Finding Truth – The Searchers Book 3 By Ripley Proserpina

Finding Truth
The Searchers Book 3
Ripley Proserpina


Matisse learned the pain of lies from those he loved…
can he learn to trust again?

Matisse Boudreau is the first to admit he’s not great at understanding people. Yet, one thing he knows is true, Nora Leslie is worth whatever puzzle he needs to solve. As Matisse and his best friends settle into their relationship with Nora, things become clearer—forces are at work to tear them apart.

Nora’s been participating in a strange and mysterious psychological study, but she can no longer ignore the voice inside her screaming that Dr. Daniel Murray is more than he seems, and he does not have her best interests at heart. When Nora pieces together the tragedies that seem to be dogging her, she comes to Matisse with her fears, and he’ll use all his genius to prove her instincts are right.

With Matisse, Apollo, Cai, Seok, and Ryan all working together, they’ll discover how truly dark the intentions of the doctor are, and how committed he is to keeping Nora in his sights.

I love this series and the development of the relationships between Nora and the guys. Each is different as are the guys. Nora seems to understand the quirks of them and that is what makes this so perfect.

In this book, Nora figures out something about the study she’s involved with as Cai finally gets to come home after a bout with Scarlet fever and Strep.

There’s much more here though, Matisse has been doing some illegal motorcycle racing and Nora is pissed when she finds out. The guys also realize that Nora needs to know everything about them. This is made even clearer when Matisse’s mother calls demanding an appearance at Thanksgiving. His story is not so much heartbreaking as it is undeniably an example of selfishness on the part of his father.

This is a favorite scene.

Expecting a full-on intervention, he was surprised when only Apollo was in the kitchen. “Hey,” the larger man greeted when Matisse came through the door.

“Hi,” he replied warily. Any second, he expected to hear his friends’ feet pounding down the stairs so they could surround him and demand answers.

“Don’t look so nervous. No one else is here. Nora’s sleeping, but she wants me to wake her up when you get in. Seok’s reading, and Ryan, overachiever, is doing homework. It’s just you and me.”

“Emissary?” Matisse asked and flung his body into a chair, affecting nonchalance.

“Sort of,” Apollo answered. “I wanted to talk to you because we’re in the same boat.”

“How is that?” Impossible. Apollo—perfect, generous, kind Apollo—and him? The king of the illegal? The go-to guy for all things sneaky?

“Because there are things we do on the shady side of legal, and Nora needs to learn about them. Will, or has, in your case. Why didn’t you tell me, man?” Matisse studied Apollo’s features. His mouth turned down, and his eyebrows drew together—he’d hurt Apollo’s feelings.

“What would you have said?”

“Don’t do it,” Apollo answered quickly. “Be smart. And I’d have had no right to say it, either, considering I’m training to pound some guy into the ground of a warehouse on the outskirts of town.”

“You still would have said it.”

Apollo chuckled at Matisse’s words. “Yeah. I would have. It’s my job as your friend.”

Resting his elbows on the table, he linked his fingers around the back of his head and shook it from side to side. What a mess he’d gotten himself into. And for nothing. Literally nothing. Unless. “We’re talking about the bike races, right?”

Apollo leaned forward, his arms flexing as he folded his hands. “Should we be talking about something else?”

Matisse sprawled back in the chair and shook his head. “No.”

“Everyone wants to talk to you.”

“I’m sure they do, but it’s really none of their business.”

Apollo unfurled, standing and stretching. It wasn’t an attempt to intimidate him, but a sign of his agitation. “You’re our business, Matisse. You guys are the only family I fucking have. Don’t brush it off like it’s nothing.”

“I know.” Deflating under Apollo’s effective guilt trip, he grabbed handfuls of his hair and tugged. “I’ll wake Nora. You want to get the guys? We can play whack-a-Matisse-mole.”

Without waiting to hear his friend’s response, he trudged through the dining room back to the stairs. The closer he got to Nora’s door, the more nervous he became. He felt like a little boy about to be disciplined, and it wasn’t an emotion he enjoyed. All of today, his anxiety had been out of control. For a moment, he considered the near-empty prescription he hadn’t needed since meeting Nora.

Carefully, he opened the door to her bedroom. The light in her closet was on, muted but illuminating her sleeping form. She curled beneath the covers, arms wrapped around her pillow. Mouth open, she coughed suddenly, and sniffled.

Gently, he smoothed his hand down her back. “Cher.” She stirred, breath hitching before her armed waved him away. Despite his worry about how she’d respond to his story, he chuckled. “Nora.”

One eye opened. Then another. “Hey,” she whispered and pushed herself up. Coughing again, she lifted her elbow to her mouth to catch it.

“Sorry. What time is it?”

“No idea,” he answered. “You’re sick?”

Her eyes widened, and he could see her doing a frantic inventory of her body. She sniffed and sniffed again. “Crap. Seok jinxed me.”

“Do you want to come downstairs? Apollo told me you all wanted to talk to me.”

She scrubbed her hands across her face and took the ever-present elastic from around her wrist to tie her hair on top of her head. “Yes.” The covers flew back, and she reached for a sweatshirt at the end of her bed. “Ready.”

“I’m not,” he muttered, unable to help himself.

“Tisse.” The light pressure of her hand on his arm stopped him. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I mean—the other option is telling the same story five times. In which case, I call dibs.”

He laughed, anxiety melting away in the face of her clear attempt at disarming him. It worked. Once she was in his arms, he hugged her tightly. He laid a gentle kiss next to her mouth. “You’re definitely getting sick. You have sick breath.”

“Matisse!” Horrified, she covered her mouth and pushed him out of the way to run down the hall and into the bathroom.

“Smooth.” Ryan appeared at the door. Leaning against the casing, he yawned into his shoulder. “Real smooth.”

“What? I wasn’t being mean. I was just letting her know.”
Proserpina, Ripley. Finding Truth (The Searchers Book 3). Kindle Locations (784-828).Kindle Edition.

There is much going on here, many things to resolve and not all the answers will be easy ones.

There’s Tyler who Cai needs to help, there’s the infamous Dr. Murray, relationship breakthroughs and so much more!

I really can’t wait for the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Ripley!

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Ripley Proserpina

Ripley Proserpina spends her days huddled near a fire in the frozen northern wilds of Vermont. She lives with her family, two magnificent cats, and one dog who aspires to cat-hood. She is the author of the Reverse Harem series, The Searchers, Midnight’s Crown, and the young adult/fantasy duet, Wishes and Curses.

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Sin & Tonic – 5 New Novellas – 5 Great Authors

Bar, pub, speakeasy,
tavern, cocktail lounge.
What do all these have in common?
They’re places for drinking, places for talking, places for meeting, and in this anthology, they’re places to fall in love.
Pull up a seat, grab a drink, and enter the worlds of five romance authors for some steamy heroes, strong heroines, and sexy-as-hell sin. Cocktail recipes
to seduce your sweetie included!

Sin & Tonic


Wild Thang by Tessa Layne
All In by Mira Lyn Kelly
French Kiss by R. L. Kenderson
Irish Legend by K.C. Enders
Redheaded $lut by Kayti McGee


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Wild Thang
USA Today Best Selling Author
Tessa Layne

When billionaire Mason Carter discovers his longtime crush Luci Cruz has packed her bags and is leaving town forever, he’s got twenty-four hours to convince her to take one last chance on love. Will a wild night at a notorious speakeasy and a trip down memory lane be enough to win her heart?

This book had me giggling almost from the start. As Mason makes the effort to seduce Luci with his words in a NY airport lounge.

Luci definitely gets the best of him when she throws her grant rejection in his face. Not so easy now is it Mason.

This is a favorite scene.

Mason’s face transforms from guarded to shocked so fast I let out a giggle. Did he really think I was going to hop in the sack with him just because he’s Mason-hot-body-Carter?

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“What do you mean you have no idea what I’m talking about? Your paperwork says you personally review every application.”

He squirms in his seat, looking distinctly uncomfortable, and my heart sinks a bit. “All that stuff about nothing being wrong with my ass, and about finding someone who appreciates my curves… that was all B.S., wasn’t it?”

He shakes his head, jaw clenched. “No,” he grits. “I swear it wasn’t.”

“But you saw perfection,” I push. Because I can’t not>/em> push, and that’s why I’ve been in a relationship desert for over a year. “I gave you a rock solid business plan and you turned it down. Without even an explanation.” I signal the waiter for my check. I’m done here. I give him a polite smile. “I should thank you, really. I wouldn’t be here if you’d said yes.”

The bartender drops the tab and Mason’s hand lands on the leather folder with a thunk. “Don’t go? Let me make it up to you.”

