Holding His Hostage – Shattered SEALs Book 3 By Amy Gamet

Holding His Hostage
Shattered SEALs Book 3
USA Today Bestselling Author
Amy Ganet



He must protect
the woman who betrayed him…

Sloan Dvorak came home from basic training to find his girlfriend married to another man. He went on to become a Navy SEAL and did his best to forget her, proudly serving his country until he lost his arm in Kandahar. Now he’s a member of HERO Force New York, wondering if one arm is enough to truly fight for anyone.

Joanne Regan had been separated from her husband for a year when he died in a brutal homicide. But before they could lower his body into the ground, the mob demands she pay up on her husband’s debt—millions of dollars she doesn’t know anything about. Now she’s on the run, desperate for help with no one to turn to—a sympathy card from Sloan’s mother guiding her like a beacon in the night.

Joanne shows up on Sloan’s doorstep with her three kids, looking for his mother with the mob hot on her tail. Sloan is thrown into a dangerous spiral, drawing him closer and closer to the one woman he desperately needs to avoid, determined to save her and the children from a danger unlike any he’s ever known.



Joanne and her husband David had been separated for a while now. She never expected and didn’t want him to die. Now she’s alone in a way she didn’t expect. Her children are all handling their grief differently, April the oldest is more withdrawn and clinging to social media for comfort. Fiona and Lucas were clinging to her more and the funeral was anything but comforting. Her husband’s mistress was there with her husband. She wondered if he knew about the affair, he was one of David’s biggest clients. What she didn’t expect was the threat he made as she was leaving the cemetery. According to Richard Bannon, David had a lot of his money and he wants it back. Even as Joanne protests she knows nothing of David’s business since they separated, the man threatens her children and gives a deadline to return it.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, when the reach their home it’s been ransacked, obviously someone had been looking for the missing money. All Joanne knows is she has to protect her children. A sympathy card from Evelyn Nowak gave her comfort than none other had. It was also the one place she would always feel safe.

We see Sloan in his family home holding a poker game with his friends and coworkers from Hero Force. I have to say the snacks he serves are very much out of the ordinary, filet mignon and brie to me are serious hors d’oeuvres not poker fare. It’s as this game breaks up that Sloan tells Mac he’s thinking of quitting, that he can’t do what he needs to do to protect people with only one arm. Then from that moment to the next his world turns upside down as there’s a knock on the door and Sloan is faced with his old girlfriend. The girl who broke his heart now a woman looking for his mom.

Jo needs money and to hide away with her children somewhere where Richard Bannon can’t find her. She should have known it wouldn’t be that easy.

Now Sloan knows somethings not right and when he gets the answer he calls in HERO force to help.

This is a favorite scene.

Sloan winked at the teller, a sixty-year-old woman who used to serve him lunch in the school cafeteria. “Twenties will be fine, thanks, Mrs. Martin.”

“I don’t have that much in my drawer. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

Ten thousand dollars in twenty-dollar bills was sure to be a little cumbersome to deal with, but he suspected Jo would prefer the smaller bills. She’d only asked for a few thousand, but he wanted to make sure she had enough, and suspected if he pressed her she would clam up. Talking to her today was like walking barefoot over bird spikes. Her defenses had always run high, and her behavior this morning was no exception.

The teller returned and counted out bills. After this was over and Joanne was on her way, maybe he’d take a vacation. Let his toes sink into the sand someplace warm and forget all about Joanne Buckley and whatever the hell she was hiding.

Like you’ll be able to do that.

The thought brought him up short. Of course he’d be able to forget her. He’d been over her for longer than they’d been together, and nothing was going to change that. Besides, clearly she was knee deep in some kind of mess and wouldn’t even tell him what was going on. If he had half a brain in his head, he’d let her go just like she wanted. He sucked his cheeks in.

“Here you go,” said the teller, returning with a bound stack of bills. “Want me to count it out for you?”

“No, thanks, I trust you.” He took the stack in his hand. Ten thousand dollars. A simple stack of bills. This was all she wanted from him. He turned on his heel.

What was the alternative? He couldn’t force her to let him in. She was a grown woman who got to call the shots in her own life, and if that put his back up, it said more about him being a nosey bastard than anything about Joanne. Yes. He should definitely let her get back in that Porsche of hers and drive away.

That car was easily worth well over a hundred grand. Anyone with a car like that shouldn’t need to borrow a few thousand dollars, much less drive all the way from Chicago to New York to do it. And it was just days after her husband died, for Christ’s sake. She should be in mourning, not desperate for cash and anxious as a bird flying over the ocean.

He rounded the service desk, nodding at a neighbor, more convinced with every step there was more to Jo’s situation than met the eye. What kind of person would he be if he just let her walk out the door, ignoring his sense that something was terribly wrong? Lucas had said they couldn’t go home. What did Sloan need? A personal invitation to intervene?

He could convince her to stay with him for a while, at least a few days. See if he could get her to open up, even if that meant walking on ice that had barely frozen over. He’d cared for her once. The least he could do was be a true friend to her now, or at least try.

He pushed out of the bank and got into his car.

Jo was frantic. “We have to get back. We shouldn’t have left April and Lucas alone.”

“What’s going on?” He drove out of the parking lot. “Did something happen?”

“Please, just hurry.”

“Damn it, Joanne! What the hell is going on?” He swerved through traffic and ran a light as it turned red, his tires fighting for traction on the snow-covered road. “Are you in trouble? Is someone trying to hurt you?”

“I thought I could just get away, that we could start over somewhere new and he wouldn’t find us.”


“David owed someone millions of dollars and if I don’t give it back to him within a week…” She looked over her shoulder at Fiona. When she spoke again, it was a whisper. “He’s going to kill one of the children. He said if I went to the police, he’d kill them all.”

“Jesus, Joanne, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m telling you now. He was at the bank.”


“The man! Richard Bannon. I think he’s a mobster. I’m not honestly sure.”

Sloan twisted in his seat. “Just now?” “I don’t know how he found us. I didn’t think we were followed. I was careful.” She let out a single panicked sob. “He said I shouldn’t have left the other two home alone.”

“Goddamn it.” He drove even faster, passing a minivan over a double yellow line. “They must have put some kind of GPS tracker on your car.”

“I didn’t intend to bring you into this. I thought with some money I could hide and keep us safe.”

“We need HERO Force.”

“I can’t afford—”

“I’ve got it.” He punched in Mac’s number on speed dial. When the old man answered, he barked, “Mac, we’ve got a problem. I need backup at my house, pronto. As many men as you can spare.”
Gamet, Amy. Holding his Hostage (Shattered SEALs Book 3) Kindle Locations.(608-641). Kindle Edition.

HERO Force steps in and starts following the clues, what they find is not what Jo had assumed. Her daughter April causes more than a couple of issues and Sloan is ever so patient.

An RV trip, some interesting interactions, a lot of suspense, plenty of action and the realization that their love never died. Make this book a page turning read. I can’t wait to see what’s next in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Amy!

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Amy Gamet

Amy Gamet is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in upstate New York with her husband, children, too many pets and the occasional litter of foster animals. She likes to swim in the sunshine, make jewelry, and lobbies professionally for household remodeling projects. She owns an unusual number of brightly colored T-shirts and black yoga pants, and her children always ask who’s coming to visit when she runs the vacuum cleaner.

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New Series! Cupcakes and Crumbs – Berry Lake Cupcake Posse Book 1 By Melissa McClone

Cupcakes and Crumbs
Berry Lake Cupcake Posse Book 1
USA Today Bestselling Author
Melissa McClone



After life takes five women on different paths, a death brings them home. But friendship might not be enough to keep them together.

When Bria Landon and her estranged father each inherit fifty percent of a small-town cupcake shop, her dad hires her worst enemy, and first love, to turn the place into a soulless franchise…or sell it.

To save her aunt’s legacy, Bria needs the help of people who love the bakery as much as she does—her old friends who worked there fifteen years ago. Except each woman is dealing with her own problem.

Juliet fears her marriage is about to crumble. She’s in panic mode, trying to prove she’s more than a trophy wife.

Since her husband’s death nine years ago, working in the cupcake shop has saved Missy. Now, she might lose the job she loves.

Despite Nell’s insistence she’s happy being single, her meddling mom won’t stop playing matchmaker.

And life coach Selena has found fame and fortune fixing everyone else’s lives. Something, however, is missing in hers, and she hasn’t a clue what it might be.

They want to believe their friendship can overcome anything. But as the Berry Lake Cupcake Posse reunite to save their beloved cupcake shop, they soon discover the undertaking will bring more trouble than they expected.


Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo


In this first book of the series we get to meet the individuals that make up the Berry Lake Cupcake Posse. This isn’t newly formed, rather it was a name given to the group when they worked at the cupcake shop together years ago.

As this book opens Elise Landon, the owner of the Berry Lake Cupcake Shop has lost her battle with Cancer. Her niece Bria has been with her, caring for her and keeping the business running. It’s Elise’s birthday and Bria isn’t sure if the employees would want to continue the usual birthday celebration at the shop. First we meet Missy Hanford, she never left Berry Lake and is now the baker and manager of the Cupcake shop. As Bria looks at the old photo of ‘the posse’ she remembers them all, Nell Culpepper is now a nurse at the local hospital, Juliet Monroe recently moved back with her wealthy husband, and Selena T, is a successful life coach married to a professional hockey player but lives in Seattle.

We get to see a lot of each of these women but the main story is Bria and the fate of the Cupcake shop. It seems Elise has left half of the coffee shop to her brother, Bria’s father. Bria has many conversations about this turn of events, including a get together of the cupcake posse. These woman need to come together more often and promise to do so, we also get a closer look at Juliet’s marriage which isn’t what she pretends it is.

A big turning point in the story is the meeting Bria has with her father the day after the will is read. He brings in a consultant, a real estate consultant. Dalton Dwyer, the man who when they were seniors in high school, broke her heart and caused his friends and others to bully her for the rest of the year.

This is a favorite scene.

Bria had only picked at her food until Dalton arrived. No way would she be able to eat more now. With her stomach churning so much, Bria felt physically ill. She pushed her plate toward the server. “I am.”

As soon as the server picked up the plates, Dalton removed two glossy folders.

Not to be outdone, Bria pulled out her analysis and gave it to her dad. “I didn’t know my father had hired anyone, so I only made one copy.”

