds?”

“Yeah, mostly begonias I think,” she said. “At least one of the rings around the sign are begonias.”

“Ugh,” he said. “I’d be happy not to see any more of those anytime soon.”

She nodded. “They’re nice to look after, and they don’t grow too crazy outside, so they don’t need a ton of maintenance. They’re easy for large gardens and make great borders or plots.” At the word plot she winced.

He chuckled. “I can see that having you around will be a constant reminder of dead things and everything associated with them.”

“Maybe. And what about the city council? What were you talking to them about?” Her mind zinged to her ever-dwindling pile of money, and she was deeply concerned about it. “Hope it’s important. And, if it involves money for me, the answer is yes.”

He chuckled. “You don’t even know what it could entail.”

“Doesn’t matter,” she said. “I’m about out of the money I found in Nan’s pockets before donating and trying to resell some of her unwanted clothes. Which means I’ll be diving into that little bit of savings I have.”

“And the gardening you did at my mom’s place? That’ll be a regular thing, if you’re okay with that.”

“I am absolutely okay with that,” she said. “What you pay me will put food on my table.”

“Speaking of food,” he said. “Did you turn on the new stove?”

She pivoted and walked out of the kitchen. “What stove?”

He sighed. “The stove you paid one hundred dollars to replace. A lot of people went to a lot of trouble to make sure you had something safe to cook on.”

“There’s the trick,” she said, “the word cook.”

“I’ll tell you what. How about this Sunday I bring over the fixings for something simple for breakfast or lunch, and I’ll show you how to cook it.”

“Simple would be, like, eggs,” she said, “and I highly doubt you want eggs for lunch, do you?”

“Not an issue for me. I love eggs anytime,” he said. “Don’t you know how to cook eggs?”

She pulled the cell from her ear so she could glare at the blank screen.

“Okay, okay, okay,” he said. “Stop glaring at me.”

She gasped. “How did you know I was glaring at you?”

“I could hear it in the heavy silence of the phone’s speaker,” he said drily. “And eggs are easy. How about we do omelets? They are a little more substantial than plain eggs.”

Her mind filled with the soft fluffy omelets her chef used to make for her. “With spinach and caviar and gruyere?”

Mack replied with that heavy silence again.

“Oh. Okay, so what do your omelets normally contain?” she asked.

“Well, spinach is one possible ingredient,” he said, “but anything I have on hand. Like bacon, ham, leftover meat. You can put veggies in it if you want.” His tone said he really didn’t see the point. “Meat and eggs are a perfect combo. … Plus cheese.”

“Well, ham and cheese omelets are good too,” she said. “Can we add mushrooms?”

“Sure,” he said. “We can sauté a few mushrooms. So are you up for a cooking lesson?”

“Yes,” she said slowly. But she needed to ask him something, and it was kind of embarrassing.

“Speak up,” he said in that long-drawn-out sighing way of his.

As if he knew she was making a big deal out of nothing but needed to get it out first. “Am I paying you for it?” she asked in a rush.

He laughed. “No, you’re not paying me for a cooking lesson. Not with money, not with gardening work, not with bartering or any other method.”

She beamed. “In that case, I’m looking forward to cooking lesson number one coming up. Omelets it is.”

“I’ll bring the ingredients. You’ll write down everything I do, okay?”


“And, on Tuesday, you’ll repeat the menu, on your own,” he said. “You’ll take a picture and send the final results to me, so I can see how you did.”

She chuckled. “Probably better if you come back and watch me make it the second time, and then you can taste the results.”

“Done,” he said.

She frowned suspiciously, wondering if he hadn’t planned on that in the first place. “So you need to bring ingredients for two meals,” she said swiftly.

He howled with laughter. “You know what? You might not know how to cook, but you sure know how to negotiate a deal.” And, on that note, he hung up.
Dale Mayer. Corpse in the Carnations (Kindle Locations 80-124). Valley Publishing.

Of course this wouldn’t be a murder mystery without a body so, yes she does manage to find one of those in a display of carnations by the Family Planning Center that was currently closed.

However, I found her other little investigation just as interesting and heartrending. That starts when Thaddeus finds a license plate buried by the creek.

Antiques, murder, a cold case, a break-in or two, her animals, her Nan, Mack and his team all will have you turning the pages.

I really think Mack is interested, we get a little clue in this one and he does give Doreen a kiss on the forehead.

Laughing, crying and holding my breath seem to be things I do while reading this series.

I wish it was April, because that’s when the next book in this series is scheduled to be released.

