SEAL In A Storm – Silver SEALs Book 5 By KaLyn Cooper

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Retired silver fox US Navy SEAL Commanders who sign on with the Department of Homeland Security to lead missions to protect the homeland.

SEAL in a Storm
Silver SEALs Book 5
USA Today Bestselling Author
KaLyn Cooper


As a former SEAL commander, Dex Carson had participated in more than his share of rescues. When called upon to lead a multi-agency team into the Virgin Islands National Park jungle to rescue high value targets, he knew he was headed for trouble. Ten teenage girls—whose parents were members of Congress—and their chaperones, needed saving from kidnappers. He cringed. The thought of entitled children and diva mothers made him clench his teeth. When he saw she was on his team, he was ready to quit. His heart couldn’t take it. But a SEAL never quits.

At forty-two, Rayne Yoshida felt too old to go tromping through the jungle after the Speaker of the House’s new wife. The recalcitrant prima donna had slipped her usual Secret Service protection and followed her sweet-as-sugar stepdaughter to the Caribbean on a student work/adventure trip. But as Agent in Charge of the Speaker’s detail, she had to go. Her mood darkened when she saw their team leader, the bull-headed, bossy, but oh so sexy, Dex Carson. They had history…that had almost gotten her fired.

With a category five hurricane bearing down on the tiny island, they only have days to find and rescue the girls and their chaperones…and keep their hands off each other.

This sizzling military romance features a seasoned hero and heroine, second chances, and edge of your seat suspense. SEAL in a Storm is part of the Suspense Sisters new wave of connected books, Silver SEALs.

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Silas Branson always seems to know who the best fit for an assignment will be and also where to find them.

Dex is enjoying his retirement and with the help of another former SEAL has found the perfect spot for big mouth bass. As he reels in his second catch his phone rings and even though he tries to ignore it, he can’t.

Normally Silas would have to meet in person but thanks to Guardian Security, Dex is able to secure his phone. He knew before Si even finished he would be taking this one and done mission.

The addition of Secret Service Agent Rayne Yoshida to his team has Dex recalling the past.

Rayne knows all the girls and the adults that are with them. Although she is primarily concerned with only two of them. The Speaker of the House’s daughter and wife.

This is a favorite scene as she throws a major curve at his initial plan.

He signaled for her to sit across from him. “You’ll be staying on St. Thomas with the FBI women.” It was a statement, not a question.
“No. I’ll be on the breaching team.” She hoped her voice would have been softer, but Rayne had never been good at hiding her feelings.Dex narrowed his eyes. “That’s my call, not yours.”“The women from the FBI have a completely different mission than I do. Callie and Angelique Sedgwick are my responsibility. I’m going in to get them,” she insisted. “And if Jaja gets in my way, he’s going down along with everyone else who dared to kidnap those children.” She hadn’t meant to pause, so she quickly added, “and the four women.”

“I’m in charge of this team and you’ll do what I tell you to do.” Dex leaned forward and put his forearms on the table.

Rayne was not going to be intimidated by that tactic. She had gone to the same Navy Officers Candidate School as Dex. Then she had additional training at Judge Advocate School before working in the JAG office as an investigator, even though she had a law degree. She’d always preferred to be the one kicking down doors. After completing her tour in the Navy, she’d been recruited as an investigator for the Secret Service because she was damn good at her job.

Until she had literally fucked up one night with the hunk of testosterone sitting across from her.

She couldn’t go there now. She had to rescue Callie…and the Speaker’s wife.

To counter his move, she mirrored it by placing her forearms on the table and leaning forward as well.

“This is a joint task force and I am the Secret Service representative. I will be there to rescue Callie and Angelique.” Without realizing it, Rayne had moved even closer until her nose was only two inches from Dex’s. Aware of their closeness, but unwilling to back off, she held her position and stared into eyes the color of good whiskey.

“I see you’re still the ballbuster you were twelve years ago.” Dex straightened his back as he sat up.

Once again, she mirrored his move. “I didn’t get to be the highest-ranking woman in personal protection by allowing misogynistic men to walk all over me.”

His eyebrows pinched together. “I thought you’re on the investigative side?”

Damn. She did not want to talk about this. But maybe it was time he learned how badly he had damaged her career. “I had to switch career paths eleven years ago after I was finally cleared of any wrongdoing in Nigeria if I wanted to stay with the Secret Service.” She glared at him. “I like working for this agency and didn’t want to give up my job.”

She noticed her name on the personnel file in front of him and tapped it with her index finger. “I’m sure everything you need to know is in there.” She spread her arms wide. “I can assure you I have kept in top physical condition, a requirement for my job.” She started to stand up. “Now, Commander Carson, unless you have specific questions for me concerning this mission, I’ll just return to my seat.”

“Sit down,” he ordered sharply.

She debated just turning and leaving but thought better of it. She was expected to be a team player and he was the team leader, no matter how much she hated that fact. She had given him her word that she would follow his orders.

When his gaze met hers, his eyes softened. “Please.”

She settled back into the plush captain’s chair. As the Speaker of the House, Robert Sedgwick was given first-class treatment everywhere he went.

Even though she had become accustomed to executive jets, she had to admit that this one was exceptionally nice.

“First, it’s no longer Commander Carson.”

That was a shock. When they had worked together over a decade before, Dex had wanted to make a career out of the Navy, the lifer kind where they were going to have to throw him out after thirty years.

Her heart beat faster. Had he been dishonorably discharged after the Nigeria incident? No. She had cleared his name, even though he hadn’t done the same for her. She had proven to the investigators that Dex had nothing to do with the hookers.

Had something else gone wrong during the years that followed?

“It’s now just Dex. I retired over a year ago,” he explained.

She quickly did the math and realized he had been in the Navy for twenty years, the requirement for retirement. Rayne still wondered why he had left the job he had always loved. Maybe, like her, his career path had to change.

He brought her back to the present and the situation at hand. “I need you to talk to me about these little girls.”

Rayne didn’t consider Callie and her friends as ‘little girls.’ Young ladies, yes.

“Do you think that each man on the breaching team could carry two girls to safety?” He cocked his elbows out to the side as though he were holding small children.

“No. I don’t believe they can.”

Shock washed over his face. “Have you seen the size of the men on this team?”

“Yes. But I also know the size of these girls.” She tried to explain, “At twelve and thirteen years old, they’ve reached their adult height. They are all between five foot four inches and five foot nine.”

Dex’s eyebrows shot up.

“These are young ladies, not little children.”
KaLyn Cooper. SEAL in a Storm (Kindle Locations 631-674). Kindle Edition.

An intense, dramatic and suspenseful tale as Dex and the team, not only try find where the girls are being held but also the reason why.

Even though Rayne and Dex are angry with each other the almost electric attraction is still there and comes sizzling to the surface when it was needed the most.

I loved that KaLyn included some of the Guardian Security team and a little peak at the Black Swans as well.

There’s plenty of action, surprises and so much more to make this a book you won’t want to miss.

5 Contented Purrs for KaLyn!

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KaLyn Cooper KaLyn Cooper

KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense.

Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination.

She, her husband, and Little Bear (Alaskan Malamute) live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river.

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