His eyes say please and my pussy shouts yes. But I have to keep my dignity. It’s all I have left. But I can’t resist dropping a kiss on the hollow made where his cheekbone and jaw connect. Arousal sizzles through me like lightning on wet wood. A hint of his stubble burns my lips, and the scent of him — woodsy and masculine — like he’s a lumberjack and not a billionaire, makes my womb quiver. His hands, his mouth, could make my body sing, and I have to clench my thighs together to avoid melting into a puddle right here. “Maybe another time,” I say with more than a little regret. “See you ‘round, Mason.”
Tessa Layne; Mira Lyn Kelly; R.L. Kenderson; K.C. Enders; Kayti McGee. Sin & Tonic (Kindle Locations 182-196).

Plans thwarted, Mason gets creative and gets on the same plane with Luci. Conversation heats up as turbulence scares Luci. I think my kindle melted.

Lots of fun, laughter, and plenty of heat!

5 Contented Purrs for Tessa!

All In
USA Today Bestselling Author
Mira Lyn Kelly

There ought to be laws against what happened to that wedding cake, abandoned or not. Sure, it was sexy, good fun of the dirtiest variety but it was the kind of mistake career-minded wedding planner Lanie Malone won’t repeat. At least not until next Saturday when she’s once again face to face with Jason Henley, the bossy, all-trouble hotel owner who won’t settle for just one night.

For Lanie Malone, the wedding planner there is nothing worse than a disgruntled bride with a destroyed wedding cake. Being the resourceful person she is, she enlists the help of the hotel owner Jason Henley and between the two of them they find another cake. Then things get even worse as the bride catches the groom with a bridesmaid and calls everything off.

This is a favorite scene after Lanie calls her boss.

Peeking from between my fingers, I ask, “Are you trying to cheer me up?”

He shrugs. “Maybe I am.” Then reaching past me to the cake, he scoops up a tiny bit of frosting on his finger.

I think he’s going to pop it in his mouth for a taste, but then his eyes meet mine and the air thins in my lungs. Because that look.

Damn it, I need to stop this. I should head back to the BB office and wait for Connie. But I can’t move. I can’t swallow or breathe as the corner of his mouth hitches, and instead of bringing the frosting to his mouth… he’s bringing it toward mine.

My heart is racing and my belly is like a YouTube trampoline video on triple speed.

Only then he bypasses my mouth altogether and dabs that sugar sweet glob on my nose. “Cheer up.”




Something inside me snaps. Reaching behind me, I grab a few fingerfuls, spin on my stiletto and smush it into Jason’s stunned face. And like the devil inside me has taken over completely, rub it back and forth across his sexy stupid mouth. “You know what? That did cheer me up.”

My manic satisfaction doesn’t even last a heartbeat before Jason’s eyes change, filling with an unholy light as they narrow on me.

Swiping the buttercream and cake off his face, he takes a menacing step closer.

Oh shit. “Jason, no.” Hands coming up in a pacifying gesture, I take a quick step back— tripping right into the cake table.

Our eyes meet for a split second— mine horrified, his delighted — before it happens. The slow tilt and slide of the table going out from under me.

“Shit, Laine!” Jason lunges forward, catching me with a strong arm around my waist, but neither one of us are fast enough to get clear before one hundred pounds of cake takes out our legs. We’re going down, and we’re going down together.

The cake hits the floor. We land on top of it… or rather, Jason lands on top of it and I land on top of him with a mushy layer of twice abandoned cake erupting around us.
Tessa Layne; Mira Lyn Kelly; R.L. Kenderson; K.C. Enders; Kayti McGee. Sin & Tonic (Kindle Locations 1244-1246).

Jason and Lanie seem to be fighting an incredible attraction. Even as her boss is close to firing her because of the cancelled at the last minute weddings that seem to be plaguing her.

Lots of laughs, some sticky situations, and plenty of heat in this very enjoyable read.

5 Contented Purrs for Mira Lyn!

French Kiss
R. L. Kenderson

Jake Russo has fought for everything he’s earned, and he’s not about to give up the bar he’s sweated over to spoiled Lacey Scott. She can kiss his ass and go back to where she flew in from. But what happens when she kisses him instead? And what if he does a lot more than kiss her back?

Lacey left town and moved to France as an au pair years ago. Her father had expected her to stay or at the very least come home for more than just a visit. When he dies he leaves her his bar The Leather and Lace Lounge with some very specific conditions to be met. Conditions that were a shock to her system.

A year where she can’t leave or sell and has to run the bar with Jake Russo otherwise he gets it all. She does have some time to consider this, a couple of days anyway.

This is a favorite scene.

“I think, as long as you’re here, the bar is yours. You don’t have to decide until you go back to Paris.”

That gave me two days to make a decision or reschedule my flight back to France. I could do this.

I think.

It was a big decision. Nana took her arm from around my shoulders and let me walk in front of her since the door wouldn’t fit us both.

I walked out and ran into my next sexual fantasy.

He was tall— several inches over my five-seven, around six-one or six-two— with dark hair that was on the verge of needing a trim and dark eyes that I could get lost in while he fucked the shit out of me.

Who’s this mystery man? Besides being the one who I was going to masturbate to when I got my libido back.

“Oof,” came out of my grandmother as she ran into my back.

It was a little embarrassing, but at least it knocked me out of my sexual stupor.

I shook my head and stepped off to the side.

Sexual Fantasy held out his hand to Nana. “Hi, Kathy. Sorry I didn’t speak to you at the funeral yesterday.”

This guy was at my father’s funeral?

Despite being upset, I’d think I still would have noticed this man.

“It’s totally understandable. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone either.”

Sexual Fantasy cleared his throat, his eyes turning miserable. “George will be missed.”

This guy sounded like he really cared about my father.

“He will be,” Nana agreed.

Sexual Fantasy turned to me. “Sorry for your loss, Lacey.”

“Thank you. Same to you?” I guessed since he seemed so sad about my father’s passing.

“Thank you,” he answered sincerely. He cleared his throat. “Listen, I know this is a horrible time to talk about stuff like this, but I know we don’t have a lot of time before you head back to Europe. I’m available all day today and tomorrow. Mr. Bernard said we can take care of everything with him. He’ll make it as quick and painless as possible.”

I wrinkled my nose. “I’m sorry. Take care of what?” I asked, confused.

“Oh.” He raised his eyebrow. “The bar. We can take care of the bar situation.”

I narrowed my eyes. “What do you have to do with the bar situation?”

Nana stepped over to Sexual Fantasy and put her arm on the guy. “Lacey, this is Jake. Jake Russo. He gets the bar when you go back to Paris.”

I gritted my teeth. The two of them sounded so confident that I was going to forfeit my inheritance, even after the conversation my grandmother and I had just had in the restroom.

And who in the hell gave Jake Russo the right to be so fricking sexy? The last time I had seen him, he’d been a skinny beanpole. Now, his muscles had muscles, and nothing on him was skinny.

There went my sexual fantasy, which almost pissed me off the most. I had been looking forward to a few minutes of escaping life with my vibrator tonight.

I took a deep breath and leaned in close. I gave him and Nana a fake smile. “I appreciate everyone’s concern, but I’m staying.”

Two pairs of eyes grew wide. One brown, one blue.

“That’s right. You can cancel your stupid appointment with Mr. Bernard because I’m not going anywhere.”
Tessa Layne; Mira Lyn Kelly; R.L. Kenderson; K.C. Enders; Kayti McGee. Sin & Tonic (Kindle Locations 2478-2482).

This one is a lot of fun too. These two go head to head and lips to lips almost right away on a dare.

Plenty of heat, some misunderstandings and other little unexpected twists.

5 Contented Purrs for R.L.

Irish Legend
K.C. Enders

Bartender Finn O’Meara, the self proclaimed Irish Casanova, has met his match. He’s planned everything to perfection, and he’s got the girl right where he wants her. There’s just one little twist – will she come around? Or is he just a legend in his own mind?

Oh my! Addie has some severe anxiety and OCD, I would think she’d be on some sort of medication to help with it but I guess it’s necessary for this story.

Finn on the other hand is outgoing and flirty. He’s also madly in love with Addie. Getting her to fly to Kansas City for her annual visit to her parents, meet up with friends and go to the music festival is all part of a larger plan for him. One where she flies to Dublin with him.

But first he is going to ask for her hand in marriage, that is if he gets a moment alone with her condescending father.

This is a favorite scene.

“About time you showed up. We waited, but finally just had them seat us,” the over tanned, overstuffed man with the wiry combover grumbles. And just that quickly, I’m about over him.