5 Contented Purrs for Dale!

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Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

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A New Series! Hitched – Tarnation Texas Book 1 by Rhonda Lee Carver

Tarnation Texas Book 1
Rhonda Lee Carver


Love blossoms in the unlikeliest places…
Tarnation, Texas

Buzz Colt was a liar, cheat, and a scrooge but the one thing he did right was father five sons.
Growing up without a father, Baxter Colt learned how to be a man on his own. He’d written Buzz out of his life until he passed and left a few surprises and secrets—and hoops to jump through.

Fury wasn’t a strong enough word to describe Baxter’s feelings when he heard the stipulations of his father’s will. Five brothers who are strangers are given the choice to live together for six months and work the Grinning Spurs Ranch or give up everything they’ve worked for—including their homesteads.

However, that’s only the beginning. All five must be married before time is up.

Since her mother was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease, Abriella Craig was responsible for the family bakery and her little brother. Financially she was strapped and emotionally and physically she was alone, but when a brooding, handsome stranger strolls into town he might be the answer to her prayers.

Abriella is as sweet as the cupcakes she creates and would make the perfect wife, but as secrets start to unfold Baxter realizes he wants more than a marriage of convenience. But is he too much like his father to ever find love?

The Colt brothers will each take a journey in finding love, brotherhood and forgiveness in the small town of Tarnation, Texas where love blooms in the unlikeliest places.

Wow, when Rhonda decides to complicate things for her characters, she certainly goes all the way.

When Buzz Colt dies his will leaves his lawyer in a tight spot. He gets the ominous privilege of introducing two sets of brothers to each other. I never thought I’d feel sorry for a lawyer type until now.

Baxter and Brennan are Buzz’s sons from his marriage, they live on their Ranch Dragonfly Spurs with their mother. Arc, Adam and Ash are the children Buzz had with his girlfriend, he never married her even after he divorced his wife. Buzz himself lived on a huge ranch called Grinning Spurs in Tarnation, Texas, he also appears to own a good deal of real estate there as well. Now the lawyer is going to lower the boom.

The five of them must live and work on Grinning Spurs Ranch for six months, but the icing on this is they also must all marry by the end of that six months or they will lose their ranches and everything else.

This book will concentrate mostly on Baxter and his relationship with the town’s bakery owner, Abriella Craig.

This is a favorite scene when Baxter runs into Abriella, for the second time, and I do mean that literally.

She made it halfway to the bank when her cell buzzed. She grabbed it from her sweater pocket and read the screen. It was a voicemail from her mother’s nursing home. She clicked ‘talk’, and listened to the recorded message, a friendly reminder that the monthly installment was due in three days. Hanging up, her phone dinged. DJ had texted her. He needed to speak to her and it seemed important. Was it about the study abroad opportunity?

Tapping away at the keyboard, she brought her chin up just in time to see a flash of a white hat and blue eyes before she slammed into a rock-solid body that smelled like leather and sunshine. Her phone shot out of her hand, flying through the air as she squealed in protest. She awkwardly tried to catch it, but it bounced off her fingers then landed in the street.

“Oh no!” She scrambled off the sidewalk to snatch up her phone when she heard a loud honk about the same time she felt a strong arm circle her waist to drag her back against a broad chest. The car continued to beep as it passed, crunching her phone under the tires. Abriella couldn’t believe her eyes. “Oh no, no, noooo!” She slumped her shoulders, staring at the broken phone.

“You should watch where you’re going, lady,” a rich, husky voice with a prominent Texas drawl said next to her ear.

She’d almost forgotten the strong arm that still held her.

Pivoting on the heels of her sneakers, she met the gaze of the tall, broad shouldered cowboy with clear blue eyes that were upon her in irritation. He was irritated? “Excuse me?”

“Your nose was in your phone and because of that, it’s now trashed. Not to mention you almost got yourself killed trying to save it.”

Trying her best not to focus on his nice lips or that firm jaw covered in a layer of dusky whiskers, she gritted her teeth against the wave of awareness in her body. “Maybe you should try and watch where you’re going, buddy! The sidewalk is plenty big enough for the both of us unless you count that ego of yours. Why were you walking on my side? You destroyed my phone!”

He chuckled. “Lady—”

“My name isn’t lady!” she snapped.

“Fine. What should I call you?” He pushed back the rim of his white Stetson, showing off the fringe of dark, silver-peppered hair around his ears. Her gaze naturally fell to his neck and the unusual looking fleshy mark. He cleared his throat and she lifted her eyes.

Did she really want to tell him her name? Probably not. “I assume you’re one of the Colt men, aren’t you?”

Some of the creases on his forehead disappeared and he shook his head. “News travels fast here in this three-stoplight town,” he said with notable agitation.

“Actually, there are five lights.” She tilted one hip and turned her attention back to her smashed phone. Now what would she do? “You owe me a phone, Mr. Colt!” She crossed her arms over her chest and held her chin high.