Her dad laughed. “You both came prepared.”

She placed her hand on top of her knee to keep it from bouncing. “That’s what this meeting is about.”

“I put together the options we discussed to bring Bria up to date.” He handed her a folder. “See what you think.”

Bria opened it and nearly gasped at the table of contents. This information wasn’t something thrown together after a quick phone call with her dad yesterday. She closed the cover. “How long have you been working on this?”

“Almost two months.”

She’d had no reason to doubt what Charlene had said, but Dalton’s answer was proof. The fact her father had hired a guy before mentioning anything to her was an added betrayal.

Oh, Aunt Elise, he’s played you and me.

As Bria’s temper shot into the red zone, she took a breath and then stared at her father. “Why did you act surprised when Marc read the will? You knew Aunt Elise left you half of the cupcake shop, yet pretended as if you didn’t.”

Her father shrugged. “I realized you didn’t know, or you would have reached out before.”


“Before Elise died.”

Bria balled her fists. “I would have never discussed that before Aunt Elise was gone. I only talked about the cupcake shop with Missy after Elise went into hospice. It would have been inappropriate.”

Her father’s face went blank. “Someone needs to be reasonable about the cupcake shop.”

“Reasonable?” She lowered her voice and opened the folder. “Franchise opportunities. Building sale assessment. Nowhere do I see anything that says continue running the cupcake shop as Aunt Elise wanted.”

“Elise didn’t want to sell the shop?” Dalton asked, sounding surprised.

“No,” Bria said sharply. “She wanted Missy Hanford to manage and upgrade the shop. If you look at my analysis, you’ll see a breakdown of the costs as well as projected profits. It’s doable, and we’d both receive a decent monthly income after expenses.”

Dalton skimmed the pages she’d provided, but his face remained neutral. “You never mentioned keeping the cupcake shop, Brian.”

Her dad’s face flushed. “Elise is dead. Bria and I don’t live in Berry Lake. We can’t keep the cupcake shop operating as it is today. Besides, the value is in the building.”

Bria wanted to know her father’s intentions. Well, he’d laid them out as clear as the water in Berry Lake come springtime. It was as she feared— he didn’t care about the shop and her aunt’s legacy— but that didn’t stop her stomach from sinking and her aching heart to feel as if it had been used as a punching bag.

Dalton stared over her report. “Your father told me keeping the shop wasn’t an option.”

Of course, he did. “It’s the only option for me.”

Her dad rolled his eyes. “Be reasonable, Bria.”

“I am one hundred percent reasonable.” She kept her voice even. “You’re almost sixty. Social security payments will only go so far. You don’t have a 401K, but do you have a Roth IRA or a SEP? We can structure profit payments any way you want. Monthly or weekly, even.”

“I’d rather have my proceeds from selling the building, invest it, and double my money.”

So typical. “You could lose it all.”

His chin jutted forward. “That’s a chance I’m willing to take.”

Bria sat back in her chair. “I wonder what Elise would say.”

Her father did a double take. “Excuse me?”

“According to Charlene Culpepper, the only reason Elise left you fifty percent was to bring us closer.”

“She may have mentioned that.”

“You’re the one who called her and suggested she do this. It was you. Not her.”

Fear flashed in her father’s eyes, but a second later, he was back in control, sipping his coffee.

Bria had to get this out. “How can you talk about selling and investing and being okay with losing what she spent her life creating? Do you think she would have rewritten her will if she thought you would sell the building or franchise the bakery?”

A vein ticced at his jaw.

Bria didn’t expect him to answer. “You’ve ignored everything Elise wanted you to do. Instead of reaching out to me two months ago, you hired the one person I never wanted to see again. You act as if you’re doing this for me when it’s only about you.”

Dalton shifted, appearing uncomfortable. “Bria—”

“I’m sorry my father dragged you into this.” She looked at her father. “Aunt Elise wanted Missy to keep the cupcake shop going, and that’s what I will make sure happens with or without you.”

Her father’s face hardened. “Fifty percent of the cupcake shop belongs to me.”

“It will, but it doesn’t yet,” she countered.

“I have an idea.” Dalton flashed a tight smile. “Why don’t I review your numbers with your dad? In the meantime, gather up any blueprints or proposals you have on the upgrades Elise intended to make. We can meet tomorrow to discuss everything. Say at two o’clock at the cupcake shop?”

Bria had no idea where the plans were, but maybe Missy knew. “Fine.”

“Read what Dalton gave you.” Tight lines formed around her father’s mouth.

Her father handed her his report. Now she had two of them.

“It’s only polite after the work he put into this,” her father added.

A waste of time, too, but… “I can do that.”

“We’ll see you tomorrow,” her dad said.

Bria shoved the shiny folder into her laptop bag, left the other one for her dad, removed a twenty from her purse, and tossed it onto the table. She had no idea what kind of game her father was playing or what Dalton’s role in this was, but she didn’t trust either of them. No matter what it took, she would protect her aunt’s legacy from both men.
Melissa McClone. Cupcakes & Crumbs (Kindle Locations 2181-2241). Cardinal Press, LLC.

So much happens in this book, and it really takes off after that meeting. Dalton himself proves to be a surprise but there is so much more going on especially with Juliet and her husband.

Lot’s of laughter, tears, suspense and family drama in this book. I also have to wonder about Dalton and Bria as they start getting close again.

There are other couples we see in this book as well. Jenny and Dare, Hope and Josh, Sheridan and Michael they are all in the Indigo Bay Books. Links below.

I really can’t wait for the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Melissa!

Coming Soon!

Tiaras & Teapots

Melissa’s Books In Indigo Bay
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Melissa McClone

USA Today bestselling author, Melissa McClone has published over forty novels with Harlequin and Tule Publishing Group.

With a degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, Melissa worked for a major airline where she traveled the globe and met her husband. But analyzing jet engine performance couldn’t compete with her love of writing happily ever afters.

Her first full-time writing endeavor was her first sale when she was pregnant with her first child! When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her driving her minivan to/from her children’s swim practices and other activities.

Melissa lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children, two spoiled Norwegian Elkhounds, and cats who think they rule the house. They do!

Pleasing Josie – Surrender Book 5 By Becca Jameson

Pleasing Josie
Surrender Book 5
USA Today Bestselling Author
Becca Jameson




I have a great life. Great job. Great home. Great man.
Everything is perfect. I can’t complain.
So, why am I restless? What is missing?


I’m a lucky guy with an amazing woman in my life.
She’s my perfect match. The yin to my yang.
But something is off. She needs something I’m not sure I can give her.


I’m a busy man with a demanding job.
I don’t have time for a relationship, but I’m always eager to help people find themselves.
When Josie and Grayson step into my life, I’m caught off guard.
She craves the nurturing hand of a Daddy. He isn’t fully in tune with his needs.
I can help them, but with every step I’m getting more emotionally attached.

Can the three of us find a new normal that fills all of our desires?


Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo


I’m loving this series as Becca Jameson takes us on a journey of discovering who these characters are at heart.

At the end of the last book, Quinten approaches Grayson suggesting he could have some submissive tendencies. Grayson didn’t take that very well. Grayson is Josie’s Dom and together they create beautiful and sensuous Shibari designs.

This book is going to take them both in a direction they never thought about before. Josie works for Kellen, he’s a Daddy Dom with a 24/7 little, Sabine. As this book opens we see Josie’s curiosity about this lifestyle come to the fore. Lucy, Roman’s little, is visiting and Grayson is going to be late picking up Josie. An invitation to swim and then later stay in the role is more than a little satisfying for Josie.

Grayson doesn’t see himself as a ‘Daddy’ Dom. He’s all about bondage and the sensual side of the lifestyle. Because of that he seeks advise from Roman. While Roman himself doesn’t have an answer he does suggest a counseling session with someone in the lifestyle.

Quinten readily agreed to meet with the couple, he’s always glad to help couples in the lifestyle. In this case, he’s got a couple of concerns but that doesn’t stop him from jumping in with both feet. He invites them to his home for the weekend to explore possibilities that could save their relationship. The problem is that it’s personal for Quinten too.

This is a favorite scene.

I watch them for a few moments while a ridiculous idea forms in my head. They’re so cute together. And they care about each other deeply. I’m not sure I can salvage things for them if they can’t meet somewhere in the middle, but I feel confident that without the right guidance, they will end up going their separate ways. The frustration will continue to grow, and neither of them is confrontational about it.

My idea is stupid and irresponsible, and I should definitely keep it to myself and stuff it in my mental trash bin. But, that’s not what I do. “I have a proposal.”

They both look at me.

Too late to take it back now. The floodgates are open. I lean forward, elbows on my knees. I’ve taken leave of my senses. Nothing I’m considering is professional. “Is there any chance you two could spend this coming weekend at my home? I’d like to work with you. Help you figure out this new dynamic.” There. I’ve said it.

They glance at each other. Both sets of eyes widen.

“You’d do that for us?” Josie asks. “Why? I thought this was just an hour of your time to give us some direction.”

I draw in a breath. “I’ve made similar arrangements before. I enjoy helping couples grow. It gives me great satisfaction. And since I don’t have a submissive of my own right now, it’s easy enough to invite others into my home.” I smile warmly. “I think there’s something salvageable between you, and it seems like you don’t have the skill set to straighten things out on your own.”

“Wow,” Grayson stated. “That’s above and beyond.”

I shrug. “You clearly care for each other. I can’t guarantee I can get you through this, but I can try.” I’m kicking myself now because dammit, my motives are absolutely personal. It’s not so much that I intend to hit on one of them. It’s more like I’m attracted to them both, and I want to watch them together. It would make my cock hard to examine their dynamic up close, though. I’m half-hard right now just thinking about it. No sense denying that to myself. I’ve officially lost a few brain cells.

They look back at each other, and I stand. “I’ll give you two some time to discuss the idea.” I step out into the hallway and shut the door. The moment I’m alone, I groan. What the fuck is wrong with me? I’ve never let my personal feelings interfere with my job before. And this isn’t a small thing I’m dealing with.

Josie’s like a new lamb. The girl is itching to have someone care for her. Perhaps her desire to dabble in the world of littles stems from watching Kellen’s little, Sabine, but she squirms and frets with the posture of a little already. Plus, if she’s been managing most of the domestic chores around the house, it’s possible she may crave the idea of having someone take care of her instead.

