SEAL Forever – Silver SEALs Book 6 by Kris Michaels

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Retired silver fox US Navy SEAL Commanders who sign on with the Department of Homeland Security to lead missions to protect the homeland.

SEAL Forever
Silver SEAL Book 6
USA Today Bestselling Author
Kris Michaels



A career ending injury forced Creed Lachlan out of the Navy SEALs. Now he works as a freelance contractor for a highly classified sub-set of Homeland Security, the Bone Frog Division. His country calls when it needs his elite skills. His current mission is to identify the production site for emerging “dirty” bombs. If that dictate wasn’t enough, his team must locate the missing CIA agents who’d previously tracked the weapons, and that team’s last known location was Cuba. His contact in Cuba wasn’t the sixty-year-old man he’d been told to expect, but a sultry beauty hellbent on driving him insane.

Mariella Diaz’s uncle sat atop the largest black-market organization in Cuba. Outmaneuvering the corrupt communist regime to provide the people of her country with necessities was second nature. Even so, keeping the sexy American and his team out of danger would require extra diligence. In a game of cat and mouse played out in a deadly arena, Mariella faces a risk more perilous than capture, torture, and imprisonment. She risked losing her heart to Creed Lachlan.

Creed wanted Mariella. He wanted to ease the pain that peeked through her bravado, to love and protect the woman who defied and antagonized him at every turn. Creed’s only concern, could she love a SEAL, forever?


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Creed’s injury forced him to leave the SEALs rather than sit a desk. He loves his solitude in the Florida Keys. Then Si Branson approaches him, with a difficult task. Someone’s making dirty bombs and they think they are being produced in Cuba.

Creed’s team is an interesting bunch, one works for private security, two are retired SEALs and the other a scientist specializing in radiation. His contact is a shady character named Rafa, he is well respected in Cuba and his black-marketing is without competition.

However, the person he meets up with isn’t Rafa, it’s his niece. Not liking surprises, Creed is immediately on guard and remains so until he meets Rafa. Then he gets another surprise as they discuss the terms of this contract to find the warehouse where these bombs are being made.

One of the conditions is he is to marry Rafa’s niece Mariella. That was in part to get them where they needed to go without suspicion.

This is a favorite scene.

“Of course. You will marry my niece shortly.” Rafa’s head snapped to the window as the same man ran across the open area in front of the house. “Ah… your passports.” Rafa lifted off the couch and snubbed out his cigarette in a large ashtray next to the sofa. He strode to the door and took the envelope. Rafa examined the back of the large packet. He tossed it to Creed. The flap had been sealed with wax. Creed broke it and reached in to retrieve three red leather passports. Gold embossed wording of Union Europea España Pasaporte labeled each. He cracked one open. Whitehead’s picture was attached to the name Santiago Garcia. He flipped to the next. McGowen was now Alejandro Garcia, and Creed was Esteban Garcia. The holographic overlay covering the photo and typeset was in place and from what Creed could see, perfect. He flipped his to the back and noticed several entrance stamps. The latest of which landed him in Cuba as of two days ago. He glanced up at Rafa. “Your people do good work.”

“My people do excellent work. It is what you are paying for. A botched passport could mean the difference between success and failure in this country. We’ve learned to make sure there are no mistakes.” Rafa stretched and yawned. “Forgive me. I was up all night working.” He glanced at the clock. “Come, Mariella will be here shortly. We need to make sure all four of you tell the same story when the priest shows up.” Rafa’s hand landed on Creed’s shoulder. “Welcome to the family.”

Creed rolled his shoulder and dislodged the hand. “Can’t say as I’m thrilled to be marrying into your family, Rafa.”

The man threw back his head and laughed. “Don’t worry about the entirety of my family, my friend. Mariella will be more than enough for you to worry about.”

Creed reached down and grabbed his coffee mug before he headed into the kitchen where he could hear McGowen and Whitehead talking. Creed had no doubt about that statement. Mariella was a concern and a distraction. One he shouldn’t have to worry about, but it seemed as if her life ass-planted in the middle of his op. He stacked all three of the passports Rafa had given him and slapped them against his hand. They had a mission to do. Surprise marital vows aside, Branson and the rest of the world needed to know if the dirty bombs were being made in Cuba.

He followed Rafa into the kitchen and grabbed the mug that McGowen handed him. There was a tray of meat and cheese along with bread. McGowen passed him a sandwich and Creed straddled a chair and devoured it. Lessons he learned early in the military were basic and simple. Eat when you can, every time you can. Never stand when you can sit. Never sit when you can lie down and never stay awake when you can get some shut-eye. He had no idea what the rest of the day had in store… other than getting married, so he reverted to the basics.

He watched Rafa talk with his men and made another sandwich. He drained his coffee and Whitehead refilled it.

Mariella opened the kitchen door, and all conversation stopped. Creed swallowed the last of his sandwich with a large gulp. The woman wore a cream-colored dress, knee length, and form-fitting. Her hair was swept up and pushed to the side. Her long lashes had been enhanced with mascara, and she wore a bright red lipstick that accentuated her pouty lips. Her nervousness was clearly visible. She frowned at Creed. “What? He told me to change. Wait? Did you say no?” Her face lit up in a brilliant smile.

“I said yes.” Creed stood and took the backpack out of her hand.

The smile she wore faltered before she dropped her eyes. “Oh.”

Fuck him. She didn’t want this any more than he did. Her hands fell to her sides before she elevated her head and straightened her back. “Then we have some information to go over, yes?” Her voice trembled slightly. She’d obviously hoped he wouldn’t go through with the plan, but it was the only way to move forward.