“Sir, my apologies. I had an errand and it took a bit longer than I anticipated.” I reach forward to shake his hand and come up empty. The arse leaves me hanging. With a deep breath, I pull back and wait for his lovely wife to release Addie from an uncomfortable hug and wrap her hand in both of mine. “Mrs. Huntington, delightful to see you again.” She giggles as I hold her chair for her, and then Addie, getting them settled before I take my seat between Addie and her father.

“Adelaide. Nice of you to squeeze us into your work trip.” Mr. H lifts a glass of vodka, draining in one go. “Not sure why you brought the ginger snap, though,” he grumbles low enough so that Addie and her mum miss it.

And there it is. The big man of the hour, the one who thinks he’s better than the rest of us, pulls all the attention to himself. Or maybe it’s just me he thinks he’s better than.

Dinner carries on much the same. Most of us dealing in pleasantries and one of us being a prick.

After we order dessert, Addie and her mum whisper a bit and excuse themselves to the restroom, leaving me alone with the arse— or giving me the opportunity I need. Either will do.

“Mr. Huntington, I’d like to have a word with you, if I may.”

He lifts his empty glass in the air and rattles it at a passing waitress. He looks everywhere, but at me.

“Sir, I love your daughter. Her vibrancy, her passion— she’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I can’t imagine my life without her. Sir, I—”

“And you what? See a great opportunity for a green-card? Huh?” He leans forward in his seat, eyebrows raised, his meaty finger pounding into the surface of the table.

“No sir. I’ve my citizenship sorted, already and—”

“You think you’re good enough for her? A bartender? Pffft, I don’t think so, boy.” He looks around and smacks his tumbler against the tabletop mumbling, “What’s a man got to do to get a drink around here?”

“I own the pub now,” I tell him, my heart pressing into my throat like it does every time I think about Francie McBride willing the place me. Entrusting me with it. “I’ve owned it for coming on a year, sir. And with all due respect—”

“Yeah, you think you know respect? You know nothing. Respect isn’t something you kids know anything about. Look at my daughter. That hair? The way she dresses? Hell, she doesn’t respect herself or me. You think it’s not embarrassing having a pink haired, nose pierced troll doll for a daughter? I’m a lawyer for Christ’s sake. I have an image to protect.” His face is dangerously red, eyes bugging out at me as he plows on, “That girl, never falling in line. Not looking like she should. Probably a good thing she left the damn state and didn’t come back. Belongs in a place like that— New York, California— better for my image if she’s not here.” A vein pops out on the side of his forehead, making him look like a right, stubby little knob.

“Do what you want. Get your damn green card, ’Snaps. Just don’t send her back here until she’s straightened out.” He stands, hiking his trousers high on his portly gut and stalks to the bar muttering under his breath.

I don’t know why, but I’m stunned. Absolutely blown away by what this man just said. By his attitude towards his daughter. To me, she’s most beautiful person in the world. How can he not see that?

“Finn, you okay?” Addie’s voice dances around me, enveloping me. She skims her hand across my shoulder and leans into my ear. “Are they bringing us dessert to go? Because I’m so over this.”

Tessa Layne; Mira Lyn Kelly; R.L. Kenderson; K.C. Enders; Kayti McGee. Sin & Tonic (Kindle Locations 3795-3797).

Now Finn’s plans for the proposal go awry and he really should have listened to his friend.

Addie also has to come to terms with her own issues, but she does realize she loves Finn.

Finn’s got his work cut out for him after a very public rejection, and the hope Addie finds in a visit to Sierra at There In Spirits.

I loved the way this story plays out, a fun read with laughter, tears and quite a bit of heat.

5 Contented Purrs for K.C.!

Redheaded $lut
USA Today Best Selling Author
Kayti McGee

Bridget Riley is getting married. So what if she’s more excited about the wedding than the groom? Being an adult means making boring choices. Until one unexpected decision changes everything.

Nothing like finding out your fiancé is a cheating SOB while at your bachelorette party. I really love the way Bridget handles it though.

This is a favorite scene.

My dress is definitely queenly. I picked it with Diana in mind. Kate was just a tad too understated for my liking. How are all eyes supposed to be on my perfect Kardashian liner if I’m in a minimalist dress? No, I needed a thousand yards of tulle. At least. Sure, I won’t be able to pee all day, but one must pay the price of glory. Besides, I have a rather Kate situation all ready for the reception dress change. Very demure in the front, all long sleeves, then a slutty low cut in the back. Also, it’s bright red.

I like the idea of being a scarlet woman right about now.

I breath deep and watch Molly’s nostrils flare as she pretends not to be annoyed that I just blinked and she’ll have to do my liner for a fourth time. I wonder if she’s ever met Sierra. The two could use each other, I think. Mixing up the visible annoyance and the dimple-deflection could probably make both of them better. Or, perhaps, it could turn them into the perfect weapon. I decide they should never meet, and the horror of the idea keeps my eyes wide open long enough for Holly to line and mascara my bottom lashes without interference this time.

Once four of my sisters fluff my gown into place, I take a deep breath. This is it. This is the last moment before the ceremony. I should probably hug them, but they’d crush my tulle. Instead, I channel Diana yet again, and nod regally. They nod back.

I nod at Molls. She rolls her eyes.

“Are we ready? Ladies? I need you to be ready, okay?” My little wedding coordinator is suddenly in the doorway, bouncing up and down on the tips of her toes and quivering like a cold chihuahua. She might be on coke, it’s always hard to say with girls that hyper and skinny, but I sort of hope she is because that means she’ll be super organized and make sure my wedding goes off without a hitch. Perfect.

Daddy is waiting for me in the hallway. He smiles at me like I’m his little princess. I am, too. Erin is a poser, and my other sisters are just that. Others. Extras. I love them, and I wouldn’t trade my big family for anything, but we all know my parents got it right the first time around, and there was no pressing need to attempt to replicate it.

Sure didn’t stop them trying, though. Seven more times.

I’m so glad they’re here to support me.

I take Daddy’s arm and wait for the bouncy little planner to wave me into the sanctuary, where every single person I know and an equal number I don’t are all watching for me to step out and blow them away.

I only have eyes for Brian, just like everyone said I would.

We take short little steps up the aisle, and I’m beaming around because today is going to be unforgettable, and then we’re there at the altar and Daddy’s giving me away, and all my bridesmaids are already crying which makes me start too.

I hold one finger up for Father Paddy, so he knows not to start in quite yet. Brian fumbles for his best man’s decorative handkerchief for me. I accept it, then turn and face my audience.

“I want to thank you all so much for being here today. It really means a lot,” I tell them. Everyone looks confused, and Brian’s gripping my arm. Pre-vow speeches aren’t standard Catholic fare. Ma mouths, “turn around” at me, but I will not.

“There’s someone else here in spirit today,” and I see a lot of faces realize I’m probably just having a Moment over Nana, who died a few months ago. “Her name is Staci, and I’d just like to read a few words that Brian wrote about her.”

I glance over to enjoy the sight of the blood draining from his face as I reach into my Kardashian-wedding cleavage and retrieve my phone. I clear my throat and read verbatim some highlights from the text chain about Staci-the-nurse.

“U do things with ur body my girlfriend never does lol.”

The murmurs are starting already.

“Thinking about u naked is the only thing getting me thru this rehearsal dinner lol.” And finally, “Tomorrow’s the big day, send nudes lol.”

None of my bridesmaid sisters are crying anymore, I guess because they were more upset about the idea I might go through with it than they were moved by my beauty. One or two of the groomsmen are already starting to shuffle backward, and Brian looks like he might faint. I feel absolutely triumphant.

“I’m not marrying him, obviously, but my parents spent a lot of money on this reception and there’s an open bar, thank you, Ma and Daddy! So I hereby declare this wedding an Irish wake for my relationship with this disgusting, cheating weasel. See you in the reception hall!” I wonder if I should bow, then decide Diana wouldn’t have.
Tessa Layne; Mira Lyn Kelly; R.L. Kenderson; K.C. Enders; Kayti McGee. Sin & Tonic (Kindle Locations 4450-4485).

Now after walking out on the groom and going to the reception, one would expect a wild time. Well that it was but it also has Bridget marrying the DJ Phoenix.

Lots of laughs, fun, some tears and plenty of sizzling heat.

5 Contented Purrs for Kayti!

Tessa Layne’s Bio and Links

Tessa Layne writes smokin’ hot contemporary cowboy and military romances filled with tenderhearted tough guys and sassy strong women who capture their hearts.She grew up in Colorado in the mountains at the edge of the Great Plains. There, she met her own smokin’ hot Cowboy and they had a whirlwind romance to rival any novel. She believes in Happily Ever Afters, loves fireflies, horses, and breathing clean country air. Her favorite thing to do is to sit on the porch swing with a glass of Rose, listening to her Cowboy pluck his guitar!