I owe you a phone?” His gaze dropped to her bakery shirt, then came back up. “Bluebonnet, I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken.” He settled his hat lower on his forehead, shading those amazing eyes. “My advice is to invest in a smash resistant cell if you plan on keeping your nose buried in it.”

“I didn’t ask for your advice. I asked for reimbursement of my phone that you demolished. Where was your head buried, Mr. Colt?”

“It’s just a phone, ma’am. Not the end of the world. You should be thanking me that I saved your ass,” he smirked.

Anger swarmed its way through her veins and slammed into her toes. She’d tolerated a lot from Buzz Colt over the years, and she refused to deal with one of his arrogant sons who had just arrived in town and was already acting like he owned Tarnation! He might very well take over the building she rented, but she couldn’t hold her tongue— not for another second! It was as if all the pent-up anger she had toward Buzz flowed like water. “Listen, Mr. Arrogance,” She emphasized his name with a harsh tone she barely ever used. “Apparently you don’t understand what manners are. I’ll be on the party wagon when you and your kin leave town and head back to the cave where you came from.” First, she was almost run over by a Colt and now this…

“Whoo-wee.” He whistled through his teeth. “Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” He smiled wide enough to show off deep dimples and it made her tremble.

She slammed her fists to her hips, looking up at him— way up— and seething. “How dare you mock me! You definitely are your father’s son.”
Rhonda Carver. Hitched. Tarnation Texas Book 1.  (Kindle Locations 636-676). Kindle Edition.

Now doesn’t that sound like a great way to start a relationship?

This book is so much fun, intertwined with the blossoming relationship is some family drama for Abriella. Some friction for the brothers with regard to a female veterinarian. Plenty of misunderstandings and things not being discussed that lead to even more interesting confrontations.

A truly wonderful start to a new series.

5 Contented Purrs for Rhonda!

Rhonda lee Carver Rhonda Lee Carver

Rhonda Lee Carver is a published book writer with a collection of print and eBooks under her wing. She is also a freelance editor. Her first book was published with Wild Rose Press in 2010.

She writes everything from contemporary to steamy to paranormal to suspense…you name it, she’s written it. Her specialty is writing men who love to get their hands dirty—hardworking, blue collar, heroes in everyday life.

When Rhonda isn’t crafting edge-of-your-seat, sizzling novels, you’ll find her with her children and husband watching soccer, watching a breathtaking movie, traveling to exotic places (with Bora Bora on her bucket list), doing (or trying) yoga, saving cats and dogs, and finding new ways to keep life interesting.

Rhonda thrives on making her readers happy. She believes life can be a challenge, but reading is a place where fantasy comes to life. Her motto: “Everyone deserves romance—one page at a time.“

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OMG This Book! Jager – SEALs of Steel Book 7 By Dale Mayer

SEALs of Steel Book 7
USA Today Bestselling Author
Dale Mayer


Jager Hannover, a former SEAL, has recovered from the damage done when his squad’s truck drove over an antitank landmine more than two years ago. Six other team-mates were also badly injured, the seventh–Mouse–dead, in what their team leader Badger Horley realized later had to be a trap. On the hunt for answers about Mouse’s history and the one who set up the trap, Jager ends up in Vail, Colorado.

He followed Mouse’s best friend here only to discover he’s already disappeared, leaving a trail of death in his wake. Getting himself to this particular place wasn’t easy as it’s also where his parents died in a tragic accident. While on a cross-country road trip, their motorhome went off a corner of the mountain and plunged them to their deaths. Considering the information he’s found thus far, he fears this was no accident.

Allison Monroe is a police officer in Vail, Colorado. Her husband, who was also a cop, died a couple years ago in a skiing accident. Staying in the place where her dreams were shattered has given her time to sort out her grief and evaluate the direction she wants to go with her life. Getting caught up in Jager’s investigation of someone she knows only as a party animal and womanizer isn’t what she intended, but the attraction between the two of them is instant and undeniable. Passion turns to deadly purpose in a race against time when they follow a killer to Santa Fe, where he’s hunting badgers…

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogogoogle_play_logo_002_002

Wow, just WOW! This book, had me gasping in disbelief as this series unwinds its final episode.

The book opens with the entire crew discussing where to go next and who should go. There’s also a little surprise in there for Geir.

Jager doesn’t give the guys a chance to pair him up, he leaves Badger’s home, grabs his go bag and books a flight to Vail. His goal find this latest connection to Mouse and see if he’s the answer they’ve been looking for. In the process he pisses everyone off, because they are a team and they didn’t want him going without backup.

He does find backup in an unusual way once he’s there, as he questions various hotel workers about Freddie Brown. Freddie is supposedly a good friend of Mouse and works at one of the hotels in Vail. He also wants the opportunity to find out more about his parent’s motorhome accident that happened right outside town.

