Shadow – Military Intelligence Section 6 Book 4 By Heather Slade

Military Intelligence Section 6 Book 4
Heather Slade


Will the cowboy’s love for the secret agent
become a shadow of a memory
or will fate bring them back together?

Darrow Whittaker has always felt irrelevant in her family of dukes, duchesses, and MI6 agents. She found the aristocracy a bore, but being a part of Her Majesty’s Secret Service was something she’d dreamed of since she was a child. When she’s given the opportunity of a lifetime—to begin MI6 training in England—she knows she has to leave behind the rugged cowboy in Texas who took her breath away. Why does following her dreams also mean shattering her heart?

Quint Alexander knows his way around the ranch. After all, it’s all the cowboy has ever known. He’s content and fulfilled, until he meets the fiery and driven Darrow, and everything changes. Suddenly he finds himself daydreaming of another kind of life—one in which he allows his own aspirations out from where he’s kept them buried. For the first time, Quint is thinking about forever, but can he find it with a woman whose life is based on the other side of world?

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This book follows Darrow’s role in every book to date as it takes us through her story.

I really enjoyed reading about her time in Texas, where she gets the nickname Shadow from Quint. A full day spent with him when Wren is sick, turns into a fun night at the Long Branch. One that doesn’t quite end the way Darrow would have liked.

A turning point for them is going to the rodeo where Quint is competing.

This is a favorite scene.

Darrow checked her watch for the fourth time in as many minutes. It was a little after seven. Quint had said they’d leave at eight. Maybe she should wheel her trunk out to the porch and wait there. Or would that make her look too anxious? Thank God Wren had suggested she wear jeans. She probably wouldn’t have and what message might that have sent?

“Argh,” she growled again. Why was she doing this to herself? If only she hadn’t had dinner with Quint that night, she wouldn’t be so nervous now.

“Everything okay in here?”

Darrow sprung off the bed when she saw Quint standing in the doorway. “Fine. Everything is fine. Are we ready to go? Sorry, I should’ve wheeled my trunk out. I don’t know what I was thinking. You know, maybe I should—”

As she talked, Quint walked over until he was close enough to put a finger on her lips. “I will take care of your, uh… trunk. No, you shouldn’t have wheeled it out. We aren’t leaving for another half hour, and breakfast is ready and waiting in the kitchen. Before you say anything on that subject, I want you to know that Tee-Tee brought over some of her breakfast burritos earlier, and they’re being kept warm in the oven. Okay?”

His finger was still on her lips, so Darrow nodded.

“Finally, I want you to know how glad I am that you’re going along this weekend. The other thing I want you to know is that I’m sorry the stupid way I acted has resulted in you being so nervous around me.”

“I’ve always been nervous around you,” she whispered when he moved his fingers away.

“I’m even sorrier for that.”

“Quint? What happened that night?”

For a minute, Darrow thought he was leaving when he walked over to the bedroom door. Instead, he closed it and then came back to stand in front of her.

“I had an amazing time with you that night. Better than any other night I can remember. You yourself told me that you were here in part because your previous relationship ended. If I hadn’t backed off, I might’ve done something neither of us were ready for.”

“I wanted you to.”

He reached up and cupped her cheek. “I know you did, and while I didn’t handle it right, we’re both better off now because nothing happened between us then.”

She took a step back. “I’m worried it’s going to happen again.”

He reached out and took her hand in his. “I promise it won’t.”

“What is this, exactly? Am I going to the rodeo to help with the team? Or am I going with you?”

Instead of answering, Quint brought his other hand to her cheek and looked into her eyes before bringing his lips to hers. What started off as a soft, sweet kiss, quickly became harder, more heated when Darrow put her arms around Quint’s neck and kissed him back.

He didn’t pull away until they both heard Wren’s footsteps in the hallway.

“Does that answer your question?” he asked, resting his forehead against hers.

“Pretty much. Can we go eat now?”
Heather Slade. Shadow (Kindle Locations 1032-1034). Military Intelligence Section 6 Book Four.

So much happens in this book, it is emotional and fun with suspense and their simmer to sizzle relationship will have you sniffling.

Darrow is funny, loving and intelligent. Qualities that for some reason most of the males in her life don’t seem to see. She has also been influenced by a comment made by one of her professors at Oxford and that becomes pivotal in this book.

It’s her relationship with Quint that actually leads to some life changing events for her. I loved seeing her brothers Thornton ‘Shiver’ and his wife Orina ‘Losha’, and Sutton ‘Wilder’ with Wren in this book, Axel ‘Pinch’ is also very involved in this story along with Esland ‘True’ Darrow’s best friend. There is also Doc and Merrigan from K19 in this one and mentions of Burns and Leech. Oh, I can’t forget Ranger and Diesel, they’re around for a bit too.

If you haven’t read the other books, this one will make you want to go read them too. I have so much love for this series and the K19 series, the characters have wormed their way into my heart and I can’t wait for the next books.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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