The Guardian Agents Books 1 -3 by Ursula Sinclair

The Guardian Angels Books 1-3
White Wedding Book 1
Something Blue Book 2
Wine & Roses Book 3
Ursula Sinclair


White Wedding

Shanna Stiles hasn’t been a virgin for years, but it’s still her dream to have a white wedding. Her dream becomes a nightmare when, just before she walks down the aisle, her fiancé is seen kissing his best man.

She runs away from her life, and a chance encounter with the gorgeous, successful Ross Marshall leads to a week of passion and a connection neither of them expected.

Ross is determined to have a future with Shanna, but someone out there won’t let it happen and the man she left at the altar isn’t giving her up without a fight. And Ross isn’t giving her up period.

Something Blue

Shanna Stiles hasn’t been a virgin for years, but it’s still her dream to have a white wedding. Her dream becomes a nightmare when, just before she walks down the aisle, her fiancé is seen kissing his best man.

She runs away from her life, and a chance encounter with the gorgeous, successful Ross Marshall leads to a week of passion and a connection neither of them expected.

Ross is determined to have a future with Shanna, but someone out there won’t let it happen and the man she left at the altar isn’t giving her up without a fight. And Ross isn’t giving her up period.

Wine & Roses

Eboni Stiles thought Simon Blackcat was a walking, talking mass of perfectly packaged testosterone trouble. She made it a point to stay as far away from him as possible. Especially after that one night, she lost her mind and slept with him.

One night with Eboni was not enough for Simon, not even close. So when Eboni’s life was in danger, he was the only man he trusted to protect her. Because those chasing her would have to kill him to get to her, and Blackcat did not die easily.

Guardian Agency Novels can be read as a stand-alones.
These works have been previously published but have been re-edited and updated.

White Wedding

A slightly different take on a runaway bride, the groom is caught kissing the best man, but there is no confrontation she just leaves.Ross Mitchell was walking back to his office after a meeting close by when he witnesses this fleeing bride, he also opens her limo door for her to depart. Now one would think this would be the end of it but as fate would have it they are destined to meet again.

Ross lands on the island of Margarita the day before his meeting with a client looking for updated security. What surprises him, in a very pleasant way, is seeing the runaway bride at the pool on his way to the bar.

She took one hop off the diving board and executed a perfect dive into the pool, barely causing a splash. She swam underwater for half the length of the pool before surfacing and swimming above to the other end. Walking up the inlayed steps, she got out and headed over to a lounge chair.

Drawn to her, he retraced his steps. As she toweled off her hair, he observed her. Her back seemed to be a study in curves, and he grinned at the two dimples peeking at him above her bikini line. They sat in the middle of the handles of a scissors tattoo. Ross wanted to dip his tongue into each indentation and trace the tattoo lines. His grin widened in appreciation of a rear as perfectly proportioned and enticing as the front.

She turned and, glancing up, spotted him staring at her. Her eyes widened an instant before he recognized her. “Do I know you?” Her voice sounded husky, sexy and sweet at the same time. Her lips were wet from the pool, cranberry-colored and puckered like she was already preparing for his kiss.

His balls tightened just thinking about her whispering his name like that into his ear. He stifled a groan. “We met last night,” he said, holding out his hand. “But weren’t introduced. My name’s Ross Marshall.”

“Oh, yes.” Her dark chocolate-colored eyes closed briefly, as if blotting out a bad memory, but then reopened to look right at him. “Yes, I remember. Are you following me?”

“I could be, but I’m not—not yet.”

She smiled, showing no fear of him, and took his hand.

The neurons in every cell of his body fired on contact, right down to the ones in his toes. Her beautiful eyes widened, and the touch of sadness he’d read in them disappeared for a moment. Meanwhile, his heart thudded against his ribcage in a bid for release. Damn, she was lovely. He silently swore to himself he would do whatever he could to continue to banish that look of sadness from her eyes. For some reason, she pulled at emotions in him no other woman ever had. She had from the first time he saw her running out of the church. Hell, he’d had his share of relationships, but his heart never beat like this for a woman, and he would find out why. He took the end of the towel she held in front of her. “May I?” he asked.