Allison Monroe is contacted by one of her friends after Jager was there questioning her. The evasive way the questions were asked raised flags and since Allison is a police officer, she would be the best person to approach the stranger in town.

This is a favorite scene as Jager is confronted by Allison and essentially gets his backup.

That wasn’t what Allison had expected when she sat down at the table.

Candy, from the hotel, had called to tell her this guy was determined to get answers. There had been something about him. Dangerous, not to her but maybe to Freddie. “Like the guy had an uncut edge to him,” Candy had said. “So I don’t know that there’s anything you can do, Allison, but maybe talk to him? See if you can find out what’s going on. I didn’t tell him that Freddie was missing. I just didn’t know what to say.”

Allison had been happy to talk to him as she was hoping for news on Freddie’s disappearance herself. Instead this guy didn’t appear to know anything. But, when he brought up the car accident, it was all she could do to hold back the tears. Fatalities happened all the time. Death by car accident happened all the time. And she had been at one or two where the person was still alive and had later passed away in the hospital. But, in this case, Emelia had died in her arms. Allison had helped the emergency crew cut her out of the vehicle. She’d been alive then, and Emelia had grabbed Allison’s hand, and they’d stopped the stretcher long enough for her to talk.

“I’m sorry, but she died soon afterward. She didn’t even make it long enough for the ambulance to pull away.”

“They could have done more to save her,” he said, his voice harsh.

She looked at him sadly and shook her head. “No, there was no way. I’m surprised she lived as long as she did. Her chest was badly damaged, and she had a major head injury. She did ask about her husband, but she already knew he was gone. She basically said she wanted to join him.”

The man across from her stared out the window, and she could tell how much the news affected him. “I’m sorry.”

He nodded. “Just when you think you’ve dealt with it, you find out you haven’t dealt with it at all.”

The waitress returned with a cup of coffee for Allison. “How’s my favorite police officer?” she beamed.

Allison chuckled. “I’m doing well. How are you?”

The waitress grinned. “I’m, as always, doing fine. We’re skiing up in the glacier all weekend.”

Allison’s eyebrows rose. “Rich boyfriend again, huh?”

The waitress chuckled. “The only kind to have.” She nodded toward the menu. “Did you make up your mind yet?”

He looked at the menu, and Allison could tell he didn’t give a damn about what he ate at the moment. “What’s the special?” she asked.

“Roast beef sandwiches. And darn good too. Nice sliced beef covered in gravy. Lots of fries on the side. I can add a salad for you too if you want.”

Allison nodded. “Sounds perfect.”

She glanced at Jager. “What about you?” Clearly disinterested and still reeling from the shock of her words, he pulled himself together as she watched him.

A trick she admired. She didn’t think she’d have the presence of mind to do that.

He looked up at the waitress and nodded. “I’ll have that too.”

As if happy that she finally got him to order, she didn’t appear to notice his state and promptly left.

“I guess in a small town like this, she gets to know everybody, particularly in her job?”

Allison nodded. “I think that goes for most small tourist areas. The tourists come and go, but the locals stay behind and reconnect every off-season.”

“I gather you’re here for the skiing?” She laughed. “No, not at all. I’m not much of a skier. I’m also not much of a cold-weather person,” she confessed.

He stared at her. “So what the hell are you doing here?”

She shrugged. “It’s where I landed.”

“Just because a person lands somewhere doesn’t mean they have to stay there.”

She nodded. “But then there are other reasons for staying. One grows attached to the people.” She watched as his gaze went straight to her wedding ring finger. A pale band of skin said a ring used to be there but no longer.

He frowned but refrained from asking.

She appreciated that. It was enough to have his personal issues brought up without bringing up her grief too.

“So there’s nothing you can tell me about Freddie?”

“No, I was hoping you would have something to tell me,” she said.

He nodded. “That’s the problem with missing people. Sometimes they want to go missing, and sometimes they went missing by accident or by someone else’s choice.”

She nodded. “What I don’t know is, which applies in this case?”

“Friends, family here? Anybody report him missing?”

“A friend he was supposed to meet. The friend got pissed when Freddie didn’t show and sent a few texts, then started looking for him, finally coming to the station to file a report.”

“Did he live with anyone?”

She chuckled. “As is very common with a lot of young people, five of them lived in the same house. I was the one to break the news to them after the friend contacted the police. They’d figured Freddie was just off with a new friend because his stuff was still in the house,” she added quickly.

At that, his gaze seemed to pour into hers. “In which case, we have to assume he’s either gone off alone, visiting a friend, or we need to consider his disappearance was under less-than-ideal circumstances.”

“In this case we can’t because none of the stuff he left behind was worth anything.”

“I guess that happens too sometimes.” But his tone was absentminded, as if processing information.