It’s been a while since I worked with a little, and a couple years since I had one of my own, but something about Josie calls to me. That feeling is rare. It’s the reason I haven’t had a full-time submissive for a long while. I’m particular. I haven’t matched perfectly enough with anyone I’ve played with at Surrender.

And then there’s Grayson. Fuck. I was interested in that man from the moment I started noticing him watching my scenes. I can’t possibly guess what’s deep inside him, but if I go out on a limb, I’m going to say he’s a bit repressed. He probably thinks men should be Doms and women submissives. He probably thinks it wouldn’t be manly for him to be submissive.

As I told him a year ago, and have observed from him since then, I believe he’s a switch. He isn’t just watching other scenes to gather information. He’s jealous. I practically rub my hands together with the desire to show him the other side.

I need to screw my head on straight. This isn’t about me. I need to be careful. This is a dangerous game. Hopefully, I can help them figure out a new dynamic without them realizing I’m turned on by watching them interact like little birds who haven’t left the nest.

They aren’t that young or inexperienced. I presume Grayson to be in his early thirties and Josie in her mid-twenties. Compared to me though… I’m forty-five. At least two decades older than Josie. The woman wasn’t even born when I had my first kink experience.

I swipe my hand down my face and lean against the wall. Maybe they will turn me down, and I won’t have to fret over this any longer.

But what if they don’t? I think about my upcoming schedule. I have a book releasing next week. Starting Tuesday, I’ll have to travel a few days every week for my book tour. At the same time, I have a full docket of clients to see. It’s going to be a long time before I’ll be able to take days off work again, so taking a weekend right now would be perfect. And I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than mentor these two adorable submissives.

I chuckle inside at my thought. Grayson can insist he’s not submissive, but I think he’s kidding himself. I always have. Not that he isn’t also Dominant. He’s a solid Dom in his own right. I’ve seen him do amazing bondage scenes with Josie. Obviously, he’s lived an entire year as a Dom to Josie, but what the man doesn’t seem to grasp is that he can be both. Even at the same time.

The door opens, and I shove off the wall and head back into the room, following Grayson. He resumes his spot next to Josie and holds her hand in his lap. “We’d like to take you up on your offer.”
Becca Jameson. Pleasing Josie: Surrender, Book Five (Kindle Locations 539-581). Becca Jameson Publishing.

The entire weekend is eye-opening on many levels, and even Grayson has to admit there’s something between the three of them.

Quinten has to come to terms with a lot of things, including his decision to walk away.

This is a journey for the open-minded, it is full of sensuous scenes, and kindle melting sizzle.

I can’t wait to see what’s next in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Becca!

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Becca Jameson Becca Jameson

Becca Jameson is a USA Today bestselling author of over 100 books. She is most well-known for her Wolf Masters Series, her Fight Club series, and her Club Zodiac series. She currently lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and Goldendoodle. Two grown kids pop in every once in a while too! She is loving this journey and has dabbled in a variety of genres, including paranormal, sports romance, military, and BDSM.

A total night owl, Becca writes late at night, sequestering herself in her office with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate, her fingers flying across the keyboard as her characters weave their own stories.

During the day–which never starts before ten in the morning!–she can be found jogging, running errands, or reading in her favorite hammock chair!

…where Alphas dominate…

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Handled: An Every Day Heroes World Novel – Invincibles Book 5.5 by Heather Slade

Handled: An Every Day Heroes Novel
Invincibles Book 5.5
Heather Slade



When politics tears them apart,
passion keeps them together.


Intelligent, fiery, and sexy as hell,
She’s everything I’ve ever wanted,
But her stubborn, liberal agenda makes me want to throttle her.
She needs to put that pen away and stop reporting such crap.
I’d love to shove something else in her hand.

But I can’t.
As a senator’s son
And a handler for the CIA,
I must tread carefully
And keep my distance.

But her body and brains
Make it very difficult.
I want her in ways the American people would not like.
But when her life is jeopardized,
It becomes my business, my job, to protect her,
In any way I can.


Strong, determined, and smart as hell,
He’s everything I’ve ever wanted,
But his stuffy, money-hungry conservative agenda makes me want to scream.
He needs to forget about the wallet and start caring about people,
People like me.

As a reporter for a liberal paper,
I have to remain neutral,
But one thing is certain:
He’s more charming and attractive than any conservative out there.
I have to keep my head
And not get distracted,
Even if he makes it extremely difficult.

When I need his help,
His protection,
I can’t deny the truth.
All I want is to be HANDLED by him.



Ali has just moved to D.C. when she meets Cope. She didn’t expect to meet him until the trial starts. However meeting him in the café across the street from her building and him being a jerk just pisses her off. Their meeting at the Courthouse doesn’t go much better than the first, but she doesn’t get thrown out of the building. She also meets AP reporter TJ Hunter. When Cope greets TJ he calls her Stella and for some reason calls her Tally.

For Cope and Irish there’s a lot riding on this trial. Being as it involves espionage and the CIA, there would be no one allowed in the courtroom especially not the press. After a frustrating morning with Cope wondering if he was going to end up in jail with Irish he notices Ali having trouble with her car and offers to help.

He almost forgets about her when he sees an AP headline and starts to seethe. He has to go to his office first but he would help Ali out. At least until he forgets about her.

Ali waited two hours and finally decided to leave and do it herself. After spending much money she gets her car towed and herself home. Only to be greeted by Lindsay from the café and then Cope.

This is a favorite scene.

The driver pulled up to my building, and I crawled out of the back seat, dead tired and laden with my messenger bag, my gym bag, and some other stuff from my car that I’d thrown into a paper bag. I was about to walk into my building when I heard someone shouting.

“Miss, miss, wait!” I turned around and saw Lindsey from the café running toward me, carrying yet another bag.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“This is from… damn, I’m out of shape.” She tried to catch her breath. “Anyway, this is from Cope. You just missed him.” She took another deep breath. “He was waiting to give it to you himself, but then he got a call.”

“Look, Lindsey, right?”

She nodded, still trying to catch her breath.

“This is really sweet, but I’ve had a really long, really hard day, and I don’t have much of an appetite.”

“He told me. At least his part in it. I’ll tell you, he really feels awful about it. Just take this. It’s dinner, plus stuff for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. By the looks of you, it’ll probably last you all week.”

“By the looks of me?” I asked, not bothering to hide my scowl.

“You’re tiny. You probably don’t eat more than a bite or two at every meal, am I right?”

I was dead tired, my feet were killing me, I was starving even though I’d lied and said I wasn’t, and I was irritable. Nothing I was going through was the fault of the woman who’d run across the street to give me food.

I smiled and shook my head. “You’d be surprised how much I can pack away. My grandma always said I had the appetite of an offensive lineman. Thank you for this. I really do appreciate it.”

“There’s silverware in there and napkins, plus instructions for heating it all up. Oh, and there’s dessert too. I’m sorry you had such a shitty day.” She tried to hand me the bag, but with everything I was carrying, I had no way to take it.

“You want me to bring this upstairs for you?”

“No, thanks. I’ll get it.”

I looked up when I saw the man who’d left me sitting in the lobby of a building for two hours, about to cross the street. “I gotta go. Thanks again.” I stuck out one finger, and she hung the bag on it.

“You sure you don’t want help?”

“Nope, I got it. Thanks,” I said, hoping my finger wouldn’t bend back any farther before I got upstairs.

I rushed in the revolving door and over to the elevator, willing one of them to open when I hit the call button with my elbow.

“Ali,” I heard Cope call out, but pretended I didn’t. Not that it mattered, because the damn elevators seemed to all be stuck on the tenth floor. Where the hell was the doorman, anyway?

“Ali, I’m glad I caught you.” I wasn’t. I heard a ding and the sound of doors opening.

“I’m sorry about earlier. Things really hit the fan, and it took a lot longer—”

“Tell the truth,” I said, stepping into my escape route. “You forgot all about me.” I set the bag of food down on the floor and rummaged around for my key card, only remembering I needed it when the elevator didn’t move. In that time, he’d stepped inside.

“You’re right. I did forget.”

I found the card and looked up at him. “Okay. Well, thanks for the food.”

“Can I ride up with you? Help you with that?”

“No, I got it.”

Someone else rushed into the elevator and stuck his card in the slot. “What floor?” he said, looking first at me and then at Cope.


The man hit the button for twenty-four and then the one for thirty. I didn’t speak again until he got out.

“How did you know my floor?” I said as soon as the doors closed. They opened again, and he still hadn’t answered me.

“Well?” “I’ll explain when we’re inside.”

“Inside? You’re not coming inside.” I did my damnedest to pick up the bag of food while juggling the rest of my crap.

“Quit being so stubborn and let me help you.”

Cope grabbed the food and then took my messenger bag off my shoulder. He motioned toward my door, because he knew which one it was. That alone was enough to give me a panic attack.

I stuck the key card into the slot in the door, and when it clicked, Cope grasped the knob and held it open for me. I stepped over the threshold, dropped the bags I was still carrying, and held out my hands for the two he had.

“Thanks for your help.”

He shook his head, turned his body sideways, and walked past me and into the kitchen.

“Hey! I didn’t invite you in.” The heavy door slammed behind me as I stalked after him.

He set the bags on the kitchen counter, and instead of walking back out, he sauntered toward the windows.

“Come here,” he said, motioning to me.


“Come here,” he repeated, waving his arm. I walked as far as I comfortably could.

“Here,” he said again, pointing.

“Just tell me.”

“I’m not going to tell you; I’m going to show you how I know.”
Heather Slade. Handled: An Everyday Heroes World Novel (Kindle Locations 363-407). AN EVERYDAY HEROES WORLD NOVEL.

Taking care of Ali’s car has Cope driving hers to the courthouse while she drives his. An accident puts an interesting twist on everything, especially when Ali’s apartment is broken into.

We meet Desi, Ali’s bestfriend who comes to help her out while she recovers, but then ends up leaving for a business emergency leaving her in the hands of Cope and his mother.

In spite of everything, these two have a chemistry that just jumps off the pages. Both have secrets having to do with the trial, but Ali’s is the one that could ruin any relationship that begins. Decker, Buck and several other of the ‘Invincibles’ provide protection for Ali as tensions increase.

