Releases Tomorrow! mr. white – The Case Brothers Book 2 By Tessa Layne

mr. white
The Case Brothers Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Tessa Layne



Banished for being too good with the ladies, and now I’m stuck East of Nowhere
doing my brother’s bidding as penance.
But the luscious Emmaline Andersson
might just be the silver lining in this nightmare.
Who knew that a sweet mouth could be so wicked?

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Holy moly, this one is a page-turner with plenty of sizzle, and drama.

Declan has his eye on Emmaline, the seamstress with a secret and a taste for the naughty. They don’t have to sneak around like Macey and Austin did, but Declan has his own interests and really doesn’t want to follow the rules.

After losing out on a big deal because his father froze his trust, Declan manages to acquire a vineyard and a winemaker via his friend Danny. He need this to create the perfect wine required by his father. Which of course gives him free rein to pursue other more pleasurable things. There’s only one thing, Danny said there may be squatters…

This is a favorite scene as he confronts the ‘boss’ at what appears to be a high end lingerie show.

“What kind of work did you do for Danny?”


“You make suits?”

“And wedding dresses. Custom designs.”

“And lingerie,” I add wryly, thinking of the scantily clad models upstairs. Did she make all those?

“Madame M designs the lingerie.”

“And you’re Madame M.”

“No one knows who Madame M is,” she corrects with a tremor in her voice.

I cage her in again. “Liar.” Her eyes widen, and for a second, I forget myself, and I lose myself in the intensity of her gaze. I forget about this clusterfuck of a week, about having my trust fund locked up, about being kicked out of the family estate, and worst of all, about the fact that for the next handful of months, I’m going to have to answer to my asshole brother if I want to see my inheritance. In her eyes I see acceptance, curiosity… desire. And my body responds in kind. “Don’t lie to me Emmaline. I don’t take kindly to keeping secrets.” Except the ones I have buried deep in my psyche.

“No one can know,” she murmurs above a whisper, eyes pleading.

I melt a little. I never should have kissed her, tasted her sweetness and the heat beneath, because now I’m vulnerable. Now, I want to do things for her, please her. I don’t want to say no to her or disappoint her. I want to kiss her and coddle her and make her come, over and over again. I want to be her goddamned hero, which is pathetic, because I’m a dick with a bank account – at least I was until a week ago – and enough baggage to sink a ship. “Why?” I don’t see the need for secrecy.

She chews on her lower lip and her eyes drill into me, as if she’s weighing her options. “I said it’s a long story.”

My frustration returns, eating at my insides like a dog gnawing a bone. “And I said I have all night. What’s it gonna be?”

Her eyes turn calculating. “A secret for a secret.”

I push off the wall and jam my fists in my pockets. “I don’t play these games, princess.”

She steps to me and gives my tie a tug. “I’m not playing games, either, big guy. This event was set up months ago. Did you own this property months ago?”

She has me there, and I hate it. I silently gnash my teeth at Danny.

She construes my silence for admission and rushes ahead. “We’ll be out of here, cleaned up as if we’ve never set foot on the property by four a.m.”

“What about the cars parked next to the vines. How do you know they haven’t damaged the vines?” I don’t give a shit about the vines, but I’m grasping at straws, at anything to regain control of our conversation.”

“Bill me. You know where to find me.”

“I don’t even know your last name.”

Her laughter rings off the walls, soft and musical, and the arousal it incites knocks the breath out of me. “I don’t believe that for a second.”

She’s right. Emmaline Andersson popped right up when I Googled Emmaline and Prairie as soon as I returned from what amounted to the reception from hell, thanks to dear old dad. Her website was simple – one page with Emmaline’s Dress Shop: Repairs and Creations, and a contact form. Too simple for the obviously complicated woman standing in front of me. It doesn’t add up.

“You’re not the type of man to kiss the way you did and let a woman walk out of your life.”

“That’s a bold statement,” I toss back. “Maybe I kiss everyone that way.”

“But you don’t, do you?” She gives me the look that pries right into my soul, making a liar of me on the spot.

I’ve probably kissed hundreds of women, but not one of them affected me like kissing Emmaline. None of them shook me to my core. I can’t deny it, but I will obfuscate. “So you’re saying I should have chased after you?”

She gives me a crooked smile. “I’m surprised you didn’t.”
Tessa Layne. Mr. White (Kindle Locations 299-330). Shady Layne Media.

So many secrets, so many tears as Declan falls deeper in love with Emmaline.

Even with all the family drama on both sides, this book sizzles and brings on the tears.

I can’t wait to read mr. red, which is Nico’s story!

5 Contented Purrs for Tessa!

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Tessa Layne

Tessa Layne writes smokin’ hot contemporary cowboy and military romances filled with tenderhearted tough guys and sassy strong women who capture their hearts.She grew up in Colorado in the mountains at the edge of the Great Plains. There, she met her own smokin’ hot Cowboy and they had a whirlwind romance to rival any novel. She believes in Happily Ever Afters, loves fireflies, horses, and breathing clean country air. Her favorite thing to do is to sit on the porch swing with a glass of Rose, listening to her Cowboy pluck his guitar!

Feel free to drop her a line (links below) – She loves to hear from her readers!

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