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Royally Twisted
Royal Sons MC Book 1
USA Today Bestselling Author
Elle Boon



A broken hearted Ivy will need more than just flowery words to see she’s worthy of love and Tymber is the man who will show her she’s stronger than even she knows.

Ivy needs a warrior…leaves one home and runs to the only other home she’s ever known, until tragedy strikes, leaving her spinning with nothing to catch her this time. Her best friend taking his life and the family she thought loved her like one of their own pointing accusing fingers toward her leaves her with an emptiness she’s felt only one other time.

Tymber is a survivor, a fighter…He’s fought wars in foreign countries, lost his mother to breast cancer and still he fought. Now, as a man who prides himself on being strong, he battled with insecurities after finding himself facing that same disease.

A chance meeting…Tymber knew the moment he sees Ivy something is different with her. She wasn’t broken, just a little bent and he is just the man to fix her. He just didn’t know how close he’d been to losing her before he’d gotten the chance to find her. Together, they’ll learn to love again while freeing themselves from an MC who didn’t like to lose.


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In this book Elle takes on some difficult subjects and there are scenes that could be a trigger for some people. She not only addresses suicide and the aftermath, but she also brings breast cancer into this story but not how you might expect.

Tymber sees Ivy trying to peak into a room where a meeting is in progress. Not knowing her story but sensing she needs to talk he approaches her.

Ivy needs to work out the emotions she has building, but didn’t have the courage to enter the room. In Tymber she finds someone she can connect with, and that surprised her.

This is a favorite scene.

Walking out the door, he made his way toward the mystery woman, wondering what would make a stunner like her want to kill herself. Her outfit screamed zero fucks given but clearly cost a lot of money. He was the only boy of four and knew enough to spot name brands. Harley Davidson clothes were sexy as fuck but weren’t cheap. Paired with the leather mini skirt, and the dollar signs were adding up. The slim, sexy legs he could imagine wrapped around his waist or neck…he truly was an equal opportunity guy, looked as though she worked out.

“You going to stand there all night and eye fuck me, or move on?”

Tymber brought his gaze up, startled to see bright green eyes glaring back at him. Black hair, green eyes, and porcelain skin. Black Irish his mama would’ve call her. Damn, he bet she had the fiery temper too. “Sorry, I was trying to get the nerve up to speak to you,” he lied.

She fell back onto her feet, no longer standing on the tips of the boots she wore, the leather making a creaking noise in the silence of the hall. “Uh huh, and you thought my ass had all the answers?”

A grin split his lips. “Sugar, many a fine ladies’ asses have left me speechless, yet none have given me answers. Does your ass talk?”

It was her turn to grin. “Well, I’m told when I walk away men’s tongues tend to wag. Does that count?”

He stepped closer, keeping his hands in his pockets, not wanting to appear threatening. Damn, she smelled fucking amazing. “I’d ask for a demonstration, but I find myself not wanting you to leave.”

She snorted. “Good line, lumberjack.”

Tymber startled at the name. “What?”

“The flannel and work boots. Hence lumberjack. Although I do have to say California is a far cry from the woods.” As she spoke, her hand went up and down, outlining his frame, indicating his attire.

He thought about her words, then nodded. “So, going by clothing choice, you’d be goth girl. Oh, we are a pair. The lumberjack and goth girl. Surely those are superhero names or should be.”

She laughed, then bit her lip. “I…this is odd.”

He moved across the hallway, giving her space when he sensed she needed it. He leaned against the wall, raising one leg up and resting his foot on the wall and then crossed his arms. “Nah, not odd. Ant Man was odd,” he said when the silence stretched too long.

Finally, she nodded. “You’re right; that could work. Our superhero names,” she agreed. “What would be our superpower?” she mimicked his pose.

Running his hand down his short beard a couple times, he tapped his chin as he thought. “Superman has several powers, but his disguise was fucking lame as shit. I’m gonna go with Iron Man.”

“I didn’t ask which superhero. I said what superpower,” she laughed.

Her laugh was deep, making him think of smooth whiskey. “Yeah, but after giving it some thought, I decided a complete takeover was due,” he argued.

Again, her husky laugh filled the hallway. “You’re a rule breaker, aren’t you?”

Tymber shrugged. “Only when the rules are stupid. Now, before you get your panties in a twist, I’m not saying your rules were stupid.”

When she held her hand up and gifted him with another laugh, he swore he’d do almost anything to hear it again and again. “First of all, I didn’t give a rule. Second of all, I don’t have any panties on.” Her cheeks turned a delicate pink, but she didn’t break eye contact.

Oh, he liked her sass. Now, he just needed to convince her to go to the suicide help meeting, or maybe he could help her. He knew all about thinking life was over. Five years ago, he was sure his time was up. He’d never heard of a man getting breast cancer. For fuckssake, he didn’t have tits like a woman. Sure, he had pecs, he worked out and had muscles, but not huge man boobs. A nice six pack and he felt he was good to go. No, he wouldn’t win any body building competitions, but he didn’t give a shit about them. He’d had women say they could wash their tongues on his abs…and he’d let them. Ahh, the good old days.

“Hey, you okay?”

Shit, he needed to keep his head on straight.

“My name’s Tymber Black, by the way,” he blurted.

Big green eyes widened. “Oh, um, I’m Ivy.”

He moved off the wall, holding out his hand. “Nice to meet you, Ivy. Would you like to go grab a cup of coffee and discuss our superhero status further?”

Wariness filled her gaze. “Is that a euphemism for lets go have sex?”

Her pale hand trembled in his large one. “Sugar, when we have sex, there will be no euphemisms. I’m not one to worry about being too harsh or blunt. If I have something to say, or if I feel something, I just say it. Life is too short to play those type of games.”
Boon, Elle . Royally Twisted (Royal Sons MC). Elle Boon. Kindle locations (148-187). Kindle Edition.

As this story plays out, we meet the brothers of Ivy’s best friend who killed himself. They believe she was Luke’s girlfriend, when in fact Damien was the man in Luke’s life. They take exception when Ivy starts dating Tymber and things get wild.

A wild, intense, satisfying read, with plenty of heat in more ways than one.

5 Contented Purrs for Elle!

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Elle Boon

Elle Boon is a USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy alphas, strong heroines, and sinfully sexy romance. She lives in Middle-Merica as she likes to say…with her husband and Kally Kay her black lab and writing partner. She has two amazing kids, Jazz and Goob, and is a MiMi to one adorable little nugget named Romy, or maybe better known as RomyGirl, who has totally won over everyone who sees hers. She’s known for saying “Bless Your Heart” and dropping lots of F-bombs, but she loves where this new journey has taken her and has no plans on stopping.

She writes what she loves to read, and that’s romance, whether it’s about Navy SEALs, or paranormal beings, as long as there is a happily ever after. Her biggest hope is that after readers have read one of her stories, they fall in love with her characters as much as she did. She loves creating new worlds, and has more stories just waiting to be written. Elle believes in happily ever afters, and can guarantee you will always get one with her stories.

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