From the very first page this story grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. With intense intrigue and a sizzling relationship fraught with secrets, guaranteed to leave you with a book hangover.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

More Invincibles
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K. Bromberg’s Every Day Heroes

Every Day Heroes World


Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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Maddy’s Floor – Psychic Visions Book 3 by Dale Mayer

Maddy’s Floor
Psychic Visions Book 3
USA Today Bestselling Author
Dale Mayer



Are some souls not meant to be saved?

Psychic medical intuitive and licensed physician Madeleine Wagner thought she’d seen every way possible to heal a diseased body. But, when her patients begin dying from mysterious causes, Maddy realizes she might be dealing with an evil force that may be outside her ability to cure.

Maddy’s medical facility, Maddy’s Floor, has helped countless terminally-ill patients to miraculously live. Now something malevolent has taken up residence on the ward. Not sure how to deal with this on her own, she calls on her psychic friend and mentor, Stefan. Together, they delve beyond the physical plane into the metaphysical…and find utter terror.

With two family members in Maddy’s care, Detective Drew McNeil finds himself wondering frequently during his visits about the woman and not just the miracle worker. Who takes care of this selfless soul who gives everything she has to save every single patient? When does she ever allow herself to rest, relax, and live? The more time he spends with her, the more he wants to get to know her privately.

Bizarre events in Maddy’s facility draw Drew’s professional curiosity. Several intersect with one of his cold cases, causing him to wonder if an old killer has been resurrected…literally. If so, Maddy’s directly in the path of danger. Drew wonders, How can anyone stop a force of nature – whether good or evil – that no one else can see, feel, or, frankly, believe…unless Maddy has the ability to do all those things and more?


Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002


I confess to having started this series somewhere in the middle, I’ve been curious about Dr. Maddy for a long time. In this book, I get to meet her.

Dr. Maddy has an entire floor of The Haven, a long term care facility and hospital. Her approach, surrounding her patients with healing and positive energy along with her skills as a medical intuitive and physician help improve quality of life for her patients. There is a long waiting list, and several criteria to be met in order to be a patient on Maddy’s Floor.

Drew’s aunt is a patient at Haven and his uncle a former police chief is trying to get on Maddy’s floor. Maddy literally runs into him on her way up the stairs, she’s been running up them for years and never ran into anyone before. There are no introductions at this time though.

With budget issues the CEO Gerard Lionel has convened a board meeting, where they need to propose some things to Maddy. She’s not going to like them but hopefully she’ll go along. They can’t afford to lose her, the donations and grants that come in for her project helped keep this facility afloat. The economy had caused budget issues and they needed to address them somehow.

Even though the new addition to Maddy’s floor was almost complete, his thought is to fill a few of these beds. His choice of patients for those spots, well lets just say two of them are not ideal and the third would please Maddy.

Things start turning weird and suspicious as a patient referred to Maddy dies. Maddy notices strange energy around him that she can’t identify. However, it’s when one of the patients on her floor dies that things really get interesting. It’s the autopsy on this patient that gets Drew involved and they officially meet in Dr. Miko’s office. Jansen Svaar has a bruise at the base of his spine and a matching one on the crown of his head. Drew’s cold case has six children with a very similar mark on them.

This is a favorite scene.

The stairwell was empty as usual. Maddy stood at the top and looked down, considering. Making a quick decision, Maddy slipped off her blue heels. As her bare feet hit the cement, chills of anticipation raced up her legs.

Grinning, and her heels hanging on two fingers, Maddy broke into a flat-out sprint and raced down the stairwell. The second floor landing, the first floor landing, all the way to the first of the lower levels. Hitting the brakes at the bottom, Maddy paused to gather her breath.

Exhilaration pulsed in her blood. Her shoulder-length bob swayed with her heaving breaths. It took another long moment of deep breathing before she slipped her heels back on.

The double doors opened easily as she walked toward Dr. Miko’s office – a hoarder’s paradise. Usually there was one chair available. Maddy turned toward it, then stopped. Her eyebrows rose in surprise and a swarm of butterflies took flight in her stomach. The detective she’d met in the stairwell several days ago stood in front of her. Again.

What was he doing here?

He smiled. “Hello, Dr. Maddy. How nice to see you again.”

“Detective.” Damn, that man had something. Her hormones started to do a hula dance. What was with that? Maddy shook her head to clear her mind. “What’s going on?”

Roberta waved toward a chair. “Take a seat.”

Maddy chuckled. “I’d love to. Where?”

Dr. Miko frowned, her gaze going from one piece of furniture to another. “Just move those.” She pointed to one chair stacked high with books.

“Take mine.” Drew stepped forward to clear off the spare chair.

Maddy smiled her thanks and sat down in his place as the detective emptied and pulled over his seat. “What’s up?”

“I see you’ve already met Detective Drew McNeil.”

Drew? So that was his name. Maddy sank back. She smiled inside. It suited him. “Yes, briefly.”

Roberta reached for a folder and opened it. “I called him regarding a possible connection between Jansen’s case and several old cases.”

“What? Jansen? A criminal case?” Maddy leaned forward, her gaze going between the two. What on earth was Roberta talking about? “What did you find out?”

Dr. Miko frowned as she stared down at the papers in her hand. “I was working with the medical examiner at the time of the earlier cases.” She glanced up at Maddy. “They’re cases that have haunted me over the years. Six dead children who showed no apparent cause of death, no signs of violence and no explanations could be found for their deaths. They just, well… died. At the time, the politicians were saying a crime hadn’t been committed because there was no evidence to support foul play.” She grimaced. “Then again, nothing pointed to why the children died, either.”

That was depressing, yet what did it have to do with her? Maddy waited for Roberta to continue. “And…?”

“The cases back then had one thing linking them together.” Drew’s gaze hardened as he looked from one woman to the other. “Each child had one small bruise at the base of their spines. Similar to the one found on Jansen.”

Maddy’s eyes opened wide. She stared at Drew in surprise before switching her gaze back to Dr. Miko. “That’s… odd. What caused them?”

“No idea.”

Fear rose in Maddy’s chest. “I don’t understand. Are you saying Jansen was murdered?”

“No, not at all. All I’m saying is that there are similarities with this body and with those from thirty-odd years ago. I’d love to understand what caused the bruising.” Roberta folded her hands. “It may be nothing. However, if it turns out to be something, I wanted to make sure you were both in the know.”

“What a horrible thought.” Maddy’s mind couldn’t grasp the connection. She crossed her arms, holding them tight to her chest. Maybe her mind didn’t want to see a connection. “Six kids? Boys or girls?”

Drew stepped in. “Both. No understandable reason for any of their deaths. It was a sad time – for everyone. No one knew how to handle it. Most people were divided as to whether a crime had even been committed. Like all cold cases, it’s haunted many people.”

“Can anything be found after all this time?”

Roberta looked at Drew, who tapped his fingers on the wooden arm of his chair. “Let’s hope so.”

Maddy stood, her knees a little shaky at the thought of a murderer operating at The Haven. The whole concept had a surreal overtone to it. “Well, thanks for letting me know.” She smiled at Drew. “If there’s anything I can do to help, call me.”

He faced her. “I will need some information from you. Such as a list of all the visitors Jansen Svaar had while he was at The Haven.”

“There’s no formal list of visitors, but I’m sure we can come up with something for you. Give me your card, and I can email the names to you.”

As Drew handed over his card Maddy couldn’t help but notice the compelling energy he exuded so naturally. It was hard not to appreciate self-confidence and strength.

Maddy narrowly avoided knocking over a stack of books, and wound her way carefully out of the office. “Thanks, Dr. Miko. If you learn anything else, please let me know.”

Drew held the door for her but stood in her way. “Dr. Miko forgot to ask something. Why did you ask her to check Jansen’s crown for a matching bruise?”

Surprise lit her features. “Oh. That’s because they’re the two main energy entrances and exits from the body. The crown and the base of the spine.”

He blinked and stepped back.

With a small smile, she walked to the stairwell, her mind full of implications from these new developments. As much as she’d like to discuss them further with Drew, she wasn’t sure how much she should tell him. Her world was a touch unbelievable to those not involved in energy work. Striding down the hall quickly, she couldn’t help a quick glance behind her.

He stood in the middle of the hallway, his hands fisted on his hips, staring at her. Maddy chuckled, gave him a small wave and entered the elevator, making good her escape. Her mind was more than a little overwhelmed, her emotions already somber. Already scared.

A murderer? At The Haven?
Dale Mayer. Psychic Visions Books 1–3 (Kindle Locations 10239-10289). Dale Mayer.

With Drew now trying to link all the deaths, Maddy is trying to figure out the what and how of that strange energy. Stefan comes into the picture with visions of his own, in regard to Maddy and Drew as well as the happenings on her floor.

Plenty of twists and turns, a wonderful romance that turns sizzling even when Drew doesn’t quite understand a lot of what’s happening. Page after page of surprises and suspense kept me reading till the very end.

I can’t wait to start on the next three book bundle in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Dale!

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Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

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Shielding You – Baytown Boys Book 13 By Maryann Jordan

Baytown Boys…
Military duty called them away to war zones, but after tours overseas, the group of friends found their way back home as men, seeking the peaceful little seaside town. Now, the band of brothers, together once more, work to provide a place for less fortunate veterans to call home.

Shielding You
Baytown Boys Book 13
USA Today Bestselling Author
Maryann Jordan



As one of the few female law enforcers on the Eastern Shore, Hannah Freeman has to be smart, tough, competent, and dedicated.

That’s the easy part.

Hiding her feeling for Dylan Hunt, a neighboring Police Chief has been challenging, but she has no time for unrequited love.

When a hostage situation at the jail threatens Hannah, Dylan lets his true feelings known, but will it be too late?



Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002


This book opens with a look back to four years prior, when just about every one was new to the area. New Police Chiefs for Baytown, Easton and Seaside are settling in. Hannah Freeman is the new Police Chief of Easton and we get a look at her first LEL (Law Enforcement Leadership) meeting this one held in Baytown. First are some introductions, Mitch Evans, Baytown’s Chief; Colt Hudson, Sheriff of North Heron County; Liam Sullivan, Sheriff of Acawmacke County; Wyatt Newman, Chief of Manteague. They were just waiting on Dylan Hunt the Chief of Seaside to join them, apparently he’s running a bit late. Dylan is a relatively new hire as well but has been on the job for six months. Dylan literally runs into her as he enters the meeting and is truly surprised by the beauty in front of him.

This is a favorite scene.