She dropped her gaze back to his hands, wondering how long ago he had had the skin grafts. They’d healed, but, like so many injuries, there would always be that mark that said the repair was never as good as the original.

“Did he have any friends, any family who called in to say he was missing? People out of town?”

“I contacted his next of kin according to his housemates. But it was a wrong number. I checked with his employers, but he hadn’t booked time off. I tried to talk to the girlfriends, but no one knew much at all. He appeared to change girlfriends like he did socks.” She leaned forward. “How important is this?”

“A friend of mine passed away. I’d heard Freddie was a good friend of his. We’re getting to know everybody who was in his life, and this was one of the last links.”

“Why are you looking into his past? And, if he was a friend of yours, didn’t you already know all this?”

That seemed to startle him. “Do you know everything about all your friends?” he asked curiously, that odd gaze shining down on her. “The friend of mine who died was gay. It never mattered to us.”
Dale Mayer. Jager: SEALs of Steel Book 7. (Kindle Locations 321-325). Valley Publishing Ltd.

Jager gets far more than he expected out of Freddie’s roommates leading him to the conclusion that everything would come to a head in Santa Fe.

So much insight from Allison, I loved the way she thought out of the box. I loved all the interactions with the team, this book totally took me off guard as I realized I too had missed the clues.

Hold your breath moments, laughter, tears and some sizzle. Don’t miss this stunning conclusion to SEALs of Steel!

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Dale Mayer, she hasn’t disappointed me yet!

5 Contented Purrs for Dale!

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  Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

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Bones in the Begonias – Lovely Lethal Gardens Book 2 by Dale Mayer

Bones in the Begonias
Lovely Lethal Gardens Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Dale Mayer


Doreen Montgomery’s new life in Kelowna was supposed to be a fresh start after a nasty split from her husband of fourteen years, plus a chance to get her bearings and her life back on track. Instead her first week in her new hometown was spent digging up dead bodies, chasing clues, and getting in Corporal Mack Moreau’s way.

But now that the old cold case has been solved, and the murderer brought to justice, Doreen believes things might go her way this week. When Mack hires her to whip his mother’s garden into shape, it seems like a second chance, both for Doreen’s new beginning in Kelowna and for her budding relationship with Mack.

But, instead of digging up Mrs. Moreau’s struggling begonias and planting them in a better location, Doreen discovers another set of bones … and another mystery to solve. As the clues pile up, Mack makes it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want or need her help, but Doreen can’t resist the lure of another whodunit. As she and Mack butt heads and chase red herrings, Doreen’s grandmother, Nan, sets odds and places bets on who solves the crime first.

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002

I love this series! I start off laughing, and then enjoy every word as the mystery plays out. I love Doreen, she doesn’t know how smart and strong she really is. Her pets are atrociously amusing. Thaddeus is the absolute best with the words he keeps picking up and Mugs and Goliath have become quite the pair.

In the first book, Mack asks Doreen if she would work on his mother’s garden. She is unable to give it the attention it needs and she’s worried about her begonias. They don’t seem to be doing well. This book opens with them going to work on that garden.

This is a favorite scene and started me giggling.

He shook his head. “I’ll take a rain check on that. I stopped by to ask if you could come to my mother’s house. She’s got a patch of begonias she’s fretting about. I don’t know if you can fix them. But, while we’re there, we could discuss what to do and when.”

Doreen donned her expert gardener face. “Of course I know how to deal with ailing begonias. I have begonias here that need to get into the ground. They were dug out when your department came and removed the body. The first one.”

He nodded. “And since I mentioned that begonias had been pulled out here, my mother has been fretting over the begonias in her garden.”

“When do you want to go?”

He hesitated. “I don’t want her to worry, so would you mind coming with me now, just to take a quick look? We’ll come up with a plan on what we can do with them.”

Excited, Doreen said, “Absolutely. Let’s go.”

They walked around to the driveway. Ignoring the people standing and staring outside her house, not saying a word to anyone, Doreen hopped into his truck, Mugs trying to follow her. “Okay if Mugs rides with us?”

Only it wasn’t just Mugs as Goliath raced toward them, Thaddeus squawking from the porch before soaring in their direction.

“Everyone? Really?” Mack sighed and allowed time for Doreen to pick up her menagerie. When they were all in the vehicle, he reversed out of her driveway and drove the five minutes to his mother’s house. It was close enough to walk, but then they would have been accosted by all the curious onlookers.

As they got out of his vehicle, he said, “She should be napping still. I left her ready to go to sleep and came straight to your place.” They slipped around to the back, and he pointed out a large patch that wasn’t doing very well.

Doreen sighed. “If these are begonias, they’ve definitely seen better days.” She wandered the large six-foot-plus patch and then bent down on her hands and knees, plunging her fingers into the dirt, checking and testing the soil. “I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong with them. Is there a shovel handy?”