Feel free to drop her a line (links below) – She loves to hear from her readers!

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Mira Lyn Kelly’s Bio and Links

Hard core romantic, stress baker, and housekeeper non-extraordinaire, Mira Lyn Kelly is the USA TODAY bestselling author of more than a dozen sizzly love stories with over a million readers worldwide. Growing up in the Chicago area, she earned her degree in Fine Arts from Loyola University and met the love of her life while studying abroad in Rome, Italy… only to discover he’d been living right around the corner from her back home. Having spent her twenties working and playing in the Windy City, she’s now settled with her husband in rural Minnesota, where their four amazing children and two ridiculous dogs provide an excess of action and entertainment. When she isn’t reading, writing, or running the kids around, she loves watching the Chicago Blackhawks and action/adventure movies, blabbing with the girls, and cooking with her husband and friends.

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R.L. Kenderson’s Bio and Links

R.L. Kenderson is two best friends writing under one name.
They met in college and bonded over their love of reading and the TV show Charmed.
They write sexy paranormal romance and steamy contemporary romance that make you laugh.

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K.C. Enders’ Bio and Links

Karin is a New York Girl living in a Midwest world. A connoisseur of great words, fine bourbon, and strong coffee, she’s married to the love of her life who is also her best friend. The mother of two grown men, she is proud to say that they can cook, open car doors for the ladies, and clean up after themselves (you’re welcome, world). Even though her boys no longer live at home, the three dogs she’s rescued have taken up their empty space.

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Kayti McGee is a proud Kansas Citian who wishes that Tom Hiddleston would just call her already. Besides writing, her hobbies include napping, daydreaming, and murder shows on Netflix. She also writes as the latter half of Laurelin McGee. Send her wine, and stay sexy.

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Asher – Heroes at Heart Book 6 by Maryann Jordan

Heroes at Heart Book 6
USA Today Bestselling Author
Maryann Jordan


Two outcasts shared a friendship in childhood, but for Asher Swain, his memories were tortured by an accident that claimed his only friend.

Years later, he met a woman reading as she sat by a pond in a park. The two strangers began a friendship over a love of literature that developed into love for each other.

But, when Asher realized they shared a past as well as their present, he kept his secret, afraid for Penelope to find out who he really was.

When the truth is revealed, will they be ripped apart or will their love make them stronger?

Loosely based on the fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling.

Language and sexual situations similar to what you would find in an R-rated movie.

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This book truly tugged at my heartstrings and I love how this series interprets a fairy tale in each book. This one begins as two children find acceptance and friendship in each other, and are separated by circumstances that were out of their control.

Asher has built himself a small real estate empire. He buys older homes renovates and updates then rents them out. He also has one small apartment building not too much for one man to handle. One of the biggest things he’s done is bought a building, renovated it and gifted it to be a homeless shelter, he remembers staying in one before his mother moved in with Tim, the man who caused he so much pain.

Penelope is a bookkeeper for a small real estate firm, she’s looking forward to the retirement of the current office manager, sure she will get the promotion and the raise. One of Penny’s favorite things to do is read in the park by the pond before heading home from work. She has a different sort of story, all related to a childhood accident and the attitudes of others.

It’s while Asher is on a run in that park, he first meets up with Penelope. An avid reader, he is attracted not only to the woman, but the fact she is reading a hard copy book, one of the classics.

This is a favorite scene.

As he rounded the edge of the pond, his step faltered as a small pebble in his shoe caused him to wince. Wondering if he could keep going, his gaze snagged on a bench with a lone woman sitting on one side. Taking advantage of the space, he ran past her and sat at the far end.

Untying his left shoe, he pulled it off and shook out the pebble. He rubbed the bottom of his foot, grunting slightly as his thumb dug into the bruise.

“That must have been painful,” came a soft voice from the other end of the bench.

Leaning against the back of the bench, he twisted his head and observed her looking at him, a shy smile on her face before her gaze dropped back to the book in her lap. Her dark hair hung in a sleek sheet to just below her shoulders, and as she leaned forward, it created an effective curtain to hide her face. Before she had looked back down at her book, he had spied dark eyes. It was a warm day, but she was dressed in jeans with a light sweater. Her build was slight, her delicate hand resting on the open pages of the book. She kept her head down, and he found a strange longing to have her speak to him again.

“It was,” he agreed, wondering what he was doing. Striking up a conversation with a complete stranger was something he usually avoided. “I can keep running through a muscle spasm or a cramp, but a rock in my shoe is impossible to ignore.”

She twisted her head back around to look at him, giving him a better view. Her face had a healthy glow, kissed by the sun as though perhaps she often came to the park. It did not appear that she wore makeup, other than a pink lip gloss. Her eyes were dark brown, and he found it unusual that he would even notice. Her hair was not wavy but appeared like strands of silk hanging about her shoulders. She reached up and tucked the strands behind her ear, saying, “I’m sure it is.”

It took him a few seconds to think about her reply, forgetting what he had said to her. Feeling foolish, he gave a quick nod and looked back down to his shoe. Sliding his foot in, he bent over, tying the laces.

“You must run often,” she said.

“It’s more comfortable to run in shoes that are broken in,” he replied, staring down at his worn, scruffy, favorite pair of running shoes. The thought crossed his mind that she might have been making fun of them, but when he twisted his head to look at her again, her face still held a gentle smile.

“I’m afraid I wouldn’t know anything about running shoes,” she said. “I just meant that you look like… well,” she laughed softly before continuing, “you look like a runner.”

“Oh,” he said, sitting up and looking back at her. A blush crept over his cheeks, and he felt his ears burning. Old habits die hard, but he was embarrassed that he had assumed she was making fun of his shoes. Hoping the shade of the tree nearby hid what he was sure were pink-tinged ears, he struggled to think of something to say. He mumbled, “Yeah. I like to run.” At that moment he wished he had Rafe’s or Jaxon’s easy conversational skills.

Grasping for something to say, his gaze dropped to the book in her lap. “I guess you like to read,” he said then blushed deeper. You like to read? That’s the best I can come up with?

He placed his hands on the bench beside his thighs, ready to jump up and continue his run, when she said, “Yes. I love to read. I especially like to read paperback or hardback books, even though I have an e-reader.”

“Me, too,” he admitted, relaxing his hands so that he could lean back against the bench again. “I’ll sometimes read on my phone if I’m waiting somewhere, but when I’m at home, I prefer the feel of the book in my hands.” Her smile widened, and he relaxed slightly. Dipping his chin toward her book, he asked, “What are you reading?”

Now it was her turn to blush, and he found the becoming pink on her cheeks matched the pink lip gloss she was wearing. Ducking her head, she closed the book and turned the cover so that he would be able to see what was in her hands. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. “I’ve read it so many times,” she confessed, “but each time I find a new passage that seems to speak to me.”

Without thinking, he blurted, “’ When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.’”

She laughed out loud, her eyes seeming to sparkle with the reflection of the sun off the pond. “I can’t believe you know that! I think my only response can be, ‘I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book!’”

A chuckle rumbled from deep inside, and he smiled in return. “I suppose I should be embarrassed that I can quote from Pride and Prejudice.”

She shook her head emphatically and said, “Absolutely not. There is nothing embarrassing about reading a book, especially not a classic. I think there’s so much that we can learn from the words of others.” Cocking her head to the side, she added, “But while it’s not embarrassing, it is uncommon to find a man who can quote any book.”
Maryann Jordan. Asher – ARC copy – Not for sale or distribution: Heroes at Heart (Kindle Locations 592-630).

This little conversation about Pride and Prejudice has all the elements for a great friendship, only thing is he forgets to introduce himself and get her name.

There’s a lot of healing for both Penny and Asher in this book, but it doesn’t come easy especially when he realizes she is his Penny from all those years ago.

I love seeing all the guys and Miss Ethel is a gem. The family they’ve formed definitely has room to add in the women these men have found.

I laughed and cried, and I may have growled a time or two as well. Once again this series has provided me with an uplifting story to read with just the right amount of heat.

5 Contented Purrs for Maryann!

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Maryann Jordan

As an Award Winning, Amazon International Bestselling and All-Star author, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble Best Selling Author, I have always been an avid reader. In 2013 I started a blog to showcase wonderful writers and finally gave in to the characters in my head pleading for their story to be told. Thus, Emma’s Home was created.

