Dumb Girl – Stupid Boys Book 2 By CR Jane & Rebecca Royce

Dumb Girl
Stupid Boys 2
International Bestselling Author
C.R. Jane
Award Winning Author
Rebecca Royce


I warned you and you didn’t listen to me. You liked me. I told you not to do it but you did.

Now here we are. In so much trouble I can’t see a path where all of us aren’t dead before the end of the year.

I’m not just dragging myself down to hell, I’m taking four incredible men–who had the unfortunate luck to run into me–with me. I targeted them, took them down. And now I might just get them killed.

They were stupid boys to fall in love with me, but I’m a dumb girl because I’m going to try to save them. It won’t work. But I’m going to try anyway.

Nothing could have surprised Holland more than the guys who broke her, finding her. More than that she couldn’t let them die at the hands of her Uncle’s minions, so she killed them. Now she has to face the consequences of that action.

Her Politician, Graham Kempner, is the one who searches for her and finds the others. First he found Steve Wolf, her Quarterback, he wasn’t pleased to be reminded of what he lost, but comes around to wanting answers too.

Next he finds Jamie Rawlings, her Artist, the man who is as lost as she is, and still loves her.

Finally he finds her Surgeon, Charles Dorfman, all of them have reason to hate Holly, none of them can stop loving her.

In this book they will get answers, but first they have to leave her to face her punishment for the men she killed to save them.

Jamie is the one who picks her up when she leaves her Uncle’s with injuries from the beating she took. The men are all staying at a seedy little motel and once Jamie has her settled he gets Charles to help with her injuries.

Holland has never shared anything of her past but in order to save them and herself she has to complete an impossible task.

I couldn’t put this book down as it journals how Graham finds the others and her, and also follows Holly through her horrible initiation into her Uncle’s world.

Some laughter, lots of tears, sizzling heat and an ending that had me wanting more.

5 Contented Purrs for C.R. & Rebecca!

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Rebecca Royce Rebecca Royce

As a teenager, I would hide in my room to read my favorite romance novels when I was supposed to be doing my homework. I hope, these days, that my parents think it was worth it.

I am the mother of three adorable boys and I am fortunate to be married to my best friend. I live in Austin Texas where I am determined to eat all the barbecue in town.

I am in love with science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal and try to use all of these elements in my writing. I’ve been told I’m a little bloodthirsty so I hope that when you read my work you’ll enjoy the action packed ride that always ends in romance. I love to write series because I love to see characters develop over time and it always makes me happy to see my favorite characters make guest appearances in other books.

In my world anything is possible, anything can happen, and you should suspect that it will.

I’d love to hear from you!


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I’m a wife, mother, business woman, and now bestselling author of the Fated Wings Series and the Timeless Affection Series…with many more planned. My stories have been floating around in my head for years, and it has been a relief to finally get them down on paper. I’m so excited to have you along for this journey.

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