The Runaway – Savage Mountain Men Book 2 – A Reverse Harem Novel By Mika Lane

The Runaway
Savage Mountain Men Book 2
A Reverse Harem Novel
Mika Lane


I was a hunted woman.
Taken in by 4 mountain mercenaries.

Accepting their help was a mistake.

Why? Because mercenaries trust no one. They’re scarred and damaged men.

And now they won’t let me go. Or stop punishing me… for something I didn’t do.

Think life with hired killers is fun? Think again

This naughty, over-the-top romance includes 4 hulking mountain men with checkered pasts and doubtful futures, claiming the one woman they can’t live without. If you love outrageous stories that a bit of spanking, tying up, voyeurism, and tough military dudes, this might be the book for you.

Mari was helping her friend out of a very dangerous situation when everything went to hell. She has to run with a gang after her for what she’s done, but she’s being followed and needs help.

Derek and Christian are on their way home from a mission when they stumble upon the little beauty. Feisty, yet scared, she takes a seat next to them when her bus makes a rest stop. Hearing them discuss needing a housekeeper, she jumps at the chance. With these men around she could be safe.

This is a favorite scene.

As we got back on the road, I pulled out my cell to let Luci know I was okay.

No signal. Great. Guess I was in one of those dead zones.

“So what about you guys?” I asked.

Silence greeted me, and the guys glanced at each other quickly.

Okayyy… “We have a place on Savage Mountain. Nice place, remote and private, quiet and peaceful,” Christian said.

“How many of you are living there?” I asked.


Christ, this was like pulling teeth. I leaned forward, onto their seat, to see if I could better engage them. “What do you do for a living? How do you get by up there?”

Dutch answered after another glance, his voice no nonsense and flat. “We’re pretty much retired.”

“Oh.” Retired? What, did they win the lottery or something? “Well, that’s nice. Retired from what?”

This time Dutch turned to face me. “We’re retired from the military. We lead simple but satisfying lives.” Then he turned back around, like that answered everything.

Okay. Guess that was the end of that line of questioning. Still, it didn’t make sense. I mean, the guys weren’t old enough to be twenty-year retired military, and neither seemed the kind to be medically retired either. So… what the hell?

I allowed myself one more question. I didn’t want to risk getting kicked out, especially since I had no idea where we were, or what the hell Savage Mountain was.

“Hey guys?” I asked.


“Um, do you think we’ll pass a place with some food? I didn’t eat back there at the truck stop, and am kind of starving.”

“We can’t stop,” Christian said, a lot more warmly than Dutch was. “Too risky. You’ll have to wait until we arrive at the cabin. Sorry. We have food at the house and you can eat when we get there.”

Eh. I’d survive. I lay down on the Jeep’s backseat, bunching up my purse to use as a pillow. Before I did, however, I dug the biscuit out that I’d swiped off my breakfast plate and sunk my teeth into the soft, buttery dough. It was comforting in a discomforting way. I mean, how could something be so delicious and pleasing when everything had just been pulled out from under me?

I thanked my lucky stars these guys had crossed my path, and fingers crossed, they’d feel just as grateful that I’d stumbled into theirs. Even if it were short term, they’d become a lifeline I hadn’t seen coming.
Mika Lane. The Runaway: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Savage Mountain Men) (Kindle Locations 432-453).

Of course saying that nothing but her cleaning would be on the table, but in reality these guys were hot and she is no saint.

This book heats up quickly and stays that way, we also have a bit of a conflict between Mari and the cook just to spice things up a bit.

Lots of interesting twists and revelations as this story unfolds. I look forward to the next installment in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Mika!

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Mika Lane

Writing has been a passion of mine since, well, forever (my first book was “The Day I Ate the Milkyway,” a true fourth-grade masterpiece), but steamy romance is now what gives purpose to my days and nights.

I live in magical Northern California with my own handsome alpha dude, sometimes known as Mr. Mika Lane, and an evil cat named Bill.

A lover of shiny things, I’ve been known to try to new recipes on unsuspecting friends, find hiding places so I can read undisturbed, and spend my last dollar on a plane ticket somewhere. I also drink cheap champagne and have way too many shoes.

I’ll always promise you a hot, sexy romp with kick-ass but imperfect heroines, and some version of a modern-day happily ever after.

I LOVE to hear from readers when I’m not dreaming up naughty tales to share. Join my Insider Group  below, So we can get to know each other better.

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