My first novel, Emma’s Home became an Amazon Best Seller in 3 categories within the first month of publishing. Its success was followed by the rest of the Fairfield Series and then led into the Love’s Series. Soon, other spin-off series came along and 8 of my books have made Amazon top 100 Bestselling books.

Gabe, from the Alvarez Security Series won Silver Medal and 5 Star Review by the 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Honor Love was an award winning novel from the 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Serial Love was an award finalist novel from the 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Coming Home was awarded the 5 Star Review by the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards.
Discover Love was awarded the 5 Star Review by the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards.

My books are filled with sweet romance and hot sex; mystery, suspense, real life characters and situations. My heroes are alphas, take charge men who love the strong, independent women they fall in love with.

I worked as a counselor in a high school and have been involved in education for the past 30 years. I have just retired and look forward to more time with family and writing!

I have been married to a wonderfully patient man for 36 years and have 2 adult, very supportive daughters.

When writing, my dog or one of my cats will usually be found in my lap!

I love to hear from readers, so please email me!

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Dare Me Tonight – The Knight Brothers Book 4 by Carly Phillips

Dare Me Tonight
Knight Brothers Book 4
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Carly Phillips


What happens when a Knight Seduces a Dare?

Sparks fly when a Knight seduces a Dare.

Sienna Dare is forbidden.

She’s too young and she has an overprotective brother whose business Ethan Knight can’t risk losing.

He’s on the rebound and overcoming his deceased wife’s betrayal.

But at a black tie corporate event, their mutual desire flares.

Passion between them can’t be ignored.

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogogoogle_play_logo_002_002

I love the Knight Brothers even as they faced the disaster of their business they persevered and two of them have found love, even their sister has finally found her one. But Ethan is different, as CEO he shoulders everything and he feels even more responsible since it was his deceased wife’s betrayal and theft that has them in this precarious position.

Sienna Dare is coming to NYC visiting Columbia on an invitation to their NYC Weekend Scholars’ Social. Since Knight Time Technology has the contract for the Miami Thunder’s new Stadium and their headquarters is in NYC Ian Dare calls in a favor to have Ethan Knight escort his sister. Of course the Knight brother’s do nothing halfway and her visit will be anything but an ordinary thing.

Now Ethan was unable to meet her at the airport, so he is to catch up with her at the Social. Boy is he in for a surprise.

This is a favorite scene.

He checked his watch. It was a quarter after the hour, fifteen minutes since this affair had begun.

Where was she?

He was a stickler for promptness and this bordered on rude. He strode over to the bar and ordered a club soda, determined to keep his wits about him tonight. No sooner had he leaned forward on one elbow and ordered than he felt the woman’s gaze on his.

He turned and looked her in the eye. Her skin glowed even under the poor bar lighting, her brown eyes sparkling. The one thing missing tonight was name tags. Someone would have their ass handed to them later, he assumed. But for now he merely met her gaze and glanced away before giving the wrong signals, his body be damned. This wasn’t the right time or place.

“Excuse me,” she said, stepping closer.

Her soft, fragrant perfume went straight to his dick, and he curled his hand around the glass the bartender had handed him.

“I’m looking for someone and you sort of look like him,” she said.

He doubted this was a lame pickup attempt, here of all places, so he trusted the question was genuine. “Just who do I look like?” he asked, now curious.

“My escort for the weekend. Ethan Dare of Knight Time Technology? I did some Googling and the photos had his hair much shorter than yours but you do look similar.” She glanced up at him with an inquiring gaze.

He blinked in shock. “You’re Sienna–”

“Sienna Dare,” she said with an engaging smile, the red lipstick enhancing her natural beauty. “I had a feeling I was right! You’re Ethan Knight?” Her light laughter sprinkled above the din of heavy voices surrounding them.

“I did my research, too, and you had blonde hair in your photos online,” he mused, taking in the differences now. The black hair suited her. She’d been a beautiful blonde, but she was a striking brunette.

“Surprise!” she said with an easy shrug. “I tend to grow bored and make changes.” Her astute stare swept over him, focusing on his face. “So do you. Your hair is much longer than the one on the KTT website.”

He admired the fact that she was diligent, looking into who she’d be meeting ahead of time, and he extended his hand.

She shook it.

He wasn’t prepared for the tremor of awareness that reverberated up his arm and went straight to his cock. He blinked in shock. Her red lips parted in surprise, letting him know she’d felt the sexual awareness between them, too.

Worse, as those luscious lips parted, all he wanted was to feel that mouth wrapped around his now raging erection. It’d been a year since he’d wanted sex, let alone one particular woman. Why the hell did it have to be this one? Ian Dare had sent her to Ethan to take care of, not fuck. The man was also the most important client Ethan had had in a long time, and that was saying something because all his clients represented multimillion- and billion-dollar deals.

Ian had made it a point of mentioning Sienna wasn’t going back to business school later in life, as many tended to do. No, she was just shy of twenty-four, which made her way too young for Ethan. Not to mention the obvious wide-eyed innocence and appreciation of the mundane that was the distinct opposite of his jaded thirty-one years.

“Mr. Knight?” Her soft voice pulled at him and she reached out, her hand touching his forearm.

Oh, fuck. “Ethan,” he said on a low growl.

“Ethan,” she said, clearly not put off by his gruff demeanor. “I said it’s nice to meet you and I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to take care of me this weekend.”

“You’re welcome,” he said roughly. “I’m sorry I didn’t pick you up from the airport. I had an emergency and couldn’t get away. I figured my sister would take good care of you.” He didn’t want her upset with him and reporting back to her brother that he’d bailed.

She waved away his concern, his gaze falling on the red nails that matched her lips. Jesus, was everything about her appealing?

“Honestly it was fine. Ian is a busy executive, too. I’m used to how things work, and I’m good with taking care of myself.”

He relaxed on that score. Ian wasn’t going to come after him for leaving some frightened girl alone in New York City. This woman knew how to take care of herself.

“So how are you enjoying your time in Manhattan?” he asked. He didn’t want to hit her up with her school and career plans right away and scare her off. Ian had mentioned she was hesitant about going to graduate school, so he planned to ease into that part of the conversation.

“I love it!” Her eyes lit up at the question. “Since I had the afternoon free, I took advantage and enjoyed myself.” She blushed and he wondered how she’d kept busy.

“What did you do with yourself?” He wasn’t usually so talkative, but she was easy to be with.

“I don’t want you to think I’m shallow. I’m here for a business school weekend,” she murmured, intriguing him.

“How about if I promise not to judge you?”

She ducked her head, then said, “I went to Saks and had my makeup done, and your sister recommended her hairstylist and I had a full salon day.”

He took in her gorgeous, expressive features, the makeup that defined her brown eyes, and the lips he wanted to devour and appreciated the effort she’d made. He would have liked to compliment her but knew how inappropriate anything he said would be, so he remained silent.

“But I’m not all about the frilly, girly stuff,” she went on to assure him. “I’m honestly interested in your business and what kind of security you’re doing at the stadium. I’d love to know more about why you feel this school is the right place for me and discuss my future,” she said, clearly nervous about the fact that she’d revealed her more frivolous side.

As a normal rule, he wouldn’t be interested in anything she’d had to say. He’d expected conversation to be forced and stilted, but he had a hunch this woman could discuss nail polish color and he’d be listening and drooling as she spoke.

He glanced at the open terrace, where people had congregated. “Let’s go outside,” he said, needing some fresh air that might dissipate her scent and its effect on his body.

“Sure. It’s a beautiful night,” she said, as he gestured for her to walk ahead of him.
Carly Phillips. Dare Me Tonight (Kindle Locations 221-272). Carly Phillips.

For Ethan meeting Sienna is a turning point and he spends a lot of time in denial. Keeping their activities a secret while working together is more than difficult.

You know how it goes, the tangled web and all. Ethan may jeopardize his entire business because of this relationship.

Laughter, fun, romance, tears, plenty of heat and a few surprises will have you turning the pages for more.

5 Contented Purrs for Carly!

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Carly Phillips

Carly Phillips is the N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of over 50 sexy contemporary romance novels featuring hot men, strong women and the emotionally compelling stories her readers have come to expect and love.

Carly’s career spans over a decade and a half with various New York publishing houses, and she is now an Indie author who runs her own business and loves every exciting minute of her publishing journey. Carly is happily married to her college sweetheart, the mother of two nearly adult daughters and three crazy dogs (two wheaten terriers and one mutant Havanese) who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. Carly loves social media and is always around to interact with her readers.