The scraping of a chair jolted him out of his trance, and she jerked her hand back, a blush rising over her delicate cheeks. Offering a quick nod, she turned and moved to the table. He had just enough time to pull out the chair and settle into the seat beside her.

“I know introductions have been made, but with some new folks here, Dylan, why don’t you tell us about yourself?” Colt suggested.

“Not much to tell. Born and raised just outside of Seaside. I was a few years behind Mitch and also went to Baytown High School. My gramps was a fisherman, so was my dad. My older brother joined the family business, but I’m afraid I was the black sheep of the family.”

Not shy, he never minded talking about himself, but as Hannah’s eyes stayed riveted on him, he was suddenly self-conscious. With a self-deprecating chuckle erupting, he continued, “I joined the Navy right out of high school, knowing that I loved the sea but didn’t want to be a fisherman. While in, I earned an Associates in Criminal Justice and worked with the police. When I got out, I came back to Seaside hoping to work for the Sheriff’s department, but the Police Chief position became available and no one else put in for the job.” He shook his head. “I threw my application out to the town council and was shocked as shit when they accepted me.”

“But black sheep?” she asked, her head tilted to the side as she held his gaze.

The pose was adorable, and her voice was soft. He blinked, attempting to focus on his story again. “Oh, yeah. Well, my gramps has been pissed at me since I joined the Navy. He thinks I betrayed the family business. ‘Fraid that hasn’t changed since I came back to be in law enforcement.” He shrugged, adding, “He says I’m being uppity.” Almost afraid to look to the side, he accepted the acknowledging laughter from the others.

Hannah’s soft voice cut through the noise. “Don’t worry about what anyone else says… stay true to you.”

His gaze swung to the side, seeing the smile on her face directed toward him. He blinked again, and the idea of spending time alone with her just to hear her soothing voice slammed into him.

“Mitch? What about you?” Liam said, interrupting Dylan’s musing.

“I’m not sure there’s much of a surprise about me. I was born and raised here in Baytown. My grandfather used to be the Police Chief and my father was an officer. When my grandfather retired, my father took over as Police Chief. During that time, I did a stint in the Army with Military Police and then worked as an investigator for the FBI. My dad had a heart attack several months ago, and the Mayor contacted me to see if I wanted to take over the position. Honestly? I was tired of the bureaucracy and ready for a change. I almost considered working for a security company, Saints Protection, having befriended the owner.” Shrugging, he said, “But the call of the Bay was hard to ignore.”

The others looked toward Hannah, and she smiled. “I suppose my story is much like Mitch’s. Army MP after I earned a degree in criminal justice. My father worked for the FBI and my brother is a detective for the Hope City Police Department. Everyone in my family assumed that I would go for a position with the FBI, and one was offered to me. It’s just not what I wanted.”

“You turned down the FBI to work at Easton?” Dylan asked, surprise running through him.

She laughed, and the sound was so pure it was hard for him to focus on her explanation.

“I’m not sure my family has forgiven me. That makes me the black sheep of my family. But yes, the Bureau was not what I wanted. I was thrilled with the idea of working in a place where I could get to know everyone. To truly feel like I’m making a difference.”

He knew she’d just put them in the same category with disappointing their families, but her pedigree was law enforcement elite, and he was just… good ol’ boy Dylan. He was happy with who he was and what he was doing but couldn’t imagine turning down a job with the FBI.

After the rest of the introductions, the meeting began. Focusing his attention on the agenda, Dylan loved the shared information and the camaraderie built during the hour. He had experienced that type of professional relationship when serving in the military but wasn’t sure if he would find it in his new job.

Even though he took his responsibilities seriously, the delicate scent of Hannah’s shampoo wafted by, continually pulling his thoughts away from the subjects at hand.

When they finally broke for lunch, Mitch suggested Finn’s Pub, a short walk down Main Street. The sidewalk forced them to naturally walk in pairs. Mitch and Colt took the lead, falling into a discussion about the possibility of bringing an American Legion chapter to the area. Wyatt and Liam walked behind them, discussing some of the concerns in their county. Dylan made certain to align himself with Hannah, pleased that they were walking together. “So, how are you settling in?”

“Very well, I think. I’m staying at an inn that gave me a good rate. I really don’t want to move until I find a place to buy, but so far, I haven’t even had time to look.” Smiling up at him, she asked, “And you? But then, you said you were from this area.”

“Yeah, I know this county very well. Of course, being the police chief makes it all so different.”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine.” She slowed her steps as they approached the pub, allowing a group to come out of the old brick building.

He wished he could reach down and touch her hand again just to see if the electricity that had passed between them earlier was real or imagined. He had been with more than his fair share of women, but that reaction had never occurred.

Once inside the pub, he maneuvered to slide in next to her as they were shown to a large booth. Not wanting to crowd her, their hands nonetheless met when they both reached for the menus lying in the middle of the table. And sure enough, he felt the jolt once again. A quick look to the side at her wide-eyed expression let him know that she felt it, too.

He settled back against the wooden booth, a grin on his face. Good food, new friends, and a professional camaraderie that would benefit them all. On top of that, the chance to get to know the beautiful Hannah.

When the meal was over, he said his goodbyes to the men first before turning to her. “Let me give you my personal phone number. Our towns are close together, but in case you need anything, you can get hold of me quickly.”

She held his gaze for just a moment, then her lips curved upward slightly. “Sounds good. I’ll share mine, too.”

That evening, his fingers hovered over the keypad on his phone, desperate to call her. But he decided to wait, just for a few days, to see if the desire waned. It didn’t. And lucky for him, when he did call to ask her out, she accepted.
Maryann Jordan. Shielding You – ARC copy: Baytown Boys (Kindle Locations 148-201).

A dinner date becomes awkward when Dylan is confronted by one of his one night stands. Hannah makes the decision to back away from any relationship other than friendship with Dylan.

Back to the present, we see Colt and Carrie get married. If you have read this series so far all the names will be familiar and this is where Dylan lets Hannah know the reason he doesn’t have a date is because she’s the one he wants to be with. However it doesn’t go further than that, at least not yet.

We get to see many different sides of small town law enforcement, from the minor to the more serious. It’s when they compete in a ball game for the American Legion that Dylan makes a move. Now they don’t rush into anything and there’s quite a bit that happens that is very humorous and touching at the same time.

With the evidence of some drug traffic coming through the area, vigilance is amped up in Baytown and Seaside. They want to figure out where they are coming in. Hannah and Dylan actually purchase some cameras to put up to cover more of the harbor area than the two Dylan already had permission to use. I loved the teasing between them as they installed them in the middle of the night.

Things definitely heat up between these two and so does the drug trafficking. There is plenty of laughter, some tears, the gradual tension of waiting for a break, and the unusual relationship of two police chiefs.

I couldn’t put this book down, and I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Maryann!

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Maryann Jordan

I have always been an avid reader. My early memories were of my mother taking me to the library and allowing me to check out as many books as I could carry. My favorite books were checked out numerous times and read over and over. I would use my Barbie dolls to play out the scenes in books (such as Nancy Drew!).

I have written as a hobby for many years (probably since childhood). I have written devotionals, autobiographical writings about having a severely handicapped, medically fragile child, about my mother’s Alzheimer’s, and other subjects that interest me.

I joke that I “cut my romance teeth” on the old historical romance books. In 2013, I started a blog to showcase wonderful writers. In 2014, I finally gave in to the characters in my head pleading for their story to be told. Thus, Emma’s Home was created.

I worked as a counselor in a high school and was involved in education for the past 30 years, until retiring in 2015. I have been married to a wonderfully patient man for 35 years and have 2 adult, very supportive daughters. When writing, my dog or one of my cats will usually be found in my lap!

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Resisting His Target – Shattered SEALs Book 2 By Amy Gamet

Resisting His Target
Shattered SEALs Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Amy Gamet



She was offered the chance of a lifetime… literally.

Pregnant Jackie Desjardins struck a deal with the man who didn’t have the heart to kill her—he would let her live if she faked her death and never returned. But when the scales of power tip unexpectedly, that deal expires, putting Jackie and her young daughter in the crosshairs of evil.

Former Navy SEAL and HERO Force doctor Ian “Razorback” Rhodes was injured in the line of duty when an oxygen tank he was holding for a patient exploded in a battle zone. Now he must protect Jackie and earn her trust to untangle the web that surrounds her, bringing her back from the land of the dead to defeat the forces that threaten to end her life once and for all.



Jackie Desjardins had been given a reprieve eight years ago, she faked her death, moved to Mexico and had her child. Now with a hurricane bearing down on her resort, Jackie has a feeling of being watched. As the storm draws closer, she is attacked in her home, saved by the former Navy SEAL protecting her all these years. Unfortunately Bill dies of a heart attack after the incident, but not before telling her who to call for reinforcements.

Hero Force operators Ian “Razorback” Rhodes and Sloane Dvorak are assigned to protect Jackie and her daughter Selena. The problem is there is no information on who they are to protect her from. Jackie has been rather closed mouthed about it, and they are going to have to get her to open up if they are to do their job. Of course the weather isn’t co-operating on their journey either causing them to walk the last three or so miles to the resort.

When they arrive they pretty much have to go right to work as Jackie had heard something or someone in the hall to the kitchen.

This is a favorite scene.

“We’re with HERO Force,” called the man through the thick wooden door. “Mac sent us.”

Relief flooded her. She turned off the alarm system and unlocked the door, hitting the switch for the outside light. “You scared m— ” The word died on her tongue as she stared at the man and gasped. One side of his face was nearly normal, with a single wide gash across his cheek, but the other was heavily scarred and disfigured, probably by fire, the warm brown tone of his skin mottled with bits of pink and washed-out red. “I’m sorry,” she stammered. “I didn’t mean… Sorry. How did you get through?”

“We walked the last few miles. I’m Ian Rhodes. This is Sloan Dvorak.”

They were both tall and broad shouldered, though the scarred man was lean and muscular where the other was stocky and solid. Ian and Sloan, she reminded herself. All Ian had done was introduce them, yet she instantly sensed he was formidable. Perhaps it was the steel that seemed to structure his frame, holding his body erect and seemingly ready to attack, or the power barely concealed within his stare. She had offended him, she was sure.

No, Jackie. He probably likes it when women gasp upon seeing his scarred face.