She released it and sat down on the side of the lounge chair, turning her back to him so he could finish drying her hair.

He sat beside her and rubbed the towel from her scalp to the ends of her hair until it was as dry as he could get it. When he finished, he ran his fingers through her tresses to get the tangles out. Her hair felt soft and curled around his thumb. He gathered it all together and pulled it back to make a short ponytail resting at her nape.

He lifted the wet tip to his nose. “I can smell the chlorine in your hair.” His dick twitched. Damn. Chlorine, of all things, could turn him on, who knew? Hell, everything about her led him to one thought. Staking a claim…one without an expiration date. Her ex-fiancé was a fool.

He wasn’t.

“I know,” she replied, unaware of his thoughts. “I think they dump the stuff in there by the boat-load.”

She twisted around and he reluctantly released her hair, dropping his hand to rest on the lounge chair near her waist. Her thigh brushed up against his, but he didn’t move or stand up to give her room. They were so close—if he leaned forward, even a little, his shirt-covered chest would rub against her bare arm.

He captured her gaze instead, silently willing her to give him a chance. At what, he wasn’t sure. But he had to try. “You still haven’t told me your name.”

“Shanna Stiles.”

“Would you like me to help you wash it off, Shanna?”

Her eyes flickered wider in surprise. Not giving her an opportunity to respond, he stood up and offered his hand.

Without taking her gaze from his, she wrapped the damp towel around her waist and placed her hand in his.

He liked the color of the nail polish painted on the tips of her nails. Instead of the white he’d seen before, it was frosted orange to match her bathing suit. He curled his lips up into a smile, he felt light and free inside. Closing his hand around hers, he expelled the breath caught in his lungs, and realized she did the same. Whatever was going on between them, she must have felt something, too. He tugged her hand gently pulling her up. She didn’t rise immediately, but bent down and stood up with a matching beach bag.

The top of her head reached his chin. He liked that.

“Come on, let’s go,” Shanna said.

He liked her words even better.
Ursula Sinclair. Guardian_Agents (Kindle Locations 98-141). Kindle Edition.

The attraction between these two is off the charts, and there are plenty of sizzling scenes right from the start. An island fling for a runaway bride isn’t unheard of, but those aren’t meant to last.

Things get very interesting once Shanna returns home and lets her ex-fiancé know in very definite terms they are done. He doesn’t get the hint right away though.Ross respects her wishes and stays away, at least until she calls needing his help.

An intriguing tale that develops from mysterious phone calls, but I could have done with a fewer bedroom scenes.

Lots of sizzle, suspense and intrigue as these two start a real relationship.

4 Contented Purrs for Ursula!

Something Blue

Noah is another of the partners in the Guardian Agency but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take on cases. He’s been more than aggravated with one client, River is a rock star and quite the diva. They also have a history, which makes this all the more difficult for both of them.

This book opens with a glimpse at the person stalking River. She is at the rehearsal for Ross and Shanna’s wedding, a surprise, River is going to sing at the wedding and the reception. Something Noah knew nothing about and should have.

Now things went a little differently than planned when instead of going to the dinner, Noah takes her home. There’s some unanswered questions but more than that there is still undeniable chemistry between these two.

This is a favorite scene.

River didn’t know if being alone with Noah was the right thing to do, but she felt long past caring. She wanted one night with him. Just one, being his River again, before she went back to being the person everyone expected her to be. The female rock star of the ages. She read the tabloids.

The place he called home surprised her, but then she really didn’t know this Noah. Whatever she expected, it wasn’t anything like the very modern, very California, Spanish style rambler. Noah was a country boy, like her, comfortable in the mountains. This was California. A far cry from the blue-tipped mountains back home, but maybe not so different after all. There was the outline of hills in the distance.

“Not what you’re accustomed to, I’m sure.” He pulled into a short driveway and cut off the engine. “But still a far cry from the Shenandoah Valley.”

They got out of the car, and she heard the crash of waves against the shore. They were near the ocean. Noah loved water almost as much as the mountains. He opened his front door. Waving before him, he indicated she should go in first.

