Mother of Gods – Daughter of Winter Book 0.5 by Skye MacKinnon

Mother of Gods
Daughter of Winter Prequel Book 0.5
USA Today Bestselling Author
Skye MacKinnon


“I’ve been alive for less than a year, but it’s been nothing but trouble. I was born to be someone I’m not, created by a lonely Goddess in the image of a random man she met at a party. No wonder it didn’t work out. What I have to decide now is how I want to spend the last few days of my life.”

Beira, the Mother of Gods and Queen of Winter, has grown tired and lonely. After millennia of living on her own, she decides it’s time to create the perfect lover. But while Colan might look like the man of her dreams, he’s not falling in love with her as she’d planned. Can she change his mind or has it all been for nothing?
This tragic prequel to the bestselling novel Winter Princess tells the story of Wynter’s parents. It’s a stand-alone novella that can be enjoyed without having read the other books in the Daughter of Winter series.

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I started this series at the last one, Winter Goddess. I wanted a book for Samhain/Halloween and I became hooked and had to go back to the beginning.

In this prequel we meet Beira, Mother of Gods. She is Queen of Winter and in spite of everyone around her she is lonely. As the book opens Thor is whining about having to go to Lucifer’s wedding celebration, an event Beira isn’t invited to. Having great incite Thor invites her to go with him.

After berating Lucifer for not inviting her, she glimpses a human that takes her breath away. Beira doesn’t play with humans, their life span is too short, she does however get an idea. She can create a new guardian in the image of the human. Thus Colan is born, well sort of, and Beira is in for a surprise.

This is a favorite scene.

“Who are you?” I ask, my voice sounding foreign to me. Somehow, I’m aware that I’ve never spoken before. But how is that possible? I know I’m an adult; I can’t have been mute all my life. I search my mind for what I did before I fell asleep. There’s nothing. Darkness. Maybe I had an accident. Amnesia. That’s the word. I’ve lost my memory. Maybe the woman knows me. Maybe she can help.

“My name is Beira, and I am your Queen,” she whispers seductively, reaching out to pull me onto my feet. She is stronger than she looks. I waver a little, getting used to the feeling of standing. This is strange. I could swear I’ve never stood on my own two feet before. What is happening to me?

“I’m sorry, I can’t seem to remember…” I stumble. “Do I know you?”

She laughs, the most beautiful sound in the world. I want to make her laugh again and again, just to be able to listen to it.

“Not yet, my sweet boy. But soon you will, inside and out. Now come, I’ll show you our quarters.”

She turns to leave but one word resonates in my mind. Our. If we don’t know each other, why would we share a room? Who is this woman?

“Beira, I…”

She whirls around, her bright blue eyes suddenly sparkling in irritation. “Your Majesty.”

“I’m sorry. Your Majesty… Why am I here? Why can’t I remember? Why are we sharing quarters?”

She grimaces, showing her perfect teeth. “Oh, you’re one of those. The ones who question everything. I must have forgotten to switch that off when I created you.” She smiles when I gasp, unsure of how to take her words. “Yes, you’re my creation. You didn’t exist until a few minutes ago. Now come, chop chop, I want to try you.”

I stay where I am, my mind in absolute chaos. She can’t be right. I have memories… no, I don’t. I have knowledge. I know we’re on a tower in the Winter Realms, I know how to walk, talk, breathe, I know what Gods there are, what Guardians are -“

“Am I a Guardian?” I whisper, making the connection. Guardians are created. If that is true… then all I have is her. No family, no life, no purpose. I tremble as the reality of my non-existence washes over me.

“Of course you are, you silly boy. I gave you intelligence, did I make a mistake with that as well?”

“What… what am I for?”

She laughs again, but this time, I can hear the coldness in her voice. “To be my companion, of course. You will live in my quarters, ready for me when I want some entertainment. You have been created for my pleasure, and now I want to see if you’ll live up to my expectations. No more talking. Follow me.”

She strides down the stairs of the tower, ignoring my shock and humiliation. I’m to be her… sex slave? Her boy toy?


“No,” I say firmly and she looks at me with confusion.


“No,” I repeat. “I will not sleep with you.”

“Oh, you don’t need to sleep,” she grins. “I want you fully awake for this.”

In a flash, she’s in front of me, gripping my wrist. “If you refuse to come, there are other ways of getting you to our rooms.” A bright white flash, blinding me. When I blink open my eyes, we are no longer on the cold tower, but in a large, cosy looking bedroom. A massive four poster bed sits in the middle, covered in pillows.

Beira releases my arm and strides forward, spreading her arms. “Welcome to your new home.”

I frown as I take in my surroundings. It’s pretty, and I’m sure I could be comfortable here – but not with her.

I’m about to tell her that I refuse to be her willing concubinus when her dress suddenly dissolves into nothing, leaving her naked. By the Gods, she’s beautiful. Her skin is flawless, her breasts large but firm. I can imagine that most men wouldn’t hesitate jumping into her bed. But I am not most men.

“Put on some clothes,” I say, completely ignoring the sultry looks she gives me. “I will not be your sex toy, your Majesty.”

Undeterred, she steps forward, swaying her hips. I can feel my cock twitching traitorously. I need to stay strong. If I resist long enough, she will find someone else and let me go. I cling to that thought as she gently strokes my cheek, then presses a kiss on the other. Her lips are soft but her breath is cold. Stealing myself against her coming wrath, I step back, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

“No. I will not do this.”
MacKinnon, Skye. Mother of Gods: A Winter Princess Prequel (Daughter of Winter Book 0) (pp. 14-17). Peryton Press. Kindle Edition.

It seems nothing will deter Colan from his refusal to be with her, not even prison.

I love the way this story plays out and even though it is sad there are truly touching and loving moments, and a sizzling connection that is finally realized.

I’m already reading the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Skye!

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Skye MacKinnon

Skye MacKinnon is a USA Today & International Bestselling Author whose books are filled with strong heroines who don’t have to choose.

She embraces her Scottishness with fantastical Scottish settings and a dash of mythology, no matter if she’s writing about Celtic gods, cat shifters, or the streets of Edinburgh.

When she’s not typing away at her favourite cafe, Skye loves dried mango, as much exotic tea as she can squeeze into her cupboards, and being covered in pet hair by her two bunnies, Emma and Darwin.

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