She chastised herself for her stupid thoughts, turning her attention to Sloan. He was softer looking than his partner, or maybe it was just the hint of a smile at the corners of his mouth that made him appear friendlier, more helpful. Kind. Yes, Sloan appeared kind, with sandy-brown hair framing his fair face and just the shadow of a beard. Jackie instantly liked him far better than Ian.

Sloan pointed to her hand. “Can you stop pointing that gun at us, please?”

“What?… Oh.” She looked at the Glock, having completely forgotten it was in her hand, and remembering why she held it. “I heard a noise down the hall.”

The men shared a look, each pulling out his own handgun. Ian brushed past her. “Where was it coming from?”

“Back there. The hallway that leads to the kitchen.”

“Stay here,” said Sloan, following the other man. She nodded, pulling the front door closed and leaning back against it. She was no longer certain of exactly what she’d heard, the noise having been nondescript and possibly even a figment of her imagination. She had nearly convinced herself of this when Ian returned.

“Did you leave your office window open?” he asked.

She frowned. “No.”

“You sure about that? Because it’s open now.”

An icy heat spread from the base of her neck over her shoulder blades, goose bumps covering her arms. “Positive. I made sure everything was locked up.”

Sloan reentered the room. “There’s no one in here, but the alarm system sensor on the office window has been tampered with. Wire’s cut.”

“That can’t be. Bill checked the alarm system after the attack.” Her eyes darted from one man to the other, understanding slowly dawning, dragging fear in its wake. “Someone did it after that.”

Again Ian ignored her. He gestured to Sloan. “Let’s check outside.”

“But what if there’s somebody in here?” she blurted.

Ian was already heading for the door, but he stopped and turned back to face her. “It’s clear. We checked. Stay put.”

She nodded, sinking down onto a wooden bench in the foyer. The man who’d attacked her had barely been dead twenty-four hours, but someone else was already on her trail. She brought a trembling hand to her mouth, her fingers lightly skimming her bottom lip.

The men returned a few minutes later.

“Tracks in the sand leading to and from your office window. Did you make them?” asked Sloan.

She shook her head, feeling faint as the remaining blood drained from her head. “No.”

“Looks like we got here just in time,” said Ian. “We’re going to search the rest of the grounds. Lock this door.”

She sat for what could have been an hour, but she wasn’t sure. Her sense of time was off, the events of the last day circling through her mind like a hamster on a wheel. The intruder in her house. The attack. Bill killing her attacker. Bill’s heart attack and death. Her heaving a dead man off a cliff into the ocean.

A tear slipped down her cheek and she left it there. She was grateful the SEALs were here, that the men had arrived to protect her and Selena. She just didn’t know what would happen next. Kill another man, toss another body? Or pack up a few things and run for their lives? How could she possibly pick the right course of action when she didn’t know what had changed, putting her in danger once more?

This time when the bell rang, she was not surprised. She let the men inside. “Coast is clear, as far as we can tell,” said Ian. “We used night vision goggles with thermal imaging. Nothing.” He unstrapped his pack from his back and set it heavily on the floor. “How about you bring us up to speed on what’s been going on here?”

She told them about the intruder and subsequent attack, wondering just how much of the truth she should share with these men. Bill trusted Mac O’Brady, but these men were strangers. She opted to keep her attacker’s demise to herself, at least for the time being, instead telling the SEALs Bill chased the man away.

“Looks like he isn’t giving up so easily,” said Sloan. “Don’t worry. We’re here now, and we’ll protect you.” He turned to Ian. “You got first watch, man? I’m starving.”

Ian nodded. “Sure.” He eyed Jackie. “Sloan’s an eating machine. A bottomless freaking pit.”

“I can make you something,” she offered, coming to a stand. “You, too, Mr. Rhodes.” She forced a smile to her face, attempting to make up for her initial reaction to his appearance.

“I’m not hungry.”

His tone implied he’d rather starve than eat her cooking, and she frowned. She didn’t know how long the men were going to be here, but that time would have been easier for all of them if she and Ian Rhodes had gotten off on the right foot. He went back outside.

“Razorback’s like that with everyone,” said Sloan. “Don’t let it get to you.”


“Yeah.” He gave her a conspiratorial grin. “Suits him, don’t you think? Like an old boar living alone in the forest.”

“Maybe he’ll warm up to me as I get to know him.”

Sloan shook his head with a chuckle. “I wouldn’t count on that. But you go ahead and try if it will make you feel better.” He rubbed his hands together and grinned. “Now, what do you have to eat?”
Gamet, Amy. Resisting his Target (Shattered SEALs Book 2) Kindle Locations (331-384). Kindle Edition.

Frustrated by Jackie’s refusal to open up, Sloan and Ian search her room while she was in town with Selena and her neighbor. What they find is the answer they were looking for, more important this wasn’t something that was going to go away easily.

Now Jackie has some decisions to make as Ian finds her packing up to run. Things ramp up from here, especially when they figure out who’s after her. They call for reinforcements but the weather is going to be a factor. There is even a bit of push back between Mac and Cowboy the owner of Hero Forces, as the guys face the mercenary crew sent to take out Jackie and Selena.

Getting her back into the US was going to be difficult and the attraction between Ian and Jackie continues to build from a simmer to sizzling heat.

Fast-paced with plenty of action and excitement as the clock runs down for Jackie and Selena to be truly free from harm.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Amy!

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Coming Soon!


Amy Gamet

Amy Gamet is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in upstate New York with her husband, children, too many pets and the occasional litter of foster animals. She likes to swim in the sunshine, make jewelry, and lobbies professionally for household remodeling projects. She owns an unusual number of brightly colored T-shirts and black yoga pants, and her children always ask who’s coming to visit when she runs the vacuum cleaner.

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Hide’n Go Seek – Psychic Visions Book 2 By Dale Mayer

Hide’n Go Seek
Psychic Visions Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Dale Mayer



Celebrated search-and-rescue worker Kali Jordon hides her psychic abilities by crediting her canine partner, Shiloh, with the miraculous recoveries made over the course of her career. The Sight Kali inherited from her grandmother allows her to unerringly track dark waves of energy back to victims of violence. She’s managed to keep her secret safe…until a maniacal killer challenges her to a game of extreme Hide ’n Go Seek that threatens the lives of those closest to her.

Pragmatic FBI Special Agent Grant Summers has sworn to protect her, but Grant’s own honed skill of sensing what’s beneath the surface goes haywire each time he’s around Kali and Shiloh. He’s certain there’s more to both of them than meets the eye.

As the killer cinches a tighter and tighter web around Kali, there’s no longer any place for them to hide. As she has so many times before, can Kali’s visions allow her to trace the latest victim’s whereabouts before it’s too late, or will this diabolical game of Hide-and-Seek cost her everything?


Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002


Kali Jordan along with her dog Shiloh have gained a reputation in the Search and Rescue (SAR) world. Part of that is Shiloh’s skills but the other part is unknown to the rest of the world. Kali’s grandmother called it sight, for Kali it was a bit different. She could sense where to look, but it was Shiloh who could tell if the person was living or dead. At least that’s what Kali thought.

The book opens with a disaster site in Mexico, where Kali and several others are searching for survivors. They find one, but as they are trying to get the child out, another aftershock hits devastating the entire area and injuring Kali. We sort of meet the bad guy in the aftermath of this event. We as readers get to know his mindset but not who.

FBI agent Grant Summers is a fan of Kali’s. He and his brother had been very active with a SAR team in Maine until their paths took them elsewhere although they both keep up their certifications. He has admired Kali from afar ever since he attended a lecture given by her years ago. He’d been new to the energy signs at that time but there was a sense of rightness between them. It’s as he’s reading an article about her and Shiloh that Stefan calls him and tells him that he will see her soon, plus she has abilities and he should also ask to see her paintings.

For Kali things changed after Mexico with regard to her ‘gift’. Everything becomes more intense, and she’s seeing ribbons of energy and really can’t refer to it as intuition. She also does some painting, and sometimes it’s her ‘gift’ that controls the brush.

Once Kali has returned home, the killer decides to up his game and involve Kali in it by placing a letter on her doorstep. This escalates even more when another letter turns up at the center. With Grant involved as well they try to understand exactly what the letters mean, but Kali and Shiloh head out to Sacramento and a mudslide. There she sees the funky energy and with Shiloh’s help and a couple of witnesses she finds another victim, not of the slide but murder.

On her return home she finds Grant waiting for her along with someone she hasn’t met, Stefan Kronos.

This is a favorite scene.

Slamming a lid on her unruly libido, she met his gaze calmly. “We found several victims. I presume you’re talking about the last one that Shiloh found separate from the disaster site.”

He raised one eyebrow. “Can you tell me about that, please?”

Dan had probably told him. Then again, bad news always traveled fast, and anything linked to her name probably had been flagged. It took a few moments to explain. When she fell silent, he studied her for several long seconds. Kali stared back, refusing to let this man unnerve her. Still, he was an imposing figure, causing her belly to quiver uncertainly.

“They’ve identified him.”

“Oh, good.” Exasperation crept into her voice. “Does that mean I can go to bed now?”

“He was one of the survivors from the apartment complex. And he’d been buried alive.”

“Oh no!” Kali’s stomach heaved and she closed her eyes briefly. “That tank. Christ. I saw a tank tagged as evidence when they loaded it into the van I didn’t understand the implication.” Kali’s shoulders sagged, defeated by such a horror. “Why? Why would somebody do that?”

“I don’t know. That’s what I’m trying to find out.”

“You?” She frowned. “Why you?”

“Because I wanted in on this one.” He shifted casually.

“You work in California?” Kali was really confused now. Why would the FBI in Oregon be concerned about a local murder from California? “I don’t understand.”

Leaning forward, he pinned her with a gimlet eye. “Can’t you see a potential connection between the letters and this murder?”

Kali grabbed the closest chair, sitting before she collapsed. As the realization set in, she slumped lower. Thoughts frantically rushed through her mind, only to circle around in endless loops of confusion. The letters… “No,” she whispered. “I mean it’s hard not to think of them. Still, I didn’t make the connection – it’s a different state.”

“Understandable.” He pulled out a small notebook and sat down opposite her. “So now… let’s focus.”

For the next half hour, Grant questioned her. Kali felt more like she was being interrogated. By the time he was done, she felt like a wet dishcloth hung out to dry.