She stepped into a wide, gray ceramic tiled foyer and walked down two steps the width of the room. One continuous great room encompassed a living, dining, and kitchen area, done in shades of sea blue and gray. The sickle shape of the room created various focal points from any location. The shuttered windows taking up most of the room, to the huge stone fireplace with a painting above it of those very mountains they hailed from.

She walked directly over to the door in-between the windows, unlocked, and opened it. Moving out onto the wooden deck, she stood at the railing. “Mmm, I think I understand why you bought this place.”

Noah came to stand beside her, resting his arms on the wooden railing and looking out over the Pacific Ocean.

A fine mist obscured the scenery, so she couldn’t see much. “I bet when the sun is up, this is a spectacular view.”

“Yeah, it is.”

She twisted so she could lean her elbow on the rail while facing him. “You’ve done well for yourself.” Her hand rose to rest on his forearm. “Your dad would be proud of you.”

His father died just right before Noah joined the military, and they had been close.

“Yeah.” He stared at her hand resting on his arm before gazing into her eyes. “I know.”

“I’m proud of you.”

He straightened, but before she could move away, he covered her fingers with his. “Are you really?”

“Of course, I am.”

“Funny. Since you haven’t spoken to me in years, I thought you hated me.”

“For a long time, I thought I did.” She didn’t have the courage to ask him if he still hated her. He’d cared about her, and she’d hurt him. Hurt them both. Still, it was years ago. The were adults now.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I grew up.” She turned to gaze out at the dark water. “Do you still play?” She wondered if he’d recognized the song she sang at the rehearsal. Not the words—those were new. She wrote them the night he walked back into her life, lyrics for the music he’d created for her when they were both mere teens.


She turned to face him. “But still not in front of an audience.” From the way his body tensed, she knew she’d guessed right. “Your friends don’t know, do they?”

He shook his head. “No. It’s…too personal.”

“I understand. Will you play for me?” She wanted to know if that bond still existed between them. For a moment, she thought he would refuse.

Then he moved away from her, back into the house. He returned a moment later, with his case. The same one he’d had ten years ago. She’d sent it to him after he’d left. Her way of making sure he had no reason to come back and at the same time, never forget her. He placed it on the small table and removed the violin.

She sat down on the lounge chair and watched him, his movements so familiar because she’d watched him do this countless times in their shared past.

Then he played.

River didn’t know how long she sat there, unable to take her eyes off him. The clouds shifted, revealing a strip of moonlight that framed his left side, and the music surrounded the night. Bringing light to the darkness. He played their song, and she sang. Her voice blended perfectly with the melody. They made beautiful music together. They always did.

Finally, he stopped and placed the violin back in its case.

She got off the lounge and came over to him. When he straightened up, she stood in front of him and did what she’d wanted to do for years. She put her free hand around his neck and brought his face down to hers.

He didn’t resist. His mouth covered hers, and his tongue didn’t bother to ask for permission or hesitate before its entrance.

This time, no boy kissed her—an experienced male in his prime led their kiss.
Ursula Sinclair. Guardian_Agents (Kindle Locations 2758-2806). Kindle Edition.

However acting on that chemistry would have to wait when River’s assistant and best friend is attacked at the hotel. At the time she was acting as decoy to keep the paparazzi from following River.

A much better balance in this one, between the story and the bedroom. There’s lots of suspense, some tears, and plenty of heat. I really enjoyed this book.

5 Contented Purrs for Ursula!

Wine & Roses

In White Wedding we met Eboni, she is Shanna’s sister and maid of honor she had missed the rehearsal because she was sick.

In this book the wedding continues and Eboni is still sick. She leaves the reception early and then things take a major twist as she witnesses a murder.

After the police the first person she thinks to call is Simon, even though they only had one night together, he is a partner in the Guardian Agency and would know what she should to do next.

Simon hasn’t been able to forget her since the night they spent together. When she calls he doesn’t hesitate, he jumps in his car to reach her side. Finding himself blocked by the officer at the door, he gets a reprieve when Detective Jackson arrives.