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Footprints in the Fern – Lovely Lethal Gardens Book 6 by Dale Mayer

Footprints in the Ferns
Lovely Lethal Gardens Book 6
USA Today Bestselling Author
Dale Mayer


One night 10 years ago,
8-year-old Crystal, vanished from her bed
in her parents’ house, the only clue
a footprint in the flowerbed
below the girl’s window.

Now that footprint’s reappeared, this time at the scene of another crime, and Doreen is under strict orders not to stick her nose into Corporal Mack Moreau’s new investigation.

But while Mack is busy with the new case, Doreen figures it can’t hurt if she just takes a quick look at the old one. Her house is empty, her antiques removed, and she has time on her hands. She’s finished working on Penny’s garden and needs a new project to keep her busy – and allow her to avoid the heavy work waiting in her own garden. And with the help of her assistants, Thaddeus the parrot, Goliath the Maine Coon, and Mugs the Basset, soon Doreen is busy navigating the world of pawn shops and blackmail as she looks for clues as to what happened to the girl stolen from her bedroom so many years ago.

Surely, it’s not her fault when her case butts up against the new one – is it?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogogoogle_play_logo_002_002

I’m not sure what I am enjoying more, the antiques Doreen is discovering, the mysteries that have Mack and her sparring, the interactions with her grandmother, Nan, or the antics of her pets.

In each book the pets have been instrumental in solving the cold case and they are also very protective of Doreen. Mugs the Basset, Goliath the Maine Coon cat, and Thaddeus the parrot have become her family.

Now Doreen is still recovering from the hit on the head she took from the guilty party in the last book, but as in real life things don’t stop for her. The house still needs to be emptied of the antiques and Scott is coming to evaluate more of the pieces to see what he can take to auction.

Then there’s the new case with a possible link to the disappearance of a child 10 years ago. Mack can’t share much but Doreen is looking into the older case, the animals don’t particularly like the child’s mother, but the investigation continues.

This is a favorite scene with the animals and part of a conversation with Mack.

Instead of getting anything accomplished like she was supposed to, including making a trip to the bank to get that cash deposited or making a trip to see Mack for his enactment, she’d spent all day going over the house. She’d taken photos and written down notes, and paperwork had exchanged hands.

She closed the front door, walked into the kitchen, and made herself that ever-lovely cup of comfort-tea.

She walked out to her back garden, where she collapsed onto the grass. Lying prone, stretched out to her full length, in the late afternoon sun, the animals wandered all over her— Mugs looking for attention, Goliath refusing to take no for an answer and lying from her belly to her chest, and Thaddeus, who appeared to think her head should be a perch. Finally he gave up and walked up and down her arm.

She groaned. “Today was … nuts. Good thing I had a good night’s sleep because I’m feeling more than a little bit exhausted.”

The trouble was the money. Like, big, big money. She knew that if she could make it to the point when all of this was sold, if any of their promises turned out to be reality, she should be fine, meaning, financially secure. With a certain amount invested, she could continue to live without having to worry about getting a full-time job. She would still need to do small gardening jobs, and she was fine with that. It wouldn’t be the lifestyle she had been accustomed to, but then she no longer wanted that sterile perfection that was just an illusion.

She much preferred the reality of her current life. Right now, she lay full-length on the grass, and that was something she’d never have been allowed to do with her husband. There would have to be lawn chairs taken out onto a little patio and blocks laid out for her to walk on so as not to walk on the grass— oh, the outrage if she had walked across the grass itself.

There were a lot of similarities between her ex and the gardener at Rosemoor, for that matter. She lay here, rubbing her tired eyes, and yet, she was still so wired from everything she and the experts had discussed today, from books to furniture to paintings. Agatha was thrilled now that she’d found several of the paintings that she wanted to take back with her. There had been one in the spare room upstairs. The painting had some faint, weirdly lit picture of a little rowboat and a stream with a dock and various trees. It was kind of pretty, but it wasn’t anything special— except Agatha had almost moaned in joy over it. Obviously that one was going. Two in her bedroom were going too. She didn’t know if there were more downstairs in the basement. She hadn’t even had a chance to look. The garage was mostly cleaned out. Some of the furniture had been brought up from the basement and into the living room.

And then there had been Clara’s visit …

“I’m also seriously tired,” she said, yawning. Her phone rang. She groaned, picked it up, looked at it, and sighed. “Hi, Mack,” she said, putting it on Speakerphone and laying it on the grass beside her. “I hope you don’t have anything too difficult to ask. I’m laying down outside, absolutely done.”

“Are they finished?”

“I don’t think so,” she said, rubbing her eyes again. “I am though.” Just then Goliath shifted on her belly. “Ump.” He rolled over, stretched out a paw, and gently patted her lip with his claws. “We’re all done. I’m lying on the grass. Goliath is on my chest. Mugs is lying on my shoulder, and it seems like Thaddeus is still getting comfortable. But, as far as Scott and Agatha, they’re coming back tomorrow.”

“Who’s Agatha?” Mack asked. “Another specialist,” she said, “and John was supposed to come, but he couldn’t get the red-eye he wanted apparently. So he’ll be here tomorrow too.” She groaned. “I can’t believe how much having all those people in my space has just finished me.”

“But did they take anything?” he asked in surprise. “I didn’t think it would take that long.”

“It was a slow process. I think they have most of it packed up, so they shouldn’t be here all day tomorrow. But I do feel bad because Clara showed up at my door today, and she’s really putting way too much stock in me,” Doreen said, her earlier worries reappearing. “I hate that. She’s hoping I can pull off a miracle, and I can’t.”

“Take it easy,” he said. “Nobody is expecting you to pull off a miracle, but you’ve had such great beginner’s luck that, of course, people will hope you can get lucky again.”

“Yes, but this is a child, and it’s more recent than the other cases,” she said.

“We also don’t have any reason to suspect she’s dead yet,” he said. “I know that’s the popular opinion after such a long time, but we’re also seeing a ton of reports where other kidnapped kids have been kept captive or integrated into a family. Then, when they turn eighteen, they finally can either escape or are released in some way.”

“In this case, Crystal would be eighteen now,” Doreen said, rolling her neck and stretching out more. Goliath dumped his paw into her soft, tender lip again. She lifted his paw and put it on her neck, and immediately he stretched it back up and batted her nose. “I just don’t have a clue where to even start looking.”

“There’s a reason why the police haven’t solved the case yet,” he said humorously. “I know you’re making us look like absolute idiots here recently, but we do work hard at this. We have protocols we follow and trails we check right to the end. We haven’t given up on this case.”

“Nan will check at the retirement home too,” she said.
“Why?” he asked, his voice sharp. “Does she know anybody who knows something?”

“I hope so,” Doreen said, “because I doubt the creek or the lake has anything to offer this time.”

At that, he laughed. “Have the animals met Clara?”

“Yes,” she said, “they have. Clara suggested it was Mary, the husband’s new wife, but then that’s almost a standard accusation.”

“Speaking from true life again?”

“I try to forget that aspect of my life. Yet I was thinking about your brother not too long ago. Has he said anything to you about my case against my lawyer? I hate to bug him as it’s really not been all that long since he said he’d look into it.”

“I know,” Mack said. “I did talk to him the other day, and he said he’s still working on it. He sounded much more positive about it but didn’t want me to give you false hopes until he had proof.”

“Anything positive would help right now,” she said, yawning again.

“Are you sure you slept last night?”

“I thought so,” she said, “but my research has been weird. Maybe my mind was working on all that when I should have been sleeping. Lots of little girls going missing. It makes no sense that the second case with that similar footprint would have just taken the child’s toys.”

“Unless …” Mack’s voice trailed off.

“I know, unless they intended to take the child at the same time and were interrupted or were planning to abduct the child at a later date.”

“We did toss around the idea that maybe they were just after the toys, that maybe they had another child who needed toys, and that somehow somebody had seen these and thought they would be ideal. It would be an easy job, so why not?”

“Nah,” she said, “that’s too obvious.
Dale Mayer. Footprints in the Ferns (Kindle Locations 1482-1487). Valley Publishing.

Plenty of fun and visits with Nan. The suspense of the cases both old and new. Some laughter at Doreen’s naiveté with regards to banking and checks. The amazing finds and new experts coming to evaluate makes for such an enjoyable read.

I really loved the lead in to the next book as well. I can’t wait to read it.

5 Contented Purrs for Dale!

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Coming Soon!

Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

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Claiming London – Club Zodiac Book 6 By Becca Jameson

Claiming London
Club Zodiac Book 6
USA Today Bestselling Author
Becca Jameson


She’s living life on the edge…
He’s hell-bent on taming her…

After five years in an abusive marriage, London wants nothing to do with men ever again. In fact, she’d rather spend her life doing everything she missed out on while she was married. Bungee jumping. Skydiving. Submission…

Pierce has already been married once. It didn’t work out. Undercover cops make horrible husbands. No wonder his ex-wife left him. So why the hell is he pursuing another woman?