Stefan never said a word. Quiet he might be – stoic he wasn’t. His gaze locked onto her with unnerving intensity. She struggled to ignore him.

“Good. I think that’s it. Except I need a list from you of every person you recognized in Sacramento. Dan has given me a list of everyone who went from the center.”

Kali struggled as the world she thought she knew shifted again. “You think it’s one of us? A rescuer?” Defeat tinged her voice.

“I think it bears reviewing. The person has to be in the know somehow. I’m going to be at the center for a week or so, posing as a visiting SAR member from Maine.” He stood up and stretched.

The golf shirt pulled across his massive chest, showing every muscle. Then there were the tight-ass pants. Why was it Grant made her throat constrict and the nerves in her stomach dance? The consultant, Stefan, was better looking, with some indefinable charisma she’d never seen before.

But it was Grant that interested her.

It was Grant’s energy that surged toward her whenever they were close together.

It was Grant’s energy that made hers brighten.

Forcing her gaze back up to his face, she swallowed a couple of times before trusting her voice. “Are you experienced enough in this field to answer the type of questions that come up?”

Grant dropped his arms to his side. “I volunteered with my brother for years. He works out of a center in Maine. Both training and rescue work.”

“Then maybe we could use you regardless of the real reason. We’re always short staffed.”

“Good to know. I’ll be around, if you get called out again, let me know where you’re going to be.” Pulling a card from his wallet, he dropped it on the table beside her.

Kali’s face froze. Was that the same as don’t leave town? “I can do that,” she whispered.

Something in her face caught his attention.

“Tough couple of days, huh?”

“Yeah, just a bit.” Intense weariness made it hard to get up.

Stefan spoke, smooth velvet that momentarily hid the punch of his question. “How’s the painting?”

She froze for the second time. “How do you know I paint?” she murmured, her heartbeat knocking so loudly against her rib bones, she was sure the men could hear.

“You just confirmed it.” His gaze locked onto hers. So intense she couldn’t break away. It was as if he were trying to see inside her mind. She blinked… and he broke the connection. She’d been released only because he let her go. She exhaled slowly, a fine tremor wracking her spine. It should have scared her. He should have terrified her. Instead, she understood. She didn’t know if she’d passed or failed whatever test he’d administered, but she knew he’d been assessing her.

Beyond strange.

She gathered her strength and stood, stumbled slightly, catching herself on the side of the table.

Grant reached out to steady her.

Energy zinged her.

She jerked back reflexively. He frowned. She bit her bottom lip.

His hand stayed in the air before dropping to his side. He studied her quietly.

Heat flamed her cheeks. Bravely she met his gaze. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that the way it looked; you startled me.”

With a curt nod, he accepted her excuse and turned to walk away, a slight clip to his step.

Stefan stayed behind. She glanced at him, expecting anything but what she saw – compassion. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He handed her a business card. “Here’s my card. You’re going to want to call me.”

Kali watched the two men drive away. She’d handled that badly. She hadn’t been able to stop herself bolting from Grant’s touch and the freakin’ scary need to touch him. She couldn’t explain it anymore than she could explain the need to feast her eyes on him. Attraction was one thing. This was something else yet again. She didn’t want to care about anyone. Not anymore. It hurt. And she’d had enough hurt lately.

The trouble was her hormones weren’t listening.

She glanced down at the card in her hand. Stefan Kronos. Consultant. Psychic Investigator.

What the hell?
Dale Mayer. Psychic Visions Books 1–3 (Kindle Locations 5416-5469). Dale Mayer.

As Kali realizes the connection to the her painting, she becomes even more concerned she’d be considered a suspect. Her visions are ramping up too and with Stefan’s help she is discovering ways to get more information from them.

Her connection to Grant also intensifies going from a simmer to sizzle over the course of the investigation.

A page-turning read, with intrigue, suspense and surprises.

5 Contented Purrs for Dale!

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Coming Soon!


Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

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Ride Rough – Roughstock Riders Book 2 by Tessa Layne

Ride Rough
Roughstock Riders Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Tessa Layne



Movie star Trace McBride is in a bit of trouble. More than a bit. He’s taken his bad-boy image too far, too many times, and when he gets arrested for skinny dipping in his producer’s pool – with his producer’s wife, it’s the last straw. His agent comes up with a plan to revamp Trace’s image – by going incognito for a cowboy movie on location – far away from the prying eyes of the Hollywood tabloids. Spending six months in the middle of nowhere sounds like an awful idea, until he runs into Cecilia Sanchez. Literally. Trace is irresistibly drawn to the nosy, sarcastic journalist, even though getting close to her is more than risky- it’s downright dangerous.

Investigative journalist Cecilia Sanchez is one good story away from getting out of the backwater town where she grew up. Forced to return home when her first big-city job backfires – note to self, it’s never a good idea to write an exposé your boss, even if it’s Pulitzer Prize-winning material – she’s determined to put Prairie on the map for something besides rodeos and tornadoes. CiCi is definitely not interested in cocky newcomer Trace, and doesn’t believe a word out of his sweet-talking mouth, but she can’t seem to resist his kisses.

When CiCi uncovers the story of a lifetime, she’s forced to confront her feelings for Trace, because letting the cat out of the bag this time might cost them both everything. Including each other.


Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002


Cecilia ‘CiCi’ Sanchez has what she knows is one of the best articles she’s written as an investigative journalist. Unfortunately for her, the people she’s outing want it stopped. So instead of praise she gets fired. Not knowing what else to do she heads home to Prairie. Her mother and grandmother are traveling so she’ll have the house to herself at least until Christmas. Plenty of time to decide what she wants to do going forward.

Trace McBride is in big trouble and in order to salvage his career he’s heading to Prairie to work on Resolution Ranch. Incognito of course because they don’t want or need the paparazzi running all over the place. When he starts getting antsy, Sterling suggests trying Rough Stock Riding School. This really appeals to Trace, he’s always wanted to ride a bull and he’s been watching Travis’ son Dax practicing. Now while he’s supposed to be keeping a low profile, he also craves interaction with people. It’s after he’s had breakfast at Dottie’s Diner that he literally runs into Cici. Well her car anyway.

This is just a part of the conversation that ensues and a favorite scene.

“Did you even hear what I said?” Her voice quivered with outrage, and two pink streaks flushed her cheekbones.

He tossed her a crooked grin, knowing his comment would trigger a reaction. “Something about a train station?”

She scowled and huffed, right on cue. “You have a lot of nerve, you know that?”

He arched a brow. “Oh? Tell me more.” She growled at his flip response. Trace pressed his lips together to keep from laughing outright.

CiCi rolled her eyes and extended a tiny hand. “Give me your insurance so I can take a picture while we wait.”

Shit. His identification had his real name.

Trace widened his stance. “Sorry. No can do.”

She crossed her arms, eyes widening in disbelief. “Excuse me?”

He lifted a shoulder. “You heard me, no can do.” Weston couldn’t get here fast enough. If she saw his real name, the paps would be crawling all over Prairie by dinner. He just needed to keep her distracted long enough for Weston to arrive, then his secret was safe.

“Whyever not?”

Something an old acting coach said years ago popped into his head. Make the choice that raises the stakes. “I’m not the one at fault.” He drew a finger down her nose and tapped the tip. “I need your insurance, sweetheart.” Sure enough, he could practically see the steam pouring from her ears.

Her eyes burned like two black coals. “Oh like hell you do. You hit me.”

“Says who?”

“Says me. And what makes you think Weston’s going to believe you? I’m the one who lives here.”

“Oh really?” He walked around to her demolished back end. “Plates say Illinois.”

“Well I do… now,” she added, almost sheepishly.

“So do I.” He might have dragged out the words a little too long. Just to see how she reacted next. He wasn’t disappointed.

CiCi scowled and stepped forward. “You’re a damned liar. Your plates say California. And this… getup?” She waved her hands. “You’re no cowboy. Real cowboys don’t prance around in designer jeans and custom-tailored shirts. You look like you bought this getup on Rodeo Drive, not Anders’ Feed ‘n Seed.”

She had a good eye, he’d give her that. Sterling might have raised an eyebrow at his choice of clothing when he first showed up, but he’d proven himself to be a hard worker, which is what mattered to those guys. “I think the only one prancing is you.” His gaze slowly slid down her body, fully appreciating the way she filled out her very proper pencil skirt, before landing on her silver high-heeled sandals. Shoes like that belonged in Beverly Hills, not here in the sticks. “You’re no cowgirl either, sweetheart-“

“Stop calling me that.”

He grinned broadly. He’d bested her alright and damn, it had been fun. He lifted an eyebrow in challenge. “Make me.”

Her eyes snapped and the air between them charged. Trace’s nerve endings lit up in anticipation. She was either going to smack him or kiss him. He half-hoped it was the latter. Without meaning to, but unable to stop himself, he dropped his gaze to her mouth, mesmerized. Her lower lip was plump, perfect for nipping, and up close, it was the most beautiful shade of pink he’d ever seen. He shouldn’t, couldn’t, but damn, he wanted. He leaned in, unable to resist, barely registering her sharp intake of breath. Arousal curled through him, stirring low in his belly. A flash of pink tongue darting out to slick lips turned the fire in his veins up a notch while buzzing filled his ears to the point of dizziness. Jeezus he ached for the tiniest taste of this forbidden fruit.

Behind them a throat cleared. “Something I can help with?” Weston Tucker asked.

They both stepped back, startled. Shit. That had been a close call. What had he been thinking? Trace snuck a gaze her direction and bit back a smile as CiCi concentrated on the gravel while she quickly smoothed her skirt, cheeks bright pink.

“I hope so,” she answered Weston brusquely, all business. “This… person here,” she waved his direction. “Hit my car… there.” She gestured toward her wreck of a car. “And now he won’t turn over his insurance.”

“That’s not how it happened,” Trace argued. “She hit me.”

Weston stepped over to the vehicles, peered inside the shattered window, then walked around to the front of Trace’s truck. “Can I have both your driver’s licenses and insurance?” Trace had to hand it to Weston. The guy was unflappable, the perfect Chief of Police.

“Of course.” CiCi reached into her vehicle, skirt tightening against a perfectly heart-shaped ass as a silver shoe left the ground for balance. For a split second Trace had a view of shapely legs disappearing into dark recesses. His cock chubbed up and Trace turned away, looking skyward. Anywhere but at her. It wouldn’t help his case if he shamelessly ogled, and it would be ten times worse if Weston caught him like this. “But I don’t know why you need mine,” she answered, still straining to reach the glove box. “Like I said-“

“Standard procedure, CiCi. Nothing to be concerned about,” Weston assured her with his hand outstretched.