He brought over a small spade. She dug in close to the roots on the first bush, pulling up some of the dirt so she could see the root system. After scooping away several spades full, she stopped, brushed off some of the dirt against the tubers, and took a closer look. “They’re definitely not happy. How often are they getting water?”

“There are sprinklers and soaker hoses on timers. So they should be getting plenty.”

She nodded and shifted her spade back a little bit, so she could pull out more dirt. Some perlite was all around the base of the plant, but the black dirt was decent. Although plenty of clay was here too, it appeared to be absorbing enough water. As she pulled up another handful, she froze.

Mack bent down beside her. “What’s the matter?”

She plucked up something white, dropping it in his hand. She turned to look at him. “Is this what I think it is?”

He frowned, shook his head, but his mouth opened, and then he froze. “I sure as hell hope not.”
“It would be fitting,” she said in a dark tone.

“How?” he barked, his gaze on what was in his hand.

She snickered. “Bones in the begonias, anyone?”
Dale Mayer. Bones in the Begonias (Kindle Locations 247-273). Valley Publishing.

I’m not sure if I feel sorry for Mack or not. Doreen listens but doesn’t, and she has more than her fair share of problems with the house and money.

Her struggles are real and when her pets find more stuff at the creek she delves even deeper in to the mysterious disappearance of a young girl.

I couldn’t put this book down. Between Doreen’s comments to her stove and her pets. Add in Mack’s frustration with her investigating and you will be intrigued, laughing and turning the pages.

There is definitely an attraction between these two, that I’m sure her Nan wants to see come to fruition as well.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Dale!

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Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

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Oh My! Still Waters – Wings of Artemis Book 9 By Rebecca Royce

Still Waters
Wings of Artemis Book 9
Award Winning Author
Rebecca Royce


Winter Blog Blurb

A smile can hide secrets…

Amber Delacroix Chen survived the hellish Evander bombing of Oceania to escape to The Farm. On the run from a miserable, unloved, and abused existence, she starts over. Safe amongst friends and family, she studies to be a doctor and to help in the war effort. Life at The Farm is often fraught with danger, but she’s faced worse.

A smile can hide pain…

The need to reclaim one part of her past brings a fleet to their doorstep. Amari Chen, the negotiator and businessman, the one who leads. Hunter Chen, the engineer, the one who fixes things. Shane Chen, the scientist, the one who heals. Her husbands have come to claim their wife and they will not let anything stand in their way, even if it means confronting their own failures. Still waters run deep in the Chen family, but their love for Amber runs deeper.

War is coming for them all…

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Winter Blog Review

I love this series, the strong women and the men they love. Reverse Harem was not a genre I thought I could get into. These are the  books that hooked me on the genre and I read many now.

In this book we get to know Amber, Paloma’s sister, who escaped from Earth during a devastating attack on Oceania. It made it easy for her to fake death so her husbands wouldn’t look for her. Her mother-in-law had made her life hell, her husbands hated her, she had to leave or die.

Amber is studying on ‘The Farm’, under the tutelage of Cash, Dane and Ari. In the past year and a half she’s been here, Amber has qualified to be a medic, a job she loves, but her ultimate goal is to be a doctor. It’s her birthday and she asks Canyon for a favor, a file on the tablet left behind on Earth. Unfortunately the fetching of the file didn’t go unnoticed.

This is one of my favorite scenes.

Paloma used her most authoritarian voice. I could have told her that would be wasted on him. I didn’t think it was worth pinging her tablet about. “It’s nice to see you again, Shane. Even if it’s over a monitor.”

He was quiet for a moment. “That certainly feels like a lifetime ago, when you appeared for the first time as a Sandler and gave the whole world a wakeup call.”

She’d changed my life in that moment. It was the day the seed planted in my mind that I wouldn’t—no, couldn’t—continue as I’d been.

“Yes. How are all of you? I haven’t heard from any of you since the day Amari signaled to let me know Amber was lost.”

He tilted his head slightly to the side. “As you can imagine, things have not been as they were here. We don’t expect them to ever be again.”

Earth must really be bad if he expressed it like that.

She nodded. “What can I do for you today?”

“Well, you can start by telling me why someone there is hacking into our system.”

Paloma fell silent as I caught my breath. I put my hand over my mouth, my gaze seeking Canyon. He regarded me from across the room, both of us off screen. Did he not seem surprised? This was Canyon. He was a Super Soldier and a tech genius. The man was said to speak to machines. By the universe, had he gotten caught?

Paloma shook her head. “I’m afraid I don’t know anything about that.”