While the investigation is important, Eboni’s illness is as well and Simon is very concerned.

This is a favorite scene.

He then knelt beside her. “Have you taken anything for the fever?” She’d been hot to the touch, very hot.

“No….” She moaned. “Never got the chance.”

“Shhh, it’s okay. We’ll get you to a hospital. It’ll all be okay.” He watched her.

Eboni’s eyes drifted shut, and her breathing came in shallow pants. Just like that, she’d fallen asleep.

“The ambulance is on its way,” Jackson stated from behind him“Thanks. I’m gonna be staying with her, too. And you might not be able to question her tonight. Morning is soon enough, and a good night’s sleep should do her good.”

A short balding, ruddy-looking man came in with the second ambulance emergency personal. Jackson introduced the person as his partner, Calvin Smith.

After, Simon left to follow the ambulance to the hospital; a police car led the way, and an officer sat in the back of the ambulance with her. Jackson or his partner must have called ahead to let them know what they would need.

As soon as they got there, a nurse took them straight upstairs to a private room. Eboni never woke up. Simon paced the hallway outside her room while the doctor examined her. Waiting to hear the verdict before he decided if to call Ross and Shanna or not. Then he quickly realized he needed to call them regardless. He would wait until he’d spoken to the doctor, at least he would have information to give them. Shanna would kill him if he didn’t inform her that her sister was in the hospital. He grinned thinking of Ross’s wife and Ross—one lucky SOB. Shanna was perfect for him. If anyone could pull off the forever crap, he would lay odds on those two.

The doctor came out of the room.

Simon stepped in front of him. “Doctor, how is she?”

Detective Jackson joined them and before the doctor answered, he asked, “Can I talk to her tonight?”

The doctor glanced at both men.

Detective Jackson flashed his badge. “Ms. Stiles is a material witness to a murder investigation, and I need to talk to her about what she saw.”

“I’m sorry, gentlemen, but Ms. Stiles won’t be able to talk to anyone tonight. She’s got a bad case of the flu. I’ve ordered chest X-rays to make sure she doesn’t have pneumonia. Are you a relative?” he asked Simon.

“No, just a close family friend.”

“As soon as I get the results of the X-ray, then I’ll know how to further proceed. Ah, here they are now to take her to imaging.” A male and female nurse wheeled a bed down the hall and stepped past them to get into the room. “You may want to call her family,” the doctor continued. “Her temperature is very high, and we need to get it down.”

From the doorway, Simon watched as the nurses placed Eboni on the gurney. She never once woke up or indicated an awareness of her surroundings, and he turned to follow them to imaging. “I’ll go with her,” he said over his shoulder to Jackson already moving to leave also.

“I’ll check in on you both in the morning to see how she’s doing,” Jackson replied.

Simon paused. “Did you identify the guy who got shot?”

“No, so far my partner hasn’t been able to track down the identity of the vic. He had no ID on him. We’re trying to see if we get a fingerprint or facial recognition match in our database.”

“Can you text me the info?”

“Now Simon….”

“She’s my best friend’s sister. Besides, you know I have access to a database you all don’t or won’t be able to get into for days. I’ll share whatever I find out.”

“I’ll see what I can do. I’ll be back in the morning.”

“I’ll be here.”
Ursula Sinclair. Guardian_Agents (Kindle Locations 5114-5149). Kindle Edition.

Simon doesn’t leave her side and when Eboni wakes she gives the police what they need, a description of the shooter. Unfortunately it’s someone both Jackson and Simon can identify as well. Now it’s all about keeping Eboni safe.

I love the way this relationship develops amid the tension of being hunted by the killer. Simon’s life and secrets are heartrending and his walls are almost impenetrable.

Plenty of heat, action and suspense topped by tears and surprises.

5 Contented Purrs for Ursula!

Ursula Sinclair

Ursula Sinclair is the alter ego of LaVerne Thompson a USA Today Bestselling Author and an award winning multi-published author.

Ursula’s work will fall more under the new adult and romantic suspense/intrigue realm whereas LaVerne writes contemporary, fantasy and sci/fi romances that at times also have a touch of suspense.

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