London is determined to keep Pierce at arm’s length. Friends with benefits? Hell yes. The sex is great. The dominance is amazing. But Pierce wants more than he should, and when emotions start getting tangled up in what was meant to be a no-strings situation, London has to decide if it’s worth it to risk her heart again…

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo

I love this series, the new Zodiac Club in Denver was about to open, and the managers have found their loves.

Then there’s London, she’s Aaron’s sister and the events that led to her now being a widow, also led her to Pierce. She’s getting her life back together finally, and he is about to stop waiting for her to be okay.

This is a favorite scene.

London sighed as she arrived at her apartment. Finding Pierce on her doorstep wasn’t unexpected of course.

And sure enough, his eyes were narrowed, and his head was cocked to one side. Yeah, he was going to lecture her.

She forced herself to ignore him, unlocked the door, and left him standing in the entry. He would come in of his own accord. She didn’t need to invite him.

She passed through the small living room to the attached kitchen area to set the box of doughnuts on the table. It would probably be a while before she was able to enjoy them. After grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, she leaned against the counter, crossing her ankles in front of her. She didn’t offer him anything. In fact, she hadn’t even spoken. “Go ahead. Get it out of your system. I’ve got other things to do.” Things that don’t involve listening to yet another lecture from the men in my life.

“What other things?” he asked, his shoulders relaxing. Was he smirking at her?

“None of your business. Maybe I have book club or maybe I’m going to get a piercing or maybe I just plan to go make new friends at the local bar.”

He gave her a slight smile now. “Book club?”

“Yeah, you’ve heard of them. Where people get together to discuss something they all read. I do read, you know. After all, I have a bachelor’s in English.”

Now, he fought harder against the smile, which infuriated her a bit. Sure, she was lying through her teeth about belonging to a book club, but he didn’t have to make fun of her. “What book did you read?”

She threw up her free hand. “Maybe we’re reading Anna Karenina. Jesus, Pierce.”

“Tolstoy, huh?” He shook his head. “You have friends. Why do you need new ones?”

“I had four friends, and one of them is my brother. One of them is his girlfriend. She hardly has a choice either. I assume I’m down to those two now that I broke Hope’s trust by telling everyone she was hiding out in my apartment.”

“Do you realize how scared Aaron was while he didn’t know where she was?”

And here we go…

“He spent the entire night worried about her. You had to know that.”

She rolled her eyes. “She’s not twelve. She’s a grown woman. She can make her own choices.”

“Yes. She can.” His voice rose. “But a good friend would have convinced her to at least let the people who care about her know she was safe.” He stood taller, his voice rising again. “I’m just saying—”

“Stop shouting at me.” She set her water down with a shaky hand and stomped past him to put some distance between them.

He spun toward her. “I’m not shouting.”

“Yes. You are. Don’t do it. If it makes you feel better to chew me out, go ahead. Get it out of your system. But don’t raise your voice. I don’t like it when men raise their voices.”

He sighed, stepping closer. “I’m sorry. That shitty excuse for a husband screamed at you, didn’t he?”

She didn’t respond. She didn’t have to. Pierce was perfectly aware of what her abusive husband did to her before he chased her down at Colin’s house, broke in, and fired enough rounds inside the room to get himself shot and killed by the police.

Pierce hadn’t been the one to shoot Louis. He’d been there as a detective, but outside. Really, he’d been there as a friend of Rayne. A friend who just conveniently happened to be on the police force.

“Hope isn’t mad at you. I spoke to Aaron. They worked things out. You’re not going to lose her as a friend.”

“She should be. I would be if I were her.”

“Chicks before dicks?” He grinned.

“Something like that.”

“Well, she’s a bigger person than that. She wouldn’t have wanted you to let Aaron call the police and file a missing person’s report while you were standing right next to him and knew perfectly well where she was. It’s understandable.”

“Fine. Whatever. You done?” She couldn’t do this. She couldn’t face Pierce right now. It hurt too badly. She hated knowing she’d disappointed him and probably lost him in the process.

“What other friend did you lose?”

She gave him the most exasperated look she could manage. “You. Now, are you done?” She headed for the door, intent on getting him to leave.

He didn’t follow her. “Why me?”

“Because I knew you would eventually barge in here all disappointed in me and lecture me about my bad choices. I’m not interested in being constantly judged. I don’t have time for that from anyone in my life anymore.” She opened the door and held it, sweeping one hand toward the hallway. “So. Off you go.”

He didn’t budge. Instead, his gaze trailed to the bandage on her biceps. “What happened to your arm?”

“I got a tattoo.”

His lips curved upward again. “Of course you did.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Don’t get all offended. I’m just not surprised, is all.” He stared at her a moment and then slowly sauntered toward her, his gaze locked on hers, his expression strange and unreadable. When he reached her side, he pushed the door closed and kept advancing, forcing her back against it.

Before she could wrap her mind around his actions, he set his palm on her neck and rubbed her cheek with his thumb. “But back to your earlier statement, I didn’t really want to be your friend anyway. I’ve known you for two months. At no point did I really think of you as a friend. I just pretended because I knew you needed time and space before I asked you out on a real date. I’m done waiting now.” His gaze shifted to her lips.

She gasped. Was he going to kiss her? It was unexpected, but not unwelcome. He was the kind of man any woman would swoon over. Military. Police officer. Tall, dark, handsome. The works. This was the first time he’d gotten this close to her. It was also the first time she’d been certain he was interested in her in this way.

Kissing him was a bad idea, but she had no interest in stopping him. It had been so many years since anyone looked at her with the smoldering gaze he was currently using.

He seemed to gauge her reaction and found it agreeable because a moment later, his lips were on hers. Soft. Gentle. Smooth. And then rough and demanding as he tipped his head to one side and moaned into her mouth.

She grabbed his biceps to keep from collapsing to the floor as her knees threatened to buckle. All her bravado fled in an instant.
Becca Jameson. Claiming London (Kindle Locations 192-195). Becca Jameson Publishing. Kindle Edition.

This book is filled with decisions for both London and Pierce. Things had to change, London needs to grow, and Pierce needs something a bit less dangerous than going undercover.

A page turning read, with lots of sensuous heat and a perfect new romance.

5 Contented Purrs for Becca!

Click the Cover for Buy Links and More!

Becca Jameson Becca Jameson

Becca Jameson currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, two kids, and the various pets that wander through.

After editing for about five years she recently started writing. She is loving the journey, dabbling in various genres.

When not writing or editing she can usually be found taxiing kids to and from their activities, scrapbooking, and reading!

Late at night she can usually be found sequestered in her office creating fantasy with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate.

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A New Series! Hidden – The Swamp Book 1 By Rebecca Royce

The Swamp Book 1
Rebecca Royce


Lost, groggy, and utterly devastated, MacKenzie Harper woke in the back of a truck with a kind man giving her a ride to safety. Her memory fuzzy, her senses on high alert, and her world teetering precariously on chaos, she has no idea who to trust but her nose says she can trust him.

When her savior delivers her to Ranier, Preston, Jarret, and Anton Lejeune, Kenzie recognizes them as the sons of the most famous werewolf family in Louisiana. They have to hide her, because Kenzie did the forbidden—she shifted. Werewolves are forbidden from shifting due to the Accords, and she’s always been good at playing human. So why did she shift?

That’s a question she’d like answered, but there’s more to Kenzie than even she knows and being around the Lejeune brothers rouses old instincts and desperate desires that will pull her four mates to her and together, they’ll face every challenge coming for them—even the ones they can’t see.

Two things I enjoy in books by Rebecca Royce are werewolves and her Reverse Harem. In this first book of the new Swamp series she has combined these two and now has me totally hooked.

MacKensie has just been rescued from a facility where the hunters were doing some sort of experiments. Her rescuer Gus is one of the famous Louisiana Lejeune Werewolves, he is taking her to his son in the swamps to keep her hidden and safe.

Preston Lejeune is more than a little surprised when his brothers show up at his home in the swamp. Anton, Jarret and Ranier rarely visit there preferring to stay with their mother and fathers in New Orleans. Apparently Gus, who is one of their fathers, feels they will all be needed to keep MacKensie safe.

MacKensie is more than a little disoriented, part of which is due to shifting which she had never done before. Shifting has been forbidden since the signing of the Accord. Yet somehow even with all the new smells assaulting her, it feels right. Like she’s whole.