He stared at her for a long moment. “You’re not lying. That’s concerning. Frankly, I was hoping it was you who had done it, Paloma, in some kind of nostalgic need for her. That I might have understood. Now, I need to know who else would have wanted such a private file off her tablet.”

“I…” We’d really thrown Paloma. This was so unfair. It hadn’t even occurred to me that this could have happened. But of course it could. Canyon got caught. Things happened. And I was so stupid. I had done this.

My sister cleared her throat. “What file was taken off your tablet?”

“Something that was very private between your sister and us. I’m not even sure why anyone would want it except perhaps to release them now as a means to embarrass us. That begs the question, however, why anyone in your employ would want to do that. We are not in business with you or competing for any contracts that might be of interest to you.” He drummed his fingers on the table in front of us. “Do you mean to blackmail us?”

She held out her hands in front of her. “I don’t mean to blackmail you, Shane. As you’ve already somehow deduced I am not lying.”

“Yes, that is true. But something is making you nervous. Perhaps as we’ve spoken you’ve come to a conclusion of who the culprit is. You’ve decided you know who might have done it.”

Melissa shook her head. She might interfere in this any second. Instead, it was Blaze who stepped into the view screen. His presence didn’t throw Shane at all. My husband was always ahead in negotiations. I’d bet credits I didn’t have that he’d known others watched this.

“Hello, my name is Blaze. I am working with the resistance here to do something about Evander.”

Shane shook his head fast. “Check your data, Blaze. This isn’t secure to discuss Evander. I’m not interested in having this conversation at all. We have nothing to do with Evander.”

“Yes, but you should.” He looked over his shoulder in my direction. “We’re losing.”

I knew many things right in that moment. My heart started to race, my hands to tingle. It had cost Blaze a lot to say we were losing. There was pain in his eyes. He didn’t show emotion easily. And despite his not knowing how many warriors the Chens had at their disposal, Blaze knew they could help us. The Zansi, or the Z as Amari called them, were a well-guarded secret. Even if people knew they existed, outsiders didn’t know much about them.

They’d sworn loyalty to the Chens in the time of the bombs and nothing had changed since. Generation after generation lived and served the family. I’d been an outsider, an usurper, who had taken their favorite sons.

Blaze knew there was help to be found. And he wanted it.

The Chens didn’t want to get involved. They never would. But maybe there was a way to negotiate with them, to get them to help. Maybe there was more to the universe than my own safety.

There would be no safety for anyone if we didn’t get Evander off Earth. Already, people were dying everywhere. Soon there would only be those left alive the company considered fit for existence.

I stepped forward. “I took the files, Shane.”

I was proud of myself. I hadn’t stuttered. I almost always did when I was nervous, and the last year with my husbands I’d barely been able to form a word. Paloma paled. She reached out, grabbing my arm and then pulling me to her in a strong embrace as though she would keep me upright.

My unflappable husband grasped onto the desk in front of him as though he might fall over. His face paled. It had to be like looking at a ghost. I shook in Paloma’s arms. It didn’t matter. I’d done this and so help me it better have mattered.

“Amber.” His voice was low. “How? I don’t understand. I…”

He didn’t have to. “I took the files, Shane. No one else here did. No one is going to use them. I have them. That’s all. C.J., could you…”

The older man must have understood what I wanted. He disconnected the connection. I turned to Blaze. “I hope you get what you want from him. He’ll certainly listen to you now.”

Blaze nodded at me. “I wasn’t sure you were that brave.”

“I’m not. I’m a total coward. Even cowards can sometimes have their moments.”
Royce, Rebecca. Still Waters: A Reverse Harem Science Fiction Romance (Wings of Artemis Book 9). Kindle Locations (312-354). Rebecca Royce. Kindle Edition.

From here things get very interesting as Amber’s husbands speed to her location, threatening her family and friends. Not that she’s having any of that. She has rights here on ‘The Farm’ and no one is taking them away from her.

Amber stands her ground but agrees to face to face, with her family beside her. The Chen brothers are about to get quite the education and more.

I couldn’t put this book down, so much happens as Amber’s husbands start really knowing their wife and understanding what she really wants and needs at this point in her life. The Evander threat to not only ‘The Farm’ but also Earth and the dark planets, is escalating and they have to be stopped.

I really can’t wait for the next episode in this on going tale.

5 Contented Purrs for Rebecca!

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Rebecca Royce Rebecca Royce

As a teenager, I would hide in my room to read my favorite romance novels when I was supposed to be doing my homework. I hope, these days, that my parents think it was worth it.

I am the mother of three adorable boys and I am fortunate to be married to my best friend. I live in Austin Texas where I am determined to eat all the barbecue in town.

I am in love with science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal and try to use all of these elements in my writing. I’ve been told I’m a little bloodthirsty so I hope that when you read my work you’ll enjoy the action packed ride that always ends in romance. I love to write series because I love to see characters develop over time and it always makes me happy to see my favorite characters make guest appearances in other books.

