Fractured Honor – Crimson Point Book 1 By Kaylea Cross

Fractured Honor
Crimson Point
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Kaylea Cross


An elite warrior struggling
to find his place
in the civilian world.

Weary from his years on the battlefield, SF Captain Beckett Hollister has returned home to Crimson Point to take over the family business for his dying father. But adjusting to life outside the military is harder than he imagined, and being back home forces him to confront things he’d rather not face. Including the one woman he shouldn’t want and can’t have—his best friend’s little sister.

A love that was always meant to be.

Town vet Sierra Buchanan has known Beckett her entire life. She’s crushed on him for years, but because of his relationship with her family, the stubborn man refuses to see her as more than the girl he grew up with. As tragedy brings them together, neither of them realizes that the sins of Beckett’s past have come home to haunt him. When Sierra becomes the target of his unforeseen enemy, Beckett must vanquish his demons to save her.

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As I seem to do with many series I started this one in the middle. I meant to go back and read the rest sooner but life sometimes gets in the way. There is a novella coming out in a few days so I grabbed the books I didn’t have and started reading.

In this first book we meet the people that will feature in the rest of the books, but it centers on Beckett and Sierra.

The story opens with a rather disturbing scene that occurs while Beckett is serving our country as a green beret. It’s also when he decides he’s out when this tour is done.

Before he’s out he gets word that his father is ill and over Thanksgiving he goes home to hear what the results of the testing are. With his Dad dying from cancer, and his time with the Army done, Beckett returns home, his father insists he live in the family home which brings him both comfort and sadness. He also takes over his father’s business, adding some veteran friends to the staff. Carter who suffers from TBI, as a project manager and Jace as CFO.

Sierra has always had a thing for her brother’s best friend Beckett. She fears he would never see her as other than Noah’s little sister. Little does she know Beckett is fighting his attraction in order to not lose the closeness he has to Sierra and the rest of her family.

In a town as small as Crimson Point it’s more than a little difficult to avoid someone. Beckett also befriends his neighbor Tiana’s daughter Ella which ultimately leads to him adopting a dog. With Sierra being the only vet around they get thrown together again.

There’s much going on in this book from Beckett’s PTSD, to things with Carter’s TBI, to something a bit off about Ella.

This is a favorite scene between Sierra and Beckett.

Before she could chicken out or give herself the chance to overthink it, Sierra went on tiptoe and brushed her lips across his. A soft caress meant to soothe even as it lit her senses up. She’d wanted to kiss him for so damn long.

Beckett stiffened. It was subtle, but she felt it, heard the rumble of protest issuing from his throat.

Hurt and humiliation pierced her. It was as if all of her buried insecurities had just been proven right. He didn’t want her. She was a friend to him and nothing more and she’d just made a fool of herself.

Closing her eyes, she allowed herself only another moment to savor the feel of his mouth against hers before she eased back, sparing herself the formal rejection she was certain was coming. But as she turned to walk away he snagged her wrist, stopping her.

And what she saw when she looked up at him stole her breath.

Beckett’s dark eyes blazed with raw hunger, his entire face taut as he stared down at her.

Sierra’s pulse skittered in her throat. Had she been wrong? Her gaze dipped to his mouth once more, the tension crackling between them like live electricity as she anticipated feeling his lips on hers.

“Don’t,” he rasped out with a shake of his head, the warning in his voice clear.

She met his stare, unsure what to think. The mixed signals he was sending confused the hell out of her. “Why not?”

“Because.” A muscle bunched in his jaw, his eyes burning with suppressed need she would give anything to satisfy.

No. Because wasn’t an answer. She needed to know the reason why. “Because I’m still Noah’s little sister to you?”

He huffed out a bitter laugh. “Not even close.”

The tiny bubble of hope she’d been suppressing swelled in her chest. Sensing she could break through his defenses if she just pushed a little harder, she cocked her head to study him. “I’m a grown woman, Beckett.”

His gaze lingered on her mouth. “I noticed.”

The underlying heat in his tone, the way his eyes darkened, made that bubble expand. “Good. It’s about time.”