“My name is Esteban Garcia. This is Santiago”—he motioned to Whitehead and then to McGowen—”and Alejandro Garcia.”

Mariella wrinkled her nose and arched an eyebrow. “You do not look like an Esteban.”

Rafa put down his coffee cup and pointed at Creed. “The story is that your father arranged this marriage with me after you fell into some trouble in Spain. Santiago and Alejandro were sent with you to make sure you didn’t fuck up again.” Rafa shrugged. “It is a common thing, to make sure a miscreant of a son is chaperoned. You will be relocating to Cuba. Your father’s decision. Not yours.”

“I take it I’m not happy about that?” Creed crossed his arms and stood with his feet shoulder-width apart.

“Your story to tell, I don’t care. The marriage is one of convenience. Your father is one of my main suppliers from Europe, and it is well known that I want my niece married.”

“You make me sound like something to be passed off,” Mariella huffed.

“I’m using my concern for your wellbeing to sell the cover for these men. My people know I think you need a strong hand.”

“Now I sound like a dog or a horse.” She glared at her uncle.

There was the woman he dealt with in Havana. “Is there anything else we need to know?” Creed tried to put a stop to the bickering.

“I’m sure there are a vast amount of details, but we won’t be able to cover everything. Keep the story basic. Don’t elaborate and you’ll be fine.” Rafa shrugged. “The priest will be here soon. I have some clothes in storage. Come see if you can find anything better to wear.” He turned on his heel and walked away, expecting them to comply.

“Go with him. See what you can find. I want a moment.” He addressed McGowen who nodded and ushered Whitehead out of the kitchen.

“I’m sorry.” Her whispered words barely made it to his ears.

For what? “Was this your idea?” Creed asked.

Her head snapped up. “What? No!”

“Then you have nothing to be sorry for. As this farce is an arranged marriage, I don’t expect anyone would believe us being happy with the situation. I’ll keep my distance.” He’d offer her that politesse at least.

Mariella stared blankly at him for a moment before she chuckled and then laughed. “Oh, you are in for a surprise.” She shook her head, still chuckling, and went to one of the three cupboards and pushed aside the curtain. She grabbed a glass and a bottle of clear liquid. She held up the bottle. “Courage.” She cocked her head at him. “Want some?”

He shook his head. She shrugged and pulled the cork out of the top of the bottle with her teeth. “Too bad.” The words formed around the cork sounded like “ooh aad.”

She poured a couple fingers worth of liquid courage and recorked the bottle.

Damn, dressed like a lady and chugging liquor like one of his men. Why in the hell did that impress him? He shrugged off the thought and brought his mind back to the conversation at hand. “Care to tell me what you mean by that?”

“Courage?” She glanced over the top of the glass at him.

“No, that I’m in for a surprise.” He watched her toss back the entire glass.

She blew out a breath and sucked another in. “Damn, that is strong.” She wiggled the cork out again and poured another glass before she looked up at him. “My uncle’s family is preparing a wedding celebration for us tonight. We will be forced into close company. Yes, this is an arranged marriage, but it is still a marriage that will be toasted, celebrated, and there will be certain assumptions made.” Mariella closed her eyes, shook her head as if she was trying to clear her mind of images she did not want to see, and then shot the liquor. She grimaced again and pulled another deep breath. “Whoa.”

“Assumptions are not my concern. Look, neither of us is happy about this event, but I need to get up there so we can recon the area. I’ll play my part.” Creed dropped his crossed arms and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ll make sure you get your citizenship.”

Mariella’s eyes snapped up to him. “Excuse me?”

“It was part of the deal. You go to the States with me when we leave, and I stay married to you until you receive your American citizenship.”

Mariella slammed the glass down on the counter and screamed, “Rafa!” She spun on her heel and headed into the house. “Rafa, dammit! Where the fuck are you!” Creed hurried after her. Obviously, the woman had no idea of the conditions Rafa had put on their marriage. “Rafa, you bastard!”

The man in question opened the door that led into the living room. Standing beside him was a small, slight man wearing a black suit and white collar. “Ahh, Father Augustus, may I introduce my lovely niece, Mariella.”

“Yes, I heard her before I saw her.”
Michaels, Kris. SEAL Forever (Silver SEALs Book 6) . KMRW LLC. Kindle Locations (1485-1550) Kindle Edition.

This is a fast-paced story with many twists and turns, the attraction between Creed and Mariella just multiplies as the dangers increase.

I loved getting to meet some characters from Kris’ Kings of The Guardian Series, sigh, I have added them to my to buy list. I want to know more about these people.

I hope to see more of Creed and Mariella in that series, or perhaps in future releases of these Retired SEAL Commanders.

5 Contented Purrs for Kris!

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Kris Michaels

USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author, Kris Michaels is the alter ego of a happily married wife and mother. She writes romance, usually with characters from military and law enforcement backgrounds.

Kris was born and raised in South Dakota. She graduated many years ago from a high school class consisting of 13 students (yes that is thirteen, eleven girls and two boys…lucky boys). She joined the military, met her husband, and traveled the world. Today she lives on the Gulf Coast and writes full time.

Kris is an avid people watcher and dreamer. The stories she writes are crafted around the hopes and dreams of a true romantic. She believes love is essential, people are beautiful, and everyone deserves a happy ending.

When she isn’t writing Kris enjoys a full life revolving around family, friends, laughing, whiskey, and cold red wine. (Yes cold…don’t judge.)

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