In my world anything is possible, anything can happen, and you should suspect that it will.

I’d love to hear from you!

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It’s Back!!! Cowboy’s Break – Poker Flats Book 4 By Lexi Post

Cowboy’s Break
Poker Flats Book 4
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Lexi Post


Winter Blog Blurb

He must choose between a second chance with the woman he loves or revealing the truth and breaking her heart.

Cowboy and former detective Vince Gallagher never thought he’d have a second chance to convince Rachel Henderson they were meant to be together, nor did he think he’d want to. Now, after seven years, thanks to his old police academy friend, Vince is knee deep in numbers and computers, determined to save Rachel’s ranch and his own heart.

Rachel hadn’t expected to see Vince again…ever. In fact, she planned on it. Saying goodbye to him had been the hardest thing she’d ever done, but she couldn’t handle her sister, the ranch, and his job as an undercover detective all at the same time. Now she’s with him every day and buried feelings just won’t go away.

The closer Vince gets to solving the mystery of the missing money, the more convinced he becomes that Rachel is the one for him. But when prize animals start disappearing, he has to choose between revealing the culprit and keeping the woman he’s always loved from harm. He just can’t catch a break.

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Originally in Kindle Worlds, this book is back and still a favorite! Lexi’s Poker Flats series is a favorite of mine and it’s fun to see these characters away from the Nudist Resort Ranch.

In this book we meet Rachel Henderson, she is a woman who has always risen to the occasion and done what she needs to keep her family’s ranch going. It hasn’t been easy but now things have gone terribly awry and she needs help. She just didn’t realize that when she called her friend Hunter McKade he would bring someone from her past in to help as well.

Vance Gallagher came when Hunter called him to help with a ranch’s sudden financial problem. He just didn’t know the ranch in question was Rachel’s. He’d loved her and she broke his heart, but he knew he’d do everything in his power to help her.

As Vance investigates he also has to come to grips with the fact he still loves Rachel and surprisingly enough she still loves him. A favorite scene is a the end of the day when her foreman had called out and she works the ranch in his place.

Frustrated, she stomped up the porch steps and opened the screen door and front door. As soon as she stepped inside, she slowed as the coolness of the air conditioning hit her. After riding hard all day, something she rarely had to do anymore, the temperature of the house refreshed her.

She closed the door then headed for the kitchen. The scent of beef stew wafted by. She hadn’t seen Crystal’s car out there. Vance wasn’t cooking, was he?

Stepping into the kitchen, she halted. Lord have mercy! Vance stood at her stove in a red checkered shirt and tight blue jeans that hugged his ass beautifully. He was in the process of lifting a wooden spoon to his lips and tasting its contents.

The need to taste his lips rose hard. She grabbed the door frame to keep herself in place. “I ran a bath for you.”

Vance turned and faced her, a small smile on his lips. “After a day of riding, I thought you might enjoy one.” His gaze moved from her face, to her dirty shirt, to her jeans and dust covered boots.

Oh shit. Her body responded to his look like a mare in heat. Her clothes were suddenly too confining and she took a step forward as if propelled by instinct. She wrapped her arms around her waist to keep herself from moving closer. “Thank you.”

She should say more, but her mouth didn’t want to work. Neither did her legs as she told them to back away. Luckily, her stomach rumbled, letting them both know she was hungry. She flushed and pointed behind her. “I’ll head upstairs now.”

Tearing her gaze from his smiling eyes, she turned on her heel and practically ran out of the room to the stairs. She took the steps two at a time, anxious to put space between her and Vance. She was in big trouble. She just couldn’t think with him around.
Post, Lexi. Cowboy’s Break (Poker Flat Book 4) (Kindle Locations 773-788). Kindle Edition.

This is the beginning of a new start for them one where they communicate with each other. Unfortunately it also answers questions that Vance needed to validate his suspicions on who is playing with the ranch’s finances.

Many twists and turns bring us to the end of this intriguing tale. Complete with a renewed romance and plenty of hot bedroom time.

5 Contented Purrs for Lexi!

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Lexi Post is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of erotic romance. She spent years in higher education taking and teaching courses about the classical literature she loved. From Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Masque of the Red Death” to Tolstoy’s War and Peace, she’s read, studied, and taught wonderful classics.

But Lexi’s first love is romance novels. In an effort to marry her two first loves, she started writing erotic romance inspired by the classics and found she loved it. From hot paranormals to sizzling cowboys to hunks from out of this world, Lexi provides an erotic experience with a “whole lotta story.”

Lexi is living her own happily ever after with her husband and her cat in Florida. She makes her own ice cream every weekend, loves bright colors, and you will never see her without a hat.

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