Trace returned to his truck and dug around in his glovebox until he found his insurance, then handed both his license and the paper to Weston. Without an upward glance, Weston examined both sets of identification. “Walker, your license is expired.”

“Wait, what?”

“You heard me. You’ve been driving with a license that’s three months out of date.”

Behind him, CiCi snickered.

Weston pulled out a ticket pad and started writing. “I’m going to have to fine you. You’ll need to go to the DMV tomorrow and get a new license.”

He handed Trace the ticket. Trace glanced down, then scraped a hand across his mouth to keep from smiling. What he held was no ticket, but a note from Weston. Smooth move dumbass. Stop by the station tomorrow and I’ll have a new ID for you. Trace cleared his throat and jammed the ticket into his pocket. He’d been to enough Sunday dinners with Travis and Sterling to understand that Weston still had deep connections with off-grid organizations. If he thought about it too hard, it was a little freaky, but right now he was too relieved to be anything but grateful.

“But what about my car?” CiCi interjected.

“Want me to have it towed down to the body shop?” Weston offered. “I can make the call.”

“I’ll pay for it,” Trace offered quickly. “The repairs, too. No harm, no foul?” Although her car looked so old it probably wasn’t worth fixing. Hell, he could buy her a new Volvo and not miss the money.

CiCi’s eyes narrowed. “So now you want to help? What gives?” Her eyes darted between the two men and her mouth pulled down. “You’re all bluster until Weston shows up and writes you a ticket. What’s he have on you?”

Shit. He looked over to Weston for guidance. What was he supposed to say now? Weston barely shook his head. “Take it easy on Trace, CiCi. He’s new to town and still learning how we do things here. Let him help you.”

CiCi crossed her arms, eyes still flicking between them, toe of her right foot tapping like a machine gun. She clearly wasn’t having it. “Why?”

“Because he’s volunteering out at Resolution Ranch, that’s why,” Weston shot back. “You know the vetting our volunteers go through. He’s not trying to yank your chain.”
Tessa Layne. Ride Rough: A Roughstock Riders Novel (Kindle Locations 516-578). Shady Layne Media.

In spite of all the warning signs, CiCi finds she can’t resist Trace. He actually takes care of her. She’s never had that from anyone other than family. She’s still got her doubts but he does convince her to give him a real chance. The chemistry these two have will practically melt your kindle when they hit the sheets.

Trace knows he has to reveal his true identity but knowing she’s a journalist he just can’t bring himself to do it. He keeps everything he tells her the truth as far as he can. It will come out though and the way it does, well you have to read it for yourself.

This books was so much fun. With the rodeo and all the characters from the other Prairie, Flint Hills books it was like a homecoming. I can’t wait to read the next book in this new series.

5 Contented Purrs for Tessa!

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More From Prairie and the Flint Hills

The Sinclaires

The Hansens

The Graces


  Tessa Layne

Tessa Layne writes smokin’ hot contemporary cowboy and military romances filled with tenderhearted tough guys and sassy strong women who capture their hearts.She grew up in Colorado in the mountains at the edge of the Great Plains. There, she met her own smokin’ hot Cowboy and they had a whirlwind romance to rival any novel. She believes in Happily Ever Afters, loves fireflies, horses, and breathing clean country air. Her favorite thing to do is to sit on the porch swing with a glass of Rose, listening to her Cowboy pluck his guitar!

Feel free to drop her a line (links below) – She loves to hear from her readers!

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Protecting His Witness – Shattered SEALs Book 1 By Amy Gamet

Protecting His Witness
Shattered SEALs Book 1
USA Today Bestselling Author
Amy Gamet



Scientist Summer Daniels is a witness to a bombing by an ex-employee who now wants her dead. Luke “Wiseman” Arroyo is a broken Navy SEAL on the verge of quitting HERO Force who must now stay and protect her. They’ll work together to find a rare element stolen during the attack, but Luke’s hiding a bombshell secret that could detonate a lot more than the explosive chemistry between them.




This book opens with a literal BOOM! A bomb has gone off in the testing area of Daniels Aerospace. Summer Daniels had been up in the office watching when an alarm went off, she was racing down the stairs when she collides with a former employee Steven Galbraith, just before the blast. In the aftermath she is almost run down by a van driven by that man. She’s a witness, she knows what he’s done. Now with the death of their chief engineer and the discovery the rare element needed for the testing is gone the demise of her father’s company was an almost certainty.

Fearing for her safety she recalls the article her father pointed out to her. A security company HERO Force run by former Navy SEALs is now operating in NY. Her brother Edward was a SEAL, one who didn’t survive. Perhaps they could provide both her father and herself with the protection they need and also help them find the stolen element.

Luke ‘Wiseman’ Arroyo was in the process of quitting his job with HERO Force. His boss Mac was trying to talk him out of leaving when he’s interrupted by the intercomm announcing a Summer Daniels to see him. Luke immediately recognized the name, Edward ‘Buckeye’ Daniels’ sister, his pen-pal for a while. No way was he leaving now, he had to know what brought her to them.

The phone rang loudly on the stereo speakers.


It was Mac. “We’re going to stop at the diner and get some coffee while you grab the dog. You want anything?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’ll take a coffee,” he said, turning to her. “You want anything?”

“Coffee sounds good. Black.”

“Got it. See you in a few,” said Mac.

Luke hung up, driving over the hill before turning onto a dirt road that ran along a creek. This was his sanctuary, and while it felt strange to bring her here, it was stranger still that he wanted her to see where he lived. No one but Mac had been to the cabin in years, and even he hadn’t been invited.

“What were you going to say?” she asked.

“I forget.” His cabin came into view, the fist of tension that held his nervous system in its grasp finally releasing as he pulled into the unplowed drive. He turned to her. “You want to come in for a minute?”


He opened the car door, getting hit in the face with a biting wind. The dog barked loudly as they made their way through the snow. “You like dogs?”

She bared her bottom teeth warily. “Cute little puppies? Yes. Ferocious beasts? Not so much.”

“Zeke is only ferocious to bad guys. He’s a sweet puppy dog to everybody else.” He unlocked the door.


“Yeah, I’ve had him since my SEAL days. He was in Afghanistan with our team.”

She was looking at him strangely and he cocked his head to the side. “What?”

“Is this my brother’s dog?”

Crap. How could you forget that?

Buckeye had been the dog’s handler. He’d even wanted Zeke to come back to the States with him after their tour was through, or whenever the navy was done with the animal. But Buckeye died and Zeke wouldn’t listen to anybody else. He was bordering on being a danger to their own men.

The large German shepherd had good instincts, bred and raised to be a fighter, but those days were done. Mac had pulled some strings and had Zeke transferred to Walter Reed to be with Luke under the pretense that he was some new kind of therapy dog.

The animal couldn’t have come at a more crucial time. It was his relationship with that dog that damn near saved his life. After what happened, Luke had struggled, barely alive. It was the angry dog without his handler that had given him a purpose, the slow battle for Zeke’s respect that had brought him back to life.

“That’s the one,” he said, his voice tight.

He opened the door, commanding the dog to heel. Zeke sat, his eyes locked onto Summer.

“Is it okay if I pet him? Edward said only the handler is allowed to touch him.”

“He’s retired. You can pet him all you like.”

She got down on the ground, taking his face in her hands and stroking his thick fur. “Hello, baby.”

The dog whimpered and licked her face, something Luke had never seen him do, then the dog rested his head on her shoulder as if he were giving her a hug.

“Yes, sweetie. It’s okay.” She wrapped her arms around the dog, saying soothing words as Zeke continued to whimper.

“It’s like he knows you.”

“I feel like I know him, too. My brother used to talk about him all the time. That’s all we ever heard about. Zeke, the weather”—she lifted her eyes—“and you.”

Goddamn, she’s beautiful.

He swallowed against the tightness in his throat. What was this woman doing to him? She’d already cracked through the shell most women didn’t get through, ever. And while he knew her relationship to Buckeye would be his downfall, he also understood it was that relationship that had allowed her to break through that barrier.

Her voice was wistful. “Edward wanted to keep him when he got back to the States. I wondered what happened to him.”

“Been right here the whole time.”

She met his eyes, the look she gave him stirring something deep in his gut. “You have, haven’t you?” She smiled.

His throat was working, conflict churning in his gut.

This was his house, that was his dog, and right now Summer felt a hell of a lot like his woman. It was a good thing Mac was less than a mile away waiting for them to return, or else he’d be sorely tempted to make his second bad decision in as many days and take her into his bed.

Really? After what you did to Buckeye?

Luke turned away, moving to the kitchen and busying himself with Zeke’s food and supplies, throwing a small bulletproof vest emblazoned with K-9 ZEKE into his pack. He felt Summer walk up behind him. He’d always been able to feel people, their presence seeming to change the atmosphere in the room even before he could see them.

Summer made everything feel golden, sun-kissed, just like her name. She touched his arm, tingling pleasure shooting up it and down his spine. He wanted it to continue, wanted to turn around and touch her like she was touching him, and then some.

“This is so much more than I expected,” she said. He was fighting for control, fighting to do the right thing when he desperately wanted to throw right and wrong over a goddamn cliff. He closed his eyes. “The dog?” “Everything. HERO Force. You. I didn’t want to come to you guys for help, and already I don’t know what I would have done without you.”
Gamet, Amy. Protecting his Witness (Shattered SEALs Book 1). Kindle Locations (646-676). Kindle Edition.

Even with all the things that need to be solved, there is no denying the chemistry between these two. However Luke is going to have to come to terms with a lot of emotional baggage.

Summer is more than determined to break through Luke’s walls not knowing what will be revealed.

I loved this book so much, the dog, Zeke, the memories and the simmer to sizzle romance is perfect.

5 Contented Purrs for Amy!

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Amy Gamet is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in upstate New York with her husband, children, too many pets and the occasional litter of foster animals. She likes to swim in the sunshine, make jewelry, and lobbies professionally for household remodeling projects. She owns an unusual number of brightly colored T-shirts and black yoga pants, and her children always ask who’s coming to visit when she runs the vacuum cleaner.

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