SEAL In Charge – Silver SEALs Book 4 By Donna Michaels

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Retired silver fox US Navy SEAL Commanders who sign on with the Department of Homeland Security to lead missions to protect the homeland.

SEAL in Charge
Silver SEALs Book 4
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Donna Michaels


She’s the only one to get past his guard…
he’s the only one to break down her walls.

For nearly thirty years, retired US Navy SEAL Commander Archer Malone made the Navy his home. Now he’s out and tasked by a DHS Secret Division Command to lead a hand-picked civilian team. Their mission: locate and eliminate a rogue crew chatter indicates intends to target Wall Street.

The problem: no one knows what they look like, or if they plan to rob or bomb the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
The bigger problem: one of his team members is the attractive—off limits—single mother of a Navy SEAL he once commanded.

Sandy Vickers is as good at blending in as she is at locating people. A skill she honed working for the D.A.’s office while her son was young, then for DHS after he joined the Navy. Proud of him for following in his late father’s footsteps and serving the country, she jumps at the chance to do her part too when offered a spot on a secret DHS team. Too bad the SEAL in charge is her son’s sexy former commander…the one who always leapfrog’d her pulse.

Forced proximity soon snaps their control, and they give in to their attraction. But when their location is attacked, Archer realizes the economy isn’t the only thing threatened with destabilization. Now their lives—and hearts—are on the line, and this silver SEAL is determined to keep Sandy safe, unmask and hunt down the traitor, and take out the rogue crew…before they all run out of time.

*Connected to Dangerous Curves Series*

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I love these retired SEAL commanders, they still the amazing men they were albeit with a few more aches and pains.

In this one, Silas ‘Crash’ Branson taps retired SEAL Commander Archer Malone for a DHS mission in New York. Chatter has it that a group that Archer is familiar with from a bombing overseas is planning something possibly with the Federal Reserve.

Now the DHS agent he will be working with is known to him. Sandy Vickers is the mother of a SEAL, one who had been under his command when they first met. That put her immediately in the do not get involved category.

This is a favorite scene.

During the elevator ride to the lobby with Silas, Sandy, and two other men who’d stepped on with them, Archer shifted his stance and weighed his options. His team still had an analyst, but she was also another pair of “boots on the ground.” Experience had taught him it was always beneficial to have extra.

The man in him wanted to keep her locked up and safe, but the commander in him was pleased to have an extra gun.

Halfway to the lobby, the elevator stopped, and the two men exited, leaving the three of them alone.

When the doors closed, Sandy peered around him to look at his boss. “Mr. Branson,” she said, her voice sounding softer in the small confines of the elevator, and an unexpected shiver shot down his neck. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I get the impression you have another question for me.”

His friend’s lips twitched. “You are correct. And astute. And please, call me Silas.”

“Silas.” She smiled. “What is it you want to know?”

For a split second, a devious expression appeared on Silas’ face, reminding Archer of the old Crash persona from the past, but it disappeared so fast he must’ve imagined it. “Would you be able to take Archer back to Jersey tonight? Or should I send the chopper back for him later?”

That rat bastard son-of-a-bitch…

“I’ll make sure he gets home safely,” she replied, smile evident in her tone.

He glanced at Sandy to see for himself, and the sight of her biting her lip to keep from laughing canceled his annoyance and ignited something a hell of a lot more dangerous.


Was this how it was always going to be? Could he not look at the woman without wanting to strip her naked and lose himself inside her? Whoa. Where the hell had that thought come from? Damn. His attraction to Sandy was morphing at an exponential rate.

And they’d only been around each other for an hour.

He watched her smile slowly disappear, and the amusement in her eyes transform into an answering heat. Red flags immediately waved wildly in his head. Her response to him hit Archer in the solar plexus with the force of an invisible right hook.

By the time the elevator reached the lobby, two things became perfectly clear.

One—he was going to kill Silas.

Two—he had no damn defense against Sandy’s attraction to him.

If he dug deep, he could fight his own attraction to her…keep his thoughts and his hands to himself.

But not if she didn’t want him to…

When they exited the building, he buried those thoughts—deep—and shoved on his sunglasses. Sandy was doing something on her phone, so he turned to Silas and shook hands. “Give me a day or two and I’ll have a SITREP for you.”

“A’ight.” His buddy nodded, glancing up and down the street, before his gaze returned, and he released his hand. “Watch your six.”
Michaels, Donna. SEAL in Charge (Silver SEALs Book 4). Kindle Locations (470-493). Kindle Edition.

I fell in love with not only Archer and Sandy, but also the rest of the team on this mission. TJ is a hoot and Bella and Matteo well, they’re a great team and dang she’s blood-thirsty.

Lots of hold your breath action, sizzling heat and suspense.

5 Contented Purrs for Donna!

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Donna Michaels Donna Michaels

It’s all my mother’s fault.

She read to me before I could read and opened up that magical world where I still reside today. Then came television and movies. Now I had three avenues that fed my imagination…and boy could I eat! As you no doubt figured out, this lead to my writing career. I’m a NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling Award winng author. Phew, that was a mouthful! Multi-published in e-book and print with several publishers, I certainly have a ton of voices in my head.

I’m happily married to a military man for 28 years. We have four children and several rescued cats. Michael’s been in the Army National Guard since before he graduated. The Guard has been a part of our lives right from the start. It was only natural for the military to spill into my writing. God bless the military and their families. Thank you all for your sacrifices. ♥

You already know my mom inspired my love of reading,but it was my dad who got me hooked on movies. Even now, if I had the time, I could happily go from one movie to another all day long. They are the reason I love mixed genre and why I can’t just stick to just one in my writing, although, as you can tell, I have a soft spot for cowboys and the military.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for getting to know me a little better. Remember, keep reading to your children. The journey you’re igniting is precious. And the next time you’re at the movies, turn around. I just might be the person sitting behind you. No, not the one throwing popcorn (it’s too expensive to waste). I’m the one already imagining the sequel.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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