Right from the start Anton, who had been kidnapped as an infant, is taken with her. He can’t speak as a result of that ordeal, yet MacKensie finds she understands him just fine. Ranier, is the Alpha of this group and is the most protective of Kensie, needing to provide for her. Jarret is the touchy feely one, seeming to need the touch like most wolves. Preston is the only one who stayed in the swamp. The home he considers his was his grandparent’s and even though it’s in disrepair, it is functional.

I loved the way they get to know each other even as danger begins to surround them. First in the form of Loup-Garou, this is when MacKensie discovers she can heal them and that is part of being an Omega.

This is a favorite scene.

That sick wolf needed… Well, damn, what did he need?

I could see pictures of it, but it didn’t make sense. The moon. Touch. Fire. What did that mean?

Three bodies slammed into the Loup-Garou. Growling. They were huge, and they were mine. Their scents overwhelmed me, wanted to bring me to my knees with joy to have them there. Also, I longed to join in the fight. But that wasn’t my job. I whimpered, catching the biggest wolf’s attention. That was Jarret. His scent of cloves hit me. He tilted his head, backing away from their opponent. I approached slowly, my head lowered, my eyes down.

Rainer nipped at Preston, and they stopped, too. Anton was still in my way. He growled, and I rubbed against him as I approached the sick wolf. I tilted my head. He needed me, but the truth was I had no idea what I was supposed to do. He whimpered just as the other Loup rushed into the room. He growled, saliva spraying everywhere as he launched at the one on the ground. I reared back, Preston’s body joining Anton’s to block me from whatever was about to happen.

I met the new wolf’s gaze in the darkness. Pain radiated toward me. I wanted to fix it. I whined. I just didn’t know how. He grabbed onto his friend’s scruff and threw both of them, using the weight of his own body to break through the glass and throw both of them through.

Rainer rushed to the window. Maybe he was going to follow him through, but Jarret grabbed him by the scruff and yanked him back. They tumbled backward.

They righted themselves, and all attention turned to me. I lowered my eyes, listening to the sounds of them breathing. We were all okay, but the Loups were still out there, and they wanted me. I just didn’t know why.

Rainer padded over, bumping me in the side. I lifted and then dropped my gaze. He bumped into me with a low growl. Jarret strode over, nudging my face with his own. That was sweet. Rainer nudged me again. Okay, I understood. He wanted me to move, to leave here. I lowered my ears and trudged after him. We were going home. I liked home.

I’d run all the way here, but the walk back home, surrounded by four wolves who had literally chased me into danger, who were, unless my nose lied, my pack, seemed like it went faster. The rain continued to pound, but it didn’t bother me. No, right then the only thing that could get to me was uncertainty. What did the sick wolves want from me? Why did getting the madness turn them from werewolves to the two-legged Garous? And what was I supposed to do with them?

A scent struck me as we arrived at the house. The rising sun gave light through the rain, enough that I could see Gus moments after I smelled him. He sat on the steps just under the canopy watching us as we approached. He rose to his feet, and Rainer ran ahead to him. In a heartbeat, he’d shifted back to his human form.

“As soon as I get them settled, you and I are going to have a talk about what you knew and when you knew it.”

Gus nodded. “I knew all of it.”

He knew all of what? Preston shifted behind Rainer. He patted his brother on the shoulder. “This is shift two for her and one for the boys. Let’s make sure they’re okay. Sir, you should make yourself at home.”

Gus sighed. I tried to follow the conversation, but none of it made sense to me. This was home for Gus. He was family and that made him pack.

I called the shift to myself, bringing my human body back. A fog struck me hard, my thoughts thickening like I couldn’t make my brain function. I knew this feeling. It had happened before, but I was aware of a few things all at once. Rainer and Preston were naked and now so was I. Anton and Jarret hadn’t shifted back and I was so… tired.

Preston grabbed onto my arm, holding me gently, while Rainer ran up the stairs. When he came back, he was clothed below the waist. He had a t-shirt in his hand, and he quickly dressed me in it. Rainer was bigger than me by quite a bit, and it fell to my knees.

I nodded to him. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He touched my cheek. “Are you thirsty?”

I wasn’t, but our attention was quickly changed as Jarret shifted back. He fell forward and would have landed on his face if Preston hadn’t grabbed him. “Gotcha, little brother.”

Jarret blinked rapidly. “Pres, what is going on?”

“Yep.” Preston didn’t respond to the question asked. Instead, he caught him as he fainted into his arms. “Got you. I’m going to put him to bed. Watch this one when he shifts, would you?”

Gus winced. “First one always comes with the fainting. You’re holding on pretty well, little Omega.”

Why did he call me that? The world tilted left, and Rainer held tighter. “Come on. We’ll follow Preston. Don’t shift back yet, Anton. Or if you do, do it next to Gus.”

“I’m sorry about this, Rainer.”

My Alpha blinked. “For what? Oh, it must be for running out of the room where I could protect you and leading two dangerous crazed Loup wolves out on your own to be some kind of… bait? It must be that.”

I sighed. “I’m not clear on what I did, but if I did that, then I’m sure there was a good reason to do so. I want to protect you.”

He shook his head, laying me down on the mattress next to Jarret. He stared at me for a second. “You’re mine. You know that, right?”

I didn’t get to answer him before Jarret closed his eyes. I was his. And I was Rainer’s. And Preston’s. And Anton’s. They were all mine. And I was theirs. I didn’t know how we were all going to give this up. The idea was so awful I couldn’t even fathom it. Why had Gus called me an Omega? They were all gone.

Preston exited the room and returned a second later with an unconscious Anton. He laid him on the other side of me. “Go to sleep, Mac. You’ll be better this time. Not as lost when you wake up. Clearer memory.”

I knew he was right. I could already feel the fog lifting. “You’re all going to suffer now. I didn’t want you to. Or suffer more. You had to shift. You’ll have to detox again.”

Rainer stepped next to Preston. “We were already suffering and… MacKenzie, we may not have to give it up now. I don’t know how this is going to go. I can tell you that I’m not going to go back to pretending, or contemplating how I can date human women, when there is a you in the world. I can’t speak for Preston but that’s how I feel.”

Preston shook his head. “Just been waiting on you, brother. All these years. Yes, you’re ours. Worst-case scenario, we hide in this swamp for the rest of our lives. But maybe it won’t come to that. You might be here to save us all. We’ll see.”

Anton shifted, drawing me close to him in sleep just as Jarret rolled over and pressed closer to my side. Rainer and Preston looked at each other and the younger grinned. “Where was our beautiful mate when we had to learn how to shift? No one to hold. Just hours of loneliness.”

Rainer shook his head. “I’m going to go check on Gus. Then we’ll hash some of this out.”

I swallowed. “I don’t think I can save anyone. I’m not strong, and I’m so confused.”

Preston bent down and squeezed my foot. “Worry about that later.”

I wanted to but there were a million thoughts rushing through my too thick brain. “Where is my family?”

“We’re going to find that out.” Rainer nodded.

“Are the Loup coming back?”

Preston shook his head. “Not unless they want to lose their heads.”

I stared at Rainer. “It’s hard for me to imagine it, you going mad like that. I look at you and you’re strong, healthy. You don’t smell like you were ever lost to that.”

Rainer winced. “It’s hard for me to imagine that, too. But people saw. Close those brown eyes.”

He was my Alpha. I wanted to listen to him, only, first… I reached forward and grabbed onto Rainer’s hand, which was hot, almost burning. “It’s going to be okay. All of it.”

I passed out.
Rebecca Royce. Hidden: The Swamp (Kindle Locations 879-942).

There are many introductions in this book as we learn the history of the wolves and the origins of the Accord. The Lejeune’s as a family are formidable.

Then there’s the council and more issues as the suspense builds. All building to the lead up of the next book.

I loved this book, lots to absorb, love, suspense and plenty of heat in more ways than one.

I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

5 Contented Purrs for Rebecca!

Rebecca Royce   Rebecca Royce

As a teenager, I would hide in my room to read my favorite romance novels when I was supposed to be doing my homework. I hope, these days, that my parents think it was worth it.

I am the mother of three adorable boys and I am fortunate to be married to my best friend. I live in Austin Texas where I am determined to eat all the barbecue in town.

I am in love with science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal and try to use all of these elements in my writing. I’ve been told I’m a little bloodthirsty so I hope that when you read my work you’ll enjoy the action packed ride that always ends in romance. I love to write series because I love to see characters develop over time and it always makes me happy to see my favorite characters make guest appearances in other books.

In my world anything is possible, anything can happen, and you should suspect that it will.

I’d love to hear from you!


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