Dutch – K19 Security Solutions Book 5 by Heather Slade

K19 Security Solutions Book 5
Heather Slade


He killed her only chance for answers.
She’ll do anything to uncover the truth.

K19 Security Solutions partner Dutch Miller always takes down the enemy. But when he shoots and kills a Russian assassin holding a gun to CIA Special Agent Malin Kilbourne’s head, Dutch single-handedly ruins Malin’s top-secret mission.

Intending only to protect her, Dutch whisks Malin off to a private island. All he wants is for her to trust him with the truth, but the details of her mission just don’t add up.

Malin’s trust in Dutch died when he broke her heart. But she realizes he is her only hope at exposing the CIA without getting herself killed. Can she protect her heart and her country without losing it all?

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Again I am starting a series with the latest book instead of the first, but I did find I recognized a couple of folks from Shiver, the first book in Heather’s Military Intelligence Section 6 series.

Dutch rescues Malin from a sticky situation and whisks her off to a private island owned by K19 aided by Onyx and his co-pilot Sara.

Malin is CIA she’s certain she’s about to be burned and her mission was ended before she could get the information that would keep her alive.

Dutch’s reasoning for helping Malin is strictly personal, he made a decision that hurt Malin so deeply years ago and he needs to fix it. He doesn’t quite know how to do this, but he does know that he wants her and not just for now but forever.

His feeling of foreboding only worsened when he got back to the house and couldn’t find Malin in it anywhere. Rather than panic, as he felt himself about to do, he went outside to look.

Ten minutes later, he spotted her off in the distance, running the island’s trails. While he hadn’t yet changed out of the clothes he’d been wearing for two-going-on-three days, she must’ve found both workout wear and running shoes.

He understood her need to burn off energy. They’d both trained all their lives, staying in the best shape they could, so when days or weeks went by when missions prevented them from getting the exercise their bodies needed, it could be both physically and mentally painful.

His heavy boots made for shitty running shoes, so Dutch went back to the house to see if he could find what Onyx had delivered for him. Within twenty minutes, he was back on the crest, looking for Malin. This time he spotted her down on the beach. Instead of running, she was sitting on the sand.

Dutch took the most direct route he could find, which wasn’t saying much. The overgrown vegetation on the island was lush with wild olive, red cedar, laurel cherry, and Sabal palm trees beneath which grew beautyberry, yaupon, wax-myrtle, and curlyleaf yucca plants. His favorite, though, was the purple sea lavender that grew alongside and contrasted so well with the goldenrod and yellow jessamine. While the trees, shrubs, and plants were beautiful, the density of it all made navigating the already rocky terrain that much more difficult.

After what felt like a hundred switchbacks, he walked out onto the beach, holding his side and trying to catch his breath.

Malin stood and walked toward him. “I was just about to head back,” she said, standing in front of him with her hands on her hips.

“Have mercy,” he said between deep breaths.

“How long has it been, Dutch?”

“Shit. I don’t know. Feels like a year, but probably more like a month.” Truth be told, he had no idea when he last ran as far as he did today. It would’ve been one thing if the trail had kept going down, but nope, more than half the time, he felt like he was gaining elevation rather than losing it.
While it couldn’t be much more than fifty degrees out, he pulled his sweat-drenched shirt over his head, tossed it on the sand, and sat on it.

“Ew,” Malin groaned and sat next to him.


“That shirt is going to be mighty gritty when you put it back on.”

“Whatever,” he muttered, lying back on the sand that would now be in his hair too. He really couldn’t have cared less when he saw Malin lie down next to him.

“It felt good to run in less than a hundred degrees.”

“I hear you, girl.” He’d hated every minute he’d spent in the Middle East, and it had been far too many. If there was ever anything that might make him consider retiring it would be being assigned another mission in a place like Syria, Somalia, Iraq, or Kuwait. He’d already spent far too many of the seventeen million minutes of his life in hell holes where the temperature rarely dropped below ninety.

“Can we just pretend for a little while?”

“What’s that?”

“That this, right here, is our whole world. No terrorists, no missions, no guns, no killing, no fucked-up evil-as-shit world leaders. Just the beach, the sand, the water, the island.”

“I’m down.”

“Thanks, Dutch.”

He turned to his side and propped his head on his bent arm. “What’s up, Miss Malin?”

“Nothing new. I’m just… tired of it all.”

“I was just thinking that myself.”

“Yeah?” she asked, turning on her side too.

“I was thinking about what it would take to make me call it quits. Meaning retire for good.”


“A message from Doc that he needed me to go back to the Middle East— pretty much anywhere. What about you?”

“I had already decided the mission I was working on would be my last.”

“For the agency, or in general?”

“Are you asking if I would do what you did and go private?”

Dutch winked. “Don’t make it sound so dirty, pretty girl.”

She laughed. “Whatever. My answer is no. When I’m done, I’m done.” She looked out at the water. “Although I may already be, whether it’s my decision or not.”
Heather Slade. Dutch (Kindle Locations 570-606). K19 Security Solutions Book Five.

Between the ups and downs in Dutch and Malin’s relationship and the K19 crew working to get her in the clear. This book will keep you on your toes.

Plenty of suspense, drama and fiery romance.

I have already purchased the first two books in this series so I can begin to catch up. I really need to do that before the next one releases.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Coming April 22nd

Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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