A Very Dare Christmas – A Dare To Love Short by Carly Phillips

A Very Dare Christmas
A Dare to Love Short Story
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Carly Phillips



Ian Dare misses the alone time and intense sex life he and his wife shared before their children were born. What’s an alpha man to do? He kidnaps Riley for an erotic weekend away before the Christmas rush overwhelms them both.

Riley Dare adores her husband and his dominant and protective ways, and she’s excited to spend time with him minus distractions on a sexy retreat where anything goes … and spontaneity leads to future surprises.

A complete stand-alone for people who haven’t yet read Dare to Love but a special treat for those who want to revisit their favorite couple.

NOTE: This short story was already shared in Carly’s newsletter so if you subscribe you may have read it before but many have asked if they could have this on their Kindle.


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I originally read this in Carly’s newsletter, but I didn’t remember it until I started reading.

I love the Dare family and I have read the whole Dare to Love series although I haven’t yet reviewed them all. I’ll have to get on that!

This is a short and steamy read as the holiday approaches. Ian and Riley haven’t had much alone time, Riley is exhausted and pushing to get the holiday shopping done. When Ian calls she is sure his family is growing as they speak since she realized there were folks she didn’t have on her list. Now he’s meeting her at home.

This is a favorite scene.

“Ian?” she called out.

“Right here.” He stood in the center of the family room, a red scarf in his hand.

“What’s going on?” she asked, a spark of excitement shooting through her at the obvious silk garment he’d used on her before.

“Come here,” he said in a commanding voice she hadn’t heard in too long.

A full body tremor took hold. Her nipples puckered, as if even they remembered the times he’d use that voice right before pinning her to the wall, her hands above her head, his lips on hers, his hard cock pressing into the softness of her sex.

She stepped towards him. “Why is that out now?” she asked, pointing to the scarf, her physical awareness of what was obviously to come a tangible, exciting thing.

“Turn around.”

She swallowed and did as he asked. He wrapped the scarf around her eyes and tied it behind her head. “Now you’re mine.”

Her heat pounded hard in her chest. “I’ve always been yours,” she murmured. “What is going on?”

“You’ll see,” he said and before he could argue, he lifted her up and into his arms.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on as he carried her through the house and outside into the warmer air. He placed her in a car, then settled in beside her.

So he was in the back too, she mused. They were obviously in a limousine, Ian’s favorite form of travel.

“I have to pick up the kids,” she reminded him.

“All taken care of.” He slid her skirt up her thigh and placed his hand on her bare skin. She shivered at his masculine touch.
Carly Phillips. A Very Dare Christmas (Kindle Locations 57-70). Carly Phillips.

Once on the private plane, Ian reveals where he’s taking her and after reassuring her his mother can handle the children he concentrates on her.

I can’t say much about the book without giving things away but I love this book! These two are so perfect together and the romance and heat is off the charts sizzling.

I am going to go back and do a re-read of their story in Dare to Love.

Thank you for releasing this story to everyone Carly. It reminded me why I love these books.

5 Contented Purrs for Carly!

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Carly Phillips

Carly Phillips is the N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of over 50 sexy contemporary romance novels featuring hot men, strong women and the emotionally compelling stories her readers have come to expect and love.

Carly’s career spans over a decade and a half with various New York publishing houses, and she is now an Indie author who runs her own business and loves every exciting minute of her publishing journey. Carly is happily married to her college sweetheart, the mother of two nearly adult daughters and three crazy dogs (two wheaten terriers and one mutant Havanese) who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. Carly loves social media and is always around to interact with her readers.

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