He didn’t answer.

She pushed again, the depth of her feelings throwing caution aside. “And since we’re being honest, I’ve wanted you for years.”

Shock flashed across his face. “What?”

Oh, please. She held back a snort. “No way you never noticed. None.” He was a Green Beret. He saw everything, details most people would miss. There was zero chance she had hidden everything well enough for him not to notice.

He shook his head, stepped back to run a hand through his hair in agitation. His knuckles were bloody, already turning color. “We can’t. You and I are a really bad idea.”

Maybe. Crossing the line was a huge risk for both of them. Still, she’d exposed too much to turn back now. She’d already laid herself bare. “Why not? Because you’re Noah’s best friend? Because I’m too young for you?”

“No.” He seemed to force himself to meet her gaze, and the look in his eyes made her heart thud. He wanted her, but refused to allow himself to go there.

Well, she refused to let this go. “Tell me why, Beckett.”

He made a frustrated sound and growled, “Because of this.” His hands locked around her upper arms as he spun them around and pinned her up against the side of the house with his powerful body.

Sierra gasped, her whole being going hot, then weak at the way he caged her in with his hands on either side of her head.

His dark eyes burned with a raging hunger as he towered over her, the muscles in his arms and shoulders taut, the unmistakable bulge of his erection shoved against her abdomen. His lips were inches above her own, his clean scent filling her lungs.

She shivered, paralyzed, every nerve ending coming to sudden, painful life, unfulfilled need making her ache inside. Oh, God, she needed him so badly, had no idea he’d wanted her this much…

And then his mouth was on hers, those big, strong hands diving into her hair, gripping tight. She moaned and automatically arched into him, her tingling breasts hitting the solid wall of his chest as she reached for his broad shoulders. She’d dreamed of this for so long, could hardly believe it was happening.

Beckett tightened his hold on her, asserting his dominance and control. Her lips parted beneath the demanding stroke of his tongue and then it slid between them, caressing hers with such skill it tore a whimper of longing from her. It was so much more than she’d imagined it would be. She’d sensed this in him, this forceful, slightly rough edge as a lover.

It turned her into a puddle of need.

Beckett didn’t just kiss her. He took possession of her with a masterful blend of dominance and seduction that made her tremble. Her insides liquefied beneath the white-hot tide of desire that swept through her, her entire body humming with need.

Far too soon he abruptly broke the kiss to stare down at her, breathing hard, his expression almost angry. Her legs were so weak they were barely keeping her upright, her lungs fighting for air. Holy God, what he could do to her with a single kiss.

He shook his head once, that haunted look back in his eyes. “You think you want me, but you don’t know what you’re asking for. You have no idea the things I want to do to you,” he rasped out. “The things I’ve wanted to do for years now, and don’t dare, because of what you and your family mean to me. I can’t risk wrecking that. Because if I ever crossed that line with you, I wouldn’t be able to hold back and I wouldn’t let you go.

Cross, Kaylea. Fractured Honor (Crimson Point Series Book 1) . Kaylea Cross Inc. Kindle Locations (1985-2030). Kindle Edition.

There really are a lot of folks to get to know, Molly, Carter’s wife, is also Sierra’s best friend. Noah aside from being Sierra’s brother is also the Sheriff, and of course there is someone stalking Beckett and Sierra with ill intent.

Plenty of interesting things to keep you turning the pages. There’s laughter, tears, anger , suspense and the wonderful simmer to sizzle relationship between Sierra and Becket.

Starting Book 2 now, but I won’t have enough time to post all the reviews before the new book, but they will make here shortly.

5 Contented Purrs for Kaylea!

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Kaylea Cross

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kaylea Cross writes edge-of-your-seat military romantic suspense. Her work has won many awards and has been nominated for both the Daphne du Maurier and the National Readers’ Choice Awards. A Registered Massage Therapist by trade, Kaylea is also an avid gardener, artist, Civil War buff, Special Ops aficionado, belly dance enthusiast and former nationally-carded softball pitcher. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and family.

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